Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine
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Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine



Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine ...

Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine

Agricultural machinery and equipment
- tillage, sowing and harvesting machinery
- irrigation equipment
- ini machinery, tools
- equipment for processing and storage of agricultural products
- spares and components

Livestock and poultry farming
- equipment
- feed, mixed fodders
- veterinary care

Cash crops
- seed, nursery transplants
- agricultural chemistry
- greenhouses, equipment, technologies
- horticulture Bioenergetics
- biodiesel
- bioethanol
- biogas
- hard biofuel

Services for the agricultural enterprises
- banking
- leasing
- insurance
- logistic

Packing, accessories, label
Agricultural Mass-Media

"agricultural industry farm agronomy farming rural machinery equipment "



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Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine Document Transcript

  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION SPECIAL THANKS FROM ORGANIZERS TO Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Odessa Regional State Administration Central administrative board of agroindustrial development of the Odessa Regional State Administration Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” Odessa Institute of agrarian production 54 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Dear participants, guests and organizers! On behalf of the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine I cordially greet you with the beginning of the II International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”. Participation in the exhibition is a good opportunity for domestic farmers to get the additional experience and also get acquainted with new technologies, to find partners for cooperation, to get possibilities for production and entrance of Ukrainian products into the world markets. I’m sure that “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition will become a unique place for communication and providing business negotiations between the specialists of agroindustrial complex, heads of companies, representatives of brunch associations and state bodies, and also it will promote formation and development of agrarian market of our country. I wish everyone a fruitful work, interesting meetings and successful realization of plans! Minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine Prisyazhnyuk M. V. 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 55
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Dear participants and guests of the exhibition! Cordially greet you with the opening of the II International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”! Certainly, having done the first step last year, this time the event feel more confident. Having united efforts, we get the effective tool in agrarian potential development of the region, as this exhibition project gives the chance to see development of modern technologies in the field of agroindustrial manufacture. I’m sure that the introduction of scientific-technical progress achievements will lead to the economic lifting of agriculture in Odessa region, and the experience of housekeeping of the best companies-producers, establishment of long-term partner relations with foreign colleagues, and also possibility of the conclusion of perspective and mutually advantageous contracts will make the II International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness” a holiday and kind tradition for experts of branch. Sincerely wish you all a fruitful work and expected results. Head of the Odessa regional state administration Matviychuk E. L. 56 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Dear organizers, participants and guests of the exhibition! On behalf of Public organization «Association «Ukrainian agribusiness club» and from me personally, I sincerely welcome you with the beginning of work of the II International specialized exhibition «InterAgroBusiness», which has already opened new agricultural season for the second time and collected in its pavilions experts from all the regions of Ukraine and abroad. This exhibition reflects the state and perspectives of Ukrainian agro industrial complex development showing the increasing opportunities of domestic producers on population maintenance with high quality products, stimulates interregional and international connections development, rises investment appeal of the brunch. Previous years became the years of serious tests for lots of Ukrainian agrarian enterprises. But, notwithstanding all those difficulties, farmers of our country have become the guarantors of economical stability of the country, and the agriculture – the leading brunch of the economic complex. These achievements are certainly promoted by holding agrarian exhibitions, one of which is the II International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”, as the important link in acquaintance of domestic farmers with the world experience of conducting highly profitable agriculture. Today you have the opportunity of communication with the best specialists of agrarian production from Ukraine and lots countries of the world. I think that each of the present can use this unique possibility of such dialogue to the full. I’m pretty sure that providing of the exhibition will give the new push in mastering the innovations and promotion of the stable development of the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy. I wish you peace, health, hope, new ideas and successful embodiment them into the building of agroindustrial complex of our country. President of the association ”Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” Alex Lissitsa 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 57
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AT SUPPORT OF » Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine » Odessa Regional State Administration » Central administrative board of agroindustrial development of the Odessa region » Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” » Odessa Institute of agrarian production ORGANIZER EXPO-YUG-SERVICE PE Office 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (048) 728-60-68, 777- 60-68 e-mail: BUSINESS-PARTNER Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Office 506, 4/10 Tbilissky lane, Kiev, 03055, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 238-05-40 e-mail: HOTEL ACCOMMODATION: Tourist department of EXPO-YUG-SERVICE Company Office 83, 3 Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 728-95-88 fax: +38 (048) 728-60-68 e-mail: 58 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION EVENTS’ PROGRAM OF THE II INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITION “INTERAGROBUSINESS” SEPTEMBER 24, 2010, FRIDAY 9:00 Conference “Preservation of soils fertility in the Southern region of Ukraine”. Co-organizer: Odessa Institute of agrarian production. Venue: Conference hall Odessa Institute of agrarian production. 10:00 Beginning of the II International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”. 10:00 Solemn opening. 12:00 Field Day. Beginning of the demonstration display of agricultural machinery. 18:00 Ending of the first working day. SEPTEMBER 25, 2010, SATURDAY 10:00 Beginning of the second working day of the “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition. 18:00 Ending of the II International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”.. 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 59
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION TOURIST DEPARTMENT OF EXPO-YUG-SERVICE COMPANY OFFERS: WINE TOURS: UKRAINE - ODESSA AND ODESSA REGION » The institute of winemaking and wine-growing of Tairov » Odessa brandy factory “Shustov” » Odessa factory of Champagne wines » Winemaking factory in Shabo THE CRIMEA » Massandra, Magarach, Golitsynskie wines FRANCE » Burgundy-Alsace-Champagne-Bordeaux SOUTH-AFRICAN REPUBLIC » Group and individual tours WE OFFER IN ODESSA: » Hotels booking in Odessa » Tours for pupils and students » Rest and treatment in Odessa and Odessa Region resorts » Group and individual tours » Visa support for foreign tourists in consular points of Odessa at sea terminal and Odessa airport » Transport service » Conferences and seminars WE OFFER IN UKRAINE: » CRIMEA – rest and health improvement, fam tours to palaces, cathedrals and historical places of Crimea » TOURS TO THE CITIES AND TOWNS OF UKRAINE: Kiev, Lvov, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Ivano-Frankovsk, Uzhgorod, Chernovtsy. » Green and rural tourism 60 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION REST ON SEA AND OCEAN: » Turkey » UАE » Egypt » Exotic countries » Tunis » The Caribbean Islands » Latin America countries EXCURSION ROUTS: » France » Switzerland » Italy » Greece » Spain » Czech Republic » Austria » Hungary » England » Russia MOUNTAIN-SKIING RESORTS: » Poland » Romania » Austrian and French Alps » Slovakia » Turkey » The Carpathians CRUISES: » River (the Danube, the Dnieper) » Sea WE ARRANGE BUSINESS TRIPS TO THE INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITIONS (EUROPE, ASIA) – ALL INCLUSIVE “Expo-Yug-Service” Tourist Department Office 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 48 728 95 88 e-mail: State Tourist Administration of Ukraine Certificate № 322393 dated 26.07.2002 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 61
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Exhibition and tourist company “Expo-Yug-Service” exists since 1997. More than 100 successful exhibitions in different economical branches and humanitarian spheres were held for the 12 years. Exhibition - it is most of all creation! It is a collection of high technologies, innovation proposals. It is a vision of the present and forecast of the future. The main part of our company’s exhibitions have become stable exhibition projects, saturated with different specialized events. The Company’s exhibition projects are the following: Wine and Winemaking Exhibition, High Degree Exhibition, International Assembly of Tourist Business, Technologies of Beauty - XXI Century Exhibition, STYLE&BEAUTY, Green Wave Exhibition, Festival of Hairdressers’ Art «ColorTime”, Days of Cosmetology, Presents’ Gallery, The International Professional Conference “Marketing strategies in promotion of alcohol products”. The principles of the company are the following - assignment of various quality services, creative approach and innovative decisions, honest competition! Since 1998 the department of internal and external tourism had been organized in the company. The department’s activity is organization of trips for the international specialized exhibitions to Europe and Asia, receiving and hotel accommodation in Odessa, rest and recreation in Ukraine and abroad. EYS Company is an exclusive representative of Vinomania Magazine (Moscow) and Enotheka Magazine (Moscow) in Ukraine for advertising service, its popularization and subscription. EYS Company provides the following various advertising and PR services: » Advertising elaboration and realization of the customer’s order; » Advertising activity projecting the costumer’s image positively; » Presentations and corporative festivals; » Promo-action elaboration and realization; » Design and printing of advertising profiles and flyers; » Copyright service. 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 63
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1С TELLUR LTD and specialization including agriculture Off. 101, 1st floor, 18 Otakara Yarosha sector. Str., Kharkov, 61045, Ukraine “1C” Company works with the users ph: +38 (057) 719-56-19, 763-12-14 through the partner network - widest e-mail: on the computer market of CIS, which includes more then 5000 companies- 1C: Franchising, which provide regular Automation of control systems: information and technological support 1. Software delivery. for 1C software customers (in Ukraine - more then 450). Total number of 2. Automation of economic activity of companies by present time using 1C: the enterprises. Enterprise platform is based solutions 3. Support of control systems. comes to one million. 4. Training and personnel certification. On “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition “1C 5. Working out of specialized decisions. Company” and its partners will present 6. Rendering of consulting services in the applied decisions for automation of field of automation and optimization agricultural tasks - from the accounting of control systems. to a full contour of all business operation on a wide spectrum of agricultural activities: plant growing, animal farming, processing of agricultural production etc. 1С UKRAINE P/box 124, Kiev, 01019, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 422-55-55 fax: +38 (044) 422-55-55 e-mail: ABBYY UKRAINE “ABBYY Ukraine” is included into the group of companies ABBYY: ABBYY “1C Company” specializes in headquarters are in Moscow, offices development, distribution, publishing - in Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Great and support of mass-market software. Britain, Japan and Taiwan. ABBYY Among the software produced by 1C the is one of the leading manufacturers most important is 1C: Enterprise system of software in the field of linguistics, of business automation products. 1C: semantics, processing of texts and Enterprise is intended for automation systems of optical recognition of of various business tasks of economic symbols. “ABBYY Ukraine” is also the and management activity, such as developer of decisions for automation management accounting, business of management account and the largest accounting, HR management, CRM distributor of programs of “1С Ukraine” etc. on the companies of different scale Company. Its structure includes invasion 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 65
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION center “Konto“ which possesses long- AGENCY EUROAP – term experience of design activity, ADAM PAWLOWSKI renders services in introduction and Skladowa Street 12/104 support of the economic software “1С”, PL 15399 Bialystok, Poland and also offers consulting services in the ph/fax. +48 (85) 869-15-08 field of reflection of registration and ph/fax. +48 (85) 869-15-07 administrative problems in 1С, creations e-mail: of specialized configurations and their integration with other information systems. The Agency of Foreign Promotion The system of quality management Euroap provides advertising and of “Konto“ is certificated under the promotional services to Polish International standards ISO 9001:2000. companies searching for new markets The detailed information is on the and new contractors in the countries of company’s web-site http://1C.ABBYY. Central and Eastern Europe. We make ua. it easier to make B2B contacts and we help in creation of commercial relations with foreign entities. Our services include: AEROMEH LTD SPC » advertisement and announcements 118, Madridskaya Str., in foreign press Lugansk, 91028, Ukraine » organization of POLISH MARKET ph/fax: +38 (0642) 34-17-56, 34-17-53 information stalls on foreign fairs cell: +38 (050) 348-92-53/71 e-mail: » complex organization of fair performances abroad » printing out advertisements and announcements in Fair Catalogues On the basis of scientific and production (issued by fairs organizers) publication firm “Aeromeh” it has been developed of branch catalogues of Polish Export without grating, multipurpose - creation of data bases, mailings and separator SAD. For the first time telemarketing directed to foreign precision calibration by relative weight entities. is used. It allows to allocate biologically valuable seeds generated in the middle part of an ear and to receive an increase Our Agency is a good and proven of a crop up to 35%. Now 12 models partner while building a strategy based with different productivity (from 4 till of export development. 150 tn/h ) are produced by the firm “Aeromeh”. For working on separators SAD there is no restrictions by cultures, contamination and humidity of an initial material. 66 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AGP MEDIA Information Agency “TEK Inform” PО/Box 124, Kyiv, 04116, Ukraine in structure Commodity Exchange ph: +38 (044) 287-88-30 “Agrarian Exchange” was created in e-mail: January, 2007. Activity of Information Agency “TEK Inform” aims to collect and disseminate “AGP Media” company publishes target information on advanced agricultural magazines: “The Ukrainian information technology, events Farmer“, “ArgoMarket“, “Nashe that occur in agriculture, economy, Ptakhivnitstvo“. science and technology, development international contacts, witch contribute to attracting investment resources, studying the experience of news agencies in Ukraine and abroad. AGRARIAN EXCHANGE Information Agency “TEK Inform” 37 Dzerginskogo Str., in structure Commodity Exchange Kherson, 73003, Ukraine “Agrarian Exchange” annually ph/fax: +38 (0552) 32-57-11, 32-51-57, manufactures the directory “Agro Ug” 32-53-60, 32-53-61, 32-53-65 which represents current farms regions e-mail:, of Ukraine. This directory is designed for executive, business managers and just people who works in agriculture. Our services: » Active auctions constantly; » Organization and realization of land property; » Execution of stock exchange AGRARNA TEKHNIKA TA contracts; OBLADNANNYA » Appraisal of movable and immovable (AGRARIAN MACHINES AND property; EQUIPMENT), MAGAZINE » Information on the weighted average AGROMEDIA LTD stock prices of agricultural products P.O. Box 60, UA-03127 Kyiv, Ukraine and products of its processing; Off. 5, Novosilky, Institute of gardening of » Price information to provide the court UAAS, Kyiv, Ukraine and state tax authorities; ph/fax: +38 (044) 526-36-92 » Information directory “Agro Ug”; cell: +38 (050) 33-44-216 » Arbitration court: resolving civil and e-mail: commercial disputes; » Supply and demand market research. “AGRARNA TEKHNIKA TA OBLADNANNYA” (AGRARIAN 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 67
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT) Magazine » advertizing sections according to the is a professional edition devoted directions (agrarian products and to covering issues connected with processing, seeds, buying agrarian agricultural production, processing, cultures, agricultural mechanics and packaging and storing. We provide spare parts, chemistry and agronomy, high-quality information regarding equipment for poultry, other kinds production and use of agricultural of goods and services of agricultural machines and equipment for processing purpose); and storing of agricultural products. » information-analytical materials on The magazine is released four times a agribusiness, purchase-sale of grain, year. Such periodicity of publishing of mechanics, fertilizers, seeds etc. the magazine gives an opportunity to readers to study in detail the materials Reading audience: heads and top of each issue of the magazine and to specialists of agrarian enterprises, advertisers to significantly save their farms, elevators, palnts, enterprises budget. of processing industry, companies- suppliers of agrarian mechanics, spare parts, fertilizers, seedling etc. We guarantee that each newspaper goes to the interested readers. AGRARNIK NEWSPAPER Off. 405, 12b Radyanskaya Str., Distribution: free of charge address Nikolaev, 54017, Ukraine delivery of all newspaper’s circulation ph: +38 (0512) 47-84-01 by Ukrpochta on subscription in all fax: +38 (0512) 58-00-65 regions of Ukraine. The circulation’s cell: +38 (067) 512-66-05, +38 (093) 848-26-21 rest extends at republican and regional e-mail:, exhibitions of agricultural direction, seminars and conferences. Periodicity: 2 times a month and allows advertizing most effectively the goods “AgrarNik” is all-Ukrainian information- or services which have seasonal or short advertizing newspaper for the character. representatives of agricultural complex. To learn more about the last number of Published since January, 2004. the newspaper or get all the necessary Edition offers to its readers useful and information you can on the web-site interesting information of advertizing, informative and analytic character: Subscription index: 91210. » publications on AIC questions (leading experience, specialists’ advices, new technologies, reviews and consultations); 68 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AGRO-BUSINESS COURIER AGROBUSINESS UKRAINA NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE 251, Khreschatic Str., P/box 88, Kiev, 02097, Ukrainе Cherkassy, 18002, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 592-81-07 ph/fax. +38 (0472) 453-091, 361 196 fax: +38 (045) 947-65-64 e-mail: e-mail: Agro-Business Courier – all-Ukrainian agrarian newspaper distributed free Magazine “Agrobusiness-Ukraina“ of charge among heads of agricultural the specialized info-advertising edition enterprises in Ukraine and Crimea. directed on presentation of high Our advantages: technologies, promotion of advanced domestic and foreign agrarian High circulation: the only newspaper technique on the Ukrainian market. among free agrarian newspapers in Ukraine with the circulation of 25 000 Circulation of magazine is 12000 copies. copies. Periodicity of publication: twice a The magazine is free-of-charge month. delivered to all heads of the agricultural enterprises of Ukraine Especial system of distribution: the (more than 10000 collective farms editorial office’s subscription and free and the enterprises created on their delivery to the base), to farmers, manufacturers and heads of agricultural enterprises, farms, suppliers of agricultural machinery, agro firms throughout Ukraine. regional managers of an agriculture, Additional services: possibility of establishments of education and a spreading your informative and science of agro industrial branch. advertising materials among our subscribers all over this country as well as selectively in its individual regions. AGROEXPO Regular headings: Luepertzender Str. 30 News. Means of plant protection. D-41061 Moenchengladbach, Germany Cattle-reading. Agricultural produce. ph: +49 (2161) 303-29-97 Machinery equipment. fax: +49 (2161) 303-29-98 Seeds. Mineral fertilizers. Construction. e-mail: Auto. Agromachinery. Business prices. Classifieds etc. Circulation: 25000 copies; 4-8 pages of AgroExpo is representative of the A2 format; full-colour print. following Ukrainian trade fairs: Ukraine's leading agricultural exhibition 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 69
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION “AGRO“ in Kiev, Odessa's specialized AGROPARTNER PUBLISHING HOUSE exhibitions “InterAgroBusiness“ and P.O. Box 34, Kherson, 73027, Ukraine “Wine & Winemaking“, as well as ph: +380 (552) 31-94-79 Kiev's specialized exhibition “Beer & fax: +380 (552) 31-96-24 Soft Drinks Industry“ and provides full e-mail: service for exhibitors and visitors. AgroExpo is a brand of Bougie Marketing, a company providing a Newspaper “AgroPartner. Ukraine” wide range of services in marketing, is independent informational consulting, translating and interpreting and analytical weekly newspaper for the Ukrainian and German market. of agrarians of Dnepropetrovsk, We support companies going to do Zaporozhye, Kharkiv and Kherson business in Ukraine and assist Ukrainian areas. companies looking for business contacts Unique system of distribution. A free- abroad. of-charge editorial subscription for heads of all agricultural enterprises and farmers of areas. The highest rating among experts of agricultural branch the Dnepropetrovsk, AGRONOM, MAGAZINE Zaporozhye, Kharkiv and Kherson AGROMEDIA LTD areas. P.O. Box 60, UA-03127 Kyiv, Ukraine Total circulation: 15000 copies. tel./fax: +38 044 526 36 92 mob.: +38 050 33 44 216 e-mail: AGROSNAB CHERNOZEMYA The main objective of the edition is to make all those interested in agronomy ph: +38 (0542) 788-411, 770-322 discover up-to-date achievements e-mail: in agriculture, plant cultivation, agricultural chemistry, selection, seed- growing, plant protection, agricultural machinery and production. “Agrosnab Chernozemya”- The edition is delivered free of charge international agricultural newspaper. to all big farms of any form of the We distribute all the print-run among the ownership. farmers; collective-farms; commercial agro-firms; factories, producing agro machines; other agroenterprises by DIRECT MAIL. The directors of these enterprises get our newspaper FREE of CHARGE. 70 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Three issues of “Agrosnab » clearing and division of grain mixes Chernozemya”: Ukraine-Moldova, and cultures separately on relative Russia-Byelorussia, density and allocation and separation Kazakhstan- Uzbekistan. heavy and easy impurity from them; » separation on biological value of The distribution by direct mail- is the seeds of grain, vegetable cultures guarantee that your advertisement will and some kinds of long-term grasses; be got by your potential buyers and » preparations of qualitative sowing partners. material. Seeds are divided in an air stream without participation of sieves. AGROTEHCENTRE SERVICE LTD The car is capable to separate the grains amazed with bug and weevil, the peas App. 3, Zaliznichna Str., Kyiv region, Vishneve, 08132, Ukraine amazed with bruhus, to separate rotten ph: +38 (044) 503-39-85 corn from the healthy. fax: +38 (044) 503-39-85 e-mail: Our employees carry out the design, AGROVEKTOR manufacturing, farms, supply of 18 Novozavodskaya Str., equipment, professional installation, Dnepropetrovsk, 49051, Ukraine configuration and maintenance and ph: + 38 (066) 795-62-73, provide recommendations on the most +38 (091) 325-62-73 efficient economic management in ph/fax: +38 (0562) 34-76-91, pork production. +38 (056) 375-21-14 e-mail: AgroVECTOR is the professional AGROTEKH PE newspaper for Ukrainian farmer! “Agrovector“ is a purposeful vector 199/B Rudneva Str., Lugansk, 91020, Ukraine of strategic development of all ph: +38 (0642) 33-24-19, 55-55-19, agribusiness of our country. Edition’s 33-04-34, 34-74-37 objectives are economic profit of each ph/fax: +38 (0642) 33-24-19, 33 04 34 agro focused enterprise of Ukraine. e-mail: “Agrovector“ includes headings: » agrarian and industrial complex news; Manufacture of non-sieves aerodynamic » agricultural cars, spare parts and the separating cars “Almaz” intended for: 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 71
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION equipment; The International magazine » seed-growing; “Alternative fuels” is a trade magazine » agro chemistry; devoted to the markets of alternative » animal industries and poultry fuel and energy in Ukraine and the farming; territory of CIS countries. » the zoo technical equipment; Magazine gives exclusive reviews of » forage and mixed fodders. energy markets, watches influencing political events and business decisions, Reader's audience: heads of the gives quotations and prices on agricultural enterprises, farms and the traditional and renewable energy organizations in agrarian and industrial resources. complex system. Distribution: » free address delivery; » advance payment through edition, ALYANS-AGRO 2006 “Ukrpochta“, regional services of an advance payment; 16 I. Lepse blvd, Kiev, 03065, Ukraine » through regional agro managements ph: +38 (044) 206-36-71 and associations of farmers; e-mail: а » at exhibitions, conferences and “Days of field”. 1. Official distributor in Ukraine of “Yubana” JST, Lithuania /JOS’s TM/. The newspaper “Agrovector“ is both in 2. Realization of starters with Russian and Ukrainian 2 times a month reducer and generator of JOB’s mark in circulation of 26 000 copies. (“Magneton” analogue) and spare Extends free address delivery on parts for them on: MTZ, T-40, ZIL- agricultural productions, managements 5301, Balcancar, MF, Claas, JBS, URSUS, of agro industrial development of all ZETOR, ZMZ and also shaft cranked for areas, farms of all regions of Ukraine. domestic mechanics. 3. Official dealer of Kamsky motor plant, Naberezhiye Chelni, Russia. Realization of piston complete sets with “MOLIKOTE” covering for ALTERNATIVE FUELS MAGAZINE KAMAZ, KAMAZ “Turbo”, KAMAZ “Euro-2” engines, piston complete Off. 909, 160 Frunze Str., Кiev, 04073, Ukraine sets AMZ-840 (Tutaiv, BelAZ), AMZ- ph: +38 (044) 383-03-56 236, AMZ-238, AMZ-240. Petrol tanks. fax: +38 (044) 498-90-56 Products are certified in accordance to the International standard ISO-9001, protected from fake. 4. Official dealer of “Ukrtekhzapchast’”, 72 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Konotop. Realization of piston groups AXIOMA-AUDIT PE “Zapchast’ Diesel” (sleeve Motordetal’- 99/109 Keletskaya Str., Konotop, piston “Avtramat”) for Vinnitsa, 21030, Ukraine engines of MMZ, SMD, AMZ, KAMAZ ph: +38 (0432) 46-65-41 family. fax: +38 (0432) 46-93-98 5. Service support and repair of reducer e-mail: starters and generators. 6. Huge assortment of spare parts for agrarian mechanics. The firm “Axioma-Audit” is engaged in working out, sale, support of business computer programs, educational and house appointment. The company specializes on introduction of “1С“ on elevators, port elevators and ART-INSURANCE agricultural enterprises. 69 Vladimirskaya Str., Kiev, 01103, Ukraine On “InterAgroBiznes“ exhibition the ph: +38 (044) 592-09-21 company will present applied decisions e-mail: for automation of agricultural problems - from the account to a full contour of management operation on a wide ART-Insurance ( insurance technologies spectrum of agricultural activity: plant development agency) is the company growing, animal industries, processing consulting agrarian enterprises to of agricultural production etc. make quality insurance at the lowest price. » Crop insurance; » Farm Machinery insurance; » Silos insurance; CAPITAL AGRO UKRAINIAN » Stock insurance; NEWSPAPER » Construction risks insurance; PF. 723, 81/15 Cosmonauts Str., B/C » Livestock insurance; “Cosmos Plaza”, Nikolaev, 54028, Ukraine » Cargo insurance; fax: +38 (0512) 76-79-01 » Health insurance; cell: +38 (067) 515-38-41, +38 (050) 493-13-80 » Motor insurance; e-mail: Other. All-Ukrainian Advertising Information Newspaper for agricultural workers. Frequency: 2 times a month. Subscription index: 37698. Format A-3, block advertising (full 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 73
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION color). growing; Published in Ukrainian and Russian » integrated system of plant languages. protection; » protection products in details; Contents: » rational crops fertilizing; » modern technologies of cultivation » best practices of agricultural and plant protection; technologies; » mineral fertilizers, fodder; » news, current issues and farmers » articles and information from problems. institutions and companies, leaders Published once a month for 76 of the domestic agriculture; color pages in all Ukrainian regions. » purchase and sale of seeds, machinery, 15 000 copies of total circulation in all spare parts, agricultural equipment; Ukrainian regions; » processing and storage of agricultural Subscription index: 23634 products, etc. Distribution and readership: managers of agricultural enterprises, SFH, manufacturers of agricultural EKSKLYUZIVNYE TEHNOLOGII machinery, factories, institutes, Off. 416, 132-a, 40 let Oktyabrya Str., management APR, farmers' associations: Kherson, 73005, Ukraine Vinnitsa, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, ph/fax: +38 (0552) 35-41-90 Kiev, Odessa, Kirovograd, Cherkassy, cell: +38 (050) 130-43-35, Donetsk, Kherson, Poltava, Zaporozhye, +38 (097) 325-30-82 Zhitomirskoy, Lviv, Luhansk, Kharkiv e-mail:, regions, Crimea. Illumination of the most modern innovative achievements in science and CHEMISTRY AGRONOMY SERVICE, manufacture at the energy- and MAGAZINE resource- saving markets that are Off. 8, 54b, Nayki Ave., assisting Kyiv, 03083, Ukraine high-tech development of agriculture ph: +38 (044) 492-77-42 of Ukraine and saving of ecology and fax: +38 (044) 492-77-43 health e-mail: of nation. “Realnyj partner” – is an unique base Ukrainian magazine about modern of operating agricultural enterprises of agricultural technologies: Ukraine. Аuthenticity of information is maintained via continuous update. » modern technologies of crop 74 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION FITOTECHNIKI GERMAN AGRARIAN CENTRE XILOGIANNIS BROS UN.CO. IN UKRAINE – DAZ (DEUTSCHES FILOTHEI 47042 ARTA - GREECE AGRARZENTRUM) ph: (0030) 26810-51554 9A Ukrainska Str., Potash, Mankivskiy fax: (0030) 26810-51694 region, Cherkasska Oblast, 20109, Ukraina e-mail: ph: +38 (04748) 723-71 fax: +38 (04748) 722-01 cell: +38 (096) 672-04-38 TISSUE CULTURE LABORATORY e-mail: PRODUCES MICROPOPAGATED MATERIAL FOR POME AND STONE Dr. Heinrich Schuele – director FRUIT VARIETIES. Dr. Armen Khachatryan cell: +38 (096) 672-04-39 Nataliya Zhyzha GALESHCINA, MASHZAVOD OJSC 1 Zavodska Str., Nova Geleshcina, Kozelshitskiy district, German Agrarian Centre proposes Poltavska region, 39140, Ukraine ph: +38 (05342) 9-76-88, 9-76-85, a completely new, for the Ukraine, +38 (0532) 56-93-48, concept of professional training. Based e-mail:, on the successful experience of DEULA centres in Germany, German Agrarian Centre in the Ukraine offers, since February 2009, a programme of courses Open joint stock company for the specialists and leadership of “GALESHCINA, MASHZAVOD”, agricultural enterprises of the Ukraine. Ukraine, Poltava Region. The basic programme of seminars Machinery for soil-protective energy- covers the training for the specialists efficient and resource-saving techniques of agricultural enterprises concerning of cropping. machinery and technologies of agricultural production. During the » Mounted wide-level cultivator KShN- training period (autumn-autumn), the 5,6. scheme encompasses all the regular » Semi-trailed multi-purpose cultivator and reoccurring special topics. KKP - 6.0. » Disc harrow: BGR-4.2. Through the training structure, » Tillage harrow BPN – 12. consisting of individual modules, the Centre is able to transfer wide range of special knowledge and information, which can be easily adjusted to reflect latest developments in technique and 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 75
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION technologies. to support Ukrainian agro-technical The time and the topics of the courses educational establishments round up are implemented preferably in the the large spectrum of training activities period of less busy agricultural activities of the German Agrarian Centre. in the Ukraine. This initiative of representatives of the Product training. industry, politics, science and practice is being managed and implemented Courses addressing products of firms by the Centre of Eastern Europe of producing agricultural machinery, the University of Hohenheim and ADT seeds and means of plant protection, Project Bonn in close cooperation address the needs especially of the with DEULA Kirchheim. The project management and specialists of is financed by the German Federal agricultural enterprises directly dealing Ministry of Food, Agriculture and with the agricultural production. The Consumer Protection, and by the courses are being updated continuously Association of leading German and therefore they give the possibility producers of agricultural machinery to get acquainted in detail with and technologies. modern techniques and technologies and train the users to utilise them in an In the initial, first phase from November appropriate way. 2008 to December 2010, the Centre will be set up and operate according to the Field Days and Exhibitions. defined needs and requirements of the Field Days and related exhibitions and target groups. demonstrations of modern techniques and technologies allow presenting to the large public advanced products, production processes and production chains. These events are at the same time so called Days of Open Doors, HAPPY VACATIONS COMPANY which give the German Agrarian Centre opportunity to present its activities and Off. 41, 14-g Yaroslaviv Val Str., achievements. 01034, Kiev, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (044) 536-08-77 Networking with teaching activities (multichannel) and education. fax: +38 (044) 234-33-05 The lecturing and consulting events e-mail: covering state-of-the-art topics in the chain of added value in agriculture; the symposia with participation of Happy Vacations Company was founded renowned experts in certain topics in 1997 and for more than 12 years of representing high interest for the successful work has established itself as Ukrainian agriculture; as well as the a reliable partner with an impeccable development of newsletters and reputation, a professional team that didactically prepared teaching materials provides services in the field of tourism 76 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION and business travel. IT-LYNX LTD The company has a dedicated business Off. 35, 12 Drugbi Narodov Bvld., travel department HV Business, the Kyiv, 01103, Ukraine main directions of which are: ph: +38 (044) 592-36-70 fax: +38 (044) 529-29-61 » organization of individual business e-mail: travel; » organization of group research and educational trips to various subjects; » organization of visits to exhibitions, The basic directions of “IT-Lynx” forums, congresses, seminars, company’s activity is working out of the conferences; web focused systems and automation » organization of visits to teaching, of companies’ activity on the basis training, visits to workshops. of Microsoft Sharepoint technology. And also system engineering GPS of monitoring and the control of the fuel HV Business Division developed the expense. travel program, the most useful for professionals, executives, directors, taking into account the needs, scope of We attentively listen to that our clients activities, planned projects and results: and partners wait are waiting from » fruit and vegetables; us. We put maximal efforts for this » crop and seed; purpose what to correspond to these » potato; expectations. » livestock / dairy production / meat; » agricultural machinery, equipment; Work of our company is directed that » construction of greenhouses, it would be more convenient to our greenhouse equipment; clients to do the business, to facilitate » sugar. a number of challenges and to receive a maximum of advantage from mutual Our specialists are preparing the cooperation. program of visits to agricultural facilities offered working visits to companies The basic product of the company is that are leaders in their segment, GPS system of monitoring, scheduling meeting with the right issues with and the control of the fuel expense - experts, representatives of companies, “Inspector“. farmers. 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 77
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ITAL TIGER LIMITED LIABILITIES LANDMASCHINEN-REPORT COMPANY Die Zeitung fuer den land-, forst-, 32 Aerodrom Str., kommunal-, NFZ- & bautechnischen Dnepropetrovsk, 49032, Ukraine Bereich ph/fax: +38 (056) 375-46-80/81/82 Publishing House: Verlag Bachmaier GmbH e-mail: Am Hof 7, D-85457 Woerth- Hofsingelding, Germany ph: +49 (81) 23-93-68-0 fax:+49 (81) 23 93-68-68 Company “Ital Tiger” is specialized e-mail: on the producing of pesticides which are made on the modern European equipment. More than Landmaschinen-Report is specialized 10 years an enterprise is a leader in publication of announcements for the production of the most effective Sale & Buy of new and used machinery rodenticide product “Rats Death #1“ for agriculture, forestry, municipal and succsefully set the producing of engineering, transportation, building no less high-quality universal domestic and renewable energy. The monthly insecticide “Depredators Death #1”, publication offers a large database which are made with addition of active of announcements, machinery news, ingredients of the Italian enterprise releases, and news of specialized trade Activa S.r.l. Preparations are registered fairs and events. as disinfecting and recommended for using by population. Landmaschinen-Report has a circulation of 11,000 copies. Request your free copy now. KUPRIYANOV A. N. PE 20 Mashinotraktornaya Str., Orekhov, Zaporozhsky region, 70501, Ukraine METEOR EXPO CENTER ph/fax: +38 (061) 414-56-69 Urkaine, Dnepropetrovsk cell:+38 (099) 524-92-44, ph/fax: +38 (056) 373-93-74 +38 (067) 304-72-31 cell: +38 (067)639-86-79 е-mail: e-mail: Grain throwers ZM-60M and ZM-90M, Three objectives to work with us: and also spare parts for this mechanics. 1. We are on the exhibition market for We carry out transformation of grain more than 10 years, have organized loader ЯЗЫ-100 into the grain thrower about 100 International, national ZM-60 or ZM-60A. Also spare parts for exhibitions and conferences. grain cleaning mechanics. 78 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 2. We enter TOP-Three exhibition NUTRITECH UKRAINA COMPANY companies according to the level of Off. 3, 9/2 Krasnozvezdny av., exhibitions organization. Kiev, 03037, Ukraine 3. We were one of the first who invades ph/fax: +38 (044) 244-77-27, 244-81-41 digital registration of visitors, that e-mail: guarantees you the target audience to you. The company “Nutritech Ukraine” is the agrochemical specialized company which represents the best foreign manufacturers in the market of Ukraine. NOVOFARM LTD “Nutritech Ukraine” is the exclusive distributor in territory of Ukraine of 4 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Str., Dnepropetrovsk, 49051, Ukraine the unique water-soluble fertilizers ph: +38 (056) 775-89-23, 775-89-24, with the maintenance of microcells 372-27-61, 372-19-54 “Nutrivantov™”, concern manufactures “ICL Fertilizers” (Israel), the world leader on manufacture of phosphor- NovoFarm Ltd. was founded in 2001. potash mineral fertilizers, and also Since 2006 it is the official CNH dealer a wide products ruler of fertilizers in Ukraine. of “Atlantica Agricola, s.a.” (Spain) Three main areas of focus: company, manufacture of the pioneer » machinery distribution; on fertilizers manufacture on the basis » contract farming’ of fulvous - amino - and humane, » spare parts distribution. biological protection frames of plants. Also the company successfully Since 2008 NovoFarm has been cooperates with English developing it’s Trading Department. agrochemical laboratory “Jara the Since then more than 150 thousand of Analyst Service” on carrying out of gain was exported and 100 thousand agrochemical analyses and granting of sold on Ukrainian market. recommendations. Offered products line: » Complex of water-soluble fertilizers for sheet top dressing, with the maintenance of an ecological biological origin “Fertivant“ – “Nutrivanty Plus™”; » Fertilizers for systems of drop watering – “Nutrivanty Drip ™”, “Pekasid“; 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 79
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION » Liquid organic-mineral fertilizers on responsible commodity producer the basis of seaweed extract with occupying Premium segment in the adding of macro and microcells, market of films. amino acids, the polysaccharides The guaranteed high quality of eliminating deficiency of biogenic production, reliability of the company, elements, stimulating growth and quality assurance at all manufacture development of plants operating as stages, and also constant introduction antistress - “Mikrokaty“, “Rajkaty“, of new workings out directed on “Aminokaty“, “Razormin“, “Keliki“, improvement of technical and “Floron“; consumer qualities of production, » Firm chelate water-soluble fertilizers have allowed the company “Planet with the maintenance of one or several of Plastic®” to prove in the markets biogenic elements, acting as the not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, proof-reader of a food in the systems Belarus, Moldova. The company’s share of drop watering, hydroponics, not of “Planet of Plastic®” in total amount root food and preceding processing of manufacture of the Ukrainian of seeds - “Kelkaty“; commodity producers of polyethylene » fertilizer – “Granubor of Natures”. hothouse film makes more than 25 %. The company’s management “Planet of Plastic®” guarantees the quality of delivered production, performance of PLANETA PLASTIC LTD terms of delivery and decency of mutual relations. 1 Dzerzhinskogo Str., Irpen, Kiev region, 08200, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 331-74-60, 331-74-61, 331-74-62, 331-74-63, 331-74-64, 33-181-33 ph/fax: +38 (044) 979-30-28 POLTRADE INTERNATIONAL SP. Z O.O. Kuriany 97 The company “Planet of Plastic®” is 15-588 Bialystok, Poland the operator of national scale in the ph: +48 (85) 749-32-19 market of polyethylene films (thermo shrinkable, agricultural and building), geo membranes of “Ukrizol“, polyethylene pipes (gas, water pressure Poltrade International company for head, technical and protective) and more than 15 years has specialized in polymeric sleeves (bags) “BARN“ for the production and distribution of milk grain and silo storage. The factory coolers and spare parts. is located in Irpin, Kiev region. The We offer coolers with capacities ranging company successfully functions more from 100 to 16,000 liters. These are than 10 years and has proved as the 80 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION both new PRO-INOX coolers and used related businesses. Animal Farming different types and brands. Ukraine 2010 is the first exhibition We offer a wide range of spare in Ukraine dedicated exclusively to parts, which is constantly extended. animal farming. In Ukraine, until Compressors, pumps, gearmotors, today, the animal-farming topic has milk cans, hoses, solenoid valves, fans, been incorporated within broader motors, gears- wheel (metal and plastic) agricultural exhibitions. Animal Farming for various types of gearmotors. Ukraine 2010, however, is the one and only fully dedicated platform for animal We are the exclusive distributor of Si em farming business in Ukraine. company to the countries of Eastern Europe. Key Product Areas: We guarantee high quality products and technical support. » Animal housing and breeding We offer attractive discounts to programs, reproduction technology distributors. » Controlled environment equipment and environment technology » Equipment, accessories and spare Contact persons: parts Andrzej Patejuk,, cell: » Animal feed, feed storage, feedstuff +48 (602) 505-500 production Marcin Jurgielewicz,, » Husbandry and feeding techniques cell: +48 (607) 406-632 » Veterinary Products » Meat processing equipment and technology » Milking and cooling technology » Processing and marketing of poultry PREMIER EXPO/ITE GROUP PLC. and eggs » Technology for dung, solid manure Off. 4FA/21, 13, Pimonenko Str., and slurry Kiev, 04050, Ukraine » Transport vehicles, transport services ph: +38 (044)496-86-45 » Biogas fax: +38 (044) 496-86-46 e-mail: The 1st International Exhibition Animal Farming Ukraine 2010 will be held on September 29 – October 01, 2010 in IEC, Kiev, Ukraine. Animal Farming Ukraine 2010 will present the entire range of products in the field of animal farming and directly 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 81
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION PUBLISHING HOUSE COMPASS campaign by the firm with use of LEADER OF UKRAINE this method advantages establishing P/B 50, Kherson, 73008 interregional trade relations, direct ph/fax: +38 (0552) 32-50-07, 32-57-01 contacts, developing of joint projects, e-mail: attracts investors. Short information: full-color cover, colored bind-in, publication volume “Leader of Ukraine” – is a republican is up to 150 pages, A4 format. The informational and advertising magazine is delivered to the offices in magazine. Themes, covered by our the publisher’s envelopes of large size. magazine, are agriculture and the The magazine appears once a month. sectors of the economy of Ukraine, Collection of information for the next connected with agribusiness some issue – to the first day of every month. way or another. The magazine is a subscription publication (subscription index 02128). It is designed for managers and directors of enterprises, companies and organizations. REACOM TRADE HOUSE Distribution: 24 regions of Ukraine 30 Udarnikov Str., and the Republic of Crimea are Dnepropetrovsk, 49019, Ukraine supervised by twelve managers of the ph: +38 (0562) 31-91-77 PE “Publishing House “Compas”. Each fax: +38 (0562) 38-19-70 of them systematically has business e-mail: trips, aimed at “live” work with clients. Tens of advertising agencies of Ukraine are occupied in distribution of the Research-and-production center magazine. “REACOM” is the sole manufacturer The magazine becomes more and more of chelate micronutrients in Ukraine. popular abroad as well. Chelate micronutrients are highly effective ecologically friendly We are constant participants of all fertilizers in their biologically active significant exhibitions, held in Ukraine, forms formulated on the basis of themes range of which conforms with complexonates (chelates) of metals (Zn, the magazines’ topics. Cu, Co, Mo, Mn, Fe) and boron. Advertisement in the magazine: is The application of micronutrients classified according to the territorial REACOM ensures guaranteed surplus characteristic. Territorial principle of of 10- 20 % in grain crops and about advertisement classification is “know- 30% surplus in vegetable crop yields. how” of the edition: it allows showing potential of the region, economic Range of applications: capacities of its enterprises and a) pre-planting treatment of seeds; companies. Performing advertising b) foliar and root fertilizing of crops. 82 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ROSTSELMASH REPRESENTATION centers, studying of requirements for Off. 206, 20 Chernovola Str., agricultural machinery of each region Kiev, 01135, Ukraine of Ukraine, production advancement in ph: +38 (044) 596-55-28, 596-55-29 the regional markets, formation of the ph/fax: +38 (044) 596-55-31 loyal relation of buyers to production e-mail: of “Rostselmash“. The dealer network “Rostselmash“ in “Rostselmash“ is a group of companies; Ukraine is presented by 16 companies. now it is presented by 12 enterprises Besides, the company has created its with the assembly manufactures located own regional network covering all 25 in Russia, the USA, Canada, Ukraine and regions of the country. Kazakhstan. Joined turnover is more The company has created its own than 1 bln. dollars. mobile service brigades and considers «Rostselmash» enters into the five of service by one of the activity priorities. the largest world manufacturers of Also in Ukraine it is created 2 warehouses agricultural machinery. of the guarantee spare parts, allowing In a group of companies work nearby to provide mechanics’ trouble-free 11000 persons speaking in several work during a season. languages, working in different time Besides, in territory of Ukraine the zones. When, for example, in Russia investment project which purpose is the working day approaches to end, adjustment of manufacture of grain- Canada and the USA accept relay race harvesting cars is realized. again to transfer it in the end of the working day. In 2002 joint Russian-Ukrainian enterprise “Don-LAN“ was created “Rostselmash“ is 17 types of agricultural for project realization on manufacture machinery; it is more than 100 models and assemblage of combine harvesters. and updatings. Now combines “Don-Lan “Akros“, Mechanics sale is carried out in 26 Don-Lan “Vector“ gather on industrial countries of the world. From the platforms of Experimental plant of moment of the basis (July 21st, 1929) electric welding by E. O.Paton (Kiev) Rostselmash has put to the clients more and factory “Autostamp“ (Alexandria). than 2,6 million units of mechanics. Dealer network — more than 500 “Rostselmash” – agrarian mechanics of service centers and branches all over professionals! the world. Mechanics sales in Ukraine are coordinated by “Representation “Rostselmash“. Among representation problems — control over activity of the dealer 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 83
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION SINTAL AGRO LTD is confirmed by the certificates of the 54 Klaltsova Srt., Kharkov, 61093, Ukraine quality which have been given out by ph/fax: +38 (057) 766-51-60 certificated organizations RW T F, PN- e-mail: EN ISO and IQ Net. The trading offer “Stomil Sanok” contains five variants of belts: Standard Creation of new information systems Strengthened, Super and Super To, and and technologies for management and as a special variant of belts for import account of agrarian business. agricultural machinery “Harvest Belts”. 1. Geodetic researches. The buyer of belts “Harvest Belts” gets 2. Soil management and soil estimated following advantages: works. » guarantee of reception the 3. Agrochemical analysis of soil. corresponding belt, the manufacturer is responsible for selection of a 4. Creation of agricultural enterprise’s corresponding belt for catalog territory. number; 5. Navigating monitoring of vehicles. » long guarantee - trouble-free 6. Introduction of information-analytical operation, and as high quality and system. durability of belts at level of original belts; » economy of time and means, thanks to application of the quality belt which has been picked up in conformity to STOMIL SANOK UKRAINE S.A. loadings of a concrete drive. 75 Knyaz Vladimir Str., Rovno, Ukraine ph: +38 (0362) 62-34-40, 43-16-77 Klin belts made by “Stomil Sanok” S.A. (head office) meet the requirements of manufacturers 8 Inzhenerov lane, Kirovograd, Ukraine of cars, the mining industry, mechanical ph: +38 (0522) 56-10-55 engineering, railway business and many e-mail: other things. (warehouse) At will of clients we make non-standard belts, in the sizes and properties coordinated individually. Sanotsky Factory of Rubber Industry “Stomil Sanok” S.A. is one of the “Stomil Sanok” S.A. also delivers European leaders on rubber-technical window and self-glue condenses. products manufacture, including belts, both for the industry, and for agriculture. The main priority at all levels of high quality business operation of production which is provided with system 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949, 84 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION TECHNOTORG-DON LTD in climate control systems for 113/1 Geroev Stalingrada av, potato, fruit and vegetable stоrage Nikolaev, 54025, Ukraine warehouses. Technique is economic in ph: +38 (0512) 53-09-01 electricity consumption, simple in use. fax: +38 (0512) 42-49-34 A professional design of your storage e-mail: facility and climate control system is fundamental for your future success. TESSO specialists will be glad to Nowadays the group of companies offer their advice that will help you “Tehnotorg“ is one of the largest find the optimum solution for your suppliers of agricultural, automobile requirements. We offer full project, and special mechanics in the market drawings, calculations, vegetable of Ukraine. On 30 trading platforms processing machines. in all the regions of Ukraine the wide assortment of production of more than 40 factories-manufacturers of Ukraine near and far abroad is presented. Company “Tehnotorg“ offers favorable UKRAINE AKTUELL THE conditions of acquisition on the basic NEWSLETTER models of mechanics within the limits Publishing House: OWC – Verlag fuer of government programs of domestic Aussenwirtschaft GmbH agricultural manufacturer support. And Ritterstrasse 2B, 10969 Berlin, Germany also wide assortment of spare parts, ph: +49 (30) 246-166-67 services, guarantee-service and service fax: +49 (30) 219-188-49 centers across all Ukraine. Our basic e-mail: priorities are the complex technical maintenance of agrarian, transport, Head of the project: Bogdan Belimenko building and industrial business. The newsletter “UKRAINE aktuell“ is published since December 2009 by the Berlin based OWC – Verlag fuer Aussenwirtschaft GmbH in cooperation TESSO LTD with the Committee on Eastern 31/37 Vuborgskaya Str., European Economic Relations and Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine Deutsche Lufthansa AG. ph:+38 (044) 455-72-83 “UKRAINE aktuell” is a monthly cell:+38 (067) 500-54-25 publication in German language with the latest and well-investigated news about Ukraine´s economic TESSO is dedicated to offering the development. Besides news on finest products and services in the economy and the politic-economic fresh produce industry. We specialize framework “UKRAINE aktuell” includes 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 85
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION features and detailed articles about Main priorities of the work of UCAB: special branches of industry. “UKRAINE » Formation of favourable legislative aktuell” concentrates on Finance, Tax, and normative-legal conditions for Jurisdiction, Conferences and fairs and the work of agricultural companies. exhibitions. In every publication, a » Establishment of mutually beneficial particular local region is presented. business relations (В2В). “UKRAINE aktuell” has a monthly » Establishment of interrelations with circulation of 2,800 copies. Through governmental structures (B2G). the distribution to subscribers and » Full service support of agribusiness partners “UKRAINE aktuell” reaches companies. target audience not only in Germany and in the Ukraine, but also on the Members of UCAB: flights Germany / Ukraine of Deutsche Members of UCAB are major agricultural Lufthansa. Furthermore “UKRAINE companies, among them: aktuell” is being distributed on events with reference to the Ukraine. » Industrial Milk Company » UkrRos » Terra Food » Milkiland » Agrosoyuz UKRAINIAN AGRIBUSINESS CLUB » Agrosolutions ASSOCIATION (UCAB) » KWS » Chistaya Krynyza 20А Velika Zhytomyrska Str. » John Deere Ukraine Kiev, 01025, Ukraine » Svarog West Group and others ph: +38 (044) 201-49-50 fax: +38 (044) 201-49-51 e-mail: Interests of UCAB members cover all sectors of agriculture: » Crop production; Association „Ukrainian Agribusiness » Animal husbandry (meat and milk); Club“ (UCAB) is a business organisation » Sugar industry; which represents and promotes the » Milk industry; interests of leading companies of » Meat industry; the agricultural and food sector of » Vegetable production. Ukraine. Covering this wide range, UCAB actively Mission of UCAB: comprehensive represents the interests of his members, support for agricultural companies in stimulating new ideas and solutions. order to increase their efficiency and to achieve the aims of their activities at the business and agro-political level. 86 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Projects of UCAB: AgriContact AgriEvent Contact information of more than 8000 Conference Management, Event agricultural enterprises in Ukraine: farm Management, Agriculture & Food Fair name, address, phone, contact person, Service, Business Trips, Venue Search basic farm info. Service, Technical Service, Catering, Transportation, Translation Service. AgroMonitor AgriJob Price indicators and comments on the meat, dairy and sugar markets. Weekly The first specialized project for issue. Free distribution among 500 successful employment and recruitment subscribers. in all agricultural sectors of Ukraine. AgriLink AgriSurvey Linking the agricultural community Provides our clients with the full range in Ukraine and abroad. Procurement of market information within Ukrainian of services, provision of information, agri-sector. We offer market research, knowledge transfer, establishment of surveys, interviews, focus groups etc. contacts. Initiation and implementation of joint projects with partners and clients. AgriEfficiency Doing Agribusiness in Ukraine Detailed precise analysis of Ukrainian farms performance. Detection of weaknesses and strengths of the UCAB’s annual issue on the conditions entities and efficiency advice. of doing agribusiness in Ukraine. Concise information for our foreign partners. AgroBrand Association „Ukrainian Agribusiness Identification of the most recognizable Club“ agricultural brands. We detect the best Your reliable partner in doing known producers of equipment, seeds, agribusiness in Ukraine! plant protection etc. 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 87
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION UKRSEMPROM LTD UMANFERMMASH 3 Sakko and Vantsetti Str., 21 Energeticheskaya Str., Uman, Zaporozhye, 69095, Ukraine Cherkassky region, 20300, Ukraina ph: +38 (061) 701-43-82, 701-43-31 Sales Department: ph/fax: +38 (061) 279-05-46, 279-07-17 ph: +38 (04744) 4-83-89, e-mail:, 4-83-81, 2-25-59 Factory-manufacturer of agricultural machinery of various variants: Wide spectrum of cultures and grades 1. Mechanics for soil processing: adapted for cultivation in the conditions of various regions of Ukraine. » Harrows in width of capture from 1,8 to 10,5 meters Consultations and scientific support of » Hoeing plows from 2,4 to 15 meters leading experts in the field of selection » Cultivators from 4 to 14,8 meters and agriculturists. » Hitches » Joint project with the Ukrainian » Spreaders of fertilizers Academy of agrarian sciences that » Seeders provides introduction in manufacture of the newest scientific workings 2. Mechanics for transportation: out. » Close cooperation with the Institute » Semitrailers load-carrying capacity of olive cultures UAAS – leading from 5 to 20 tonn center of science on genetics, » Loaders of seeders on Gas-ZIL-SAZ- biotechnology, selection, technology KAMAZ of cultivation and processing of olive » Butts for transportation of water and cultures. chemicals » Cooperation with the leading centers » Conveyors in the field of selection of grain and » Loaders carload, mobile olive cultures. » Grain throwers » Terms of delivery and payments are the most favorable to you. 3. Processing equipment for: » Policy of loyalty to consumers. » Couches press for sunflower oils: PM- » Elite sorts of grain and olive cultures. 450, PM-900 kg/hour » Couch equipment for oils - ОVОR-450 kg/hour And many other things… 88 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  • II INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION WEIGHT-MEASURING SYSTEMS UKRAVTOZAPCHAST’ LTD COMPANY 16 Tiraspolskoye highway, Off. 416, 29 Newspapers “Pravda“, Odessa, 65085, Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk, 49083, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 740-28-22, 30-28-46 ph/fax: +38 (056) 789-47-29, e-mail: 790-65-20, 794-65-20 e-mail:, “Ukravtozapchast’” LTD deals with: 1. sale of: The company “Weight-measuring » spare parts for auto and agricultural systems” makes, sells and serves: mechanics of domestic and foreign production; » truck scales; » mechanics; » wagon scales; » accumulators; » conveyor scales; » oils; » crane scales. » auto tire covers; » expendable materials. Reconstruction of mechanical scales into electronic, development and 2. fssemblage of tractors. production of weight-measuring and weight-doser equipment in accordance with the individual projects and the technological features of process. Development of software for PC, which allows: » to organize the automatic account; » to create databases; » to generate different reports; » to transmit the results of measuring into the corporate network of enterprise. 24-25.09.2010 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 89