Results of the XI International wine exhibition


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Results of the XI International wine exhibition

  1. 1. Results of the XI International wine exhibition Drinks Industry Russian Wine Fair 2011 17-19 November, Moscow, International Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo»
  2. 2. XI International wine exhibition «Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011» has been held on 17-19 of November in Moscow.«Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair» is one ofthe most effective in Russia and CIS countriesspecialized business platform and the status ofthe major event for Russian winemaking andwinegrowing has been proved by many years. The exhibition has been held for the 11th time and united the interests of all wine industry specialists – winemakers, experts, oenologists, wine trade representatives, restaurant owners, wine shops consultants, wine connoisseurs and collectors, bloggers and wine journalists. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  3. 3. The exhibition has the official support of the profileinternational organizations, ministries and departments inRF, Administration of the major wine region in Russia –the Krasnodar region, professional associations andunions and major scientific institutions as well. Thehighest level of the support allows the Fair to have strongeffect on the industry development. From the welcome letter of the Federal office for the alcohol market regulation (FSRAR): «We warmly greet exhibitors and guests of the «Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair – 2011» and emphasize its great importance for the small and medium business development 2011» business including retail trade and development and promoting of the domestic winemaking…» domestic winemaking…» Vice-president, Mr V. Spyrin Vice- president, Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  4. 4. The high event status has been proved by the VIP guests who honoured by their presence theofficial opening ceremony on 17th of November. Greeting speech has been given by: Vladimir Gusev, first deputy of the chairman of the Council of Federation Committee for economic politics, enterprises and property, has mentioned that Russian winemaking needs the law «About winegrowing and winemaking» which will support winemaking» wine producers and allow Russia to become one of the key figures among leading winemaking countries on the foreign market. Federico Castellucci, general director of the «International Organisation of Vine and Wine» (L’OIV), wished to all participants much success and profitable work. «I head the organization with 45 members, including Russia which may be proud of its wines». wines» Leonid Popovich, president of the «Union of the oenologists and winemakers of Russia», claimed that the level of the presented wines has been very high and equable regardless of the country. This is just what we need – to bring the Russian wines to the world level and «start speak one language» with the winemakers from all around language» the world. Oleg Tolmachev, head of the Administration for the winemaking, winegrowing and horticulture of the Krasnodar region: «... this year has been very successful for the Russian winemakers with 29 medals won at international competitions in Hong Kong, Vienna and London. This is already This the world acknowledgement and entry into the worlds elite of winemakers. After winemakers. the world acknowledgement it is necessary to achieve the same attitude from the attitude consumers in Russia …» Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  5. 5. Neboysha Kocharovich, Extraordinary and PlenipotentiaryAmbassador of Republic of Croatia in Russian Federation, thankedthe organizer of the Fair – «Asti Group» exhibition company – for the trust and Group»opportunity to demonstrate the production of the Croatian winemaking companies winemakingon such a great scale. “For the first time we organize «Croatia Gourmet Festival» Festival»that starts exactly in Russia and namely on «Drinks Industry/Russian Wine Fair». Fair»Our country has been given the opportunity to demonstrate not only wines, but its onlynational cuisine as well». well» Nariner Bagmanyan, president of the Asti Group exhibition company, chairman of the Fair organizer committee, thanked all the participants and partners, all those who help in its organization and considers Russia as a major partner for long-term and profitable cooperation. long-In addition Nariner Bagmanyan wished much success to Russianwinemakers, all those who are real patriots and climb to their success in successthe homeland. According to her words, «Asti Group» is ready to assist Group»and implement all the ambitions of Fair participants and partners. partners. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  6. 6. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  7. 7. More than 250 companies from 17 countries presentedmore than 5000 wines. This year the major part of the exposition with best Russian producers from the producers Krasnodar and Rostov regions, has been neighbor to numerous stands from the leading winemaking countries and regions (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and others), with active participation of the representatives of the new “European wave” from Central and South Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, wave” Greece, Czech Republic and others.), and CIS countries as well (Azerbaijan, Ukraine). General diagram of the exhibitors according to their activity profile: profile: Wine produsers 1% 3% 2% 2% Spirits and Non-alcohol producers 2% Equpment, package and accessories producers Importers and distributors Association/Science etc. 90% Press/Media According to geographical location: location: Russian exhibitors 45% 55% Foreign exhibitors Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  8. 8. Russia has been presented by the collective stand «Wines of Kuban – Pride of Russia» with producers of the best Russian wines and cognacs from the Krasnodar region. Those were «Avrora», «Myskhako», «Fanagoria», «Gai- Kodzor Vinogradniki», «Kuban-Vino», Russian Sparkling Wine House «Abrau Durso», «Russkiy Azov», «Kubanskiye Vina», «Gelendzhik» and other well-known wineries. well- wineries. and stands of the Rostov wineries: famous centuries-old centuries- «Tsimlyanskiye vina» celebrating its 225 anniversary, and winery from the right coast of Don river – anniversary, «Millerovskiy vinzavod» (in foreign wine society is acknowledged as «Vedernikov Winery»). Great winemaking complex «Lefkadia» demonstrated their first wines. wines.Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  9. 9. The real “guest star” has been the collective stand of star” Croatian wineries with the greatest number ofparticipating companies in their long-year history of exhibiting in foreign fairs – about 30 companies. long- Slovenia decided to demonstrate only top wines for the particular more then Russian public and those were the world-known wines with world- 30 most prestigious highest awards gained in European and USA wine competitions for the last year. Interesting and impressive collection of the South Moravian wines has been demonstrated by Czech winemakers. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  10. 10. Italy, Spain and France have been presented by regions: from Italy - regions:Veneto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Marke; Spain by –Andalusia, Aragon, Castile - La Mancha, Castilla yLeon, Catalonia; France by – Champagne, Provenceand Bordeaux. Traditionally the best of Azerbaijan winemaking companies have presented their products: Gekgel winery which production and winegrowing methods go close to German traditions, and Caspian Coast company with the most modern production, outstanding vineyards and very professional team. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  11. 11. More than 6000 experts from 26 countries have visited the exhibition. As for its qualitative structure, those werespecialists directly involved in the wine industry.During three days wholesale buyers from Russia, CIS and European countries, owners of the retails shops andrestaurants, wine critics, journalists, experts and wine lovers (as a rule, middle and high class) appraised the presented wines. wines. Diagram of the visitors profile: Importers, distributers and wholesale agents Trade chains agents 10% HoReC a representatives 3% 11% 32% 1% Equipment and package producers 1% Wine, spirits and non-alcohol producers 30% 12% Oenologist/Wine experts Specialized press/media End C onsumers Purpose of visiting: visiting: Market analysis and research, new products showcase 20% Looking for new suppliers and partners 45% Meetings with colleagues and business partners 10% Visiting master-classes, degustations and other events 23% master- Other 2% 1 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  12. 12. Importers from 22 countries (Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Spain,Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Switzerland,Sweden) studied the production of the Fair exhibitors. exhibitors. Some of them: AD Global Corporation, Bibendum Wine, Ciati them: Germany, DP.Trade, Eastern Wines & Spirits, EWGA Ltd, Fintec UK Ltd, Fort ltd, Gal-Leobud, Millennium, Morell Garsia S.L., Pieroth, Vernins Ltd., Vinoterra, Wangi Wines (Fine Wines for Chinese food), Wijnkoperij de Hermitage, Wine Trade, WineVipClub, WhiteHall, Agroseko M, Arsenal, TH Aroma, AST International Environment, Bravo-D, WineDom, VEDK, Vintaze M, Vitebskpisheprom, Grandi Vini, Luding (L-Wine), Marin Express, Mozel M, Moro, OKV, Rosagroimport, Russkaya Vinno-Vodochnaya Kompania, Rusimport, Semi Trade, Simple, UVVK, Favorit - Neva, United Distributors. Among the visitors there were category managers and heads of the alcohol departments of main trading networks, such as: Azbuka as: Vkusa, Island Market, Aromatny Mir, Auchan, Bakhetle, Viktoria, Karusel, Magnolia, Monetka, Perekrestok, Plus Discount, Chain of alcomarkets Vinberry, STK (chain of supermarkets Globus Gourmet and Zhukovka Gourmet), Elit4Market+. And retail representatives: Victoria Casal from retail representatives: TVRANDOT Gallery, Vinnaya Academia, Vinoteka Sommelier, Griko, Massandra – Legenda Krima, Kollekcia Vin and others. others. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  13. 13. This year the visitors from the HoReCa sector has been very active – more than 100 restaurants and hotels ofMoscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities from the Central Russia:. Fishka, Ginza Project Group, Korston, Rete, Salon De Gusto, Swissotel Krasniye Kholmy, Boutique Petra, Dzu-Dzu, Eurasia Holding, Le Sommelier, Tinatin, Klumba Club, АМ Company, KofeeIn, Noa, Novotel Sheremetyevo, restaurant CDL, Tsarskaya Okhota, Private breweries Tinkoff, Chechov. Some corporations and their representative offices in Moscow came to the exhibition in the interest of their own corporate events: Amtel, Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Pioneer, ROLF, RWE Russia, ASKon, Barry Collebeaut NL Russia, Vimm Bill Dann, Vympelkom, Gazprom, «Systemprom», Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia, Corporation HONCO, MGTS, Mosfilm, Ochakovo, RGMK-CR, Suzuki Motor RUS. Companies specializing in the organization of events and official gala dinners - Westpark Capital Group, Organizing Committee Sochi 2014; Special departments of following banks: Alfa Bank, Bin Bank, ING Bank banks: (EURASIA), Lesbank, MDM Bank, Monolit, Nacprombank, Probusinessbank, Rosbank, Citybank, Tavricheskiy. . Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  14. 14. The Fair has been visited by the world-known wine critics and marketing experts world-such as: outstanding French winemaker and consultant from Bordeaux, Bordeaux,Patrick Leon, famous for his author’s projects Mouton-Rothschild author’(Bordeaux), Almaviva (Chile) and Opus One (California); Federico Castellucci; directorate ofGeneral director of the L’OIV,the National Professional Cognac Bureau (BNIC): Catherine LePage, Lionel Lalagüe and Luc Lurton; Major wine expert from Luxembourg, writer and author for food and wine subjects in national newsletter The Tageblatt and Luxembourg Business, expert from prestigious international contests - Romain Batya; wine author for The Tageblatt and Luxembourg Business and on-line magazine Vinalu - Liliane Turmes; on-International expert for wines of the Central and Eastern Europe, constant Europe,author for magazines Decanter, Wine International, Harpers Wine& Spirit International and Wine Spectator - Darrel Joseph,French oenologist-consultant from the Champagne region, Jerome oenologist- region,Barret, German expert for export-import operations, Bernd Kost. export- operations, Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  15. 15. Exhibition business program: On the 17th of November, the first official working day of the Fair, the round-table discussion has been held round- in the Council of Federation organized by the Department for economic politics, enterprises and property and Department for agrarian-food politics and fish-economy complex («Legislative regulation for production and turnover of wine and balk wine»). On the 18th of November the problems and prospects of the foreign and domestic drinks market have been discussed at market the exhibition, at the Forum of Professionals. During the exhibition the first selection degustation for the wine Buyer’s Guide has been held (for the second edition, 2012). Among the jury the renowned experts and journalists were presented : presented Darrel Joseph from Great Britain, Liliane Turmes, Romain Batya from Luxemburg, Jerome Barret from France. The work for the second edition of the Buyer’s Guide has already started and is planned to be Buyer’ finished in the first half of the 2012. The Fair presented as well:: well:: professional wine master-classes; master- classes; Croatia Gourmet Festival; Italian enogastronomic festival Wine and Food. Made in Italy; Award ceremony of the Independent Wine Club Awards according to the results of 2011. 2011. The results of the XV International wines & spirits contest have been summed up by organizer: All Russian Researching Institute of Brewing, Non Alcohol and Winemaking Industry. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  16. 16. The important part of the business program were the master-classes and degustations visited by the representatives of the wine trade business, producers, restaurateurs and sommeliers. For all three days leading Russian and foreign experts: Liliane Turmes, Romain experts: Turmes, Batya, Darrel Joseph, Bernd Kost, Dmitriy Fedotov, Vladimir Tsapelik have been Batya, Fedotov, acquainting professionals with Spanish wines from Rioja and cava from Catalonia, history of winemaking in Azerbaijan, great Rieslings from Germany, unique Rieslings and Ice wines from Moravia, organic wines from Greece, wine collections from Slovenia, Croatia and other countries. countries.Outstanding French winemaker, Patrick Leon presented to the wine audience his newproject «Lefkadia wines» – Russian winery from the wines» Krasnodar region which is onlybeginning to conquer the Russian market.Much interest excited the blind degustation «Wines from the Old World and Russia. PartI. White Wines»: professional public has been presented with the premium wines in pricecategory from 700 to 1600 roubles from Russia, Italy, Austria, France, Argentina. The result wasimpressive: after winning samples from France («Reserve Speciale Vionier 2009» from«Gerard Bertran») and Argentine («Alamos Chardonnay 2008» from «CatenaZapata»), the second step of the podium was firmly taken by the Russian wines Gai-Kodzor Rusan 2010, Vedernikov Gubernatorskoye Riesling 2010 and Myskhako Grand Reserve Chardonnay 2008. All the degustations have been accompanied with the very high-quality Spanish mineral water from high- Grupo Vichy Catalan (representative office in Russia – LLC «Navae Line»). Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  17. 17. For the first time in Moscow in the framework of the exhibition the Croatia Gourmet Festival has been held. World tour ofthe Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival, the most prestigious enogastronomic event in Croatia, has started from Russia and hasbeen organized in the framework of the exhibition with support of the Embassy of Croatia in RF, Croatian Chamber of ofCommerce and National Tourist Board of Croatia in Russia. Festival has been opened by the Extraordinary andPlenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in RF, H.E. Mr Neboysha Kokharovich. H.E.It is hard to impress the Moscow public, still the Croatian project has gathered many guests who highly estimated the event and projectits warm and tasty atmosphere. For all those who had been in Croatia or still plans to visit this country, the performance of the Croatia themost famous Croatian chiefs – Deniz Zemba, Branko Ognenovich and Bilyana Milina – was the realpresent with best recipes of the continental and Adriatic sea-side cuisine. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  18. 18. Italian enogastronomic festivalWine and Food. Made in ItalyIn the framework of the exhibition the ItalianFestival of food and wines has been held aswell. On the special area exclusive newproducts have been presented to Russiancustomers. Company Wine&Food Made inItaly brought all these food and wine novelties toMoscow and organized a lot of gastronomicsets and wine degustations for a greatnumber of both professional visitors and lovers ofItalian products. products trend«In Russia there is All-European growing All-about the perception of wines as aproduct of the peasant labor and thepart of the cultural traditions. Suchexhibition as Russian Wine Fair with itsexhibitors and visitors profile completelyapproves this trend» – told the executive director of trend»the Wine & Food Made in Italy company, Mr. Mr.Giorgio Valentino. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  19. 19. The cultural program in the framework of the exhibition was rich and intriguing with the evening receptions in the best Moscow restaurants. On 17th of November in the oldest Moscow hotel «National», whose history is closely intertwined with the history of Moscow, hosted a celebration of the young Russian wine Chateau Taman. The freshness and richness of this wine has been presented in Moscow for the first time to the wine professional audience and representatives of the diplomatic corps.The enogastronomic dinner organized in honour of the youngChateau Tamagne has been visited by the winemakers fromthe Krasnodar region, Stavropol and Rostov regions;diplomats from such winemaking countries as Spain,Portugal, France, USA and South Africa; VIP guests from thewine trade companies; members of the Russian Nationaldepartment of Wine and Haute Cuisine Lovers; journalistsfrom the wine and gastronomic specialized mass media andrepresentatives of the wine associations headed by, perhaps.the most titled – general director of the InternationalOrganization of Vine and Wine, Mr Federico Castellucci. Castellucci. The evening party has been run by: Leonid Gelibterman, chairman of the National Gelibterman, Department of the International Society of Wine and Haute Cuisine Lovers (IW&FS, Cuisine London), chevalier of the French Guild of Gastronoms Chaine des Rotisseurs and Jerome Barret. Fascinating story about the historical traditions of consuming grape wines in Barret. Russia, about the most outstanding winemakers in Russian Empire, about the company- company- producer itself, has been accompanied with Mr Barret’s comments about the nuances and Barret’ characteristics of the served wines. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  20. 20. On 18th of November in the other renowned hotel «Metropol» company «Tsimlyanskiye vina» has organized«Wine Ball» in honour of its 225-year anniversary. Famous «Kazachka» and other sparkling and still wines from this Ball»oldest Russian plant shined to the accompaniment of the wide range of the fine courses. Demanding VIP guests have enjoyed rangethe unique atmosphere of the wine and winemaking celebration. During the working days of the Fair, its business and cultural program has been visited by the Embassies of Montenegro, program Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Finland, Portugal, France, Republic of Belarus and Finland, representatives of the trade departments and state marketing associations Agriculture Delegation of the European Union to ass ociations Russia (European Union), Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenian-Russian France, Slovenian- Businessmen Club. Club. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  21. 21. Media support and Fair coverage has been carried out by the 177 different mass-media from 19 countries(Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, China, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Herzegovina, Britain, Hungary, Germany, China, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Russia,Serbia, Slovenia, USA, Croatia, Ukraine and others).Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, others).Among these: TV – 1 Channel, TV Centr, «Moskovia» (3rd channel), Podmoskovie, Agro-TV, ElKaTV, Poland, NOVA TV, Business these: Channel, Centr, Moskovia» channel), Podmoskovie, Agro- TV, ElKaTV, Poland,Channel of the Croatian television, Central State Channel of the Croatian television (HRT TV), Central Chinese TV (CCTV); television,Radio – «Mayak», «City-FM»; Mayak» City- FM» Newspapers and magazines – Zhemin Zhibao, Zhibao, Moskauer Deutsche Zeeitung, Vecernji List, BBG, Zeeitung, List, DellArte Magazine, Harpers, wine & spirit magazine, Magazine, Harpers, magazine, National health magazine, Simple Wine News, THE magazine, News, DRINKS BUSINESS & THE SPIRITS BUSINESS, TimeOut, Voyager, APK Ekspert, bort magazines Vim TimeOut, Voyager, Ekspert, avia, Linia poleta and KAVKAZ AIR, Vedomosti, avia, Vedomosti, Newspaper of the Belarus Businessmen Union, Delovaya Moskva, Za rubezhom, Conde nast (GQ STYLE, AD, Moskva, rubezhom, TATLER, CONDE NAST TRAVELLER), PH Pischevaya promishlennost, promishlennost, PH Vokrug sveta, sveta, newspaper Information agencies – state Sinkhua (China), from Russia – Kommersant and Kommersant-Weekend, Kommersant- Weekend, “Interfax-AiF”, ITAR TASS, RBС; Interfax- AiF” RBС Likerovodochnoe proizvodstvo I vinodelie, Russkaya vinodelie, Internet portals – DrinkTime, WhyWhyWine, DrinkTime, WhyWhyWine, Vodka, Spirtniye napitki; Vodka, napitki;,,,, Moscow Life, Life, HoReCa, HoReCa ,, ,,,, Moskwa, News,, News,,,, THE GOURMET,, OBSERVER ON HEALTHY EATING, FOOD TRENDS AND CULINARY NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, США, США,,,,,,,,, TSIFRA,, StarHit,,, StarHit,, Enoteka. ru. Enoteka. Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011, November 17-19, Moscow
  22. 22. Next edition of the International wine exhibition «Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair» will be held in Moscow from 16 to 18 November 2012.In the framework of the participation in the exhibition, Organizer offers the partner long-termcooperation during the whole year in the field of informative and organization support of wine salons,master-classes, degustations and enogastronomic festivals.In our daily work for wine promotion and popularization of the high culture of consuming wine, we enjoy the support from highthe following partners: Administration of the Krasnodar region, Union of the Oenologists and Winemakersof Russia, Gambero Rosso (Italy), Novacert (under support of European Union, Greece), Embassy ofRepublic of Croatia in RF, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, National Tourist Board in RF, MacedonianRussian Chamber of Commerce, Vinska Druzba Slovenije (Slovenia), Embassy of Republic of Sloveniain RF, Top Food & Wine Made In Italy (Italy), Russian Union of the Tourism Industry. For any questions about the participation in the exhibition please contact: Tel.: + 7 (495) 797 6914, fax: + 7 (495) 797 6915, e-mail: