Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2009" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine


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Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2009" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine

Agricultural machinery and equipment
- tillage, sowing and harvesting machinery
- irrigation equipment
- ini machinery, tools
- equipment for processing and storage of agricultural products
- spares and components

Livestock and poultry farming
- equipment
- feed, mixed fodders
- veterinary care

Cash crops
- seed, nursery transplants
- agricultural chemistry
- greenhouses, equipment, technologies
- horticulture Bioenergetics
- biodiesel
- bioethanol
- biogas
- hard biofuel

Services for the agricultural enterprises
- banking
- leasing
- insurance
- logistic

Packing, accessories, label
Agricultural Mass-Media

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Official catalogue of the participants of "InterAgroBusiness 2009" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine

  2. 2. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION SPECIAL THANKS FROM ORGANIZERS TO Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Odessa Regional State Administration General Department of Economic Activity, European Integration of Odessa Regional State Administration Odessa Regional State Administration Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” National Agrarian |Chamber of Ukraine “AgroPerspectiva” Magazine’s edition ТV/C “Glas” 56 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  3. 3. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Dear participants and guests of the exhibition! I’m glad to greet you with the opening of the I International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusines”! Exhibition is the important instrument in branch development for the opportunity to find new markets, new partners, learn about new technologies of growing and keeping the harvest, get acquainted with the products of domestic and foreign enterprises of agrarian sector, their technologies and equipment, share the experience is given there. Without a doubt the Southern region of Ukraine has a great potential not only in improvement of agrarian sector, and also in economical development of the country as a whole. That’s why I consider providing of such a level event in Odessa region as an expedient and actual thing because the region plays important part in the development of Ukrainian agriculture. This action will become the new powerful stimulus in branch development, improvement and increase of agricultural production, building of Ukrainian village and promotion of domestic products on food markets of the world. Sincerely wish to all participants, guests, organizers and visitors of the exhibition a fruitful business communication, mutually beneficial contacts and new professional achievements on the way of economical potential strengthening of Ukraine! Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Nikolay Serdyuk 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 57
  4. 4. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! On behalf of Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” I’m glad to greet participants and guests of the I International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”. Agricultural market of our country during the last few years increases and develops, that’s why more and more companies are interested in promotion of their production. But it is impossible to provide advertizing policy of the company without participation in specialized exhibitions. Exactly exhibition is that marketing instrument which is going to help not only to present the products among the target auditorium but also to study competitive ambience, to estimate its competitiveness and to improve its positions on Ukrainian market. I’m sure that “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition will promote effective cooperation of agricultural enterprises for the reason of further development of Ukrainian agricultural market. I wish you fruitful work, useful meetings, successful projects, and strong health! President of “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club“ Dr. Alex Lissitsa 58 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  5. 5. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Dear Colleagues! On behalf of Federation of organic movement of Ukraine I’m grad to greet the participants and guests with the beginning of I International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”! Nowadays when a greater part of people start to realize the necessity of surrounding ambiences renovation, there appear producers of agricultural production who show the preference to organic methods of producing using both the best domestic and foreign scientific potential and practical experience. We are sure that entering the achievements of domestic and foreign companies, possess modern mechanics and newest technologies which will be represented on the exhibition, will promote the development of organic movement and economical strengthening of the agricultural complex of Ukraine as a whole, and the experience of leading companies-producers, beginning of partner’s relations and the possibility of perspective contracts conclusion make “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition an important event for agrarians of our country. That’s why I wish success, inspiration and fruitful work to all the participants and guests! Head of rule of the Federation of organic movement of Ukraine Evgeniy Milovanov 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 59
  6. 6. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I am glad to greet you with the beginning of the I International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”. Participation in the exhibition is great possibility for domestic agrarians to get additional experience and get acquainted with new technologies, to find partners for cooperation, to get new opportunities for production and entrance of Ukrainian products on world markets. We are sure that “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition will become the universal place for communication and providing business negotiations between the specialists of agroindustrial complex, heads of companies, representatives of corresponding associations and organs of state authorities, and also the exhibition will assist the formation and development of agrarian market of our company. We wish all of you a fruitful work, interesting meetings and successful realization of intended plans! With best regards, group of exhibition company “Expo-Yug-Service” 60 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  7. 7. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Exhibition and tourist company “Expo-Yug-Service” exists since 1997. More than 100 successful exhibitions in different economical branches and humanitarian spheres were held for the 12 years. Exhibition - it is most of all creation! It is a collection of high technologies, innovation proposals. It is a vision of the present and forecast of the future. The main part of our company’s exhibitions have become stable exhibition projects, saturated with different specialized events. The Company’s exhibition projects are the following: Wine and Winemaking Exhibition, High Degree Exhibition, International Assembly of Tourist Business, Technologies of Beauty - XXI Century Exhibition, STYLE&BEAUTY, Green Wave Exhibition, Festival of Hairdressers’ Art «ColorTime”, Days of Cosmetology, Presents’ Gallery, The International Professional Conference “Marketing strategies in promotion of alcohol products”. The principles of the company are the following - assignment of various quality services, creative approach and innovative decisions, honest competition! Since 1998 the department of internal and external tourism had been organized in the company. The department’s activity is organization of trips for the international specialized exhibitions to Europe and Asia, receiving and hotel accommodation in Odessa, rest and recreation in Ukraine and abroad. EYS Company is an exclusive representative of Vinomania Magazine (Moscow) and Enotheka Magazine (Moscow) in Ukraine for advertising service, its popularization and subscription. EYS Company provides the following various advertising and PR services: » Advertising elaboration and realization of the customer’s order; » Advertising activity projecting the costumer’s image positively; » Presentations and corporative festivals; » Promo-action elaboration and realization; » Design and printing of advertising profiles and flyers; » Copyright service. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 61
  8. 8. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION TOURIST DEPARTMENT OF EXPO-YUG-SERVICE COMPANY OFFERS: WINE TOURS: UKRAINE - ODESSA AND ODESSA REGION » The institute of winemaking and wine-growing of Tairov » Odessa brandy factory “Shustov” » Odessa factory of Champagne wines » Winemaking factory in Shabo THE CRIMEA » Massandra, Magarach, Golitsynskie wines FRANCE » Burgundy-Alsace-Champagne-Bordeaux SOUTH-AFRICAN REPUBLIC » Group and individual tours WE OFFER IN ODESSA: » Hotels booking in Odessa » Tours for pupils and students » Rest and treatment in Odessa and Odessa Region resorts » Group and individual tours » Visa support for foreign tourists in consular points of Odessa at sea terminal and Odessa airport » Transport service » Conferences and seminars WE OFFER IN UKRAINE: » CRIMEA – rest and health improvement, fam tours to palaces, cathedrals and historical places of Crimea » TOURS TO THE CITIES AND TOWNS OF UKRAINE: Kiev, Lvov, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Ivano-Frankovsk, Uzhgorod, Chernovtsy. » Green and rural tourism 62 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  9. 9. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION REST ON SEA AND OCEAN: » Turkey » UАE » Egypt » Exotic countries » Tunis » The Caribbean Islands » Latin America countries EXCURSION ROUTS: » France » Switzerland » Italy » Greece » Spain » Czech Republic » Austria » Hungary » England » Russia MOUNTAIN-SKIING RESORTS: » Poland » Romania » Austrian and French Alps » Slovakia » Turkey » The Carpathians CRUISES: » River (the Danube, the Dnieper) » Sea WE ARRANGE BUSINESS TRIPS TO THE INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITIONS (EUROPE, ASIA) – ALL INCLUSIVE “Expo-Yug-Service” Tourist Department Office 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 48 728 95 88 e-mail: State Tourist Administration of Ukraine Certificate № 322393 dated 26.07.2002 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 63
  11. 11. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AT SUPPORT OF: » Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine » Odessa Regional State Administration » National Agrarian Chamber of Ukraine » Federation of organic movement of Ukraine ORGANIZER: “Expo-Yug-Service” PE Office 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (048) 728-60-68, 777- 60-68 e-mail: BUSINESS-PARTNER: “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” Office 506, 4/10 Tbilissky lane, Kiev, 03055, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 238-05-40 e-mail: MEDIA-PATRONAGE: “AgroPerspektiva” Magazine P.O. box 90, Kiev, 03191, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 486-81-19, 220-24-44 fax: +38 (044) 220-24-50 e-mail: HOTEL ACCOMMODATION: Tourist department of “Expo-Yug-Service” Company Office 83, 3 Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 728-95-88 fax: +38 (048) 728-60-68 e-mail: MEDIA-PARTNER: “GLAS“ TV company 83 Kanatnaya str, Odessa, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 714-85-62 e-mail: 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 65
  12. 12. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION EVENTS’ PROGRAM OF THE I INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITION “INTERAGROBUSINESS” OCTOBER 15, 2009, THURSDAY 10:00 Beginning of the 1st working day of the I International specialized exhibition “InterAgroBusiness”. 12:00 Solemn opening. 13:00-16:00 Seminar “Organic production as an alternative way of AIC of Ukraine exit out of the economic crisis”. Organizer – Federation of organic movement of Ukraine. 18:00 Ending of the 2nd working day of “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition. OCTOBER 16, 2009, FRIDAY 10:00 Beginning of the 2nd working day of “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition. 10:00-14:00 Conference “Agriculture in Southern Ukraine: Time for Investments”. Organizers – Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club”, Project “German-Ukrainian Policy Dialogue in Agriculture” in cooperation with the Institute of economic researches and political consultations, Regional Fund of investments assistance. 18:00 Ending of the 2nd working day of “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition. OCTOBER 17, 2009, SATURDAY 10:00 Beginning of the 3d working day of “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition. 18:00 Ending of “InterAgroBusiness” exhibition. 66 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  13. 13. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION SPECIAL EVENTS OF THE EXHIBITION CONFERENCE “AGRICULTURE IN SOUTHERN UKRAINE: TIME FOR INVESTMENTS” Organizers: » Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” » German-Ukrainian Policy Dialogue in Agriculture » Regional Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship in the Odessa Region » Exhibition Company “Expo Yug Service” Support: » Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine » German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection » Odessa Regional State Administration Informational partner: Agrarniy Tyzhden.UA PROGRAMM: 9:30-10:00 Registration of participants. 10:00-10:10 Introduction Dr. Alex Lissitsa. President of „Ukrainian Agribusiness Club“. 10:10-10:20 Welcoming Remarks. Yuriy Melnik. Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine (tbc). 10:20-10:30 Welcoming Remarks. Mykola Serdyuk. Head of Regional Administration of Odessa (tbc). 10:30-10:40 Welcoming Remarks. Dr. Volker Sasse. Counsellor for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection at the Embassy of the German Federal Republic in Ukraine. 10:40-10:50 Odessa – Location for Investments. Alexey Sorokovskiy. General Director of Regional Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship in the Odessa Region. 10:50-11:00 Innovative approach of production of winter crops in Southern 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 67
  14. 14. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Ukraine. Mykola Tsandur. Director of the Odessa Institute for agricultural production of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences. 11:00-11:20 Investments in Southern Ukraine: Fruits, Vegetables and Potatoes. Natalia Pogozheva. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ducatt. 11:20-11:40 Production and Processing of Tomatoes in Southern Ukraine. Sergiy Sypko. President, AGROFUSION Holding. 11:40-12:00 Importing to EU markets: Quality, Supply Chains, and Trade Issues. Stephan Lange. German Fruit Trade Association (DFVH). 12:00-12:30 Coffee-break. 12:30-14:00 Discussion. 68 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  15. 15. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION SEMINAR “ORGANIC PRODUCTION AS AN ALTERNATIVE WAY OF AIC OF UKRAINE EXIT OUT OF THE ECONOMIC CRISIS” Organizer: Federation of organic movement of Ukraine 12:30-13:00 Registration of participants. 13:00-13:20 Organic agriculture: history and features. Announcer: Konyashin Andrey, executive director of the Federation of organic movement of Ukraine. 13:20-13:40 Conditions and perspectives of the organic products market in the world and in Ukraine. Announcer: Milovanov Evgeniy, the Head of the Federation of organic movement of Ukraine. 13:40-14:00 Requirements to organic manufacture and certification. Announcer: Galashevsky Sergey, director of “Organic Standart” LTD. Oksana Gladchenko. 14:00-14:20 Coffee-break. 14:20-14:40 Use of biological protection frames of plants in organic economies. Announcer: Muratov Yury, director of “Centre Biotechnika” LTD. 14:40-15:00 Certificated fertilizers «Gumisol», in guarantee of successful organic production. Announcer: Zdor Genadiy, director «Agrofirma «Germes» LTD. 15:00-15:20 Prospects of organic viticulture in Ukraine. Announcer: Petrov Valeriy, President of All Ukrainian Association of winemaking and gardening producers. 15:20-15:40 Moldavian experience in improvement and development of organic production. Announcer: Senik Yuriy, Head of the Department of organic husbandry and protection of plants of the Ministry of agriculture in Moldova. 15:40-16:00 Questions and answers. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 69
  17. 17. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AEROMEH LTD SPC » Execution of stock exchange 118, Madridskaya Str., contracts. Lugansk, 91028, Ukraine » Appraisal of movable and immovable ph/fax: +38 (0642) 34-17-56, 34-17-53 property. cell: +38 (050) 348-92-53/71 » Information on the weighted average e-mail: stock prices of agricultural products and products of its processing. » Price information to provide the court On the basis of scientific and production and state tax authorities. firm “Aeromeh” it has been developed » Information directory “Agro Yug”. without grating, multipurpose » Arbitration court: resolving civil and separator SAD. For the first time commercial disputes. precision calibration by relative weight » Supply and demand market research. is used. It allows to allocate biologically valuable seeds generated in the middle Information Agency “TEK inform” part of an ear and to receive an increase in structure Commodity Exchange of a crop up to 35%. Now 12 models “Agrarian Exchange” was created in with different productivity (from 4 till January, 2007. 150 tn/h ) are produced by the firm Activity of Information Agency “TEK “Aeromeh”. For working on separators inform” aims to collect and disseminate SAD there is no restrictions by cultures, target information on advanced contamination and humidity of an information technology, events initial material. that occur in agriculture, economy, science and technology, development international contacts, witch contribute to attracting investment resources, studying the experience of news AGRARIAN EXCHANGE agencies in Ukraine and abroad. COMMODITY EXCHANGE Information Agency “TEK inform” 37, Dzerginskogo Str., in structure Commodity Exchange Kherson, 73010, Ukraine “Agrarian Exchange” annually ph: +38 (0552) 32-57-11, 32-51-57, manufactures the directory “Agro 32-53-60, 32-53-61, 32-53-65 fax: +38 (0552) 32-57-11 Yug”, which represent current farms e-mail:, regions of Ukraine. This directory is designed for executive, htpp:// business managers and just people who works in agriculture. Our services: » Active auctions constantly. » Organization and realization of land property. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 71
  18. 18. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION АGRARIKА LTD CONSULTING AGRO-RITM SIE LTD COMPANY FOR AGRICULTURAL 27 Lenina Str., Lyubashevka, MARKET 66521, Ukraine P.B. 90, Kiev, 03191, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (04864) 3-22-80, ph: +38 (044) 486-81-19, 220-24-50 3-48-20, 3-48-21 fax: +38 (044) 220-24-50 е-mail: e-mail: SIE «Agro-rhythms» is 10 years in the market of seeds. The company The project «AGRO PERSPECTIVE» successfully co-operates both with is the leading Ukrainian consulting world brands in the field of seed- information analytic centre. We growing of EVRALIS Semans. – France, conduct market studies, analytics, and plant growing and vegetable growing information services. In brief about the institute “New Garden” (Serbia), project “AGRO PERSPECTIVE” firm “OSEVA Eximpo Prague с.р.о.” These publications are the unique (Czech Republic), Selection institute sources of information and analytics for «Fundulya» (Romania), and with executives: heads of companies, traders, domestic selection-genetic institutes. CEO of investment companies and The basic volume of output of seeds banks that are involved in agriculture is occupied with crops of grades and and food processing in Ukraine. hybrids of the Odessa selection-genetic The magazine AGRO PERSPECTIVE - institute. Successfully we work with the agricultural business and for agricultural Kharkov Institute of plant growing by business. Jurev V.J. of UAAS, the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of grain husbandry of UAAS, Subscription index per year - 91879. Mironovsky Institute of wheat by Subscription index per month - 22951. Remesla V.M of UAAS, Institute of The package „AGRO PERSPECTIVE agriculture of UAAS. Plus” = monthly magazine+weekly At the enterprise shops on completions newspaper+price bulletin. of seeds where the German and Subscription index in catalogue - domestic equipment on clearing of 01251. seeds is presented work. AGRO PERSPECTIVE - FROM THE Nominative committee of European VERY BEGINNING OF ITS BUSINESS Assembly Business (Oxford, England) ACTIVITY! has highly appreciated activity of our enterprise and has presented “Agro- Ritm” SIE LTD to rewarding it by the International award «European quality». Only the companies which production 72 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  19. 19. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION answers high indicators of quality and AGROEXPERT MAGAZINE competitiveness are rewarded with this Office 300, 11-A M.Raskovoii Str., Kiev, prestigious award. 02660, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 362-02-94, 362-65-69 fax: 8 (044) 583-06-59. e-mail: AGROBUSINESS-UKRAINA MAGAZINE AGROEXPERT – is a monthly theoretical 88, Kiev, 02097, Ukraine and practical issue, in which the ph: +38 (044) 592-81-07 experience of agrarians of Ukraine and fax: +38 (044) 947-65-64 Europe was combined for the first of cell:+38 (050) 381-94-58 time. e-mail: On the magazine's pages the scientists and patricians give advices in different branches of agricultural industry. Magazine «Agrobusiness-Ukraina» is Regular items are: the specialized info-advertising edition directed on presentation of high » crop production technologies, promotion of advanced » machinery domestic and foreign agrarian » swine rearing technique on the Ukrainian market. » cattle » legal aspects Circulation of magazine is 14000 » ecology copies. » experience abroad » market review. The magazine is free-of-charge It is nice to read in one's spare time such delivered to all heads of the items as: Home. Family. Health. agricultural enterprises of Ukraine The readers of the edition are managers (more than 12000 collective farms of agricultural enterprises, zootechnics, and the enterprises created on their agronomists, engineers, farmers, base), to farmers, manufacturers and students, lecturers of agriculture suppliers of agricultural machinery, universities. regional managers of an agriculture, establishments of education and a science of agroindustrial branch. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 73
  20. 20. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AGRONOM MAGAZINE, The highest rating among experts of AGROMEDIA LTD agricultural branch the Dnepropetrovsk, P.O. Box 60, 03127 Kyiv, Ukraine Zaporozhye, Kharkiv and Kherson off. 5, Kyiv, Institute of gardening areas. of UAAS, Novosilky Total circulation: 15000 copies. ph/fax: +38 (044) 526-36-92 cell: +38 (050) 334-42-16 e-mail: AGROSECTOR MAGAZINE The main objective of the edition is to make all those interested in agronomy Ukraine, 03127, Kyiv, p.o.b. 144 ph: +38 (044) 493-74 44 discover up-to-date achievements ph/fax: +38 (044) 528-70-24, 527-88-35 in agriculture, plant cultivation, e-mail: agricultural chemistry, selection, seed- growing, plant protection, agricultural subscript index of the magazine: 90139 machinery and production. The edition is delivered free of charge “Agrosector” – the project of to all big farms of any form of the informational supply in the Ukrainian ownership. agriculture. It has two directions: a specialized WEB-site www.agrosector. and a printed edition – the magazine of modern agriculture “Agrosector”. AGROPARTNER PUBLISHING HOUSE At the site P.O. Box 34, Kherson, 73027, Ukraine you will find: the latest agricultural ph: +38 (0552) 31-96-24 news, analytics of main agri markets, fax: +38 (0552) 31-94-79 data bank of agricultural enterprises, e-mail: new business propositions, directory of web sites and many other things. “Agrosector” magazine (subscript index Newspaper “AgroPartner. Ukraine” 90139) is an illustrated informational is independent informational monthly. Besides constant rubrics it and analytical weekly newspaper has a set of articles dedicated to a of agrarians of Dnepropetrovsk, special topic, which gives complex Zaporozhye, Kharkiv and Kherson and objective information about an areas. important and actual problem. The on- Unique system of distribution. A free- line version of the magazine is placed at of-charge editorial subscription for heads of all agricultural enterprises and farmers of areas. 74 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  21. 21. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AGROSNAB CHERNOZEMYA- agribusiness of our country. The aim of INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL the edition is the economical profit of NEWSPAPER every agriculturally oriented enterprise ph: +38 (0542) 78-84-11, 77-03-22 of Ukraine. Rubrications of “AgroVECTOR”: » news of AIC; “Agrosnab Chernozemya”- » agricultural cars, tools and international agricultural newspaper. equipment; We distribute all the print-run among the » seeding; farmers; collective-farms; commercial » agrochemistry; agro-firms; factories, producing agro » poultry and farming; machines; other agroenterprises by » zootechnical equipment; DIRECT MAIL. The directors of these » feed and mixed folders. enterprises get our newspaper FREE of Reader's audience: heads of agricultural CHARGE. enterprises, farms and organizations Three issues of “Agrosnab in agrarian and industrial complex Chernozemya”: Ukraine-Moldova, system. Russia-Byelorussia, Kazakhstan- Distribution: Uzbekistan. » free address delivery; The distribution by direct mail - is the » an advance payment through edition, guarantee that your advertisement will «Ukrpochta», regional services of an be got by your potential buyers and advance payment; partners. » through regional agromanagements and associations of farmers; » at exhibitions, conferences and «Days of field». The newspaper «AgroVECTOR» leaves AGROVECTOR INFORMATIONAL- in Russian and Ukrainian 2 times a ADVERTIZING EDITION month in circulation of 26 000 copies. 18 Novozavodskaya Str., Extends free address delivery on Dnepropetrovsk, 49051, Ukraine agricultural productions, managements ph/fax: +38 (0562) 34-76-91 of agroindustrial development of all cell: + 38 (063) 410-27-05, areas, farms of all regions of Ukraine. +38 (066) 795-62-73 e-mail: Agrovector Professional newspaper for Ukrainian agrarian! “AgroVECTOR” is the directed vector of strategy development of the whole 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 75
  22. 22. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AGROVET ATLANTIK LTD ALL FOR GRAIN MECHANICS Office 304, 10/14, build. A, 16 Khersonskaya Str., Radischeva Str., 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine Kherson, 73035, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 209-85-83 ph/fax: +38 (0552) 32-37-55 ph/fax: +38 (044) 492-87-78 e-mail: e-mail: Contact persons: Anna: +38 (050) 106-36-86 Elena: +38 (066) 034-51-17 Commercial-manufacturing company “Agrovet Atlantik” elaborates and Realization of grain defogger implements complex solutions as mechanics: OBC-25, МС-4,5, Petcus-531, per feeding, keeping, veterinary and BCS-25/50, ZVS-20А, CVT-40, CVU-60, animal genetics for milk and meat cattle MPO-50. breeding, pig breeding and poultry Realization of grain loading mechanics: farming with applying of progressive, ZM-60, ZM-60А, ZM-90, KSP-6, Noria modern technologies. (different capacity). Principal producing program of the Realization of feed grinders: KDU-2, company is fabrication of premixes, DZM-0,8, DDM-5. prestarter complete feeds, vitamin- Realization of moister meters: Wile 55, mineral mixtures (VMS), protein- Wile 65. vitamin-mineral supplements (PVMS) and full milk replacer (FMR) for all types Realization of spares: sieves (for all types of agricultural animals and poultries, of grain defogger mechanics), asterisks, trade mark’s ZDOROVA. And since redactors, crawlers, transporters, 2009 company “Agrovet Atlantik” has transporters tape, brushes, ventilators, started importation of high qualitative engines, belts, chains. feeds and feed supplements of leading Reconstruction of existing complexes producer Nutristar International under with the change of the equipment. TM FeedLance. Repair and recovering of the equipment In the foundation of its activity “Agrovet installed on ZAV. Atlantik” LTD is based on complex The fabrication of noria of different applying of advanced technologies capacity. of feed producing and qualified consultations on questions of feeding and keeping of agricultural animals and poultries, counting of feed rations and composing of individual feeding programs for increasing of farming profitability. 76 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  23. 23. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ARTSIZSKAYA RGA (manufacture of precast concrete 46 Ordzhonikidze Str., Artsiz, Artsizsky and commodity concrete), “АМК” region, 68400, Ukraine Company (meat and meat products), ph.: +38 (245) 3-11-41 JSC «Glavanstroimateriali» (stone e-mail: extraction), OS “Alijagsky XPP” (storage and grain processing), FC «Kutsarev Artsizsky region takes a special place F. S.» (bread, bakery and pasta). In on a geographical arrangement among 2008 the first part of a granary on southern regions of the Odessa region. 100 thousand tons of «Agroprime» It is the centre of its southern part – company is placed in operation. Bessarabia, located in a south-west part The Artsizsky region with its powerful of the Odessa region, on distance of industrial and agricultural potential, 140 km from region centre and borders labor resources, considerable in the north and the north-west with possibilities of use of the former military Tarutinsky, on the east with Saratsky, airdrome, a favorable geographical in the south-east with Tatarbunarsky, position should become the centre of in the south with Kilijsky, in the south- economic development in a southern west with Izmailsky and Bolgradsky part of the Odessa region. regions. The area territory makes 137,9 thousand in hectare, including: agricultural area – BEL-PROTECTION LTD 121,9 thousand in hectare, from them fields – 99,2 thousand in hectare; long- 375, Lenina Str., Novy Petrivtsy, term plantings – 5906 hectares, сено- Vyshegorod r-n, Kyivskaya obl., жати – 1294 hectares, pastures – 15472 07354, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 592-7400, 592-7300 hectares, woods and other wood earths fax: +38 (044) 223-77-00 – 6259 hectares, lakes and water basins e-mail: – 847 hectares. Tere are 27 settlements in the region, which are united in 18 territorial, “BEL-PROTECTION” is an official dealer from which 1 is the city (Artsyz), 17 in Ukraine of French firm SACLA. This is rural ones. The population makes 46,8 one of the leaders of European market thousand people (in rural districts of professional safety enterprise. We – 31,6 thousand people, in the city – are dealing with all kind of industrial 15,2 thousand people) and are differ safety stuff, such as airways protection, in multinational structure (Ukrainians eyes and ears protection, work clothes, – 27,4%, Bulgarians – 39%, Russians – gloves and safety shoes. 22,2%, Moldavians – 6,3% and 55 more All products are certificated in Ukraine. nations and nationalities – 5,1%). We are able to give all information The basic industrial enterprises of about our production, advertisement area are OS “Artsizky factory ZBV” stuff, to share our huge experience. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 77
  24. 24. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CAPITAL AGRO NATION-WIDE COMPAS PUDLISHING HOUSE INFORMATION-ADVERTISING p/b 50, Kherson, 73008, Ukraine NEWSPAPER FOR WORKERS OF AIC ph/fax: +38 (0552) 32-50-07 Office 714, BC “Cosmos-Plaza”, ph: +38 (0552) 32-57-01 Nikolaev, 54028, Ukraine e-mail: ph/fax: +38 (0512) 76-79-01 cell:+38 (067)515-38-41 e-mail: “Leader of Ukraine” is the republican for letters: information-advertising magazine. P.O. box 286, Nikolaev, 54028, Ukraine It enlightens problems of industry, agriculture and trade in Ukraine. It’s a Periodicity: 2 times a month. subscription publishing. It’s offered for Subscription index: 37698 heads and managers of enterprises, Format - А3, block advertising (colour, firms and organizations. The publishing black-and-white). is spread in 24 regions of Ukraine and Republic of Crimea. Edition language is mixed (Ukrainian and Russian). Editing practices systematic business trips of managers to the regions, takes The maintenance: part in leading exhibitions for vis- - » Modern technologies of cultivation vis work with clients. A great deal of and ways of protection of plants; Ukrainian advertising agencies are » Mineral fertilizers, mixed fodders; attached in spreading of the magazine. » Information articles from Institutes “Business Agrocompas” magazine is the and the companies of leaders of information-advertising magazine of domestic agrarian and industrial the South region, in which facilities and complex; farmers of the South of Ukraine provide » Purchase and sale. constant advertising campaign, both as » Seeds, technics, spare parts, the firms, companies and enterprises that agricultural equipment; work in agrarian direction. » Processing and storage of agricultural production, etc. Systematization of advertisement Reader's audience: according to the territorial (region) sign. » Heads of the agricultural enterprises, farms, manufacturers of agricultural Almost all the agrarian workmen are technics, factories, institutes, farmers’ engulfed by subscription. Regional associations, etc. representative of the edition works in every region. 78 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  25. 25. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION DIZAYN GROUP A.S. patented muffing technique which DIZAYN TEKNIK PLASTIK BORU VE ensures the bell and pipe to be ELEMANLARI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. manufactured as single part. Dizayn Namik Kemal Mah, Inonu Cad, No: 6, sprinkler system is a mobile system 34522 Kirac-Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, and it is very easy to remove by means Turkey of its clip mechanism. PE100 Dizayn ph: + 90 (212) 886-57-41 clip pipes are new to the irrigation fax: +90 (212) 886-71-34 market and it is superior compared to e-mail:, commonly used Pvc and Aluminium pipes by all means. » Dizayn Drip Irrigation System: Drip irrigation pipes are made of 100% DIZAYN Group, a major actor virgin LDPE raw material. Drippers manufacturing and exporting plastic are inserted into the pipe at the pipes and fittings. process of manufacturing which are DIZAYN is distinguished by an unique specially designed for anti-clogging product range (23 application systems and perfect water control structure. and more than 4000 products), by quality Ensures saving on water. Picking up, and standards conformity certifications, storing and re-installation is very by research and development (patented easy. technologies, production procedure innovations, and worldwide unique products), and by numerous local and world records and awards testified by prestigious authorities. EKSKLYUZIVNYE TEHNOLOGII MAGAZINE We export our products to more than 80 countries. The number of Off. 416, 132-a 40 let Oktyabrya Str., patents that the company owns is 85. Kherson, 73005, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (0552) 35-41-90 We manufacture polyethylene and cell: +38 (050) 130-43-35, polypropylene pipes of diameters 12 +38 (097) 325-30-82 mm to 3600 mm, along with all types of e-mail:, fittings and accessories. We manufacture two kinds of agricultural irrigation systems: » Dizayn Sprinkler Irrigation Systems: Illumination of the most modern Sprinkler irrigation pipes we innovative achievements in science manufacture are made of PE100 and manufacture at the energy- and raw material of polyethylene. This resource- saving markets that are characteristic allows manufacturing assisting high-tech development of them with a finer wall thickness agriculture of Ukraine and saving of compared to others. It has a special ecology and health of nation. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 79
  26. 26. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION “Realnyj partner” – is an unique base ENVITEC BIOGAS AG of operating agricultural enterprises of 2 Boschstrabe, 48369, Saerbeck Ukraine. Аuthenticity of information is ph: +49 (0) 25-74-88-88-711 maintained via continuous update. fax: +49 (0) 25-74-88-88-800 Vorstandsvorsitzender: Olaf von Lehmden EnviTec Biogas AG VL in Ukraine ELEVATOR EQUIPMENT PLANT LTD PSF 91, Kiev, 04212, Ukraine 76 Baltskaya Doroga Str., ph: +38 (044) 227-36-50 Odessa, 65096, Ukraine cell: +38 (050) 334 83 15 ph: +38 (048) 717-44-93 e-mail: fax: +38 (048) 716-11-76 Yuri Tsaplin We fulfill maintenance of this enterprise German company “ENVITEC BIOGAS” AG produces and establishes “turn-key” » Designing, production, assembly, biogas installations of the fallowing setting-up, maintenance, destination: modernization and automation of grain storing and grain processing 1. Biogas installation for reception of enterprises. electric and heat energy, as well as » Designing, production of different high-quality biologically clean fertilizers transport equipment (bucket chains, after the process of conversion of augers, conveyor belt, gravity biological departure. The power of the transport), of automobile and railway installation: 350 кWt/hour and more. scales, automobile unloader up to 80 2. Biogas installation for reception of tons, grain dryers ДСП-32. gas, cleaned for the condition of natural » Aspiration, ventilation and pipelines gas and also high quality biologically designing, production, assembly and cleaned fertilizers after the process of maintenance. conversion of biological departure. Gas, » Modernization, change of old that is received is possible for burning, equipment (trade-in). giving to the gas network etc. » Designing, production, assembly of As component of the raw materials modular, frame grain storehouses base is used any biological product: as well as assembly cover for farmers (“LEGO” principle). » organic fertilizers (manure, litter); » Production of fabricated metals of » waste of agricultural production any level of complexity. (straw, corn silage, beet and potato » Sale of imported equipment (grain vegetable tops, leaves etc.); dryers, silo, mini provender milling » agricultural waste (vegetable butters, plant). glycerin, apple and corn bard, bard at production of the alcohol and bio 80 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  27. 27. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ethanol, dairy whey, green mass, we open own shops of retail trade. peelings of vegetables and fruit etc.); Dear consumers!!! » waste from slaughter of the live-stock You are welcomed by the “From a (fat, guts, bones, remainders); grandmother's bed” TM. » public bio waste. German company EnviTec Biogas AG We make about 40 names: tomato offers mutually beneficial cooperation. paste, a green peas, joint caviar, tinned We are always to your service! cucumbers and tomatoes, natural juice and many other things. All is is Respectfully yours, company ENVITEC made only of the natural raw materials BIOGAS AG which have been grown up under the southern warm sun on own fertile fields of Odeshchina. All production of ТМ “From a EUREKA LTD AGROCOMPANY grandmother's bed” is packaged in the most harmless glass container «Twist- 27 Komarova Str., Molodezhnoye, off» type and traditional glass bank for Ovidiopolsky area, Odessa region, preservation of the greatest biological 67840, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (0482) 30-27-81 value. Glass bank keeps all vitamins cell: +38 (050) 416 63 39 and minerals of fresh vegetables and e-mail: their natural energy. Therefore our production gives to consumers health and pleasure all year long. Summer - all «Eureka» Agrofirm is in the market year long!!! Here is our motto! since 1988. The company grows up Our production is made under house vegetables on the fields and is engaged recipes, has magnificent flavoring in their processing. Company «Eureka» qualities, does not contain some lets out the production under the preservatives and artificial additives. trade mark “From a grandmother's The import equipment, the newest bed”. Besides fresh vegetables are packing machines give the chance to presented in wide assortment: green offer the consumer market vegetable peas, a tomato paste, tinned tomatoes, canned food and natural quality juice cucumbers, a string bean, juice, jams on real, to reasonable prices. and many other things. All production is issued under the “From a grandmother's bed” ТМ registered trade mark «From a production answers high quality of grandmother's bed», is certificated in manufacture and magnificent flavoring system UkrSEPRO, differs high quality indicators. and meets the requirements of the The care of satisfaction of our consumers most exacting buyers as Ukraine, and is an overall objective of our activity. far abroad. We in practice lead up that To be more close to the consumer we the useful can be tasty. develop the distributors’ network and 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 81
  28. 28. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION EVDEMON LTD Constant consultations and trainings Office 64, 55 Bocharova Str., of leading experts of Europe, Ukraine, Odessa, 65025, Ukraine Russia raise a skill level of employees ph/fax:+38 (0482) 54-31-95 of the company and give possibility cell: +38 (067) 484-64-55, to correct a technique of application +38 (067) 716-37-17 washing probiotics individually for each e-mail: client. «Evdemon» Company is the frequent participant of the international Company «Evdemon» works in the conferences, seminars and exhibitions. field of animal industries, poultry The motto of our company: «Live farming, with the food-processing in harmony with the Nature!» That industry enterprises. «Evdemon» LTD completely corresponds to «Evdemon» is the official exclusive representative company’s activity, level and quality of in Ukraine of such company as production offered by us in the market “Delta Physio Systems International” of Ukraine. (Netherlands) - the manufacturer You can get the detailed information of washing probiotics under the 3Р on production of ORGANICS TM on ORGANICS TM. the site:, or by Washing probiotic is the unique phones: +38 (0482) 54-31-95, +38 (067) product which has been created thanks 484-64-55. to innovative technologies. For the first time in world practice by scientist it was possible to unite ecologically safe washing components and complex useful probiotic microorganisms- FEDERATION OF ORGANIC cleaners in a uniform product. Washing- MOVEMENT IN UKRAINE up liquids of trade mark ORGANICS is a constructive decision of a problem Office 412, 12 Gospitalna Str., Kiev, 01001, Ukraine of resistance and complete control ph/fax: +38 (044) 234-00-54 realization over infections at industrial e-mail: cultivation of a bird, in animal industries, in the food-processing industry, in the field of medicine, cleaning, and also in Problems of ecology and natural a life. aspiration of consumers to use as much High-skilled experts of «Evdemon» as possible pure, safe for own health company together with leading and environment production annually institutes of veterinary medicine have become more actual, acknowledgement developed methodical instructions of that is development of organic agro on introduction washing probiotics in manufacture in the world. animal industries and poultry farming Federation of organic movement of sphere in Ukraine. 82 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  29. 29. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Ukraine sets as the purpose association FUCHS MASTYLA UKRAINA of efforts of economy, scientific and UKRAINIAN-GERMAN JV the educational institutions interested 60 Promyslova Str., Lviv, 79024, Ukraine in manufacture and distribution ph: +38 (032) 294-89-03 of healthy, safe production for the fax: +38 (032) 294-89-00 consumer by which manufacture e-mail: adhere to a solicitous attitude to the earth, people, the nature as a whole. Federation faces such tasks: Engine, gear, hydraulic oils, greases » contribution to preservation and and other special lubricants produced environment updating; by FUCHS Company, Germany, for » information and propagation agricultural and construction machinery. distribution of advantages of Approved by John Deere, CLAAS, Case, organic biodynamic manufacture, Massey Fergusson, Holmer, Fendt etc. explanation to manufacturers and consumers features of the specified directions; » contribution to working out to standard documents in the field of GERMAN AGRARIAN CENTRE organic manufacture, in edition of IN UKRAINE – DAZ scientifically-methodical literature, (DEUTSCHES AGRARZENTRUM) textbooks, grants, periodicals, 9A Ukrainska Str., Potash, Mankivskiy including monthly information region, Cherkasska Oblast, 20109, Ukraina bulletins of Federation and magazines ph: +38 (04748) 723-71 ORGANIC UA; fax: +38 (04748) 722-01 » contribution to development as manufactures of organic production, and to formation of the internal and German Agrarian Centre proposes external markets of such production; a completely new, for the Ukraine, » Federation considers such prime concept of professional training. Based priorities: contribution to working on the successful experience of DEULA out and the prompt acceptance by the centres in Germany, German Agrarian Supreme Rada of Ukraine of the Law Centre in the Ukraine offers, since on organic agromanufacture, wide February 2009, a programme of courses and objective illumination of negative for the specialists and leadership of influence of use of agrochemicals that agricultural enterprises of the Ukraine. GMP on environment, the further The basic programme of seminars cooperation with the International covers the training for the specialists federation of organic agricultural of agricultural enterprises concerning movement (IFOAM). machinery and technologies of We invite all interested to fruitful and agricultural production. During the mutually advantageous cooperation! training period (autumn-autumn), the 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 83
  30. 30. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION scheme encompasses all the regular The lecturing and consulting events and reoccurring special topics. covering state-of-the-art topics in the Through the training structure, chain of added value in agriculture; consisting of individual modules, the the symposia with participation of Centre is able to transfer wide range renowned experts in certain topics of special knowledge and information, representing high interest for the which can be easily adjusted to reflect Ukrainian agriculture; as well as the latest developments in technique and development of newsletters and technologies. didactically prepared teaching materials to support Ukrainian agro-technical The time and the topics of the courses educational establishments round up are implemented preferably in the the large spectrum of training activities period of less busy agricultural activities of the German Agrarian Centre. in the Ukraine. This initiative of representatives of the Product training. industry, politics, science and practice Courses addressing products of firms is being managed and implemented producing agricultural machinery, by the Centre of Eastern Europe of seeds and means of plant protection, the University of Hohenheim and ADT address the needs especially of the Project Bonn in close cooperation management and specialists of with DEULA Kirchheim. The project agricultural enterprises directly dealing is financed by the German Federal with the agricultural production. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and courses are being updated continuously Consumer Protection, and by the and therefore they give the possibility Association of leading German to get acquainted in detail with producers of agricultural machinery modern techniques and technologies and technologies. and train the users to utilise them in an In the initial, first phase from November appropriate way. 2008 to December 2010, the Centre will Field Days and Exhibitions. be set up and operate according to the Field Days and related exhibitions and defined needs and requirements of the demonstrations of modern techniques target groups. and technologies allow presenting to the large public advanced products, production processes and production chains. These events are at the same time so called Days of Open Doors, which give the German Agrarian Centre opportunity to present its activities and achievements. Networking with teaching activities and education. 84 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  31. 31. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION GUZ N.N. SPD – MEGAFORS We attentively listen to that our clients 40a Krasnoslobodsk Str., Odessa, 65020, and partners wait are waiting from Ukraine, «MEGAFORS» us. We put maximal efforts for this ph: +38 (048) 795-21-42, 232-50-27 purpose what to correspond to these e-mail: expectations. Work of our company is directed that it would be more convenient to our » Arrangement lubrication MEGAFORS clients to do the business, to facilitate intended to prevent wear of rubbing a number of challenges and to receive surfaces of conjugating pairs of parts, a maximum of advantage from mutual as well as dimension to recovery cooperation. (repair) of these parts, if their surfaces The basic product of the company is have worn. GPS system of monitoring, scheduling » MEGAFORS produced in liquid and the control of the fuel expense - form and grease, respectively, for «Inspector». entering into the liquid and greases. MEGAFORS compatible with all types of lubricants. » MEGAFORS reacts with metals, the most efficient steel and cast iron. On ITAL TIGER LIMITED COMPANY the rubber product of not having. 32, Aerodrom Str., Dnepropetrovsk, 49032, Ukraine ph: +38 (056) 375-46-80 fax: +38 (056) 375-46-82 e-mail: IT-LYNX LTD Office 35, 12 Drugbi Narodov Bvld., Kyiv, 01103, Ukraine During 10 years limited company “Ital ph: +38 (044) 592-36-70 Tiger” is a leading producer of the fax: +38 (044) 529-29-61 rodenticide product “Rat’s Death #1” e-mail: with anticoagulative influence. The bait is produced on the basis of the ` brodifacoum 0,25% of “Dr. Tezza”, The basic directions of “IT-Lynx” Italy (anti-coagulant is a compound company’s activity is working out of the which influences the blood coagulation web focused systems and automation mechanism having no reference to of companies’ activity on the basis the acute poisons class), it includes of Microsoft Sharepoint technology. natural ingredients, antimicrobial and And also system engineering GPS of antifungal preparations, this ensure that monitoring and the control of the fuel it doesn’t lose efficacy and attraction for expense. a long time (24 months). Bait influence reveals itself on the 3-4th day and it 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 85
  32. 32. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION shows in the rat’s asphyxiation and the KINDZMARAULI CELLAR LTD rat’s internal bleeding, as a result of Kvareli, Georgia these consequences the animals begin ph: +995 (99) 55-86-16 to die on the 4-8th day, but they don’t Fax: +995 (350) 7-05-06 die in the holes or under the floor, e-mail: only outside of the building and open- air area. The product is registered in Ukraine as a disinfecting preparation Production of wine. and it’s recommended for the use by population and by the factories. KODIMSKAYA RGA KHIMIYA. AGRONOMIYA. SERVICE 1 Peremogi Square, Kodima, 66000, Ukraine SPECIALIZED EDITION ph: +38 (04867) 2 66 33 Office 37, 11 Smilyanskaya Str., Kiev, 03151, Ukraine Kodymsky region is located in the ph/fax: +38 (044) 493-77-42 ph: +38 (044) 492-93-93 extreme northwest of the Odessa e-mail: region, in a southern forest-steppe zone, which is the part of the Podolsk height. The region borders on Baltsky region in the east, in the south with Specialized edition about modern agro Kotovsk, in the west with republic technologies “Khimiya. Agronomiya. Moldova, in the north with Vinnitsky Service” region. » total circulation – 15 000 The area surface represents twisting » once in a month on 80 multicolored steppe plain. According to the pages in all regions of Ukraine. geographical position the territory Filling: is characterized by a moderate » modern technologies of cultivation continental climate. The environment is of agricultural crops; favorable for cultivation of agricultural » the integrated systems of plants cultures and animal industries. The protection; agriculture basically is presented by » in details about preparations of high manufacture. Region’s territory – plants protection; 81,844 thousand in hectare., including » rational application of fertilizers of agricultural grounds - 60,49 thousand agricultural cultures; in hectare, from them: fields – 39539 » an advanced experience. thousand in hectare., long-term plantings – 2,138 thousand in hectare, Subscription index: 23634 a pasture – 9,13 thousand in hectare, 86 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  33. 33. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION wood 16324 hectares are occupied. milk surrenders for processing per year. Investment offers. There is the equipment for primary processing of 30 tons of milk per day 1. Factory on manufacture of biofuel on «Bylochi» LTD. It is offered to create and mixed fodders. a factory on manufacture of dairy The given manufacture is suggested to production on the basis of «Bylochi» begin on the basis of “Kombikormovoj LTD. Plant” LTD on which there is a necessary 4. The investment offer on creation of infrastructure with tracks. poultry-farming complex. There are favorable conditions for There is a poultry-farming complex cultivation of seeds raps in Kodymsky on 60 thousand goals of a bird, with region that give the chance for capacity of 6 million pieces of hen manufacture of diesel fuel and mixed eggs on «Grabivske» LTD for poultry fodders. It is possible to take 6 thousand farming. Investments are necessary for in hectare of fields under raps crops manufacture adjustment. The complex in the territory of the region. On the is in 10 km from railway station given area it is enough crops for factory Kodyma. building on manufacture of diesel fuel by capacity of 5 thousand tons per Definitive balance cost makes 390,87 year, and also mixed fodders on base thousand hrn. of raps. There is a possibility to increase 5. The investment offer on development areas under crops by cooperation with of «green» tourism. agricultural workers of other areas. The geographical position and The fuel cost price makes 2,75 hrn. environment of Kodymsky region are 2. Use of ground resources. favorable for development of «green» tourism, rest, improvement, hunting and The big requirement for the region fishery. Besides, bicycle and ski routes is investment of considerable means are developed for this purpose. Also an agricultural production. Possible there is a non-completed sanatorium- variants: dispensary «Mriya» in a large forest on » Independent industrial activity on the distance of 1,5 km from Kodyma means of the conclusion of contracts which can probably be to renew for of rent for the earth and property; carrying out of improvement and » Creation of joint venture on the basis treatment of people. The sanatorium of agricultural commodity producers. territory is included into a recreational Profitability of the agricultural zone of Kodyma city where there is a production in area makes more than water basin with a total area of water 40 %. mirror in 30 hectares. Woods are rich 3. The investment offer on milk with fauna (wild boars, partridges, processing. pheasants), lakes are rich with fish. There are 5504 heads of herds in 6. The ground areas which can be used Kodymsky region. 22 thousand tons of under investment projects. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 87
  34. 34. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Bread-baking complex of the Kodymsky » The object Location: Kodymsky regional consumer society. region, Kodyma, Timirjazeva 5. » The object location: a northwest part » The total area of the enterprise: 3,8 of Kodyma. hectares. » Total area: 1,5 hectares. » Infrastructure presence: water supply » Infrastructure presence: water supply, is independent (a chink), the electric power supply, the water drain. Water mains of 320 Vt pass on the factory supply is made from a city waterpipe. territory. In object territory the independent » Presence of a transport infrastructure: well is equipped. The electrical supply to enterprise territory there is a road is made from electrotransformer with a concrete covering and as substation by capacity of 160 KvA there are effective tracks which pass that diesel power station capacity of through the factory. Distance from 75 Kw. factory to railway station – 500 m. » Presence of a transport infrastructure: » Presence of constructions: an ZIL-130 (1 unit), Trailer ОDAZ (1 unit). administrative complex, warehouse, To a bread-baking complex there the autorefuelling, not completed is a road with a concrete covering, workshop, through passage. the enterprise territory has a firm » Forms of co-operation: building of covering. Distance from factory to the industrial enterprise is possible, railway station – 800 m. sale is possible. » Presence of constructions: 1. Shop on manufacture of bakery products, including baker furnaces (3 units); LANZHERON AND K 2. Shop on manufacture of baker- (GOLD ORFEJ) LTD confectioner's shops of products, including baker furnaces (1 unit); 39 Lenina Str., Limanskoye, Razdelnyanskiy area, 3. Finished goods expedition, the Odessa region, Ukraine laboratory, two staff rooms with ph:+38 (04853) 5-07-13, total area 500 м2, an administrative +38 (048) 777-64-86 complex, «Garjachy Bread» shop. e-mail: » The offered special-purpose designation: manufacture of bakery and confectionery products. The company “Lanzheron and K” is the » Cost: at present cost makes 850,0 enterprise which has personified the thousand hrn. best traditions of winemaking and, at » Forms of co-operation: joint venture the same time, uses modern workings creation, attraction of investments. out in winemaking branches. “Kodymsky region agro chemistry” The enterprise is mote than fifty years LTD old. The period 2002-2004 when 88 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  35. 35. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION with transition to a new pattern of is carried out on lines firms «Borelli» ownership complex had re-equipment (Italy). of capacities and expansion of the grape Throughout two last years the areas has taken place became a turning- enterprise works under the scheme of point for winery. Full reconstruction of a final cycle of manufacture, having winery with installation of a complex on hand a raw-material base in 600 of secondary winemaking, shops of hectares of vineyards. flood of the silent and sparkling wines Quality assurance is carried out by equipped with modern lines has been experts of the certificated laboratory at spent. all stages of activity: from reception of Elite grades of grapes, as Shardone, by grapes before manufacture of wine, its Rkatsiteli, Tilti-Kuruk, Merlo, Cabernet- stabilization and flood in bottles. sovinon, Saperavi, Pino, Risling, Muscat Observance of the established rules grades are grown up on more than six of long-term experience of cultivation hundred hectares of own vineyards and grapes processing, introduction located on the bank of Dnestr. advanced wine technologies – all this In 2004 the newest complex of the allows the enterprise to keep high equipment of multitasked system quality and flavoring properties of the of a sterile filtration which provides wines. wine flood in «the cold way» is placed Since 2002 the enterprise is let out in operation at the enterprise. The by fault under the trade mark “Gold method of cold sterilization allows Orfej”. letting out “live wine”, in which сбере- жены all useful properties of this drink The assortment of collections is are saved. And the main thing - the developed by experts-wine makers: given technology allows to inform to » High-quality dry and semisweet the consumer full taste and aroma of wines; the present natural wine. » The Bulgarian wines; The industrial complex of factory » Sweet wines; includes: » Author's strong wines; » Sparkling wines. » 4 lines on grapes processing; Have perfectly proved in the market of » A complex of the equipment for Ukraine «Cabernet», «Shardone», preparation and preparation of white, red dessert and strong wines of «Cahors wine», «Tamjanka». a fermentation firms PIM (Bulgaria); The enterprise is the constant » The complex of the capacious participant of annual specialized equipment of disposable storage has exhibitions “Wine and winemaking”, given more than 300000; «Alko-Soft» and tasting competitions » Shop of preparation and flood of of a trade of winemaking also was balm and strong drinks. repeatedly awarded by gold and silver Flood of silent and sparkling wines medals, diplomas and prizes. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 89
  36. 36. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION NOVYNY AGROTECHNIKY The Plant Breeding and Genetics MAGAZINE Institute – National Center of Seed & P.O Box 90, Kiev, 03055, Ukraine, Cultivar Investigation of the Ukrainian forThomson O.M. Academy of Agricultural Sciences is one ph: +38 (044) 237-02-95 of the leading centres of agricultural fax: +38 (04495) 6-52-60 science in Ukraine. cell: +38 (068) 201-70-31 The research work at the Institute is e-mail: carried out at 12 departments and 5 laboratories by the staff that consists of 430 employees including 102 research Covers the market of agricultural workers which are represented by 4 machinery and equipment for growing, academicians, 10 D.Sc. and 59 Ph.D. processing and selling of agricultural Breeding of winter common and production as well as questions durum wheat, winter and spring of maintenance and service. Mini- barley, sorghum, soryz, sunflower, equipment. Machinery by yourself. soy, pea, chickpea, alfalfa and lately – Established in 1997. Issued 6 times per mushrooms is curried out. year. Since the foundation of the Institute, Language: Ukrainian and Russian. over 340 new varieties and hybrids Distribution: by subscription, retail, on have been developed. At present exhibitions and on demand. Directors the varieties, bred at the Institute, of agricultural enterprises, farmers’ are grown on 5-6 million hectares in associations and local administrations Ukraine annually. receive the magazine free of charge. At present 139 varieties and hybrids of the Institute are in the Ukrainian State Register of Plant Varieties. To succeed in the plant breeding the staff of the Institute carries out an extensive theoretical studies in areas of breeding, genetics, variety PLANT BREEDING & GENETICS investigation, seed testing. INSTITUTE Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute NATIONAL CENTER OF SEED AND has 9 experimental farms with about CULTIVAR INVESTIGATION 36 000 hectares of arable land at its 3 Ovidiopolskaya rd. Str., disposal which supply annually over 10 Odessa, 65036, Ukraine 000 tons of certified seed for seed and ph: +38 (0482) 39-54-27 grain producers. fax: +38 (0482) 39-52-89 e-mail: 90 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  37. 37. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION PROJEKT-AGRO JOURNAL REKLAMA NA SELO Ukraine, 61128, Kharkiv, UKRAINIAN WEEKLY Sadovy Proezd 3, off. 78 ph/fax: +38 (057) 712-01-35, 757-0345 ph: +38 (057) 736-02-58 cell: +38 (067) 391-04-44, e-mail: +38 (050) 844-60-20 e-mail: It extended by address sending for the supervisors of the agricultural enterprisers, farmer’s economys of the Ukrainian weekly “Reklama na selo” it West Ukraine. is distributed among the specialists of Subscript index 94601 Agro Industrial complex of Ukraine. To all the large Agro-exhibitions, meetings, conferences. Newspaper's topics: analytics, law acts, new technology and products, advertising. REACOM TRADE HOUSE 30 Udarnikov Str., Dnepropetrovsk, 49019, Ukraine ph: +38 (0562) 31-91-77 SCHULZ SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH fax: +38 (0562) 38-19-70 e-mail: Schneiderkruger Str. 12 49429 Visbek ph: + 49 (0) 44-45/89-72-32 fax: + 49 (0) 44-45/89-74-32 Research and production center “REACOM” is the sole manufacturer Geschaftsfuhrer: Heinrich Schulz of chelate micronutrients in Ukraine. Chelate micronutrients are highly SCHULZ Systemtechnik GmbH effective ecologically friendly VL in Ukraine fertilizers in their biologically active PSF 91, Kiev, 04212, Ukraine forms formulated on the basis of ph: +38 044 227 36 50 complexonates (chelates) of metals (Zn, cell: +38 050 334 83 15 Yuri Tsaplin Cu, Co, Mo, Mn, Fe) and boron. e-mail: The application of micronutrients REACOM ensures guaranteed surplus of 10- 20 % in grain crops and about Complex decisions on contents pig 30% surplus in vegetable crop yields. and birds from electro montage and Range of applications: installing the technology of the air a) preplanting treatment of seeds; conditioning before equipping the places of the contents animal. b) foliar and root fertilizing of crops. 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 91
  38. 38. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION SHLYAHOVOJ V. A. LCC “Shturman GPS” Company specializes Office 37, 18 Chapayeva Str., Krasilov, on working out and sale of the Khmelnitsky region, 31000, Ukraine navigating equipment in such areas ph: +38 (0382) 79-15-79 as automobile navigation, systems of fax: +38 (0382) 79-15-79 tracking and transport monitoring, and cell (office): +38 (067) 284-97-42 also agriculture. e-mail: Some years ago our company has developed Agrometer system for exact measurement of the areas, distances THE NOVELTY!!! For the first time in and the perimeters, allowing raising an Ukraine EKOPLON SA Company (the overall performance of economy. Republic Poland)! Using the Agrometer you can easily Modern technologies in nursing measure a field of any form and animal. area. All that is necessary for making it is to bypass or go round on any Since 1989 EKOPLON SA Company is one transport a field on its contour and of the leaders in Europe on production the system will automatically display a of the stern additives for nursing animal field configuration on the screen, will offers, the stern additives, protein- calculate its area and perimeter. vitamin-mineral mixture, mixed fodders You can keep all obtained data in required for full cycle of pig’s nursing, memory of the device, set a name to KRS, birds. each measured site, if necessary to divide All goods have passed the laboratory a site in the necessary proportions, and studies and are certificated in Ukraine. as to paint the necessary colour. Thus, Supply is realized from plant-producer. you can make a card of your fields. All We invite agricultural producers, obtained data can be transferred on farming facilities and private citizens the personal computer for the further for cooperation. viewing, imposing on satellite pictures of the earth, or to print. Flexible discount system. Due to the system you can precisely calculate and save Agrometer on fuel, seeds, contribution of herbicides and fertilizers, and as on a payment worker. SHTURMAN GPS COMPANY Less than for a season it is possible to pay back cost of the Agrometer 331-А Shevchenko Str., necessary in each economy. As the Kharkov, 61002, Ukraine device can be used as the automobile ph: +38 (057) 758-42-65 cell: +38 (050) 302-12-68 navigator as complete with Agrometer there are highway maps of Ukraine. And also “Shturman GPS” Company offers systems of parallel driving for 92 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE
  39. 39. I INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION agricultural machinery (alternative plants for accumulation of moisture of a foamy marker) and system of and nutritious elements in a radical monitoring and tracking transport. On zone of plants with the subsequent all spectrum of the goods we give a expenditure of the saved up moisture guarantee and full technical support. at the moment of adverse climatic and soil conditions. Nutritious compositions on the basis of hydrogel are powdery to the granulated, liquid and pastel like form meet all SOVTECH LTD requirements of agrotechnologies of cultivation and receptions of entering Office 505, 1 Kulikovo Pole, Odessa, 65079, Ukraine into soil. ph: +38 (048) 743-98-22 » Peat implanting tablets JIFFY and fax: +38 (048) 728-14-02 ELLEPRESS (Denmark, Canada), e-mail: peat pots JIFFY (Norway), coconut disks, briquettes, blocks, peat, chips (Sri Lanka), specialized fertilizers “Sovtech” Company was created in OSMOСOTE (Holland) of the 2003 on the basis of 2 agroindustrial prolonged action in granulated and enterprises. It is the owner of known tablet forms, universal extra root LUXSORB trade mark. The basic fertilizers of new generation (Israel). direction of activity is the advancement » Products and the products of modern technologies for agrosector strengthening and changing of Ukraine. For this purpose the structure of soil. Colloid clamp company has scientific potential LUXSORB F allows to receive special which in cooperation with scientists structure of the soil, different high of leading institutes of the country permeability and excellent aeration, develops projects and technologies prevents formation, pernicious for for managing subjects. Clients of the small-seed cultures, a dense crust on company enjoy free consulting and soil after washing or deposits. This agronomical support. technology gives the chance to grow up plants on slopes without fear for Production offered by “Sovtech”: soil washout, is possible with crops, » Simeon of hybrids of confectionery in lowlands by means of superficial sunflower, seeds of hybrids of water streams. Water-soluble sunflower, seeds of hybrids of polymer LUXSORB F is ecologically corn, raps, soya, seeds of vegetable safe and suitable to application at cultures. Origins of a sowing material cultivation of production making a are Turkey, Israel, France, the USA, diet of the person. Eco lattices from Hungary, Holland. elastomeric are polyethylene of low » Hydrogel LUXSORB (France) and its density, allow to receive an integral derivatives. The moisture-holding surface which at packing on soil it absorbent applied at cultivation of 15-17.10.2009 / ODESSA / EXPO-YUG-SERVICE 93