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Startup village short presentation eng

  1. 1. I N N OVAT I V E WO O D STO C K Create. Inspire. Trend. 1
  2. 2. THE STARTUP OF STARTUPS, OR TWO DAYS IN THE INNOVATION VILLAGE AND IN THE RIGHT COMPANY Mike Butcher Editor of Techcrunch Europe «Sheer informality of the event was exactly what Startup Village organizers were aiming for». On June 2–3, the Skolkovo Innovation Centre will host a major international event for startup companies and investors — the Startup Village 2014. Peter Vesterbacka CMO, Rovio and Angry Birds Founder «Startup Village organizers have done a great job. Entrepreneurs, scientists, government officials, investors, researchers, and students meet here to discuss technological 2 ideas and business projects».
  3. 3. Startup Village will be the culmination of the Russian Startup Tour-2014, taking place from January 18 to April 24 throughout 27 regions of Russia. As a result of Russian Startup Tour 3 best startup companies from each city get free invitations to Startup Village. Startup Village 2013 over attended by more than 2000 5000 pitch sessions applications people Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, visited several pavilions at the Startup Village Viktor Vekselberg President of the Skolkovo Foundation 220 best startup projects selected The consolidation of the Russian startup community and its integration into the global innovation process — that was the goal of the Startup Village and the Russian Startup Tour which preceded it. On the one hand, to let the young Russian innovators know that they are not alone, that there are a lot of people trying to take the same journey, and that there are a lot of those who are willing to help them reach their goal. On the other hand, to teach young people to position their innovations correctly, to plan their business strategy competently, and not to be afraid of anything. And, finally, to direct the emerging entrepreneurs towards the understanding that the ultimate goal of their innovative and business activity is to take Russia up to the leading positions in the world’s economies. пресса Dmitry Medvedev While the Moscow event lasts for just three days, the ‘warm-up’ tour that has built up awareness of Startup Village has covered 21,000 kilometres over the past two months. «I am highly confident that the Russian entrepreneurs, who are present here, will create new jobs. These new startups will become successful manufacturing companies; they will be the next Apples, Googles and Siemenses. Your ideas are needed here and now. Together we will succeed». Pekka Viljakainen co-Chairman of the Organising Committee and ideological inspirer of the Startup Village «The informal atmosphere of the conference is the reason why the Startup Village received the nickname of «Innovative Woodstock», with the large number of guests exceeding even the best expectations». Alexander Galitsky Almaz Capital Partners «It’s big and it’s fun». 3
  4. 4. Startup Village programme consists of three main parts: 1. The Conference 2. Startup Market Master classes and individual training provided by the leaders of the global investment and business community. Any Russian innovation company has the opportunity to participate in the preselection of projects that will be displayed on the counters in the pavilions of the technological market. 4
  5. 5. 3. Startup teams competition 200 best startup projects that were preselected and shortlisted by the experts and that received the highest scores, will have the opportunity to participate in the contest of the Startup Village and to give a 4-minute presentation on their project in front of the judging panel consisting of professional investors, representatives of the largest Russian and international technological corporations and research institutes. FOCUS OF PITCH-SESSIONS: ↘ ­ The digital community ↘ ­ Health On ↘ ­ Energy technology ↘ ­ New industrial technologies AWARDS AND PRIZES FROM STARTUP VILLAGE ORGANISERS: I 1st place winner — 900 000 rubles 2nd place winner — II 600 000 rubles 3rd place winner — III 300 000 rubles Getting into the final — 150 000 rubles In addition, Event Partners and Sponsors will also be able to provide their prizes. At Startup Village companies ranging from biotech to engineering to Internet startups displayed their products to visitors and potential investors in a fashion reminiscent of a traditional trade show. 5
  6. 6. Startup Village 2014: startup companies from Russia and other countries present their projects to potential investors, partners and customers. They become acquainted with already implemented projects debate the trends in technology development on Earth and in outer space and sign the major agreements. One of the most successful ideas of Startup Village organisers is a reverse pitch session, when major investors speak to startupers, trying to explain to them in a limited amount of time «why they should take their money»; such sessions took place on the second day of the conference. Winners Startup Village 2013 1 1st place «I couldn’t even dream of getting the top score from the judges. Winning the Startup Village came as a complete surprise to me; I was simply flying up to the stage — as if I grew some wings. Such victory really inspires and empowers to promote the project with the renewed vigour. In addition to the charge of energy and the unique quality seal that can be used when communicating with investors, the project received a 900,000 roubles grant, which will certainly come in handy». Konstantin Artemyev, «Bravo Motors» The best project represented at the Startup Village conference in Skolkovo was an electric car transformer, which, thanks to its compact size, will allow users to travel around Moscow without the problems of traffic jams or parking. 6
  7. 7. Winning projects of the Startup Village were presented to the leaders of the world economy at the Skolkovo booth at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2013 2 2st place «Organisation of Startup Village was of top-notch international level. It was incredibly useful. I established connections with representatives of investment funds and other entrepreneurs». Nikolai Ivanov, InsidErPharm 3 3st place «Extremely useful event for motivating, for lifting the spirits of students, of people involved in science. When all we hear is everybody screaming: “There are thieves everywhere!”, «The best fled abroad!», «Everything is bad all around!», it is great that there are people, who are doing the right thing and who stay positive. I came here thinking: «It’s cool, that it’s happening, but it’s a shame that it started so late”. Startup Village, an effort that promotes science, though not fundamental, but applied, is still an important and necessary event». Vladimir Treshchikov, T8 R&D Centre 7
  8. 8. Venue Startup Village will take place at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre in the Hypercube building and the surrounding area — right under the open sky. The venue will transform into a real innovation village. Pitch sessions will be held in special wooden pavilions, and right under the media façade of the Hypercube there will be a 2 000-seat main stage, an outdoor food court and bars with over 500 seats, as well as a recreation area at the edge of the pond and a lot more to make this day a memorable experience for the visitors of the conference. There is nothing valorous in getting together many young Americans on the rainy day of August 15, 1969, to attend the music festival at the milk farm near Woodstock, New York. It took some time afterwards to call this day as the defining moment and event which influenced the complete generation. The fact the first Skolkovo Startup Village which took place during the same rainy days in 2013 was called as «Innovational Woodstock» is least related to the similar weather conditions and thousands of people brought together also for something unique. The first Startup Village opened doors to the next one, moreover, it set up the a tradition to likely become a key stage in new generation of Russian entrepreneurs and innovators formation. 8
  9. 9. Startup Village Music Festival 2013 At the Startup Village, networking does not stop after the main programme comes to the end. On June 2–3, music festival and parties will be held in the village. 9
  10. 10. Speakers 2013 Mikhail Kokorich Dmitry Petrov Dauria Aerospace President Professor of Biology at Stanford University «Interesting event: maybe, the first one in Russia of this type of events». «Obviously, there are a lot of very talented people here working in the medical field». Vladimir Yelin DoRa company, Skolkovo resident «Despite rain, the first Startup Village day was amazing. Skolkovo organizers, as always, demonstrated high level of organization». Vladimir Treshchikov T8 R&D Centre, Startup Village finalist, 2nd place «I was very glad to see the competition results, 4-minutes pitch was unusual and difficult to make. It is a very useful event for motivation». Alvaro de Marichilar Founder of BlueOxygen, serial entrepreneur, traveller and business angel «Startup Village is a very reasonable initiative of Russia — we need to care about those, who risk». Media Coverage Startup Village 2013 was attended by 250 Russian media representatives: the leading information agencies, TV channels, radio stations, print and online publications, including the Kommersant, the Vedomosti, RIA Novosti, Interfax, ITAR-TASS, First channel, NTV, RBC TV, Russia 24, Russia Today, and others. Startup Village was covered by 25 foreign mass media companies, including The New York Times, Financial Times, BBC, The Daily Telegraph, Die Welt, Dow Jones Newswires, France 24, TechCrunch, Mashable, and others. Over 500 media publications covering the Startup Village were issued during and after the event. Media partners 2013 A recent Startup Village event in Moscow organised by the Skolkovo Foundation celebrated and showcased new Russian innovations, positioning Moscow as an emerging tech hub. Alexander Chernov, Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation Mike Butcher, editor of TechCrunch Europe Inside, the sheer variety of products — from aerial mapping drones to head up displays to devices for oil and gas exploration-showed the enormous range of the kinds of companies Skolkovo will eventually entertain. Vision, ambitions, innovations — that was the keynote of Startup Village, — an International Conference for startup companies that took place atin Skolkovo Hypercube. This year, the Skolkovo Foundation has made its first attempt to gather the Russian startup community in one venue, to showcase the projects that already had been able to get up on 10 their feet, and to find the new ones that require support for their successful promotion.
  11. 11. Partnership Startup Village is a wonderful venue for positioning of companies. We are interested in cooperation with different categories of companies. If you would like to become our partner, please email us at Partners 2013 Official partners Organisational partners Business programme partners LinguaLeo 11
  12. 12. Startup Village 2014 30 countries and over 40 Russian regions 3000 TOTAL PARTICIPANTS 10 000 STARTUPS 500 INVESTORS 1000 PARTNERS 500 GUESTS See you at Startup Village! Startup Village is: 1) A venue for interaction between startup companies, big business, and investors. 2) An opportunity to present your projects to potential investors, on the one hand, and increased awareness of the innovators in regards to main technological tasks of big business on the other hand. 3) A contest for startup projects that determines the top 20 technology startups, three of which become the main winners. 4) Promotion of innovative entrepreneurship as life philosophy among young people with a view to establish a reserve of potential projects in the regions of the Russian Federation. Increased awareness among entrepreneurs in regard to existing tools of public and private support for small innovative enterprises and young researchers. 5) Special master classes, unique lectures, live first-hand communication with the guru of technology entrepreneurship. 12
  13. 13. C O N TA C TS Pekka Viljakainen co-Chairman of the Organising Committee and ideological inspirer Ekaterina Inozemtseva Program Management Ekaterina Pankratova Speakers Relations +7 916 0040319 Alina Suslova General Organization +79166458196 Evgenia Lebedeva Pitch-sessions Coordination +7 915 204 69 57 Mikhail Tykuchinsky Partners Relations Roman Scherbakov PR and media relations +79162379769 13