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  • 1. Incomplete Dominance, Codominance and Multiple Alleles
    • Incomplete Dominance- Pattern of gene expression in which the phenotype of a heterozygous individual is intermediate between those of the parents.
    • Cases in which one allele is not completely dominant over another.
    • Example: Snapdragons and Carnations
  • 3. Incomplete Dominance- F 1 generation
  • 4. Incomplete Dominance- F 2 generation
  • 5.  
    • Codominance - The condition in which both alleles in a heterozygous organism are expressed.
    • BOTH alleles contribute to the phenotype.
    • The two alleles don’t blend , but are rather both present in the offspring.
    • Examples- Checkered Chickens, Roan Horses, Roan Cows, Variegated Clover.
  • 7. B B W W BW BW BW BW Codominance White chicken Black chicken Checkered Checkered Checkered Checkered Checkered Black White
  • 8. Roan Horse
  • 9. Roan Cattle Variegated Clover
  • 10. Multiple Alleles
    • Multiple Alleles- Genes which have more than two alleles.
    • It is common for more than 2 alleles to control a trait in a population
    • Multiple alleles can only be studied in populations since each individual only has 2 alleles for a trait.
    • Examples: human blood types, fruit fly eye color, c oat color in rabbits: C , cch , ch , and c .
  • 11. Complex Inheritance and Human Heredity Coat Color of Rabbits Light gray Dark gray Himalayan Albino Chinchilla 11.2 Complex Patterns of Inheritance Chapter 11
  • 12. ABO Blood Type
    • ABO blood type in humans is determined by three alleles:
    • I A I B i
    • I A and I B are codominant alleles.
    • Both I A and I B are dominant to the allele i.
    Genotype Blood Type I A I A A I A i A I B I B B I B i B I A I B AB ii O
  • 13. Complex Inheritance and Human Heredity Multiple Alleles
    • Blood groups in humans
    • ABO blood groups have three forms of alleles.
    11.2 Complex Patterns of Inheritance Chapter 11
  • 14. Donor-recipient compatibility
    • Note:
    • Type O blood may be transfused into all the other types = the universal donor .
    • Type AB blood can receive blood from all the other blood types = the universal recipient .
    © 2007 Paul Billiet ODWS O AB B Donor A O AB B A Type Recipient = Safe transfusion = Unsafe transfusion