Fish test review


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Fish test review

  1. 1. Nut’s & Fish Past Physiology Procedures Bolts 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200Jeopardy 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500
  2. 2. Fish History 100s Ostracoderms were s Backbone the first animals with a ____________.
  3. 3. Fish History 200s The first fish s Ostracoderms fossils came from which of the following fish? – Ostracoderm Placoderm Acanthodians Osteichthyes
  4. 4. Fish History 300s Which group of fish s Placoderms had their upper jaw fused with their skull? – Ostracoderm Placoderm Acanthodians Osteichthyes
  5. 5. Fish History 400s Placoderms evolved s Chondrichthyes to develop the class __________, which means “cartilaginous fish”? – Chondrichthyes Placoderm Acanthodians Osteichthyes
  6. 6. Fish History 500s What was the s Acanthodians name of the group of fish that had the first jaw with two movable parts? – Chondrichthyes Placoderm Acanthodians Osteichthyes
  7. 7. Physiology 100s Some fish have to s Air Bladder come to the surface to breathe oxygen. What is the name of the organ that those fish use to take oxygen out of the air?
  8. 8. Physiology 200s Whatis the s Placoid name of the Scales scales on a shark?
  9. 9. Physiology 300s Which type of s Ganoid Scales scales are like armor, but are not flexible (Bichirs in the back have these scales)?
  10. 10. Physiology 400s Which type of scales s Ctenoid scales do almost all advanced fish have (have sharp edges)?
  11. 11. Physiology 500s What are 5 of s Dorsal, 2nd the six fins on Dorsal, a fish? Pectoral, Pelvic, Anal, Caudal
  12. 12. Procedures 100s Which feeding s Filter feeders. technique involves fish using filaments to catch plankton in the water ?
  13. 13. Procedures 200s What feeding s Ambush Feeder technique involves the fish waiting for days then grabbing a fish that comes close to its mouth?
  14. 14. Procedures 300s Where are the s Front of the mouths of a filter feeding fish head located on the head?
  15. 15. Procedures 400s Surface s Eyes feeding fish have highly developed what?
  16. 16. Procedures 500s What are the first five steps in putting a fresh s Level, substrate, water tank together? water, heater and filter, decor. – Add heater and filter – Add decorations – Add water – Level Tank – Add substrate
  17. 17. Nuts & Bolts 100s What are thin s Scales bony plates that overlap each other and provide protection?
  18. 18. Nuts & Bolts 200s What part of the s Lateral Line fishes body is used to detect vibrations in the water?
  19. 19. Nuts & Bolts 300s Which of the following filters s Bio-wheel filter would be the best to have for biological filtration? – Undergravel Whisper Aquaclear Bio-Wheel Filter
  20. 20. Nuts & Bolts 400s What type of food s Live (Feeder Fish) is the worse food to feed a freshwater fish?
  21. 21. Nuts & Bolts 500s Whatare four s To many fish, causes of Uneaten food, ammonia? Dirty filter, No water changes, increase fish waste Dead fish