The story of the first kings of Israel
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The story of the first kings of Israel



Emmanuel Children's Chapel Lego production.

Emmanuel Children's Chapel Lego production.



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The story of the first kings of Israel The story of the first kings of Israel Presentation Transcript

  • The Story of David Created in Legos© by the Children’s Chapel of Emmanuel Episcopal Church 2013 - 2014
  • The people of Israel had no king…
  • But they had Judges
  • And the Judges would settle any arguments between people
  • But the people were tired of judges and wanted a king instead.
  • So they asked the prophet Samuel to ask God for a king.
  • A farmer named Saul was looking for his missing donkeys which escaped their barn
  • Saul went to find the prophet Samuel to ask where his donkeys might be.
  • Samuel told Saul that God had chosen him to be the first King of Israel
  • Saul just wanted to find his missing donkeys. Samuel told him to walk down the road.
  • On the way he met a man
  • The man told him where to find his missing donkeys
  • Then he met three men.
  • One with 3 goats, one with 3 loaves of bread, and one with a bottle of wine.
  • Then he met a bunch of prophets
  • And Saul danced with the prophets
  • And Samuel found Saul and anointed him king over Israel
  • But when the time came to present Saul to the people….
  • Saul didn’t want to be king, so he went and hid.
  • But Samuel found Saul and anointed him king in front of all the people.
  • And Saul was made the king in front of everyone.
  • Years passed, and it turned out that the country of Israel had some enemies…
  • The Philistines were camped out along the border with Israel
  • Saul was told by Samuel to just wait 7 days and Samuel would come
  • And then Samuel would come and make an offering to the Lord.
  • But Saul got tired of waiting and decided to do it himself.
  • Suddenly Samuel appeared and asked what Saul was doing!
  • Why couldn’t you wait for God?
  • After this God sent Samuel to the house of Jesse.
  • Samuel was to choose a new king from Jesse’s sons.
  • But as Samuel looked at each one, he didn’t feel God’s spirit.
  • He asked Jesse if he had any more sons?
  • Jesse said he had a younger son, David
  • David was a shepherd.
  • David takes care of the sheep all day.
  • So they waited until David came back from watching the sheep.
  • And then Samuel anointed him as God’s next chosen king in front of his brothers.
  • The Philistines came back though. And David’s older brothers went to be in the army.
  • Jesse asked David to take his brothers some food and supplies
  • When David arrived he found the two armies facing one another.
  • But now the Philistines had a champion – Goliath. They were daring anyone to come fight their giant.
  • But everyone in Saul’s army was too scared to go fight him.
  • But David went up and told King Saul that he would fight Goliath.
  • Watching the sheep I have to fight off wild animals.
  • I have killed a lion and a wolf with my slingshot
  • So King Saul insisted that David wear his armour.
  • But it was too big for him.
  • So David went out against Goliath with just a sling.
  • David told Goliath that Israel had God with them
  • And David killed Goliath, and the Israelites won.
  • David became a hero. He went to live in the palace, and eventually married the Princess Michal.
  • Sometimes, to sooth the king, David would play his harp.
  • But this time King Saul was jealous and angry
  • King Saul threw a spear at David.
  • Fortunately it missed. And David went back home.
  • The soldiers came to David’s house looking for him.
  • Michal told them that David was asleep.
  • But she had wrapped up blankets to look like someone was sleeping in the bed.
  • And David escaped from the soldiers out the back.
  • From that point on, David was on the run from King Saul.
  • And one day David and his men were hiding in a cave when King Saul came into the same cave to rest.
  • King Saul didn’t know David and his men were hiding in the same cave.
  • And David found King Saul asleep in the cave. And he cut off a piece of his robe to prove he had been there.
  • And David called out to King Saul as he left the cave and showed the cloak.
  • Then Saul let David know that he wouldn’t hunt him any longer.
  • Saul promised David that he wouldn’t try and hurt him again.
  • The End Produced by the Emmanuel Episcopal Church Children’s Chapel 2013-2014