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  • Now an extension of the real world experiences we have. Its no longer a practical tool we reach for to do a specific task.
  • The sociability of digital and increasingly the “brand me” approach of consumers can work well to recruit, diversify and retain volunteers. People sharing brands they want to be associated to to get across something about them and what they are like.
  • Goodsumption During the financial crisis and recession a trend of consumers revaluating their behaviours and attitudes has emerged. People are reorienting their personal goals away from consumption towards experience and rediscovering feelings of compassion for society and their environment. Shopping as a pastime is in decline, instead people are spending more time learning new crafts, educating themselves, spending quality time with loved ones and finding new hobbies and interests. Goodsumption – or cause consumption – is on the rise. Transparency triumph Consumers are more and more savvy - they have the means to easily research a company’s credentials, ethics, pricing etc. MPs’ expenses, the banking bailout and bonus scandals have intensified this demand for transparency amongst consumers. In the charitable giving market, donors want to know where the money is going – particularly running costs. This trend has been exemplified by the rise in ‘tangible’ donation products offered by charities. Social activism The last couple of years have seen a proliferation of online charity events, competitions and ‘friendraisers’. Online organising tools are being used by geographically dispersed people who connect around a common interest, share information and take powerful collective action. Consumers are increasingly influential in shaping the agenda for brands. They now have the power to change policy, see a product fly or die or influence major business decisions. The internet is feeding this trend.
  • A lot !!!! Volunteer Market: 31% are in the Days Out Market and currently volunteer (15.9m people) 36.3% are the Days Out Market but do not currently volunteer but may consider it (18.5m people) 21.8% are in the Days Out Market but not interested (11.1m people) NT Days Out Volunteer Market: 38.3% in the Days Out Market would consider volunteering for the NT (19.5m people) 29.1% in the Days Out Market but would not consider the NT (7.6m people) However when faced with a series of propositions 14.9% wou ld consider at least one of them (7.6m people) Therefore, the NT Days Out Volunteering Market is 53.2% of the population (27.1m people) “ Young, Free and Singles” . They are motivated by gaining new skills and experiences and also blending volunteering and leisure. Digital natives. “ Family Citizens” : Busy working families that believe in instilling a sense of community, responsibility and citizenship in their kids. They love the idea of volunteering together as a family, particularly in the outdoors. “ Big Society Champions” : Very much the cornerstone of voluntary effort in the country. Likely to be retired they are altruists motivated by giving something back, sharing their skills and meeting new people as part of the next stage in their lives.
  • Flip chart – Volunteer Roles: NT classic – gardener, room guide, ranger What roles might so we now see emerging or how might a traditional role change/develop?
  • A lot !!!! Volunteer Market: 31% are in the Days Out Market and currently volunteer (15.9m people) 36.3% are the Days Out Market but do not currently volunteer but may consider it (18.5m people) 21.8% are in the Days Out Market but not interested (11.1m people) NT Days Out Volunteer Market: 38.3% in the Days Out Market would consider volunteering for the NT (19.5m people) 29.1% in the Days Out Market but would not consider the NT (7.6m people) However when faced with a series of propositions 14.9% wou ld consider at least one of them (7.6m people) Therefore, the NT Days Out Volunteering Market is 53.2% of the population (27.1m people)
  • Lets think about audiences …. Which social media tools could we deploy and for what purpose – which would work best etc? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
  • This isn’t about someone sitting at a PC! PC iPad / tablets Smart Phones Kindle TV’s / games consoles The desktop is dying …mobile devices are on the rise. Whatever is closest to hand. The Smart Phone market has gone bonkers. From 8% market share of handsets in 2008 to 30% last year (over 50% for some demographic groups). Also the role of the App is likely to continue to dominate. Mobile devices are massive – Mobile commerce Mobile payment and banking QR Codes growing strongly. Toys R Us were allowing shoppers to donate a gift but scanning their shop window adds. Mobile device use and TV. Dragons Den contenstent had 1million Facebook hits while she was still talking! The Olympics could be the first big example of this trend. I predict massive numbers viewing and using social media at the same time. Integration is key. Integrating FB, Twitter etc.
  • Nesta have funded a range of innovation platforms to bring about a step change in giving. But also an increasing number of corporates are entering the volunteering market. Orange (Do some Good, Rock Corp etc). Virgin (particularly now Virgin has a banking license under for Virgin Money)
  • Hackney Shares is a borough-wide time bank network that will facilitate the exchange of time and resources for people and organisations via an ebay-style online platform. Created by Timber Wharf Time Bank and based at Headway East London, Hackney Shares ’ aim is to maximise and streamline volunteering opportunities in the borough, making time banking sustainable in the process. Hackney Shares is:- A borough wide network of time banks, hosting exchanges between any members of any time bank in Hackney, all facilitated by an online platform. Hackney Shares will provide a market place where ‘sharing’ activity can be increased significantly in a relatively short time. It has the capacity to change the landscape of the borough, giving citizens greater ownership in their communities, providing opportunities for up-skilling and facilitating greater efficiency in organisations. Horsesmouth.co.uk is a safe, moderated online venue for informal one-to-one mentoring covering all the important aspects of life, from health and wellbeing to career choices, employability and business support. Slivers-of-Time makes it easier for people to volunteer their spare time to employers, voluntary organisations or their local community. Slivers-of-Time enables individuals to show volunteer-seeking organisations when they are available to volunteer. Prospective volunteers can specify precise hours in the day when they are free. It’s a ‘self-management’ system that allows volunteers to actively manage their availability. It enables, and encourages people to provide services to each other, for example, spending a couple of spare hours volunteering at the local library. Slivers-of-Time are already working with three local councils; Bristol, Hertfordshire and Newham, to pilot a platform that enables citizens to volunteer hours of time, on their own terms, at times of their choosing.   The technology underpinning these services manages each person’s availability and terms for accepting volunteering assignments. The platform can be locally configured and branded and supports multiple models of time-giving. It is secure, transparent and fast.
  • Blue Dots are a new social currency used to reward people for volunteering, donating or ‘liking’ non-profits on Facebook. Blue Dots are saved and then redeemed for exclusive celebrity products, discounts, free tour tickets and work experiences at organisations like Facebook, Wired.  All the good you do adds-up on a shareable ‘good CV’.  This shareable ‘good CV’ can then be displayed to the user’s social media network, businesses and other organisations. Charities are using them to increase levels of support through donating, volunteering and social media ‘sharing’.  Businesses are using them to increase loyalty in their employees and customers. Project Dirt is a grass roots social networking site that enables people and organisations to give their time, expertise and resources to local environmental projects. Project Dirt has grown through word of mouth to be one of the UK’s biggest environmental networks.  Centred on “environmental projects”, the site accommodates everything from community food growing schemes, green energy groups, conservation, and waste reduction pilots through to teaching tracking skills. With over 5,000 members, 700 projects and at least 50 events a week, the focus is on what people and organisations do rather than what they say. The core focus is to make it easy for members to bring about tangible environmental change in their local area.  There are two ways for this to happen. Firstly, individual projects can organise activities through project pages, promote activity or find help (expertise, advice, resources, and volunteers) locally via the online platform. Secondly, people interested in getting involved and helping a project can see who’s doing what in their local area – and connect with them. Companies are also in on the act. Timberland has used Project Dirt by providing micro grants and employees as volunteers to certain projects. The Mayor of London now has three programmes using Project Dirt and Wandsworth Council runs its eco-grant scheme on the site.

Ok Computer Ok Computer Presentation Transcript

  • Daniel Rose, Insight Lead – Future Audience Development & ReachTwitter: @leinadesor
  • “Giving”Time and skills – volunteeringMoney – donatingSupport – advocacy
  • Trend watchGoodsumptionTransparency triumphSocial activism
  • But who’s out there?Priority audiences?“Young, Free and Singles”“Family Citizens”“Big Society Champions”
  • Roles?
  • The platforms…
  • The devices…
  • Innovation
  • Key messages…• Not just platforms but devices;• Think about volunteer roles in a new way;• Social media strategy and advocates;• Sharing ideas, experience and learning from elsewhere…..