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Cultivating the Virality of Content
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Cultivating the Virality of Content



Because if you think about it, without stories, they will be no incentive or catalyst to fuel interactions between entities in a computer mediated social network. ...

Because if you think about it, without stories, they will be no incentive or catalyst to fuel interactions between entities in a computer mediated social network.

So content, as a transactional unit, in social networks, is vital to the "purchasing" of engagement and incentivising users to follow your brand.

Presented at SocialBakers World Tour 2013, a conference organised by SocialBakers, 4 March 2013.

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Cultivating the Virality of Content Cultivating the Virality of Content Presentation Transcript

  • Cultivating the Virality of ContentHow to ignite passion insanity using only content as acurrencyTalk: WPP StreamVenue: Phuket 1
  • “I don’t just want theinformation faster, I want itbefore I ask for it” Bill Tancer, GM Hitwise, on the future of search in Time Magazine, 2008Source: Is Facebook the Future of Search? http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1710493,00.html 2
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  • What if I miss out? #WIMOThe relentless network of push media is fueling the fear of missingout. Your content has to push “un-missable” fun
  • Escape ArtistryUsers are looking for an outlet from their day-to-day. Can theirmoment with you be the one they look forward to?
  • The inmodest #humblebragContent that allows users to amplify their bragging rights attractsengagement and knock-on network effects
  • Digital Social ContagionThe concept that information, ideas and behaviorscan spread through computer-mediated networksthe way infectious diseases do 7
  • The Living InternetLike live organisms, the socially connected internetis susceptible to infection
  • Content ContagionThis infection is commonly known as virality. Thevirus is content or patient zero
  • Content infectivity = Viral coefficientThere are essentially four factors to effective virality Host suitability Transmission routes Different content categories will be aligned to The different ways in which content can be specific platforms such as video with Youtube, shared ensures the speed of transmission. A audio with SoundCloud Facebook app will not spread on mobile well Infection diffusion Mutation probability The friction to sharing will limit the ease of Friction to co-creation will doom a piece of transmission. A login required content will not content by imposing too much rights spread as fast as one that is public-facing management or technical barriers 10
  • Digital Social ContentThe cultural impetus that drives user activities andthe underlining intent 11
  • Stories are the social currencyUsers transact on social using stories of their own experience or aremix of others
  • Traditional media no longer has a monopoly on wisdom Then: Editor Then: Site visitors Now: Content aggregators, social Now: Social friends of newsfeed, search engine site visitors, search results engine users Newsmaker Then: Journalist Now: Bloggers, friends on social networks,Source: Mark Anderson wikipedia editors, quora users 13
  • Content Engagement CurveVirality on Facebook is measureable and should bemeasured! Populism (Virality score >2) Content has gained the brand great favor with TA. Large increases in Shares, Likes, Comments and fan growth. Content has to Crossing the Chasm be crafted with TA and P2P in mind to The ah-ha moment when content generate high engagement scores resonates with TA. Signs of this include an IPM score of >5 and organic fan growth without media buyPointless (Virality score Narcissist (Virality score <1) Low quality content that simply echoes<1) the brand USP or self promotesLow quality content that has no without creative thoughts given torelevance to the brand. No original creating alignment with TA P2Pcontent. Heavily comprises links to The Chasmother sources Irrelevance Banality Relevance Focused Banality 14
  • Sometimes We ScareOurselvesA very Asian topic – a mother asking herkid when he’s coming home. The numberof Engaged Users (26,456) exceededthe page’s total Like count (25,902).Post Performance:Likes : 15,282Comments : 242Shares : 23Reach : 119,574Engaged users : 26,456PTAT : 15,311Virality : 12.8%(From Pringles Korea FB Page) 15
  • Takeaways Think virus when you want to ignite a pandemic 16
  • Contacts Edvarcl Heng edvarcl@edvarcl.com http://edvar.cl/edvarclinkedin http://www.slideshare.com/edvarcl1 17