April 19 types of families

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  • 1. It’s Monday
  • 2.
  • 3. Types of Families
  • 4. Remember:
    We are not defining families by how many, and what kind of people they have
    We define them by what they do
  • 5. Definitions
    an adult family-partner (intimate friendship)
    when married, is called a husband or wife, when not married…
    common-law partner
    an adult family-partner (intimate friendship), you are not married to
  • 6. An acceptable definition(from before)
    Families …
    are any group of two or more people who share a connection over a long period of time
    share connections by one or more of:
    blood relation
    birth and / or adoption
    mutual consent
    together, perform the responsibilities of families
  • 7. What do families do?
    Families naturally do one or more or all of these actions / functions
    Functions of the Family
    physical care and health maintenance of all members
    get more members by birth or adoption (or… )
    prepare children for adulthood in society (socialization)
    control and accountability for children
    provide food, shelter, safety
    by working, earning money, and spending it to meet these needs
    provide love
  • 8. Different Types of Families
    Family Form
    the number of adults, the type of relationship that the adults have, and then number of children make up the family form
    Nuclear Family
    two parents, one or more kids
  • 9. Types of Families
    Breadwinner Family
    two parents, one works, one stays at home
    Dual-income Family
    two parents, both work
    Blended Family
    family with two parents, at least one is separated or divorced from a previous spouse
  • 10. Types of Families
    Common-law Family
    where adults / parents are not married
    sometimes kids, sometimes no kids
    Lone-parent or Single-parent Family
    a family with one adult and one ore more kids
    can be made by
    always having only one parent
    starting with two parents, then separating, divorcing
    the death of one parent
  • 11. Types of Families
    Immediate Family
    mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters
    the closest members (live with them normally)
    Extended Family
    family who you see less often
    aunts, uncles, grandparents, other blood relatives
  • 12. Types of Families
    Adoptive Families
    one or more children
    child is NOT blood relative to either parent
    Foster Families
    temporary families
    adults care for children who cannot live with their own parents (many reasons why)
  • 13. Types of Families
    Same-sex Families
    parents / adults are either both women or both men
    sometimes kids, sometimes no kids