2013 version : A jobinterview is like a first date


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You want a date. In that date you ask the right questions, show your best side. After that date you know if you want a relationship!

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  • @lornemarr It was a presentation for mainly Dutch speaking students, so hence the dutch. I agree that you can give unexpected answers to cliché questions. In my presentation I tell that, my yellow boxes are just not big enough for long explanations.
    Slide 53 : http://lmgtfy.com/?q=communication+pie+chart
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  • Too bad that some slides are only in Dutch. I've enjoyed this presentation, but I disagree with the slide 46. I think that giving an unexpected answer to a cliché question shows your ability to improvise or that your thinking stands out from the crowd. From which research is the diagram on the slide 53?
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  • univesity of nigeria train student on how to behave on their job interview find about it at www.unn.edu.ng
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  • slide 55 is splendid
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  • Een goed sollicitant schrijfdt geen fauten.
  • 2013 version : A jobinterview is like a first date

    1. A job interview is like a first date
    2. @Tjorven D TjorvenDenorme www.twitter.com/TjorvenD www.facebook.com/eMenKa www.slideshare.net/emenka TjorvenD.tumblr.com www.facebook.com/tjorvendenorme www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/tjorven/de normeThroughout thispresentation, you’ll findthese yellow boxes. Theseyellow boxes give you a littlemore info about the slides.
    3. The Story of the geek who went to the darkside ...
    4. A job interview is like a first date
    5. Job interview You want to get to know the other side. Do you like the other side enough to start a relationship with him, her, = First Date that company. Present yourself at your best. The company does the same thing.
    6. Job interview ≈ First Date It’s not exactly the same of course. That’s why there is a warning on the next slide.
    7. DisclaimerThese tips work for a job interview, : There is no guarantee that it will work for dating.
    8. Pursuit of Happiness You want something? Go get . itDon’t wait, don’t hesitate. Ifyou want a relationship, gofor the date. If you want thatjob, go for it. Don’t letanyone stop you.
    9. Starts with a love letter ! It use to start with a love letter. It’s not on paper anymore. But it starts with something ...
    10. ... It can be twitter orfacebook or text or phone ormail.
    11. How to seduce me?
    12. Great cv Personal letterCV is more important than the letter, but putsome work in the letter. And write a differentletter for each jobopening. You don’t use thesame love letter for different girls/boys?Even change your CV. Emphasise what isimportant specific for that joboffer.
    13. Een goed sollicitant schrijfdt geen fauten. Don’t write mistakes, just don’t. Please.
    14. Ik ben berijdt tot bijscholing.Pretty please!
    15. be clearor we will fill the gaps. If you don’t, we will. And our imagination is unlimited. Our thoughts are even worse than reality. Believe me!
    16. A car has wheels and seats andheadlights and a steering wheel, butthat is not how you describe your car. cvFocus on the things that stand out.Adapt your CV and letter to thecompany, that way you have more Focus onchange to be picked for adate/interview. the things that are different
    17. most used dutch words in resume Teamplayer Zelfstandig How to not stand out. Use in Dutch one or more or all of these words. You will Communicatief end up with a letter written on the next slide. A letter which is you and the guy Analytisch next to you and the girl next to him ... Creatief Flexibel Leergierig Resultaatgericht Enthousiast Sociaal
    18. Ik ben een zelfstandige leergierigeBachelor. Ik ben een enthousiasteresultaatgerichte teamplayer. Enkele vanmijn kenmerken zijn : creatief, flexibel ensociaal. Mijn vriendenkring zegt dat ik zeercommunicatief ben. Tijdens mijn stagekwam duidelijk naar boven dat ik ook zeeranalytisch was.
    19. Try to be different Man/Woman Extra courses CertificatesIn a male world (IT) women stand out. School projectsIn a female world (nurses) men standout. Look for things you did, things you Relevant holiday jobsknow that are different. References Pet projects ...
    20. You too are a STAR Describe every project with STAR. Situation Target Action Result This will make a story out of every project. Easy to write and to read.
    21. Focus on what is different.You want a date!
    22. Of course we google you !
    23. 2011In 2011 when you looked me upin Google I was a gardener.
    24. My point is : look yourself up. Knowwhat the company sees when theygoogle you. You can not changeGoogle. So live with it, but know it. Ifit’s embarrasing or stupid or ... Beprepared And use Linkedin. Always on top andyou are in full control of what is onLinkedin. (ab)use that!
    25. Friend book for adults Make your profile as attractive as possible and make sure it is simular to your CV.
    26. Everyone knows everyone ! And if the company googles you, do the same. Google you contact. See his picture. Does he wear a tie, is it a IT guy or marketing or finance (education). The more you know, the better you’ll be prepared, the better the date / interview will be.
    27. We’ll call you. If you want something, go get it. Don’t wait for the call. Do call yourself. If you want that date, don’t wait for them to move. If you call yourself, it shows your motivation.
    28. Every second counts. Especially the first !In 45” you judge and are judged
    29. “… spontaneous decisions are often as good as oreven better than carefully planned and considered ones …”
    30. Stating the obvious
    31. Bierkoning19@hotmail.be Use a professional email address to send your CV.
    32. Be on time! or notify It sounds so stupid, but unbelievable how many people are late, don’t show and don’t notify. We have all busy schedules, the only right thing to do is respect that. Be on time or notify.
    33. I’m not alone in this.
    34. Don’t lie, stretch.
    35. *Show your best side ! The first date is not thetime to emphasise your worst qualities. Ifthey ask for it don’t lie, but don’t be too open.Companies all show their best side, you cando the same thing! * Not telling is not lying.
    36. Show you’re interested.
    37. Show you’re interested.Bring your own CV.
    38. Show you’re interested.Ask questions. The aim of the first date / interview is to know if you want a relationship. You have to spend 10 hours a day on your work. Make sure you know what is coming.
    39. Show you’re interested.Write things down. It gives an interested impression and it will help you afterwards when you have to choose between the jobs being offered.
    40. Modesty rarely helps.Confidence always helps!
    41. Cliché questions I never ask those questions, but a lot of companies do. So when they ask cliché questions, give cliché answers! But be prepared. What are your best / worst qualities. Why should we choose you? Why are you more qualified than others?
    42. YESYes or no and nothing in between. People who are notsure make their Yes or No smaller. Don’t do that! NO
    43. YES Yes, I think so.No, I’ll give it a try.Don’t say Yes, I think so. Give full commitment or none atall. Just do the test. If your partner asks if you still lovehim/her. Answer with Yes, I think so. NO
    44. YES Yes, it is perfect for me.If you want to say more than just Yes or No, than make itbigger, not smaller! NO No, without hesitation
    45. Body language
    46. I like the sea.
    47. I like the sea. What you say = what you show What you show = what you say
    48. Words 7%Body Language 55% Tone of voice 38% Communication is 100%, make sure you use is for 100% don’t forget the body language, the tone of voice and the words.
    49. If you don’t think you be mister or misses right dare to tellit. Better no relationship than a bad one. Have your own opinion.
    50. If it doesn’t feel right, walk away.
    51. @Tjorven D TjorvenDenorme www.twitter.com/TjorvenD www.facebook.com/eMenKa www.slideshare.net/emenka TjorvenD.tumblr.com www.facebook.com/tjorvendenormewww.linkedin.com/pub/dir/tjorven/de norme
    52. Good luck !