Advanced Online Marketing With WordPress - WordCamp Austin 2014


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  • Thank you LisaThank all of you for coming to “Maximizing Your Affiliate Payouts”My name is David Vogel-PoleMerchant PerspectiveShare with you “10 Merchant Secrets for Higher Commissions”To set this up I want to tell you a little bit about myself
  • Don’t forget to tweet with the Hash Tag #pubcon during the presentation.
  • Don’t forget to tweet with the Hash Tag #pubcon during the presentation.
  • Advanced Online Marketing With WordPress - WordCamp Austin 2014

    1. 1. Advanced Online Marketing for WordPress By: David Vogelpohl
    2. 2. @davidvmc David Vogelpohl
    3. 3. My very first WordPress Post!
    4. 4. #wcatx
    5. 5. We’ll cover online marketing for… publishing converting traffic tracking success
    6. 6. publishing
    7. 7. The only SEO plugin you need Really, there is only one good one @davidvmc
    8. 8. Yoast video walkthrough A quick tour of a complex product @davidvmc
    9. 9. Warning! Don’t get caught with your SEO pants down Leave unchecked! Use robots.txt for staging <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> Recently launched site having SEO problems? Check for noindex tags and robots.txt first.
    10. 10. Ad Rotate Plugin Control your ad inventory
    11. 11. Add product feeds to content Popshops
    12. 12. Popshops category pages Powerful shopping integration popshops.comProduct feed with affiliate links
    13. 13. converting traffic
    14. 14. Google Experiments Iterative testing FTW
    15. 15. Predicting eye flow @davidvmc
    16. 16. Custom Post Types Uses fields instead of a WYSIWYG
    17. 17. CPTs make marketing easier Super sonic content creation & updates Directories Ecommerce Videos Any Modular Content Reviews Landing Pages
    18. 18. Session Cam Watch your visitors browse your site Redacted Redacted @davidvmc
    19. 19. Conversion guys to follow Read their books too. Roger Dooley @rogerdooley Brian Massey @bmassey Bryan Eisenberg @TheGrok @davidvmc
    20. 20. tracking success
    21. 21. UTM tracking links Track everything ?utm_source=Facebook &utm_medium=MC-Page &utm_term=05-06-2013 &utm_content=Speaking-Announcement &utm_campaign=WordCamp @davidvmc
    22. 22. Identify your goals Track how you make money Online sales Form leads Phone calls Online chat Social sharing Email lists
    23. 23. Set and value goals Look where you’re shooting
    24. 24. Google Analytics Click Events Value and track your clicks @davidvmc
    25. 25. Converting events to goals Setting up for custom reports
    26. 26. Google Analytics Custom reports FTW
    27. 27. Source Report Where traffic and revenue come from Source Report
    28. 28. Landing Page Report Top pages bringing in visitors and value Landing Pages
    29. 29. Browser Version Report Browser performance on traffic & revenue Browser Versions Report
    30. 30. Drilldown on browser versions Mathematical proof how bad old versions of IE suck
    31. 31. Oops Mathematical proof the mathematical proof was wrong
    32. 32. Lead Report Super stalking for super sales people Lead Report
    33. 33. Companion article to this presentation @davidvmc
    34. 34. @davidvmc David Vogelpohl I’m going to Disney World! Literally. I’m leaving for the airport right now.