Popular Wordpress Plug-ins of May 2013


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Popular Wordpress Plug-ins of May 2013

  1. 1. Popular Wordpress Plug-ins of May 2013
  2. 2. It’s been around a month we have seen the massivebotnet attack on Wordpress powered sites. Thatattack was extremely huge from the unknown groupof hacker with more than the 90,000 IP addressesand it is predicted to be even bigger in upcomingdays. Nevertheless, experts say that the Wordpresscore is secure, it is up to the users what steps theytake to make sure that they are safe and secureagainst automated attacks.Use of outdated plug-ins opens the backdoor to thesystem. It increases the chances of getting hacked.So, it is a valuable advice to every web owner whoown a Wordpress site, keep their plug-ins updated. Inthis presentation, we are going to discuss the mostpopular plug-ins of the month may 2013 and they allhave been downloaded more than thousands oftimes and all have gained more popularity.
  3. 3. SEO Plugin by SquirrlyAn important SEO plug-in named SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY. It includes dozen ofnew interesting features that Yoast’s plugin doesn’t. This plugins helps you tofind the right keywords to rank by and checks your on-page SEO in real time. Ifyou are looking to squeeze the most out of each of your WordPress blog posts,this plugin could be well worth a look.Download
  4. 4. Outstanding Advanced Settings plugin offers some essential services includes:• Remove comments system• Insert author bio on each post• Add description and keywords meta tags in posts (SEO)• Get the blog description and add a description meta tag• Hide top WP admin bar• Remove HTML comments• Easy FeedBurner configuration• Insert google analytics code• Display page loading time• Add thumbnail support• Set JPEG quality• Fix post type paginationAdvanced SettingsDownload
  5. 5. This plug-in is used to protect your /wp-admin/ and wp-login.php pages fromunauthorized access. Any person (or bot) who is trying to access these pageswill be redirected to a page you choose, while you can still login via the customURL.However, this plugin can’t be considered as a complete protection againstmalicious attacks but somehow this is add an extra layer of security to consider.Stealth Login PageDownload
  6. 6. This Barc Chat plugin enables you to create a chat function on your site withease. Barc Chat provides a simple but essential feature rich chat room for yourwhole community to interact on your site directly in real-time.Barc ChatDownload
  7. 7. Sendola plug-in enable you to add a button to your site that let your websitevisitors send your contact details to their phones.SendolaDownload
  8. 8. Google CSE plug-in manages to serve up Google search results from within yourWordPress search page template without the need for any customizationGoogle CSEDownload
  9. 9. Wordpress Developer plugin helps you to optimize your developmentenvironment by ensuring that you have all the relevant tools and plug-insinstalled.DeveloperDownload
  10. 10. BJ Lazy Load is a one of the great image optimization plugin which load imagesonly when user see it and makes your site load even faster and savesbandwidth. It includes a custom function that allows you to lazy load any imageand iframe on your site.BJ Lazy LoadDownload
  11. 11. If you want to protect your blog content being copied then WP Content CopyProtection is a good plugins. With the use of this plugin, some common copyingmethods such as right click, image dragging and keyboard shortcuts can beblocked.WP Content Copy ProtectionDownload
  12. 12. KGN Technologies is a professional WordPress Development company thatoffers wide range of Wordpress Development services. They have dedicatedteam of WordPress developers have with extensive experience in developingfully customized and out of the box Wordpress websites with advancefunctionalities and techniques.As a specialized WordPress Development Company they offers WordpressDevelopment services includes: Designing and converting PSDs to WordPress Themes WordPress CMS Websites Development WordPress Shopping Cart Custom WordPress Plug-ins and Extensions Development Dedicated WordPress Developers service Integrating Wodpress to third party systems Responsive WordPress theme developmentIf you are looking for a Wordpress website development quote or a reliable WordpressDevelopment Company please do send an email at info@kgntechnologies.com or visitwebsite www.kgntechnologies.com