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  • Capable of flowing and moving with ease and grace. Effortlessly smooth and rapid or POLISHED. Clearly prosody is at the heart of this definition. It implies a lovely quality of speech . . . 
  • The importance of fluency in high stakes assessments.
  • Just Right

    1. 1. The PowerPoint slides were developed by Mus Khairy (PhD), Stanford University at California. Educational ,social Psychologists at German University at Cairo (GUC) unless otherwise noted on specific slides.
    2. 3. Goals of Today’s Session <ul><li>Identify key features and critical issues related to implementing Just Right at the student’s level. </li></ul><ul><li>Engage participants in sharing information and ideas about student's applications . </li></ul><ul><li>Keep track of ideas and share with participants. </li></ul>
    3. 4. - E xciting five-level general English course for young adults. - W ritten by award-winning methodology expert Jeremy Harmer. - I ntegrates grammar, skills, lexical and pronunciation syllabuses. - F lexible for both teachers and students. - P roduces confident learners able to communicate freely and spontaneously outside the classroom.
    4. 5. Methodology
    5. 6. Key Features The Student Book features
    6. 7. Key Features
    7. 8. KEY FEATURES ➤ Integrated grammar, skills, lexical and pronunciation syllabuses. ➤ Functional language with emphasis on real English and practical use outside the classroom. ➤ Separate mini-grammar booklet for ready reference in class or self-study. ➤ Learner-centred full colour Workbook with language awareness sections. ➤ Comprehensive Teacher’s Book with principles and practice of teaching and in-depth unit guidance , particularly helpful for inexperienced teachers
    8. 9. KEY FEATURES HOURS OF STUDY E ach level provides material for between 90 and 120 classroom hours. The Student’s Book provides 6 - 8 hours per unit; the Workbook provides 2 hours per unit. J ust Right has been mapped to the Common European Framework and the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum General English examinations. Mapping documents that list the key grammatical structures in the curriculum and show where they can be found in Just Right can be downloaded from elt.heinle.com/just right.
    9. 10. KEY FEATURES The Workbook features
    10. 11. KEY FEATURES The Teacher’s Book offers
    11. 12. KEY FEATURES Language is presented in context to avoid common errors with literal translation .
    12. 13. KEY FEATURES Dictionary work encourages learner independence and clarifies language points.
    13. 14. Course Components Student’s Book with activity bank, mini grammar book and audio script Workbook Teacher’s Book Class Audio CD Free Unit Tests for each level Levels: - Elementary - Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate - Advanced in 2009 Each level provides material for between 90 and 120 classroom hours. The Student’s Book provides 6-8 hours per unit; the Workbook provides 2 hours per unit.
    14. 15. Other Rescores - C an be used independently or as an integrated course to help develop English language skills . - o ffers a good balance of skills, it is user-friendly for both students and teacher, it’s clearly sequenced and structured , it provides integrated revision with varied practice ....
    15. 16. - T his series forms a large battery of good quality supplementary materials
    16. 21. The Whole Student
    17. 22. Intellectual The Whole Student
    18. 23. The Whole Academic Program Learning Communities Assessment Curriculum
    19. 26. Teaching with Technology
    20. 29. “ Only programs that teach all components of reading, as well as writing and oral language, will be able to prevent and ameliorate reading problems in the large number of children at risk.” (Moats, 2007)
    21. 30. <ul><li>Comments/Questions??? </li></ul>