ICAWC 2013 - How to Hang Out From Advert Noise - Peter Kiraly
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ICAWC 2013 - How to Hang Out From Advert Noise - Peter Kiraly



ICAWC 2013, Barcelona, Spain - Peter Kiraly's presentation on How to Hang Out From Advert Noise

ICAWC 2013, Barcelona, Spain - Peter Kiraly's presentation on How to Hang Out From Advert Noise



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ICAWC 2013 - How to Hang Out From Advert Noise - Peter Kiraly ICAWC 2013 - How to Hang Out From Advert Noise - Peter Kiraly Presentation Transcript

  • HOW TO HANG OUT FROM ADVERT NOISE? Dr. Peter Kiraly, founder Rex Animal Island HUNGARY
  • Objectives To recognize different advertising goals and techniques To understand the qualities of a good animal welfare ad To create an original ad by using the latest techniques To show some examples and to give ideas
  • General situation • grasping for financial support • no strategic thinking for communication and fundraising • lot of competitors • no branding
  • What creates the need? • • • • an NGO is a firm absolute competition no segmentation activities need adverts We need a position !
  • How to win a position? • Use up-to-date ad • Build a „brand” • Develope
  • Propaganda • Techniques used to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior • It appeals to the emotions not the intellect • It is not negative or positive • The purpose is to persuade
  • How to hang out?
  • The good ad - 4 qualities 1. Attracts attention: COLORS, BOLD headings, pictures, sounds 2. Arouses interest: by words and humor 3. Creates desire: „you want it !” 4. Causes action: gets results (motivates to rehome, to donate, etc.) Advert vs Reality
  • Ad techniques • • • • • • Bandwagon Snob Appeal Plain Folks Patriotism Facts and Figures Expert • • • • • • • • Logical appeal Testimonial Glittering Generalization Emotional Repetition Humor Rewards M O T I V A T E S
  • Combination of surprise and humor Commercial ad
  • Social Ad v Commercial Ad Non profit Commercial • different target group • the same advert rules • the same techniques • • • • • involves the „drama” clear history / associations closer to the customer rings social and cultural roots deep emotional response • „Feel good” factor
  • Use unexpected flabbergasting images! public service advert …and share ideas! Thank you for sharing creatives.
  • Engaging Techniques - humor diverts audience and gives a reason to laugh often through the use of clever visuals and/or text
  • Common communication channells The most cost effective:
  • Social events • • • • • • • • • • Festival Events + Awards Summer camps (146 children) World Guinness Record Conferences (veterinary, breeders, etc.) Shows (World Dog Show) Music festivals (Sziget) Fairs (Xmas, easter) Exhibitions (Hungexpo, 19 Plaza weekends) Charity events (…boxgala)
  • Social events
  • Special events World Dog Show Budapest 2013.
  • Unique ideas World Guinness Record Animals aren’t toys! a toy not a toy 6.540 toys collected / stringed out in 14 minutes
  • Develope! Be new timer! 2 millions dogs in Hungary 100,000 roaming on the streets The chances to get back to their owners are reducing significantly by time. Many initiatives started for searching lost dogs.
  • New ideas Integrated query system application for mobile devices An easily accessible application Connected to all online communities For: • Owners / unattended dogs • Charities / adoption • Society / less stray dogs
  • From shocking to phylosophy
  • From shocking to phylosophy
  • „Benetton type communication“ Advantages • gaining a face with the media • appropriation of category • Risks • legislation (permit) • people (kick back) • economic results Shocking radio spot
  • Report your activities !
  • Emotions Images that appeal to the +/- emotions + emotions (desire for complete life, help) - emotions (fear, sense of guilt, etc.) „Save the Romanian dogs today. Tomorrow is too late!” Try to be positive if possible!
  • Tragic, encouraging! Hope His past is horrible. His future depends on you!
  • Dogs are bestsellers…
  • Our results 25.000 annual visitors 3.500 annual students 995 volunteers 6.700 donors 4000 rehomers 1.170 other partners
  • Hope you can also find a similar position !