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Star Quality for Pets.


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Here's a campaign we made for Pet Insurance that wasn't taken up via the client, if you want to use it...feel free to drop us a line.

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Star Quality for Pets.

  1. 1. The Trees and the Forests Pet Insurance Proposal 15 February, 2012
  2. 2. Star QualityA fully integrated, digitally focussed campaign for Real Pet Insurance.A top line’ strategy and creative presentation.
  3. 3. Our strategy...A deep engagement strategy: translating a person’s love of their pets into anattachment to our brand.
  4. 4. R.O.I.We place ROI first; everything presented should be seen in the contest of ultimatelydelivering a fully accountable, fully transparent ROI focussed campaign.
  5. 5. Objectives...The campaign we are presenting has been structured to deliver on a number of keyobjectives.The campaigns structure, mechanics, and dynamics have been defined by therequirement to deliver on those objectives.The campaign is also scalable according to budget.
  6. 6. Primary objectives...-Drive to immediate sale – delivering short term ROI.-Generate user data (qualified leads) and permission to market.-Generation of qualified leads – for subsequent conversion through CRM.-Deep engagement over time – nurturing leading to medium to long term acquisition.-Generates user data that enables more precise demographic/ psychographictargeting to increase ad-spend efficiency resulting in increased ROI.-Additionally this campaign will create user generated content (UGC) for the ongoingCRM-UGC will increase search performance by linking to and from social media channels.-Additional content will increase search performance by increasing content depth,texture and relevancy.
  7. 7. Secondary objectives...Our primary objectives are all directly measurable through to a ROI. Our secondaryobjectives are broader brand objectives.-Increasing consideration.-Maintaining ‘recency’ ‘top of mind’ in category-Increasing frequency of visitation.-Increasing brand affinity (brand love).-‘Fans’ on Facebook for ongoing nurturing leading to acquisition.-Digital social media ‘propagation’ to increase reach and ad-spend efficiency.
  8. 8. The strategic insight...People are highly emotionally and intellectually engaged with their pets.To many people, pets aren’t just pets; they’re 4 fluffy four legged family member -companions friends, and four legged children.People love their pets and love to share that love with others – think of the ‘dogs onFacebook’“It seems that about 14% of the people in the Lab 42 study had created Facebook pages for theirdogs, consistent with a UK study also reported on Mashable, which found that 10% of all UK pets havesome sort of social media profile, including not only Facebook, but also Twitter and YouTube.”Cleo Parker, the Dog Marketing Blog, July 2011.
  9. 9. The strategic opportunity...People love their pets and love to share that love with othersLet’s enable people to do just that – to do what they want to do and already do – butdo it through our brand instead.We’re working with known, natural behaviours and this is our strategic strength.
  10. 10. The strategic goal...To build the definitive site for dog and cat owners of Australia to share their love oftheir pets.To build this destination over time through a series of tactical promotional activityintegrated in to social channels and CRM.The creative presented today indicates the nature, tone, manner and strategic focusof the creative work required to achieve this goal..
  11. 11. A supporting trend...LoL cats – cat and dog humour has been trending on-line for years, and it’s stillhappening. People are engaging with, sharing and looking for humorous pet imagesand content..
  12. 12. Propagation...Nielsen research tells us that over 75% of the population rate peer recommendationor ‘word of mouth’ as the number one influencing factor in purchase decisionmaking.The campaign therefore has a strong ‘social’ component and leverages usergenerated content. We provide content for people to share and we provide ways toshare it..
  13. 13. Campaign dynamics...-Quarterly or bi monthly major promotions or ‘discussions’.-Quarterly or bi monthly minor promotions or ‘discussions’.-On going lower level promotional activity.-The creation of a destination within the Real Pet Insurance website. Alternately, at apromotional site linked to the master brand site.-Parallel Promotions completely contained within the Facebook ecosystem with an entry at atab at the Masterbrand Facebook page.-In value, some promotions are of a higher value, some lower – they vary.-In duration, some promotions last for months, some for only weeks.-There are always multiple promotions or discussions in parallel.The idea is produce a deep engagement and depth of content.-Maintaining ‘recency’ ‘top of mind’ in category-Increasing frequency of visitation.-Increasing brand affinity (brand love).-‘Fans’ on Facebook for ongoing nurturing leading to acquisition.-Digital social media ‘propagation’ to increase reach and ad-spend efficiency.
  14. 14. The work...Please note, the following creative is ‘mock up’ only and a tool for visualising thecreative concepts. It does not necessarily reflect the look, feel and copy of the finalconcepts.
  15. 15. Promotion 1: Star QualityMedia: Press
  16. 16. Promotion 1: Star QualityMedia: Web site (dog version)
  17. 17. Promotion 1: Star QualityMedia: Web site (dog version)
  18. 18. Promotion 1: Star QualityMedia: Island Banner/ static
  19. 19. Promotion 2: Make OverMedia: Island Banner/ static
  20. 20. Promotion 3: Look a LikesMedia: Island Banner/ static
  21. 21. Promotion 4: Pet HoroscopesMedia: Island Banner/ static
  22. 22. Promotion 5: My name isMedia: Island Banner/ static
  23. 23. The creative...We’ve shown 5 concepts, but there are many more. Pets, dogs and cats, and thenatural humour and many natural discussions around them on-line provides fertileground for creative development.Each creative execution has both a dog and a cat version. In animated banners, and atthe site they are in rotation .
  24. 24. Thank you... Ullash Tiwari & Ravi Prasad