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Basic advertising techniques (the language of persuasion). Includes example advert for each technique.

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  • As a propaganda technique, the term bandwagon suggests an imaginary vechicle carrying leaders or candidates of a cause or carrying large banners and/or posters. This group has a huge group of people following behind and all are in support of that leader/candidate. A bandwagon is a high, ornate wagon in which a band rides as in a circus parade. Unfortunately, most of us like to swim with the sharks rather than stand alone, so we are likely to be carried along. Beware of this technique. It’s a lot easier to be joiner than to stand alone. Bandwagon is a propaganda technique that suggests an image of a vechicle carrying a leader/candidate
  • A company hires a famous celebrity figure to promote a particular product or topic. This is particularly powerful If a product 8s
  • Sex Appeal if you use this product you be more attractive to members of the opposite sex. You will look sexy to everyone. Love or Popularity- This will make everyone love you and like you. You will be popular and a trend setter. Watch out for this one. Everyone likes attention. Fame – You will gain fame (attention) if you use this. Wealth-by having this product you will appear wealthy. The wealthy and affluent use this. You get what you pay for. Power- This will give you power over people. You’ll have an “edge” over others.
  • Advertising technique

    1. 1. Advertising TechniquesWhat creates the need?“Buy it for me now!”
    2. 2. Objective• To recognize different advertising techniques• To understand the qualities of a good ad• To think critically about how ads are created and howads target teenagers
    3. 3. A.I.D.A1. Attracts attention: attractive COLORS, BOLDHEADINGS, and pictures2. Arouses interest: good word choice, addresses aneed.3. Creates desire: uses propaganda techniques tomake you believe you that this product hasbenefits you need.4. Causes action: gets results. Sells the product tothe targeted audience.
    4. 4. AdvertisingTechniques• Bandwagon• Testimonial• Snob Appeal• Plain Folks• Patriotism• Facts andFigures
    5. 5. MoreTechniques…• Expert Opinions• Logical Appeal• GlitteringGeneralization• Transfer/Emotional• Repetition• Humor
    6. 6. Bandwagon• Persuasivetechnique that invitesyou to join the crowd.• Everybody’s doing it!• Often uses weaselwords
    7. 7. Testimonial• Statement endorsingan idea/product by aprominent person.• Product can be insideor outside particularfield.• Musical artists,• Sports giants,• Actors/actresses
    8. 8. SnobAppeal• Aims to flatter• Makes the insinuationthat this product isbetter than others…Thus, those that use itare too.• “Avant Garde” aheadof the times.
    9. 9. PlainFolks• Opposite of Snob Appeal• Identifies product/idea witha locality or country• Practical product forordinary people.
    10. 10. Patriotism• Purchase will display loveof country.• Person will financially helpthe country.
    11. 11. Facts and Figures &Statistics• In this persuasivetechnique, numbers, tables,and graphs are used toshow statistics of bothsides.
    12. 12. ExpertOpinions• Want to prove something istrue? Get a doctor torecommend it!
    13. 13. Logical Appe• If I give enough goodreasons I can’t possibly bewrong
    14. 14. GlitteringGeneralisation• Using simple phrases thatsound good but have no realvalue or meaning.
    15. 15. Transfer or EmotionalAppeal• Positivefeelings/desires areconnected to aproduct/user• Transfers positivefeelings we have ofsomething we know tosomething we don’t.• Love• Fame• Wealth• Power
    16. 16. Repetition• Words or phrases in anadvertisement are repeatedseveral times for effect.Repetition gets yourattention and stresses aslogan or product• Repeating something helpsyou remember the productor ad
    17. 17. Humou• Everyone likes alaugh.• Ideally your ad isfunny enough forpeople to talk about -that’s freeadvertising!
    18. 18. Slogan• A catchword orphrase loaded withemotion• Often sells throughrepetition• Clever and easy toremember• Often a melody youalready know• Maybe she’s born