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ICAWC 2015 - Claire Calder - EU Activity Update


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The EU Dog & Cat Alliance was launched at ICAWC in 2014 and is made up of dog and cat welfare organisations from across the EU, which have come together to lobby for action to protect dogs and cats.
This talk will give an update on EU activities and the Alliance’s achievements so far. This includes their work on puppy smuggling, as well as the launch of a ground-breaking report which brings together the national legislation on dog and cat breeding and trade in all 28 EU countries for the first time.

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ICAWC 2015 - Claire Calder - EU Activity Update

  1. 1. EU Activity Update Claire Calder Dogs Trust / EU Dog & Cat Alliance
  2. 2. • Launched at ICAWC 2014 • Alliance of 53 dog and cat welfare organisations from 19 EU countries – but this is growing all the time! • Together we are calling for EU action to protect dogs and cats
  3. 3. First year at a glance • Met with 46 MEPs or assistants • Met with national governments in Brussels, including UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Romania • Met with the cabinet of the European Commissioner with responsibility for animal welfare
  4. 4. First year at a glance • Launched a ground-breaking report on national legislation across the EU • Held our 1st event in the European Parliament • Tabled several Parliamentary Questions • Lobbied on Puppy Smuggling, Veterinary Medicines and Medicated Feed
  5. 5. EU Study on Dogs and Cats • 1 year study to assess whether the EU should take initiatives to protect the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices. • Started in February 2014 • 12 EU Member States surveyed • Due to report imminently
  6. 6. National legislation report Collates the national legislation on: • Identification & registration • Breeding • Trade • Surgical mutilations In all 28 EU Member States
  7. 7. National legislation report - findings • I&R of dogs compulsory in 19 Member States, rising to 23 Member States in 2016. • I&R of cats only compulsory in 2 Member States (France and Greece) • Commercial breeders need to registered and/or licensed in most Member States but definition of ‘commercial breeder’ varies widely
  8. 8. National legislation report - findings • Inspection of breeding establishments before breeding starts only required in 12 Member States • Only 6 Member States have provisions on socialisation of puppies and kittens • Sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops allowed in 20 Member States • No minimum age for sale of puppies and kittens in 8 and 10 Member States respectively
  9. 9. National legislation report - findings • The vast majority of Member States don’t regulate the online sale of dogs and cats • In some Member States dog and cat trade is not regulated at all • Tail docking of dogs in some circumstances is permitted in 13 Member States
  10. 10. National legislation report – EU recommendations • Compulsory I&R of dogs and cats on an appropriate database, linked to an EU database • Compulsory licensing of dog and cat breeders by Member States and harmonised EU standards for breeding • Ban on the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops, markets, shows and on the street • Controls on online sale of dogs and cats
  11. 11. National legislation report video Please click the following link to view the video
  12. 12. National legislation report • Full report and Executive Summary can be downloaded from Alliance website • Interactive map allows users to click on a Member State for a summary of that country
  13. 13. European Parliament reception
  14. 14. European Parliament reception
  15. 15. Puppy Smuggling • November 2014: first Dogs Trust investigation into illegal smuggling of puppies from Eastern Europe into Great Britain for sale • Exposed vets and transporters in Hungary and Lithuania abusing the EU legislation on non- commercial pet movement • Unscrupulous European vets caught on camera creating false pet passports and fake rabies vaccination records
  16. 16. Puppy Smuggling – EU actions • Shared report with MEPs, national governments in Brussels and the European Commission • Tabled 4 Parliamentary Questions • Response from Commission = the problems will be solved by new EU rules on non- commercial pet movement which came into force in December 2014
  17. 17. Puppy Smuggling – 2nd investigation • July 2015: findings from 2nd Dogs Trust puppy smuggling investigation released • This time, focussed on Lithuania and Romania • Investigation took place after new EU legislation on pet movement came into force
  18. 18. Puppy Smuggling – 2nd investigation • Result = new EU legislation has not solved the problems • Vets in Lithuania and Romania were found to be falsifying data on pet passports • Breeders and dealers were found to be supplying young puppies under the legal age for vaccination against rabies, with dates of birth faked on pet passports
  19. 19. Puppy Smuggling – EU actions • Second report sent to all 751 MEPs, national governments in Brussels and the European Commission • Tabled 2 further Parliamentary Questions • Result = acknowledgement of the issues from the European Commission and commitment to review the situation
  20. 20. Veterinary Medicines and Medicated Feed • Proposals for new EU legislation on Veterinary Medicines and Medicated Feed released in 2014 • Medicated Feed – would allow dogs and cats to be medicated via pet food • Veterinary Medicines – aims to increase the availability of veterinary medicinal products across the EU
  21. 21. Veterinary Medicines and Medicated Feed • EU Dog & Cat Alliance has agreed a position on both proposals and has been actively lobbying for improvements • Our positions are available at:
  22. 22. Find out more @EUdogsandcats and #EUpetwelfare