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Ag xri ppt presentation 1


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AG Stacker XRI RDC Rotary Die Cut Stacker for corrugated board.

AG Stacker XRI RDC Rotary Die Cut Stacker for corrugated board.

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  • 1. HISTORY OUR HISTORY A.G. Stacker, Inc. is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in a 100,000 plus sq. ft. facility. We have been in business since1996 serving the Corrugated Industry. What started as a rigging company and machinery rebuilding business quickly turned into a new machinery manufacturing business focusing on rotary die cutter stackers. Clarence Allen’s goal is to build innovative, state of the art stackers, retrofits, and ancillary equipment and deliver customers better support than they haveevery received. Over the last 16 years and hundreds of customers later, we feel we are achieving just that. From the beginning we felt we had an upper hand compared to other companies before us that had tried this same thing. Clarence brought 15 years of Plant Manager experience from a premier sheet plant along with10 years of Maintenance Supervisor experience. It was this combination of experience that has gone into every design change and U.S. patent we have completed. Proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • 2. The AG STACKER - XRI
  • 3. Layboy section with full width scrap conveyor
  • 4. 4 Out Layboy Beater Belt w/ Adjustable Top and Bottom Layboy Arms w/8 lead edge guides
  • 5. Heavy Duty Construction(for long life & fewer mechanical issues)
  • 6. Balanced Bi-directional Beater Bar (Assists in scrap removal)
  • 7. Improved Scrap Brush System(4 rows of angled brushes connected to hand wheel for gang adjustment)
  • 8. High Velocity Layboy Blower System(Two 1.5hp Blowers w/Vari-speed control)
  • 9. AccuSet Layboy Arm Positioning(Angle adjustment is built in for consistency)
  • 10. Main Deck & Optional Flexi-Deck(with 5” wide Deck Belting on Close Belt Spacing)
  • 11. AccuRack w/Electro-Mechanical Accumulator System (Full 22” Stroke & Aluminum Divider Tooling)
  • 12. JOG BUTTON(Located on backstop to easily clear jams)
  • 13. Drive Side Electrical Cabinet(w/Siemens Integrated PLC Control System)
  • 14. Operator Work Center(Provides work area, storage, LOTO & Aux Power)
  • 15. Ergonomically Mounted User FriendlyColor Touch Screen (w/o traditional boom mount)
  • 16. ISS – Intelligent Safety System(State of the art Personnel detection)
  • 17. DLO – Deck Lock Out System(Mechanical Locking of Main Deck to Zero Energy State)
  • 18. Deck Control System
  • 19. Drive Side Hydraulic Unit
  • 20. High Performance Options LaserLine Layboy Arm System: Projects a visible laser beam from end of each layboy arm to die board. Flexi –Deck (Expanded Transfer Section): Available in 73.5”, 50” & 40” sizes. Located between main deck and layboy section. A unique gap free, non-moving section. Lexan Vision Backstop: Allows operators to see clearly blanks as they enter the hopper section.
  • 21. LaserLine(Layboy Arm System)
  • 22. Flexi-Deck(Expanding Transfer Section)
  • 23. Lexan Vision Backstop
  • 24. Additional Options AccuNip (Layboy arm nip adjustment system): Adjusts the rear section of the layboy arm belts to match caliper setting on the in-feed side of the arm. Vacuum Deck: Aids in controlling warped and odd shaped blanks. Carriage Style 2” Subbing Wheel Assembly: Replaces standard gang w/a system that is attached to a common carriage, mounted to a track on the machine side frame. Rotating Layboy Exit Guides: Tool for controlling lift of blanks exiting the layboy section.
  • 25. Vacuum Deck(For controlling warped board and unique Die Cuts)
  • 26. Carriage Style 2” Snubbing Wheel Assembly (Gang adjust system)
  • 27. Rotating Layboy Exit Guides(Spring Steel Tension Applicators)
  • 28. Additional Options (To assist in running multi-out orders & Set-up) Order Memory Package: For saving order set-up information for repeat orders in memory for faster set- upon return. Four –out Layboy Arms: Eight (8) Lead Edge Guides: Aids in transiting small blanks from RDC nip to Layboy nip. AccuNip Layboy Adjustment System: Allows operator to adjust the rear section of the layboy arm belts to match caliper settings on the in-feed side of the arm, provides greater control for individual die cut blanks.
  • 29. 8 Lead Edge Guides(Aids in transitioning small blanks)
  • 30. AccuNip Layboy Arm Nip Adjustment(Allows operator to adjust the nip to match caliper of board)
  • 31. Additional Options(To assist in Transition into Hopper) AAA (Auto Angle Adjust): Works in concert with Air Manifold to lift larger blanks into the hopper. Reducing nose dive of the blank. Scissor Lift & Plastic Mesh Conveyor : 108” Wide x 72” Long. (NO PIT REQUIRED)
  • 32. AAA - Auto Angle Adjust(Provides lift for larger board entering hopper)
  • 33. Scissor Lift & Plastic Mesh Conveyor Top (108”W x 72”L & NO PIT REQUIRED)
  • 34.  Motorized Drive Side Tamper/Divider: Motorized Backstop upgrade: Speeds up backstop movement and reduces operator involvement within the exit conveyor system. Solid Aluminum Ventilated Backstop: Allows trapped air to escape the hopper when bundle logs (large blanks or nicked sheets) enter the hopper.
  • 35. Motorized Side Tamper
  • 36. Motorized Backstop Upgrade
  • 37. Solid Aluminum Ventilated Backstop
  • 38. Additional Items Auxiliary Layboy Touch Screen: Allows convenient control of Layboy scrap blower, LaserLine & belt speed. SRT (Scrap Release Technology): Upgrade for solid or Vision backstop. Allows scrap trapped between load and backstop to be released. Pivoting Hopper Guides: Designed to handle difficult die cuts and odd shaped sheets within the hopper. Air-operated deck snubbing wheel lift system: Gang lift of snubbing wheels at decks end allow quick clearing of jams. Batching Take-Away Conyor. Full width Scrap Conveyor. Timing belt upgrade: Replaces traditional sprocket, gear & chain drive.
  • 39. At A.G. Stacker our abilities can be your resource for an everexpanding array of manufacturing products and services. If you did notsee what you are looking for, please let us know. Our history is filledwith many successful, ongoing ventures sparked by a customer inquiryor an idea or a request to manufacture their prototype. We are very proud to build this machine right here in Virginia and welook forward to the relationships and friendships we continue to buildthroughout this incredible industry.Thank you for your interest and time. Should you have questions pleasefeel free to contact me.
  • 40. Enjoy your day.Don BogardusRegional Sales ManagerAG Stacker, Inc.Cell: