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  • 1. Meet Josh! •  Josh  is  a  junior  in  high  school     •  He’s  a  member  of  Model  UN,   forward  on  the  soccer  team,  and   academically,  he’s  on  a  hot  streak,   no  B’s  since  first  semester   freshman  year   •  And  to  top  it  off  he  just  found  out   he  got  a  5  on  his  Advanced   Placement  US  History  exam,   earning  him  college  credit  when  he   enrolls  in  15  months  or  so   •  We  helped  him  do  that  
  • 2. Josh used GetAFive to get a 5 on his 
 AP US History Exam! •  Josh  learned  about  GetAFive  from  his   teacher   •  He  had  access  to  video  review   lessons,  taught  by  an  expert  AP   educator,  quiz  quesMons,  and  a  full-­‐ length  pracMce  exam   •  GeOng  a  5  earns  Josh  college  credit,   helping  him  in  his  quest  to  graduate   a  semester  early  and  save  $20,000  
  • 3. •  In  2012,  3.7  million  Advanced  Placement  (AP)  examinaMons  were   taken  by  2.1  million  high  school  students     •  In  comparison,  1.7  million  students  took  the  SAT  last  year   The AP Program Helps Millions of Students Like Josh Each Year Earn College Credit While in High School ! Source:  College  Board  
  • 4. 5   The  number  of  students  taking  AP   exams  has  grown  significantly   Source:  College  Board  
  • 5. GetAFive helps AP students during the school year and as prep for the May exam! 12-20 hours of video-based subject review, broken out into 10 minute segments" Section quizzes following videos" Plus:   • Customized study tools for students" • Full-length practice exam" • A variety of useful teacher tools" • GetAFive is FREE for students and teachers!
  • 6. Product  Completed  for  3  courses:     AP©  Calculus  AB  (Nov  2012)    •    AP  US  History  (Mar  2013)    •    AP  World  History  (Mar  2013)     GetAFive launched in November 2012 and has seen impressive results to date! 15,000  enrollments   96,000  videos  watched   122,545  quizzes  taken   52,000  unique  visitors   Over 1  million  page  views   Average  Mme  on  site:   16 minutes! GetAFive  achieved  over  1%  market  penetraCon     in  2  of  3  courses  within  2  months!  
  • 7. •  Colleges  and  universiCes  pay  $15  on  average  for  qualified   leads  –  Each  of  our  students  is  a  quality  lead  to  mulMple   colleges     •  AP  teachers  would  also  use  a  similar  product  for  their   standard  level  courses  -­‐  increasing  our  market  size  from  2   million  students  a  year  to  16  million  students  a  year!     •  Teachers  acCvely  use  our  product  throughout  the  year,   instead  of  just  referring  students  to  it  passively  -­‐   significantly  decreasing  the  seasonality  of  the  business   We also learned... !
  • 8. And students and teachers love us, confirming product/market fit! 92% of  students    found  GetAFive  helpful   89% of  students  would  use     GetAFive  for  another  class   97% saCsfacCon  rate  amongst     students  AND  teachers!   84% of  teachers  would     Recommend  GetAFive     throughout  the  year   1,561  out  of  1,566  students    would  refer  a  friend   97% of  teachers  would    recommend  GetAFive     for  non-­‐AP  courses   92%! 89%! 97%! 84%! 99%! 97%!
  • 9. Monetization Strategy! We’ll  moneCze  through     •  Lead  GeneraMon  to   colleges/universiMes/other   student  programs     •  Premium  products  for   students  and  teachers     •  Other  AdverMsing  
  • 10. CompeCtor   AP  Product?   Base  Price   Online  Videos?   Curriculum  or   Test  Prep   Online  teacher   tools?   GetAFive   YES   FREE   YES   BOTH   YES   ConnecMons   Academy   YES   (9-­‐12)  $6k/year   YES  –  Live   Courses   C   Full  Online   School   Khan  Academy   NO   FREE   YES   C   YES   Learn  Zillion   NO   FREE   YES   C   YES   PrepU   YES   $40/course   NO   TP   YES   McGraw  Hill  AP   Test  Prep   YES   $20/course   NO   TP   YES   Princeton   Review   YES   $14/textbook   NO   TP   NO   Kaplan   YES   $99/course   NO   TP   NO   Benchprep   YES   $25/month   SOME   TP   NO   Shmoop   YES   $17/course   SOME   TP   YES   Brightstorm   YES   $9.99/month   YES   TP   NO   GetAFive is uniquely positioned in the EdTech space!
  • 11. •  Build  and  grow  lead  generaMon  plakorm   •  Create  content  for  10  addiMonal  AP  courses   •  Expand  into  non-­‐AP  courses   •  Create  premium  for-­‐sale  product  components   •  Secure  adverMsing  partners   •  Get  our  product  in  the  hands  of  over  1  million  high  school   students  through  significant  business  development  efforts   We are currently seeking a $1 million investment to:! We  already  have  $250,000  commi^ed  to  the  raise  
  • 12. The 24 Month Roadmap! BD  Hire,  begin  lead  gen   efforts,  launch  standard   level  product   Launch  freemium   tools,  e.g.   smartphone  app   Recruit  teachers,  create   product  for  addiMonal  10   AP  Courses   Launch  tutoring   program   Begin  work  on   college  counseling   program   7/13! 1/14! 4/14! Spring / Summer 2014! Increase  content,  add   courses  teacher  outreach,   product  improvements   Fundraise   1/15! 6/15! ~ 200k! ~ 400k! ~ 600k!
  • 13. •  Startup  Advisor,  Serial   Entrepreneur   •  MBA  from  U  of  C  Booth   School  of  Business  ,  B.S.   from  Northwestern   University       •  Earned  1  year  of   college  credit    from   performance  on  7  APs   We’ve come this far with a solid team & supportive backers! Danny Levi, ! Co-Founder & COO!   Lindsay Cohen, ! Co-Founder & CEO!   Devin McCabe,! Co-Founder & Developer!   •  Serial  Entrepreneur   •  B.A.  from  Yale   University       •  Earned  numerous   passing  scores  on   AP  exams,  fueling   his  acceptance  to   Yale   •  B.S.  from  University   of  Wisconsin,   Madison   •  Earned  1  semester   of  college  credit   from  performance   on  APs   GetAFive is backed by $300k in seed funding from:!
  • 14. What teachers and students are saying!