Reading Partners New Tutor Orientation


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Reading Partners New Tutor Orientation

  1. 1. New Tutor Orientation
  2. 2. Introduction Welcome to Reading Partners! As a Reading Partner you will transform the life of a student by helping them improve their reading skills. This orientation will provide a brief introduction to the Reading Partners program as well as an overview of what to expect as a Reading Partner.
  3. 3. About Reading Partners Reading Partners was founded on the belief that all children deserve the critical reading skills they need to prepare them for academic, social and civic success. Our founders recognized that children in underserved communities don’t have the resources they need to succeed in school and without individualized support, each year they continue to fall further and further behind in grade level. In 1999, Reading Partners (then called YES Reading) was founded to combat this education crisis facing our nation. Reading Partners has grown to serve over 5,000 students nationwide with continued plans for growth.
  4. 4. About Reading Partners
  5. 5. The Achievement Gap A recent study showed that by third grade, students from middle to upper income families have four times the total vocabulary as those from economically disadvantaged families in similar geographic areas. As struggling students go through school, the gap in literacy skills widens – a phenomenon called the Matthew Effect. Without intervention, students on this path continue to fall behind, resulting in low self- confidence, poor achievement, and ultimately, school dropout.
  6. 6. Program Model That’s where Reading Partners comes in. We reach students in elementary school and provide them with powerful, one-on-one tutoring that helps close their learning gap. With Reading Partners, children accelerate their rate of learning, meaning they learn at a faster rate which helps close the achievement gap.
  7. 7. Program Model (cont.)
  8. 8. Program Model (cont.) Volunteers are the heart of Reading Partners. As a Reading Partner, you will nurture a positive connection with your student, while helping them develop the reading skills they need to succeed in life. Reading Partners is a unique program because you will work one- on-one with children for one hour per week. By working one-on-one, you can make important adaptations to meet each child at their individual pace and learning style which allows children to feel confident as they learn.
  9. 9. Program Model (cont.) Reading Partners is designed specifically to support volunteers. Tutoring takes place at the children’s school in a dedicated reading center. Each Reading Partners reading center is staffed by a Site Coordinator who is on hand at all times to support you during tutoring. Program Managers, often former teachers, also visit centers approximately once a week to help develop literacy intervention plans for each student and to coach tutors throughout their tutoring experience.
  10. 10. Program Model (cont.)
  11. 11. Program Model (cont.) Because of all the added support, tutors do not need any prior experience in order to participate in our program. All we expect is that you commit to tutoring at least one hour per week. We know that everyone can make a huge impact in a child’s life and Reading Partners is designed to help you make the most of your time in the classroom.
  12. 12. What to Expect Reading Partners program is extremely structured and easy to follow: Each lesson starts with a tutor read aloud. In this portion, students select a book from the read aloud library for you to read with them. After the read aloud you will introduce a new skill using the lesson plan and students will have an opportunity to practice the new skill using worksheets. Finally, students will practice reading during the student read aloud portion. Once you attend your shadow session you will learn more information about our curriculum. Remember, the lessons are structured so that you don’t need any prior experience. Your Site Coordinator is on hand at all times to support you throughout the tutoring session! Check out the video on the next slide to get an inside look at a Reading Center.
  13. 13. Tutor Expectations Reading Partners wants you to have the best experience possible. In order to help you succeed as a Reading Partner we ask that you meet the following expectations. As a tutor you will: •  Use the Reading Partners curriculum when tutoring students •  Commit to at least one session per week •  Arrive on time and prepared for tutoring •  Communicate any questions, concerns or issues with your Site Coordinator •  Assist Reading Partners in creating a safe, structured and positive learning environment for children
  14. 14. Tutor Expectations (cont.) Reading Partners requires all volunteers to undergo a thorough background check, and in some cases, a tuberculosis test. This ensures the safety of all students in the program. You will also be asked to sign a Tutor Code of Conduct which specifically details the expectations of the program.
  15. 15. Tutor Expectations (cont.) In exchange, Reading Partners will: •  Provide training and tutoring support to empower you as a tutor to effectively support student’s academic progress •  Provide continual support to you during the school year via check-ins and debrief sessions with your Site Coordinator •  Provide a safe, positive and structured environment conducive to learning •  Answer any questions you may have as a tutor •  Keep all your contact information strictly confidential
  16. 16. Next Steps Your next step is to come in for your shadow session. At the shadow session you’ll meet your Site Coordinator, get oriented to the reading center, and observe tutoring. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at Make sure to include your name and region in the email. We can’t wait to see you soon!