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description about sharks
dicrimination beween
sharks and dolphins

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  1. 1. ByDanish kazani
  2. 2. CONTENTS• Sharks Have a Bad Reputation• Shark Attacks• Most Dangerous to Humans• Mistaken Identity• Predators- HUMANS• Myths About Shark
  3. 3. Sharks Have a Bad ReputationMovies and media play a huge role in this stereotype
  4. 4. The 1975 film “Jaws” about a killer shark, scared audiences out of the water, and fueled a worldwide hatred and fear of
  5. 5. M e d ia R o le “Summer of the Shark”Last year shark attacks were all over our TVscreensLess attacks that year than the previous but onTV moreLittle Boy gets arm ripped off by shark andheroic uncle goes in after the sharkThis is one reason the media plays up onattacks
  6. 6. Bethany Hamilton a 13 year old girl attacked while surfing• Media covered this story and it was seen all over the world- “Vicious shark rips girls arm off!”
  7. 7. When is the most likely time toencounter a shark- FEEDING TIME Dawn till 10am and 2-4 pm
  8. 8. Shark AttacksMany People think this is the result when a shark is nearbyThis is very wrong, in actuality the chances of being bitten by a shark are slim to none. In the United States, the chances of drowning are 1000 times greater than being attacked by a shark.
  9. 9. World Shark AttacksYEAR TOTAL FATAL NON-FATAL ATTACKS1990 37 2 351991 38 3 351992 55 7 481993 55 14 411994 55 14 411995 62 9 531996 74 11 631997 43 3 401998 60 12 481999 54 6 48
  10. 10. S h a r k s a r e in t h e w a t e rw it h h u m a n s a ll t h e t im e a n d ye t yo u h a v e a b e t t e r c h a n c e o f b e in gs t r u c k b y lig h t n in g t h a n b it t e n b y a s h a r k !!!!
  11. 11. There are over 344 species of sharks andonly 27 have been accused of attackinghumans Those three sharks include:
  12. 12. Great White (Carcharodon Carcharias)
  13. 13. Bull Shark (Carcharhinus Leucas)
  14. 14. Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo Cuviev)
  15. 15. Mistaken IdentityOne of the main reasons that scientistsbelieve that sharks attack surfers isbecause a person on a surfboardresembles the sharks normal prey, a seal.
  16. 16. Another reason that may be a cause of sharkattacks on man is a confusion state for theshark.Shark feeding is becoming more and morepopular as a tourist attraction and sharks arerelating humans to food.
  17. 17. Humans are sharks #1 PredatorHumans hunt and kill sharks for several reasons To eat Cosmetics Pills Prizes Test their masculinity Net Protection
  18. 18. PeoPle eat all Different kinDs of sharksOne of the most common types of food is shark fin soup
  19. 19. Cosmetics The gallbladder and part of the shark’sliver have been shown to improve acne and other skin complaints.
  20. 20. P illsHealth pills made from shark’s liver claimto reduce the incident of heart disease andcancer, and to increase longevity. For many years, shark livers were used as a source of vitamin A and E until a synthetic alternative was discovered in the 1950’s
  21. 21. Prizes• Jewelry - Shark Teeth• Souvenirs - Jaws from a shark
  22. 22. T e s t in g t h e ir s tre ng thMan has been hunting sharksfor years to prove that theyare the more dominantspecies. It is a way for men totest their masculinity and inturn, thousands uponthousands of sharks die eachyear.
  23. 23. N e t t in gIn o r d e r t o p r o t e c tb a t h e r s , f is h in g n e t sa r e la id a c r o s s t h eo c e a n s o tha t s ha rk sc a n n o t s w im t o c lo s eto s ho re
  24. 24. • Th e only p rob le m is th at s h arks ge t cau gh t in th e ne ts and d ie
  25. 25. Many people don’t care because it is only a shark that is dead-B u t W h a t If …
  26. 26. It was a dolphin, would you feel differently????
  27. 27. Myths About Sharks• Sharks have peanut size brains and are incapable of learning False, Shark’s relatively large and complex brains are comparable in size to those of supposedly more advanced animals like mammals and birds.• Sharks are useless fish No way, sharks are a critical part of marine ecosystems, a source for knowledge to help medical conditions, and the basis of a valuable fishery.
  28. 28. S om e M ore M yth s• Sharks prefer human blood False, most sharks do not appear to be especially interested in the blood of mammals as opposed to fish blood• A shark will attack every time in contact with a person False, people are in the water with sharks all the time and do not get attacked
  29. 29. Sharks are one of the most amazing animalsDon’t fear them, rather admirethem for their beauty and grace
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