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Report 2 (1)

  1. 1. Business Final Project BibiAmeerahPeerun 0313939 Chua Chang Yeong 0314044 Teo Chong Yih 0314660 VoonSzeLun 0315032
  2. 2. Executive Summary La Chocolaterie, is a non-profit company that runs a charitable business in Taylor’s University for a time interval of 5 days. This Charity Fund Event covers the final part of Introduction to Business, Foundation in Natural and Built Environment. The profits gained through this activity are all donated to TiRatana Welfare Society. Ti-Ratana Welfare Society is a community service society established in the essence of compassion to both help and offer shelter, education and care to the deprivedpeople of the society. It is also a charitable, not-for-profit, non-partisan and non-denominational organization providing a wide range of social services. La Chocolaterie is a temporary business selling personalized chocolates. The items we sell are displayed in a very romantic way in the stall to attract couples, students, staffs and so on, as it was during the Valentines’ week. The non-profit company was managed by group of four students. [Names]. Sponsor (Chocolate Graphics) provided money as capital to start the business. Some chocolates that have not been sold will be return to the factory. RM1000 was collected as sponsorship, anonymously. Furthermore, we also got 162 free chocolates by Chocolate Graphics and a lucky draw with two winners. The Campus is a perfectspot for staffs, students, couples and visitors. A total profit of [Profit] has been obtained. This profit comprises sales earnings and cash from contributors. Finally, this project, La Chocolaterie has donated a total [Total] to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society.
  3. 3. Objectives 1. We are helping the Ti-Ratana Organization; as we would like to promote education, provide shelter and food to the deprived ones of the society. 2. To get a minimum donation amount of RM2000 during the entire charity fundactivity 3. To sell about 485 chocolates boxes. Target Market Students of Taylor’s, mostly couples of age group 16-25. Staff members of age group 25-50 years old. Citizens visiting the University campus, during the sale day, most of them was in a festive mood of “Valentines Day” they will buy chocolate for their loved ones as the sales were during the valentines day week. Competition Analysis During the sale days, we had obviously competitors as they also were trying to sell items for which profits will be donated in a particular charity drive event. We had two main rivals; 1. Kawthar’s group This group was selling an Arizona rare drink. It was in a quite big can, which contained green tea, sufficient enough, and they were selling it at RM 9.00 only. This drink was new in the market nobody has ever heard about it before, and people were more tempted to try a new taste. Eventually, many liked that new beverage and it was a trend among students for a week only. Moreover, the group was walking around the University campus to ask for donation in order to reach their goal the charity.
  4. 4. 2. Alisha’s group Her group was selling chocolates, mostly M&Ms chocolate, as their main product. They were selling those chocolates at a relatively lower price than mine. In general, people buy cheaper items preferentially, and most of the students and staff will prefer to buy cheaper chocolates. Besides chocolates, they were also selling roses, wristbands and other girly stuffs that were in favor of them, as many people would buy these items as valentines’ gift for their partners. In addition, Alisha’s group also was moving round the campus to seek for donation to support their particular charity association. Vulnerabilities The sale took place during the Valentines Day week. My company, La Chocolaterie was selling chocolate of very good quality at an affordable price. Our target was mainly couple as they would like to buy for each other chocolates. Our chocolates were kind of unique one; every unit was different to each other. They had special “love messages” written on it using chocolates of different colors. These determining elements of ours made people more attracted to buy our chocolates, rather than cheap ones, which can be found in every supermarket.
  5. 5. Products  Chocolates Description A Sweet delicious baked chocolate, rich in cacao and milk and well-balanced amount of sugar. Benefits Chocolates are known to contain many anti-oxidants, which are very advantageous for the body. These anti-oxidants repairs damaged human cells and also prevent some types of cancer.Chocolates also have Flavonol, it is an important element found in cacao. Although having properties similar to hormones, Flavonol also lowers blood pressure as well as allowing the smooth blood flow throughout the body. In addition, chocolate contains the “Love Hormone”, oxytocin. This chemical is produce in our brain whenever you hold the hand of someone you love or while hugging him or her, and also while taking a bite of chocolate. This hormone has the property, when produced in the brain, to have a good humor and stay happy. As the sale was during Valentines Day week, mostly couples would wish to buy for their partner.
  6. 6.  Lollipop Description Sweets of different colors, amazing flavors and also personalized “messages” on each of them. Advantages There are numerous types of sweet in our product. They are wrapped and it looks tidy and attractive. Eating sweet, obviously can make anyone happy because of their sweetness and can make people become more excited, happy and energetic.
  7. 7. Packaging 1. Labeling In each of our chocolates or lollipops, all of them have specific labels, barcode and so on. 2. Durability All of our products come with at least one time of expiration of one year and they are firmly sealed by hand. 3. Size Size: 5x5 cm Size: 3x3 cm And other chocolates come with standard size boxes. Most people are greatly visual and consequently we definitely want them to embed our products with the packaging. Apart from, bright, glossy, cute and attractive packaging which normally draw attract customer, together with a great space of transparency; clear plastic the customer can essentially see the product in real.
  8. 8. Pricing Items Buying Price/RM Selling Price/RM Chocolate (5x5cm) 3 6 Chocolate (3x3cm) 1.25 2.5 Lollipop 3 6 Chocolate Cookies 8 12 Our most famous product was “chocolate cookies”. Many people liked it, and some came again to buy more. Only 6 units were left, whereas the other items; about 70% of the total were sold. We also had a sale time and that includes the following; 1. Buy good amounting RM10, for the first two days of charity, you a free chocolate. 2. When 2 chocolate (5x5cm) are bought, it will be summed as RM11 instead of RM12, plus a free chocolate is obtained. 3. On the third day of chocolate, any chocolate bought, a free chocolate is obtained. 4. On the third day itself, the price of chocolate (3x3cm) was decreased to RM2
  9. 9. Promotion Our marketing motto was to foster “Education, the 3 basic needs; food, shelter and clothing” to the needy people of the community. Primarily, education is a fundamental asset and also is a human right which everybody should have access to. In order to obtain a good education, financing is essential. That’s the reason we are raising funds for the Ti-Ratana organization. We had 4 main ways of advertising our products  A Facebook page, “La Chocolaterie”, that we created before the charity drive  Face-to-Face conversation with students, staffs and public  Free tester, on spot  Via Posters Using the famous social networking website, Facebook, allowed us to make our products more visible to a greater number of people. In addition, Face-to-face conversations allow us to suggest ideas of our products more openly to customers. Moreover, we also allow visitors to taste our chocolates, cookies and so on, to let them have a better idea of our products, which surely convey them, to buy more.Posters are eye-catching and effective marketing tools which can lurepotential buyers from a quite a distance, this helped us a great in the advertising process.
  10. 10. Sponsors Sponsorship Chocolate Graphics was our main sponsor. There were several individual anonymous sponsors who contributed to this project. Also, my group members and I sponsored some amount of money. Our main product was chocolate, something that almost everybody love. That’s why we have chosen Chocolate graphics as our main sponsors, financing us to support the cause that we are fighting for Ti-Ratana. We contacted them through several means such as sponsorship letter& e-mails, telephone call and face-to-face meetings. Before the charity drive we contacted many chocolate manufacturers to obtained sponsorship, among which include;     Beryls Chocolate World Le Bourne Famous Amos These Chocolate companies did not replied, concerning the sponsorship. One of the reasons might be that they are too busy with bulk orders as they are big firms and will not concentrate with some minor charity drive.
  11. 11. Distribution Our goods for this charity fund drive are not obtained or renewable. We made estimation on an approximate amount before we ordered our products. Our main mean of distribution is via the vehicles of our group members, in which they gathered our products days ahead before the charity drive event. We placed our products in the car and collected each items with the help of my group members, then we set up the stall. All our products weredisplayed on the stall before we sold them all. Consequently, buyers do not have to wait for our products as we do our best to hand over the goods they want in the shortest time interval. We are collecting fund for Ti-Ratana, which is quite well known in Malaysia, we can approach visitors for donation and support in our products very easily. Actually, there weremany customers who donated generous amounts in support of the cause. Operational Budget From our main sponsor, “Chocolate Graphics” we obtained some chocolates as sponsorship. We managed to gain RM1000 from my group members and also from individuals. All the profit and donation gained was donated to Ti-Ratana Organization.
  12. 12. Human Resource Planning Human resources planning arephases that classify human resources requirements for us to accomplish our missions. Human resources planning should function as a connection between human resources management and the generalcalculated plan of an association. We achieve financial plans to be sure that we could reach the goal fixed by lecturer and us, which is collectingRM2000for a time delay of 5days. Though we have small stall with few 4 members, we built up a strategic proposal to monitorresults. Our strategic HR planning has lead us to view from a budgetary perspective so that we can account the prices of products into our operating budget. Bibi Ameerah Peerun (Project Manager) Chua Chang Yeong (Accountant) Chong Yih Teo (Marketing Executive) Voon Sze Lun (Marketing Executive) Bibi Ameerah Peerun is our project leader and is responsible for the planning, management, co-ordination of the business. Chua Chang Yeong who is our accountant is in control ofsupervision and handling daily process of accounts owed, cash receipts. In addition, the job account assists to our marketing executives, Chong YihTeo and VoonSzeLun is about preparing, advertising, organizing events, product development, sponsorship and finally research. We hadgood results by working efficiently due to the strategic human resources planning and we coped with all thecolleagues.
  13. 13. Evaluation of results The objectives we set to accomplished in our business charity fund project are to obtain sponsorship, search for providers for the goods we want to trade, earn at least RM2000, sell away all the goods we bought and donate our money earned, sales income and donation to Ti-Ratana Organization, Malaysia All of our group members were appointed by our group leader, Bibi Ameerah Peerun to contact a few firms or people who wish to allocate us sponsorship. After a several trials, we have successfully obtained chocolates from Chocolate Graphics as sponsorships where all the profits will be donated to Ti-Ratana, and also we bought some additional chocolate. Moreover, we were able to collect RM1000 as donation from people. The sponsorship we have collected is used in the purchaseof goods that we are going to sell during the charity function. It is very difficult to find providers who are willing to sponsor their goods to us or supply at lower price. Thus, we decided what products to sell during the charity drive. Nevertheless, we have managed to search for suppliers and sponsor in the right time. We obtained 485 boxes of chocolate from our main sponsor, Chocolate Graphics. The 485 boxes contain chocolate box (5x5cm), chocolate (3x3cm), chocolate cookies, and lollipop. Our target was to collect more than RM2000 during our charity drive function, which lasted for 5 days, so we evaluated our performance according on capital, sales and donation. We studied the sales into anticipated ups and downs. We expected that 70%of our products would be over in the third day. In response to our goal, we have earned only RM1600, which consists of the capital, sales and donation. We have sold out about 55% of our products: chocolate, lollipop, and cookies, as a whole. As a conclusive note, we did not reached our aimed amount of donation, which is RM2000. May be, people were more interested with cheaper products or our advertisement did not reach many people.
  14. 14. Income Statement Profit & Loss Report Sales Sales RM 1412 Cost of Goods Sold 3x3 Chocolate Card RM155 5x5 Chocolate Card RM174 Choco Lolli RM102 Choco Cookies RM360 RM791 Gross Profit RM621 Donation - Adjusted Gross Profit RM621 Expense Printing and Receipt Book Transportation RM 11.50 RM 9.50 Total Expense RM 21 Net Profit RM 600
  15. 15. Reference Our Facebook Page link: Our Video Link:
  16. 16. Appendix Mr./Ms./Mdm. Re: Requesting Product Sponsorship for Charity Drive Event We, the students from the School of Architecture, Taylor’s University, are currently involved in a fundraising event for our school project in February 2014. Therefore, we are forwarding this e-mail with the intention to invite your company to become our sponsor in this event. 2. Our plan is to raise a total of RM2000.00 via sales of your products. All profits earned during the event will be donated to the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, based in Salak South Baru, Kuala Lumpur. 3. Furthermore, this organization was founded in 1994. Ti-Ratana Welfare Society is a community service society set up in the spirit of compassion to both serve and provide shelter, education and care to the underprivileged members of the community. Being a voluntary and non-profit organization, Ti-Ratana depends of the continuous generosity and kind contributions of volunteers and donors to sustain the operation of our various centers, programs and activities. Pease find below for some data: Number of children/orphans: 200 Number of senior citizen: 120 Youngest Resident – Orphanage: 4 Month Old Oldest Resident – Orphanage: 19 Years Old Youngest Resident – Old Folks Home: 58 Years Old Oldest Resident – Old Folks Home: 93 Years Old Data as at: September 2013 4. As you can see, Ti-Ratana Welfare society serves a noble cause and plays an important role in our society. Therefore, we would be delighted and it would mean a great deal to the community service if you could assist us in any possible manner. 5. I look forward to hearing your reply about our request. You may reach me at 0189672136. Thanking you in anticipation. Sincerely yours, Peerun Bibi Ameerah (Leader of the Group)
  17. 17. Donation Receipt
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  19. 19. Posters
  20. 20. Receipt from supplier