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[Day4] 1 St SSAGeospatial Week Follow Up Action Notes Rev2
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  • 1. CSI 2009-2010 ACTION PLAN Who?: Leads/Working What?: Topic Remarks Immediate action/Next Step Groups CSI Website Team: Jawoo Koo, Website Develop an action plan for the short- Emily Schmidt, Glenn Hyman, term and the long-term. and Silvia Renn Content Management System to open up site for shared responsibility in maintenance/update? Establish Blog Ag Dev data – Jawoo Koo and Andy Jarvis Salman Siddiqui ICIMOD to share framework with the website team Wolfgang Goebel ESRI GeoPortal Can ESRI harvest CSI Geonetwork metadata? Blog categories – Silvia Renn and Lisa Rebelo Wolfgang Goebel CSI Geonetwork Share ideas on the need to revitalize nodes the Geonetwork nodes and how CJ Terburgh Can ESRI harvest CSI Geonetwork metadata for its GEO Portal? Stanley, Kai, Mishak, Todd African Put together, harmonize existing Agricultural proposals (need something quite Research & modular) Development Align visions on content Atlas Need money to implement. Stanley, Enrica CSI Promotion Initial focus: Website up & running, Then see how/whether to move on “branding”. Sibiry, Alice Laborte, Kai Share training modules for upload to the Training &
  • 2. Who?: Leads/Working What?: Topic Remarks Immediate action/Next Step Groups Sonder, others website Capacity Building Stanley Draft a one or two-page concept around partnership & capacity building with AGRA. Share note. (Who is willing to have take part? Then hold a virtual meeting on how to move ahead more concretely) Sibiry Traore Sibiry to put in contact with person who has more details on the START fellowship program. We need to remember CSI’s interests Outreach also beyond Africa. So how to focus on other regions too (e.g. thematic CSI meeting in Asia?) All Workgroups; Kate Lance, All Workgroups are encouraged to Partnership George MuAmmar identify partners. Kate Lance to explore on potential funding for research. George to explore potential for partnership. Climate Change: Andy Jarvis, Working/ An Notenbaert, Lieven Thematic Claessens, Kai Sonder, Interest Wolfgang Goebel, Jawoo Koo, Groups * George MuAmmar, Meshack Nyabenge, (Robert H?) Data & Tools: Silvia Renn on Less on common tools and more on licensing issue. how to convert data. Catalog of what is available, maybe we just put it on the website. Many open source tools have strengths and weaknesses, it would be great to have a SWOT. Could set up a
  • 3. Who?: Leads/Working What?: Topic Remarks Immediate action/Next Step Groups wiki. Some group online has done this, Jubal will send a link. Poverty: Andy Farrow, George MuAmmar, Stanley Wood, Silvia Renn, Siobhan Murray, Jawoo Koo (Robert H?) Land cover/use: Alice Laborte, Salman Siddiqui, An Notenbaert, Meshack Nyabenge, Lisa Rebelo, Kai Sonder, Stanley Drought: Jawoo Koo, Glen Hyman, Andy Farrow, George MuAmmar Prices: – WFP, Stanley Wood, Jawoo Koo, Emily Schmidt, Silvia Renn This could be an AGCommons issue Crowd sourcing and AGCommons could provide leadership on this. Next CSI Second African Agriculture April 12, 2010 in Bamako. Meeting Geospatial Week WhereCamp2. Restart GIS User Group in Bamako. More participation from universities, & regional and community groups Stanley to follow up but CSI nominations (including self Coordination nominations welcomed) Team ESRI License Agreement (& Renewal)
  • 4. Who?: Leads/Working What?: Topic Remarks Immediate action/Next Step Groups See matrix on themes. 4-5 Project Ideas * Need to have 1 hour session at next CSI meeting, but each group, within a month, to come up with a summary of group and work plan, objectives (keep them realistic) NOT YET FULLY TRANSFERRED TO TABLE Website - Need to actively coordinate with FAO, WFP - George could take on role, since he is already working with FAO on this. Need to make sure it’s not crashing, not difficult. If we want to do something more with it (metadata development). What is the objective of this? The clearinghouse approach is not working. Is it to find each other’s data or so the wider community can be aware? Need to assess if it is working. Should check the web stats to see how many people are accessing it. Training and capacity building - Website has a space for the training part – data etc. pooled. Alice, Kai, others have training modules to share, to put in the website. - Sibiry – we can learn from START. They have been developing ACC (African Climate Change) fellowship program to send out invitations for proposals. We proposed at ICRISAT and we have been selected to have fellows/interns. Interesting experience to develop on program to focus on geospatial tools. Sibiry to put in contact with person who has more details on the program. - Sibiry mentioned of a master copy to deliver training classes to participants (ESRI author classes). Who do we need to send this master account for. ESRI-CGIAR MOU. It’s acceptable to anyone who has signed the ESRI-CGIAR MOU. Need to sign the agreement and pay the annual fee. Outreach Sibiry – more scope in getting things done and reaching out to farmers, to focus on regions. I have because I’m not expert on climate change for example. Attach a topic to regions. We are always accused of lacking focus. I’ve been told by breeders repeatedly that they don’t trust us. Maybe we look more at geographic scales, maybe regional or lower level. Partnership
  • 5. -Andy: in the WG we identified, those teams can identify partners. - Kate: SERVIR – potential funding – some funds can be mobilized for research - George: WFP to explore potential on partnership Task Force for each of the topics: - What do working groups do -- need to have 1 hour session at next CSI meeting, but each group, within a month, to come up with a summary of group and work plan, objectives (keep them realistic) Enrica - Negotiate one license paid for on behalf of the centers. Others Stanley Wood Two elements of risk – aligning with a specific donor with a specific business; and question of identity – are we CSI or are we AGCommons On the benefits side – general feeling that AGCOmmons is a really useful notion of pushing us further – what is additional thing we are going to do in outreach; we are basically researchers and foundation is action development – maybe this group could serve as a sort of scientific watchdogs; perhaps the member of CSI could be useful to AGCommons implementation team to help identify opportunities and help AGCommons design program around partnering It’s helping us articulate what we want to do and package it. We also got information here on the thematic side.