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[Day 2] Center Presentation: ESAMAP


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Presented by Ravi Prabhu at the CGIAR-CSI Annual Meeting 2009: Mapping Our Future. March 31 - April 4, 2009, ILRI Campus, Nairobi, Kenya

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[Day 2] Center Presentation: ESAMAP

  1. 1. The Regional Plan for Collective Action in Eastern & Southern Africa ESA Map Ravi Prabhu
  2. 2. Goal  To foster the emergence of a coordinated, cohesive program of agricultural research that  produces clear economies of scale and scope at low transaction costs,  in order to successfully address regional priorities.  These priorities range from complex problems of stagnant or falling agricultural productivity, poverty to impacts of climate variation.
  3. 3. Complex problems require a systemic approach and collective action – if many ‘mini green revolutions’ are to result
  4. 4. Regional Plan for ESA Three main outcomes drive the plan: 1. A clearer picture of the research in the region 2. A program of work that adds value and addresses both regional & system priorities 3. A results oriented culture that is based on shared knowledge, information and action
  5. 5. ESA Map Who is doing what, where and with whom? Responds to widespread demands for transparency, accountability Basis for collaboration, economies of scope and scale Supports CGIAR priorities & African development agenda Collaboration between Regional Plan and ICT-KM Program Uses CG Map design structure and the power of Google
  6. 6. What’s next? Link to outputs Include bio information Improve searchability Improve spatial representation Catalyse emergence of a dispersed, linked information system on the same platform (e.g. IFAD Africa) Happy to have your ideas!!
  7. 7. Thank you for your attention!