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[Day 3] Assessment Grid By Chris Nicholas


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Published in: Technology
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[Day 3] Assessment Grid By Chris Nicholas

  1. 1. AssessmentGRID: A ground-up perspective, and call to action Chris Nicholas CSI-CGIAR meeting March, 2009
  2. 2. Development “Missile people look down at the World; submarine people look up.” inhabitants around Access to data, computers, software, and bandwidth is great, but....SO WHAT ?? AssessmentGRID: looking around Assess reality and choices to optimize outcomes, at many levels END-END coupled decision support SCALABLE, billable, information “ecosystem” Sustainable, Information as a critical weapon in the struggle against Malthus
  3. 3. Maps are spatially explicit storyboards and laboratories of past, present, and future dynamics
  4. 4. Geodetic Control Network Imagery Hypsography Hydrography Boundaries Geographic names Land management units/areas Transportation Utilities and services “Natural environment”
  5. 5. Current civilian Earth Observation Network
  6. 6. Geonetcast (2Mbit) footprints
  7. 7. A System for Integrating Observation, Modeling, and Data Management Systems Disaster Health Energy Climate Water Weather Ecosystem Agriculture Biodiversity A System for Converging Observation Systems Worldwide
  8. 8. ICT, GIS, and Agricultural Knowledge: Context for multi-level Impact Assessment Participatory Stakeholder Assessment - World Bank ESSD project Lifecycle - GEF 'Science Based Review'
  9. 9. Area of interest Malindi, CSIR ESA, INPE Landsat, NASA “the federation”
  10. 10. ENVISAT, SPOT, etc VITO ESA GLCF MODIS GRID GRID DEISA GRID Landsat GEOSS federated catalog, GRID Malindi data “assembly” area GRID Query manager CSIR GRID Remote ACP user INPE ACP “appliance” ACP “appliance” GRID CBERS, “appliance” Landsat
  11. 11. CHEAP!! Compute power is BIG!!! THINK
  12. 12. GRID SCGIS, IMN, Univ. AMESD project: more than 150 stations in Africa
  13. 13. Geonetcast VSAT Slapd or DBS Research, Active Dir Student sshd lab Localized Asterisk IPcop spool Environmental Data cache ITC toolbox PC workstation EUMetCal acct content Postgis quota GRID d Apache CGIAR requests educational Httpd Content, standard software Drupal PC workstation User home, Minn group Mapserver accounts SD card reader Info PC DHCP workstation Appliance Samba LAN
  14. 14. What makes a sustainable information economy/ecosystem ? - producers and consumers can rendezvous “geography brings us together” - J. Dangermmond - they can exchange “value” Must exhibit “utility” Must be relatively scarce Can be measured (Gbytes, dollars, 'DE bucks', coupons, etc, concurrent user licenses, features, etc) Trusted Metrics make it happen “the W's” : Who, did What, Where, When Aggregate, “settle” IPDR records weekly
  15. 15. The Time for AssessmentGRID is NOW Doubling food production in 30 years Climate change Exhaustible resources (credit, topsoil, fish stocks, etc) Temper the GEOSS, SERVIR, and other hype. CEOS members: get over the delusion that 10 meter resolution optical data has significant per-scene commercial value and give it away, like CBERS. Kenya: cut through the absurd/corrupt politics of receiving Landsat at Malindi UNEP/DEWA: Live up to your charter, and produce more than glossy books and brochures. DRIVE GEF and Wbank science-based project lifecycle accountability. Initiate and ”referee” a set of 'Peace Games' with everything science can bring to bear, fully visible to the public Google and Microsoft: give more than lip service to OGC standards with your imagery and vector data archives. Track usage with IPDR records ESRI/ITC: help define and implement an Arc/Appliance that is compatible with FOSS CGIAR-CSI: recognize that empowering YOU is what GEOSS must be all about...and assume your central role
  16. 16. “There is no more new frontier.... .....We have got to make it here.” Thank you