The adventures of Beavey: Beavey rides an ambulance!


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This is a short story I made for my daughter for her birthday. Simple family fun about her favorite stuffed animal going to work with Daddy (who is a paramedic). I made it very crudely with my cell phone camera, MS Powerpoint 2013, and adobe PDF.

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The adventures of Beavey: Beavey rides an ambulance!

  1. 1. The Adventures of Beavey Beavey goes to work on the ambulance with Daddy By Daddy
  2. 2. This is Beavey
  3. 3. This is Beavey with Wynter and Daddy snuggling. They love Beavey very much.
  4. 4. Daddy is a Paramedic. He is kinda funny sometimes. Paramedics work on ambulances and help people. One Day, Beavey decides to go to work with Daddy.
  5. 5. This is Daddy’s partner at work, Annelise! She is very nice.
  6. 6. When they get to work, a cup of coffee is yummy!
  7. 7. Beavey is excited to ride in the ambulance! Wait Beavey, we have to “check it out” first
  8. 8. Beavey helps check out the Ambulance to make sure it is ready to help people. This is important!
  9. 9. Yep, it is all there!
  10. 10. Beavey is ready to go!
  11. 11. Beavy goes every where Daddy goes at work.
  12. 12. Daddy and Beavey go to the supply room. We need a lot of stuff on the ambulance!
  13. 13. This is Rebecca. She orders supplies for the ambulance. She didn’t know dogs rode on the ambulance. Silly Rebecca!
  14. 14. This is Tom the Mechanic. Beavy helps him fix an ambulance!
  15. 15. Paramedics go to school too! Beavy sits in on a class with Daddy.
  16. 16. Beavey learns first aid and CPR on special dolls used to train paramedics. They are BIG!
  17. 17. Sometimes Paramedics collect toys to give kids for Christmas. Can you find Beavey?
  18. 18. Everyone at the ambulance service is sooo nice to Beavey!
  19. 19. Ooops, they got a call! Can Beavy drive?
  20. 20. Nooo. Silly Beavey! Only Paramedics and EMT’s drive ambulances! You have to ride in the back.
  21. 21. They take the patient to the hospital. The patient is happy Beavey helped.
  22. 22. At the hospital Beavey sees all the cool equipment. It is just like the equipment on the ambulance!
  23. 23. Beavey helps the nice doctor read an ultrasound. Ultrasounds take pictures with sound waves!
  24. 24. This is Annie. She is also Daddy’s friend. She works on the ambulance too. She likes Beavy!
  25. 25. Now its time to write the chart. The chart tells a story about what happened. Doctors read the story so they can help the patient too. Whoah, this is kinda tough. But it is important too!
  26. 26. It has been a long shift. Its time to lay down and snuggle with Daddy until the next call comes in.
  27. 27. Beavey is tired, but it is time to get up to come home!
  28. 28. Beavey is heading home to see Wynter! Beavey can’t wait!
  29. 29. The End… • Special Thanks to: • Ada County Paramedics • Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and Lifeflight Network • Peder, Annilese, Jacque, Tom, John, Annie, and Rebecca for being good sports… • Wynter for letting Beavey have an adventure • And of course to BEAVEY !!!