Christmas in spain


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This is our Christmas task for the project knowing me knowing you

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Christmas in spain

  1. 1. Christmas in Spain• At Christmas in Spain we decorate the streets with light bulbs , Christmas trees and human size cribs. Here in Valencia the streets are packed of people because the weather is not too cold . Parents go with children to watch the city cribs , visit the Father Christmas and Kings who are in most of the shopping centres.• The Christmas Eve ,we sing Christmas Carols from house to house and receive some food or money for it. Later we have dinner with our families. At midnight, the Catholics go to a mass called “misa del gallo”.Then the children go to bed and next morning they discover the presents under the Christmas tree.• On Christmas day we have lunch with our families, and after it the grandfather gives money to all the family members
  2. 2. Here they are some typical instruments we use to sing Christmas carols The washing board The “zambomba” “matraca” “pandereta”The “anís” bottle and the iron key or the bottle opener
  3. 3. Christmas in Spain.• We celebrate the New Year Eve with our friends or family.• At midnight we eat 1 grape for each clock strike and then some people drink a glass of cava with a gold ring inside to have luck and fortune during the New Year.• It is said that the weather of the first 12 days of January forecasts the weather for the 12 months of the New Year.• The 5th of January we go to the Three Kings parades in which lots of candies are thrown to the children.• The 5th of January in the evening we have a ring shape cake. In the cake you can find a hidden bean, if so it means you have to pay the cake next year, or a plastic figure, if so you are crowned as the King of the night.
  4. 4. Christmas at the Rei En Jaume school By the 5_ 6 year students
  5. 5. We write Christmas cards
  6. 6. We decorate the classrooms and the corridors in our schoolThe last day before Christmas holidays, in the morning, we have a Christmascarols festival in which all the school classes sing their Christmas carol.
  7. 7. We are visited by The three Kings. We post our letters in a boxand speak to them. Finally we get some sweets from them .
  8. 8. Christmas at our homes By the 5_ 6 year students
  9. 9. In most houses we had : Seafood Lamb meat SnailsOctopus Filled fish
  10. 10. And for desert:“polvorones” and pies made of almonds “turrón”. The best for us is the toasted yolk”Sweet potato pies This is called pyjama Nuts
  11. 11. – We wish you :