Christmas in Spain


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Three students in CPI Tino Grandío have made this presentation to tell our American assistant about Christmas in Spain.

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Christmas in Spain

  1. 1. Christmas in Spain
  2. 2. th 20 December - Christmas in Spain We have a festival at school. We sing Christmas carols.
  3. 3. nd 22 December - Christmas in Spain On 22nd December is the Lottery draw. It's very popular and a lot of people have tickets.
  4. 4. th 24 December - Christmas in Spain Christmas Eve We have dinner with the family. We watch the King's speech at nine o'clock.
  5. 5. th 25 December - Christmas in Spain Christmas Day “Papa Noel” or Santa Claus brings presents.
  6. 6. th 28 December - Christmas in Spain Santos Inocentes It is the Spanish version of All Fool's Day. We have pranks and jokes.
  7. 7. st 31 December - Christmas in Spain New Years' Eve We have dinner with our family. At twelve o'clock we eat twelve grapes. This is very funny because we laugh and we almost choke. Then people go to parties.
  8. 8. st 1 January - Christmas in Spain New Years' Day After the party we have chocolate and “churros” for breakfast. Many people go to bed after breakfast.
  9. 9. th 5 January - Christmas in Spain The Three Kings come the day before Epiphany. They bring presents and there are parades in cities.
  10. 10. th 6 January - Christmas in Spain Epiphany Day Children get presents. Younger children think that the Three Kings are real.