Iabc lv presentation 2013 corin ramos


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Strategies for a Winning Multicultural Communications Campaign

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Iabc lv presentation 2013 corin ramos

  1. 1. Strategies for a Winning MulticulturalCommunications Campaignwith an emphasis on Asian Americans & Pacific IslandersPresented by Corin RamosWalson Communications@corinramoscorin.ramos@walsonpr.com
  2. 2. About UsMulticulturalpublic relationssocial media marketingaligning your company withethnic and diverse audiencesin a culturally appropriate anddynamic styleEmail MarketingSocial MediaRelationship BuildingEthnic Media Buys
  3. 3. Our Clients
  4. 4. Asian Pacific Americans in U.S. 14,013,954: AA population in U.S. At least 24: Number of ethnic groups At least 56: Number of languages Chinese: Biggest group by languagespoken (After English and Spanish, it isthe most widely spoken language inthe U.S.) Biggest group by nationality: ChineseSource: U.S. Census Bureau 2006 SurveyToday, there are more than 800 traditional AsianAmerican media organizations, a growth of morethan 300% since 1990.
  5. 5. “Asian Americans are the highest-income,best-educated and fastest-growing racialgroup in the United States. They are moresatisfied than the general public with theirlives, finances and the direction of thecountry, and they place more value thanother Americans do on marriage,parenthood, hard work and careersuccess…” (Pew Research Center)
  6. 6. AAPI population in NVSource: U.S. Census Bureau 2013Nevada is leading the most Asian population growth as of 2012 among the topfive states including Arizona, North Carolina, North Dakota and Georgia.Asian Number % of AsianPopulationAsian Indian 11,671 4.8Chinese 28,929 11.9Filipino 98,351 40.5Hawaiian/PI 16,200Japanese 10,873 4.5Korean 13,896 5.7Vietnamese 9,892 4.1Other Asian 21,824 9.0Asian mixedwith other race47,480 19.5
  7. 7. MULTICULTURAL CASE STUDY:National Fibromyalgia AssociationInstead of developingone-time, separatemulticulturalcommunications/socialmedia campaigns…Fibromyalgia - “middle-age white woman’sdisease”
  8. 8. MULTICULTURAL CASE STUDY:National Fibromyalgia Association…make thempart of yourlarger marketingstrategy.
  9. 9. MULTICULTURAL CASE STUDY:“Gambling is a prominent and socially acceptedactivity among Asian cultures, and somestudies indicate there may be higher rates ofproblem gambling among Asians and PacificIslanders.” – Carol O’Hare, Exec. Director,Nevada Council on Problem GamblingJesse Sapolu, first Samoanand Pacific Islander to playin the NFL
  10. 10. Your Multicultural Pitch“The Orange County resident isthe first Indian American to benamed a federal judge in theCentral District of California andthe second in U.S. history,according to the federal court.”EthnicityEthnicity/gender (FEMALE)Highest ranking“First’s” – foreign born“First’s” – U.S. born
  11. 11. Multicultural Social Media:B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Culture)• Age• Political affiliation• Religion• Sexuality• National and regional origin• Economic status• Military service• Physical size
  12. 12. Social Media Use by AAPIs“equalizing effect”Pew Research Centerstudies indicate that 87percent of AAPIs usethe Internet everyday, more than any othermajor demographic group.They also visit Twitter andWordPress websites andblogs more than otherdemographic group.
  13. 13. Advertising on Social MediaSource: Nielsen: STATE OF THE MEDIA: THE SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT 2012“Arguably the most engagedwith social advertisingare Asian-Americanconsumers, who are mostlikely to share, like, orpurchase a product afterseeing an ad on a socialnetwork.”
  14. 14. Maraming Salamat!Corin RamosWalson CommunicationsTwitter.com/corinramoscorin.ramos@walsonpr.com702-674-6148702-521-8023 (cell)