People in societies


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People in societies

  1. 1. People in Societies Cultural Perspectives
  2. 2. Learning Targets I can explain the perspectives of different cultural groups. I can describe the contributions made by African- Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans. I can explain and compare the different motives for political action groups.  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People  National Organization for Women  American Indian Movement  United Farm Workers
  3. 3. What is a Culture?! Culture is the sum of the beliefs, customs, values, languages, and traditions of the people of a society. Any activity that brings people into contact with each other, including the use of technology, arts and literature, rules and laws, any favorite pastimes, contributes to and is affected by culture. Determines how human needs are met Cultures can evolve or change We are born into it! Include beliefs, customs, values, languages, and traditions
  4. 4. Culture as a Patchwork Quilt –sounds kindacheesy… Many different world cultures make up the U.S. America is a country made up mostly of immigrants Many of these immigrants mingled, but mostly fought with the Native American cultures that had been here for centuries Native Americans were pushed off lands Each immigrant group had to face obstacles and prejudices
  5. 5. African Americans Make up about 13% of population Originally brought as slave workers to the Colonies Despite decades of oppression and discrimination, African Americans have made important contributions to many aspects of American culture Civil Rights Leaders Writers Music Education Law
  6. 6. Hispanic Americans Hispanics (people of mostly Spanish descent) are the fastest-growing immigrant population in the U.S. Many also are part of the various native cultures from South and Central America Hispanics have had a large influence in America Foods/Cuisine Music Dance Holiday Celebrations Science Civil Rights Sports
  7. 7. Native Americans Also called American Indians They have had a sad history of being discriminated, eradicated, and forced off their lands (to live on reservations) Great contributions to American culture have been made by many Native Americans Thanksgiving (of giving and sharing) Heroism Politics Civil Rights Religion Arts Environmental Movement
  8. 8. Asian Americans Many immigrated to American in the mid to late 1800’s-discovery of Gold Many dug in mines and built the railroads Discrimination in terms of Quota laws and internment camps during WWII After WWII and the Vietnam War, the Asian population has grown tremendously and contributed to American culture Martial Arts Medical practices Food/Cuisine Economics/Business Science Athletics
  9. 9. And Now….. Political Action Groups!!!!!!!
  10. 10. The National Association for theAdvancement of Colored People NAACP W.E.B. DuBois Fair and equal society Civil Rights Movement Challenge unfair laws
  11. 11. National Organization for Women NOW Help women achieve equality in all aspects of life Equal pay for equal work Equal Rights Amendment Elect Women for a Change Violence Against Women Act VERY powerful organization
  12. 12. American Indian Movement AIM This was on the OGT Test last year! Response to alleged police brutality toward Native Americans Educate Americans about Native customs and rituals Equal rights under the law
  13. 13. United Farm Workers UFW Cesar Chavez Unionize grape pickers Nonviolent protests Equality for Hispanic Americans
  14. 14. Culture as a Patchwork Quilt Activity! You have selected a colored piece of paper Each color represents a different “culture” You will be creating a piece of “quilt” based on a culture in America (African, Hispanic,Native Amer.,Asian, European) You will use the entire piece of paper Include pictures, words, designs, symbols, etc. Represent how this culture has contributed to American Culture- be appropriate Use your text to help you! It will be due on Thursday!-25 pts.