Fortune 500 and Small Business Content Marketing


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Have you ever wondered what the difference is in Fortune 500 and small business content marketing? We think there is no difference. Read our white paper on how your small business can do it the big boy way.

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Fortune 500 and Small Business Content Marketing

  1. 1. &The Fortune 500Small BusinessContent Marketing
  2. 2. of Table ContentsIntroduction..............................3Automotive...............................4Automotive Facebook................................. 4Automotive Tweets.................................... 4Automotive Blogs...................................... 5Lessons Learned........................................ 5Consumer Goods.........................6Consumer Goods Facebook.......................... 6Consumer Goods Twitter............................ 6Consumer Goods Blogging........................... 6Lessons Learned....................................... 7Education................................. .8Education Facebook...................................8Education Tweets......................................9Lessons Learned........................................9Finance.................................. 11Finance Twitter...................................... 11Finance on Facebook................................ 12Lessons Learned...................................... 12Fitness................................... 13Fitness Facebook..................................... 13
  3. 3. Fitness Twitter....................................... 14Lessons Learned...................................... 14Food..................................... 15Food Facebook........................................ 15Food Twitter........................................... 15Lessons Learned....................................... 16Hospitality.............................. 17Hospitality Facebook................................. 17Hospitality Twitter................................... 18Lessons Learned....................................... 19Home Living............................. 20Home Living Facebook............................... 20Home Living Twitter.................................. 20Lessons Learned....................................... 21Marketing................................ 21Marketing Facebook.................................. 21Marketing Twitter.................................... 21Lessons Learned....................................... 22Real Estate.............................. 23Real Estate Facebook.................................23Real Estate Twitter....................................23Lessons Learned........................................24Conclusion.............................. 26About.................................... 27
  4. 4. to get in contact with their custom- ers and keep a thumb on the pulse of consumer interest. Content marketing is effective both on the large-scale and the small.Introduction While we work with smaller com-We at Content Equals Money work panies, we’d also like to take somewith small businesses in order to fa- time to look at the many ways thatcilitate content marketing initiatives. Fortune 500 companies use content marketing to stay in contact withFor those who are not in the know, their consumers. Each companycontent marketing is any means of listed here has a different strat-connecting with the consumer out- egy - and the best part is that theseside of traditional advertising meth- strategies are utterly scalable. Soods. For example, having a blog is whether you’ve got 5 million em-a form of content marketing, as is a ployees or just 5, there’s a way toTwitter feed, a Facebook page, or an make content marketing work foremail marketing campaign. Having you and your business.instructional videos up on YouTubeis content marketing. Sharing in-formational white papers is contentmarketing.Virtually, any way that a companyconnects with the consumer on apersonal level in order to share rel-evant information is a form of con-tent marketing.Content marketing has incredibleROI (that’s return on investment)and provides companies with a way 3
  5. 5. Automotive go and visit Ford’s Facebook page, you are drawn quickly to the factThere are three recognized Ameri- that Ford is made up of and focusescan car manufacturers with a new on people. Ford has a vast numberone starting up. The current big of likes on Facebook. With 1.5 mil-three are Ford, GM, and Chrysler. lion Facebook likes, it’s easy to seeThe new one starting out is Tesla. that Ford made the right choice toHowever, for the established car use Facebook as a tool to reach outmanufacturers, they have the luxury and connect with their marketingof an established history on which base.they can market their vehicles. A strategy that both companiesAutomotive Facebook employ and that any company canYou see car commercials all the employ is using Facebook Timelinetime for car manufacturers whether to establish their company history.they are American or not. However, With pictures to compliment theirwhat you are less likely to see—un- long history, they keep customersless they specify the “come check reminded that have been establishedus out” line on their commercial—is for over a century and continue totheir social media presence. The keep a strong active presence in themore online content, the more ac- automotive world.tive and healthy the business looks.An example of this is both GM and Automotive TweetsFord; the two largest American car Just as important as Facebook, Twit-manufacturers. ter is utilized by both companies as well. GM uses Twitter as anotherBoth GM and Ford have Facebook facet of social content marketing.pages. With over 386,000 likes on Ford’s Twitter page keeps followersGeneral Motors Facebook page, in the loop regarding Ford businessthey have made sure that they are and news. It’s a fast way to keepeasy to find. And with a US popula- both companies connected to theirtion estimated at 314,000,000, that’s followers.about 1 “Like” per every 830 peo-ple. Ford is even better. When you 4
  6. 6. Twitter allows the automotive with their site, but they have whatindustry to stay current and release is called FordSocial that acts as annews on a moment’s notice. Both online news hub so Ford enthusiastscompanies use Twitter to keep can read the latest company news.customers engaged. Whether it’s an Much the same as news websites,announcement of a release date or Ford articles can be searched byan upcoming auto show, it allows date and popularity.the company to release informationand consumers to speak back. Lessons LearnedTwitter is an excellent tool Both Ford and General Motors havefor content marketing for a long and successful automotiveboth companies because it history. And each is one of thekeeps information circling and others’ competitors but they employconversations to stay relevant. much of the same content marketingCustomers can talk to each other strategy. Both have a strongabout the products and respond presence on Facebook and Twitter.when something from the companyis posted. They keep their sites regularly updated and this keeps their sitesAutomotive Blogs relevant. It’s a great marketingGeneral Motor’s blog called strategy that has helped contributeFastLane Blog is the company’s to the ongoing continued success forofficial blog, but has also been both companies.organized into subcategories to helpblog readers find articles they havea particular interest in more quickly.Such categories include Auto Showsand Business. So if you are on the Learn Moresite to find only articles related to @ Our BlogAuto Shows, you have the option to They Did What?!choose the subcategory rather than General Motor’s Contentread through the entire blog history. Marketing Bomb-Drop and BeyondFord differs slightly in that theydon’t have a true blog in connection 5
  7. 7. Consumer Goods history is all you will find. General Mills is a Fortune 500 company, butMost large companies use their fans they do not engage their customersto help market their goods. Whether with news regarding the products orit’s to help market directly to their company over Facebook.consumers or using their consum-ers as a further tool to market their Consumer Goods Twittergoods, it’s a very clever strategy. Pepsi keeps active with theirEven food goods are utilizing con- consumers through the social mediatent marketing and social media to of Twitter as well. Pepsi’s Twitterfurther their products. page, much like their Facebook page, engages people to interactConsumer Goods Facebook with and through Pepsi. TheyEveryone or almost everyone knows encourage tweeting on topics thatthat when they go onto Facebook range from music performances tothey can “like” a comment or how your individual weekend went.product. When a company is“liked” they know how popular Similarly, General Mills participatestheir product is. It also allows the on Twitter as well. General Millscompany to continue marketing uses Twitter similar to Pepsi butdirectly to the audience they with less open-ended tweets to startwant to target. Pepsi uses their conversations the way Pepsi does.Pepsi Facebook page as a way to Twitter for General Mills allowscontinue communicating with their them to respond to customer tweetsconsumers even with something as and in cases where they post aboutminimal and simple as stating the their product such as about healthweekend is winding down and to benefits, they refer to their page onenjoy it! the other hand, General Mills Consumer Goods Blogginghas no activity on Facebook. If Both Pepsi and General Mills areyou go onto Facebook and type in part of the consumer goods industry that uses blogs to help promote theirGeneral Mills, the General Mills company and what their companylogo and a brief description and 6
  8. 8. stands for. Blogs allow for the social media to communicate withcompanies to express more deeply their consumers. And as Generalwho they are and what they support. Mills and Pepsi both realize, a com-For instance, General Mills’ blog, pany blog helps further educate con-Taste of General Mills, has articles sumers what their company believesabout recycling, news regarding the in and how the company benefitsfood industry and General Mills, as others. The content marketing notwell as customers who have shared only helps create traffic boostingtheir story with General Mills. sales, but also works as a public re- lations tool as well.Pepsi has their series of blogs calledThe PepsiCo Portal Blog Hub. It is In terms of Pepsi and General Millstruly a hub and is more for company educating their consumers and gen-information and what the Pepsi erating conversation, Pepsi does aCompany is involved in than being far better job at content marketing.a consumer-friendly blog. However, They leave topics open for theirthe blog is extremely informative. customers and consumers to dis-The PepsiCo Portal features cuss while being sure to not pusharticles regarding recycling and themselves too much. Their blog,international responsibility. however, while extremely informa- tive does little to generate conver-Lessons Learned sation and feels dry. General Mills’No matter where they use their blog is far stronger than their non-content marketing, both General existent Facebook presence and theyMills and Pepsi are communicating respond only to tweets; because ofwith their consumers. They keep this, General Mills misses out onthemselves relevant and up-to-date. the benefits that content marketingThrough Twitter, they both interact could bring.with consumers. And their blogsinform everyone what projects theircompanies are involved in and whattheir company stands for.This technique can be applied toany business. Any business can use 7
  9. 9. Education Education Facebook Any company that means seriousThere are no Fortune 500 companiesbased on solely on education. business wants to have a FacebookAs beneficial as education is, it’s page. Facebook offers a way to getnot a money-making industry. information about the company outActually, it is quite the opposite. and get people talking about theWe all pay money into taxes so that company. Rosetta Stone has takenevery young person can receive an full advantage of this. The Rosettaeducation. From this perspective, Stone Facebook page has overeducation is more of a money-losing one million “likes” and like anyenterprise more than anything else. company serious on their contentOnly through repaid student loanswith interest does anyone profit marketing, they keep it updated;from helping someone else get daily, if not weekly.through school. Rosetta Stone even uses theirHowever, this doesn’t prevent Facebook to encourage conversationcompanies from helping in the between their followers; with littlefield of education or producing andselling products that help educate. questions or statements peopleSuch can be seen by two examples. “like” or commenting on theirApple is a company who is helping feelings and relevancy of theirpush education with lowering the Facebook post. This is a brilliantcost of iPads. And a company that use of Facebook in terms ofproduces learning material for content marketing. You want youradults and students alike to learn a customers to interact with you aboutforeign language is Rosetta Stone. your product.Rosetta Stone is not a Fortune 500company, but that doesn’t mean that On the other hand, Apple Inc. hasthey don’t care about education. 6.5 million likes on Facebook butAnd they employ the same content the company doesn’t post anythingmarketing techniques used by larger regarding their business on theFortune 500 companies. social media site. There is little in the way of conversation generated by the company on Facebook. 8
  10. 10. Education Tweets learning language.Rosetta Stone is active on Twitter aswell as Facebook. You don’t have The content includes articlesto look very long at their Twitter that people interested in learningpage to see that the main use is to languages may find interesting suchpromote their support, answer and as Irish being a dying language torespond to customer tweets, and customers’ testimonials about theirannounce sales. However, the bulk language learning process.of Rosetta Stone’s Twitter use is torespond to consumer comments. While the blog doesn’t generate a lot of conversation it still informsApple is not much better in terms of the audience of what is happening in the Rosetta Stone world. And whileTwitter. You can follow Apple stock blogs are not updated on a dailyor Apple news, but it is very cut and basis, there is a new blog every fewdry. There is information about what days or at least once a happening with the companybut nothing that stimulates real Apple doesn’t have a blog. Theirconversation. You can read a quick information and news is muchpiece of news, but it’s something harder to come by. Indeed, whenyou’d skim than really read and you go to the Apple site they pushnothing you would go out of your the products they sell. In order toway to share or re-tweet. get news about the company you have to find a tiny link at the bottomLessons Learned of the page labeled “Hot News.” ItRosetta Stone also uses its blog, is when you click on Hot News thatLinguaVore, to continue its content you come across articles relevantmarketing. LinguaVore is divided to what Apple has been doing orinto five areas: Welcome, Latest product news.Posts, RVoice, Inside RosettaStone, and Language Journeys: A Most of the Apple site is pushingCustomer Perspective. The content their products and how impressivein the RVoice features various their products or sales numbers are,articles pertaining to language or but occasionally, there are articles 9
  11. 11. such as Apple aiding in educationthat demonstrates that Apple doesn’tjust simply push their products evenif the article is still product-heavy. “Create a brand message that people can rally around.” [ePublishMedia]Learn More @ Our Blog Lessons From a Content Marketing Powerhouse:Intuit 10
  12. 12. Finance Finance Twitter It may seem like a funny thoughtNo matter the industry, there isno doubt that there is a benefit to that Fannie Mae and Bank ofcontent marketing. And the benefits America have tweets but they do.of content marketing apply to Indeed, Bank of America has twoFortune 500 finance companies as facets of their Twitter pages. Theywell. Of course, if they work for have the Bank of America News andFortune 500 companies, even a Bank of America Help.small business owner can benefitfrom the same content marketing And both are just what they soundstrategies. like. Bank of America help isTake two Fortune 500 finance for customers to reach out withcompanies such as Fannie Mae problems they’ve had or are havingand Bank of America. There is and have them addressed. The Bankno doubt you’ve heard of these of America News includes news oftwo companies. Would it surprise the bank’s quarterly reports but alsoyou to know that they both utilize environmental projects that Bank ofFacebook and Twitter? It shouldn’t.Lots of companies use social America is helping to sponsor andmedia and content marketing to support.better reach their consumer baseand promote themselves and their Fannie Mae also is active onproduct. Twitter. Fannie Mae’s use ofThe difference is content marketing Twitter is as a quick method toisn’t just selling a product, but get news out to their followers.getting people talking about the However, they do not have a largecompany and getting the company following. Less that 3,000 peopleto talking back; along with helping currently follow Fannie Mae, evenpeople learn about the company as though Fannie Mae offers linkswell. When people are being talked that may seem useful for futurewith and not talked at is when financial predictions such as a Junecontent marketing is doing its job. 7th link about consumer spending predictions regarding spending as well as home buying/renting. 11
  13. 13. Both companies are using Twitter Unlike Bank of America who staysto express news and reach their active and involved, Fannie Mae hascustomers on an easy mobile social no Facebook presence. If you searchmedia market. And big businesses for Fannie Mae on Facebook, allare not the only businesses that that comes up is a description of the company as well as a brief history.can use Twitter as a tool for This doesn’t get customers involvedcommunication. A small business or talking about the company.can equally use Twitter as acommunication tool. Facebook is a great way to getFinance on Facebook customers and consumers talkingMore than Twitter, it is Facebook about your company. Your companywhere social media and content can inform Facebook followers ofmarketing can really explode. your company and programs andMost people will simply respond have them respond in something with a “like” thatthey have read and possibly agree Lessons Learnedthe statement or concern being When customers are activelyaddressed. Bank of America’s engaged with a company, they areFacebook allows for a more one- more apt to have good and insightfulon-one approach for the company information to share with others.with customers. It can be a simple The company seems more personalconversation starter such as a post and friendly. That is the wholeabout how much money is the purpose of content marketing. Theproper amount to gift at a wedding content reaches out and truly speaksto community outreach programs to your customers, encouragingsuch as volunteer work performed more active participation boostingby Bank of America employees. your business.Of course, Facebook only benefitsyour company if your company isactively involved on Facebook andis regularly updated with new posts. 12
  14. 14. Fitness When you look at Pepsi’s Facebook page, you see pictures with lotsThere aren’t any Fortune 500 of movement and conversationcompanies in the fitness industry, prompts regarding what activitiesbut there are smaller companies will be performed over the weekend.that are all about fitness. There are Pepsi uses their Facebook pageeven some Fortune 500 companies to engage and open conversationthat encourage fitness among their without trying to push their product.employees, but fitness is not what The picture of Pepsi cans is able totheir companies sell. speak for itself.Two of the small companies that Google also has their own Facebookare not Fortune 500 companies but page which they use in a veryfitness is their business include similar fashion. Instead of usingNautilus and Johnson Fitness. their Facebook to exclusively pushBoth companies produce training or market their products, they useand fitness equipment. However, their posts as conversation prompts.some Fortune 500 companies such This is an excellent use of Facebookas PepsiCo, Google, and Verizon for content marketing.Wireless provide the necessaryamenities in their corporate building Verizon’s Facebook page, on theso their employees can find time to other hand, is more product-heavy.incorporate fitness into their after There are some prompts to startwork life. Providing opportunities to conversation but many more revolvekeep employees fit has been found around their phones and the variousto be beneficial for each company. apps and feature their phone sports. While they are good at keepingFitness Facebook their page up to date, VerizonUnfortunately, while they are doesn’t generate the same amount ofFortune 500 companies, they don’tfall into the fitness category. But, comments or conversation the waythey do provide the means of their Pepsi or Google does.employees to work to become fitand an example of this is PepsiCo. 13
  15. 15. Fitness Twitter Lessons LearnedPepsiCo uses their Twitter page as a If you own your own small businesssource of connecting their followers or work for a small business, youto news articles about what is can easily add content marketing togoing on at Pepsi. Consumers can help your business as well. Content marketing isn’t just a tactic foralso respond to tweets as well. It’s Fortune 500 companies. Anyoneanother great way for Pepsi to stay can make their own Facebookin contact with their consumers. Page, Twitter account, or even company blog. Any way to generateGoogle equally offers a plethora information and get people talkingof articles related to what is new about your business is a good waywith their company on their Twitter to as well. And they get a lot If your company has a Facebookof response back in return. This is page then make sure it’s updatedexactly what you want with content with new posts regularly. Not everymarketing. You want to post or hour but perhaps once a day. Don’ttweet something and have people be overly product-heavy. Peoplerespond back to your prompt. Even don’t want to read post upon postif it’s not directly related to your of what you sell. Post articles aboutbusiness’s products, you want to get company activities, charities, orpeople talking with you. news that involves the business environment. A variety of content is better than none at all.Verizon’s Twitter page works thesame as Pepsi and Google. Theytweet references to articles andpeople respond to the articlesgenerating conversation. In thismanner, Verizon also makes gooduse of their content marketing. 14
  16. 16. Food Sara Lee is another Fortune 500 food company with multipleThere are quite a few foodcompanies that are part of the Facebook pages as well. WithFortune 500. And part of their a Facebook page dedicated tosuccess comes from their marketing. Sara Lee Deli Meats and SaraBut there is much more than large, Lee Desserts, Sara Lee are ablenationally commercially-aired to direct content to the differentadvertisements that these Fortune products they sell. They use content500 food industries use. They also marketing on Facebook to calluse content marketing tools as well. attention to the products they sell,And if it works for them, it can but also to generate conversationwork for small food companies as prompts as well; such as summerwell. plans or asking their fans whatThe trick to successful content flavors the consumers would bemarketing is to keep things interested in seeing.updated. Don’t go weeks inbetween adding new material.And content marketing doesn’t Food Twittermean continuously pushing your Hershey’s company also has aproduct either. You want to create Hershey’s Kisses Twitter page.conversation around the product, but They inspire conversation promptsnot necessarily about the product. such as family traditions and favorite places to go to the beach.Food Facebook By incorporating conversationHershey is well known for their prompts instead of just talking aboutchocolate and when you want to their food product, they make betterwant to look them up on Facebook use of Twitter for content have options. Hershey is verylarge and has a page dedicated to Sara Lee diversifies their product onHershey’s Kisses and another to Twitter as well as Facebook. WithHershey’s Bliss and Hershey’s a Sara Lee Desserts Twitter page asKitchen’s, a place to find recipes well as a page for their bread andwhich prompts conversation deli meat, they create more contentregarding cooking traditions and for their tips. 15
  17. 17. And the content marketing doesn’tjust center around their products.The deli meat page also featurestweets on gardening advice as wellas simple prompts like what makestheir followers happy. “ The more youLessons LearnedFacebook and Twitter are excellent blog, the moreplaces for content marketing thatcan be used by more than justFortune 500 companies. Even small business youcompanies can learn from their useof social media sites and imitatethe form in a manner that works forthem. get. ”With both Facebook and Twitter, [Hubspot]both Hershey and Sara Lee linkto recipes in their prospectivesites; such as Hershey’s Kitchenand the Sara Lee dessert recipepage. Any business whether in thefood industry or not can use theirown Facebook or Twitter to linkto recipe pages that people willenjoy. And the recipes can work Learn Moreas conversations starters, thusproviding even more content. @ Our Blog Kraft Foods: A Content Marketing Strategy That You Can Do, Too 16
  18. 18. Hospitality When you scroll down and look at some of the posts, you see links toMany businesses are finding waysto help market themselves that summer BBQ ideas, questions aboutinvolves more than paying for a places you’ve wanted to alwaysspot on primetime TV. In many visit, as well as asking questionscases, marketing can be done such as what you want to plant inmore efficiently and for much less. your garden this year.And what a better way to marketthan to find a way that allows The purpose is to engage peoplecustomers to market your product in everyday conversation; to talkto other customers? Not only will to customers instead of talkingmore content help others find your at them about your product.product more, but it’ll start to gain areputation on its own. Engaging customers in an everyday conversation about food or pastimesA lot of content marketing occurs will provide content while youron social media sites. It’s a quick business logo will remind them ofway to get many people in one place the company behind such everydaytalking over or around your business conversation.product. You don’t have to pushyour product for content marketingto do its job. In fact, pushing the On the other side of hospitalityproduct or service isn’t content is Starwood Hotels and Resorts,marketing. another Fortune 500 company in the hospitality industry. StarwoodHospitality Facebook Hotels and Resorts, like MarriotYou want to get people talking in an International, also have their owneasy manner where your customer hotel Facebook page but unlikeis more involved. You want toopen up discussion that people will Marriott, their Facebook seems veryremember; to engage people without self-promoting.being a pushy salesman is whatcontent marketing is all about. It doesn’t engage their customers in conversation. It is hard to createMarriott International Facebook is long dialogue when posts are abouta great example of using content awards or new location openings. Amarketing on a social media site. few people may “Like” the post, but 17
  19. 19. that is about as engaged as people Starwood Hotels uses Twitter verywill get. This is missed content effectively. Their Twitter pagemarketing. People already know that addresses customer questions andthe company wants to promote their comments. They also share tips tobusiness—or in this case, hotel— save money for various destinationsbut where Starwood Hotels doesn’t such as restaurants or give idealengage, Marriott does. shopping locations. These are theHospitality Twitter little prompts that make for idealNot surprisingly, Marriott content marketing.International also has their ownTwitter account. And they use their Lessons LearnedMarriott International Twitter to Marriott International and Starwoodaddress customer concerns and Hotels are Fortune 500 companiescomments. Whether it is to find out that use social media and contentwhat went wrong with a customer’s marketing techniques to help booststay or to thank customers for their their business. A small business can use these same techniques as well.wonderful comments, they are quick If you own a small hotel or bedto respond. and breakfast, you can create your own Facebook page. You can talkThis certainly works to make about yourself, but create contentcustomers staying in their hotels that will spark interest such as goodfeel as though they are being heard. places to eat or shop, sights to seeThe follow-up questions or “thank and things to do. This will generateyou” tell the customers that Marriott conversation and is the contentis listening to them. While it is not marketing you want.much of a conversation starter, it ishow Marriott has chosen to use theirTwitter. And customers are beingshown that Marriott does care aboutthe service they provide throughMarriott’s quick responses throughTwitter. 18
  20. 20. Home Living matters such as drinking water before bed to help with bad breathHave you put much thought into to encouraging family scrapbooks.the products you use around yourhome to promote a safe and healthy Proctor & Gamble on Facebook useliving environment? Two of the content marketing strategies as well.biggest names of household items Examples of their Facebook postsare Proctor & Gamble and Colgate- include advancements in batteries toPalmolive. Sound familiar? They partnerships with other Fortune 500probably do. You can probably look companies to develop plastic fromat your house cleaning supplies orbody products and see one of these plants.companies. They each are Fortune500 companies that focus on Both companies use Facebook andkeeping families happy and healthy. both use content marketing through articles that may not seem directlyYou’re probably used to seeingtheir products on TV commercials related to their product. Goodeven if you don’t necessarily always content marketing will includepay attention to the company itself. articles that are about more than theBut they actively market in other company or products. In this way,ways besides TV commercials or Colgate does better than Proctor &magazine ads. Both companies Gamble on their Facebook page.use content marketing and this is amarketing method that any company Another key to successful contentcan use whether they are big or marketing is to make sure there issmall. fresh new content on a regular basis.Home Living Facebook This can be new content daily orWhile Colgate and Palmolive are a couple of times a week. But therepresented as Colgate-Palmolive, more content, the better and morethey use just Colgate on Facebook. engaged your customers will be.You can visit the Colgate Facebookpage and see how they use content Home Living Twittermarketing to promote their Just as both companies usecompany. They give little tips that Facebook, they both have Twittermay help with everyday living accounts as well. 19
  21. 21. Proctor & Gamble tweets include Between these two companiesshout outs to moms and dads, teams Colgate has the content marketingthey sponsor, and responses to that you’d want to imitate.customer’s tweets. However, the Their individualized responsesresponses seem very standard with to customers as well as their conversation prompts will do ano real change in tone. better job at generating conversation content to market your companyColgate also has their own Twitter than just talking about what youraccount called Colgate Smile. company has accomplished can do.Colgate takes on a much morepersonal approach to thankingcustomers when they tweet thecompany. They also give advice onhelping teach kids to brush theirteeth and they also have genericprompts on what you can do to findhappiness.In terms of content marketing onTwitter, Colgate does a much betterthan job Proctor & Gamble. Whenyou read through the list of tweets,you can feel Colgate’s individualone-on-one feel. This promotes a“we hear you” on an individual feeland promotes the company’s image. Learn MoreLessons Learned @ Our BlogSmall businesses as well as bigbusinesses have strengths and Bouncing Off the Wallweaknesses. And although a Fortune of Shame: 5 Companies500 company has a Facebook and Making The Most ofTwitter account, it doesn’t mean Angry Customersthey are using it to market aseffectively as they could be. 20
  22. 22. Marketing And none of their Facebook posts really seem to generateLooking at a list of Fortune 500 conversation. Posts will havecompanies today, there are only two a couple “likes” but that is all.companies that made the list that For a company that specializesfall under the industry category of specifically in advertising andMarketing/Advertisement. When marketing, you would suspectdoing research on content marketing their Facebook page would bemethods, it was somewhat the prime example of direct andsurprising that only one of the indirect marketing such as contentmarketing companies actually had a marketing.Facebook page. Marketing TwitterMarketing Facebook Many companies have FacebookYou would think that a company pages and in addition to Facebook,that specializes in marketing would they have Twitter accounts. Aftertake it upon themselves to market all, being at the forefront ofin every way, especially in a place peoples’ minds is what marketingas common as Facebook. But, is meant to do. You want people toOmnicom Group doesn’t market remember your name and recognizethemselves or even use content your company icon or logo. Brandmarketing on Facebook. recognition is what sells. So if you have a business or evenHowever, Interpublic Group has just a service you’re selling,invested time to make their own Twitter is another great way to self-Facebook page. However, not a lot promote, right?about their page really stands out in Once again, these two Fortune 500terms of great content marketing. marketing/advertising companiesThere are a few cases where there are surprising. Just like withare posts to funny commercials or Facebook, only Interpublic Groupcute videos, but a lot of content has a Twitter account. Interpublicis about the company itself. And Group’s Twitter page has newtheir Facebook page is updated, but tweets about a few times a week.appears to only be updated with The tweets are very similar to thewhat they feel is noteworthy. posts on their Facebook page. 21
  23. 23. A lot of the tweets focus on the Something as simple as a postcompany or individuals within the about your product or service cancompany. Nothing really stands easily be followed up with anotherout to inspire deep conversation article that is unrelated or seeminglyor get people outside the company unrelated can help show what yourinterested in the company. Because company does, but keep thingsof this, there is not a lot of content interesting. Advertise a product ormarketing done by either of these service and follow-up with commonFortune 500 marketing companies. summer activities that your product may be used with or for.However, while Interpublic Group’sTwitter may be dry and nothing to Or you may not even need toreally spark interest, they still are mention your product or servicemore active than Omnicom Group at all. You can simply make a generalized post about howin terms of advertising through customers spent their media. Omnicom Group has Or upcoming events that peoplea Twitter account and over 100 should consider checking outfollowers but they do not use their within your community if you areTwitter for anything. They neither a small business. This provides anself-promote nor share industry opportunity to engage customersnews through their Twitter account. and get them talking to you as a company even if it’s not about yourLessons Learned specific product.While you may not be able toactually go out and out-marketprofessional marketing companies,you can do a better job atmaintaining content marketing. Ifyour company or business isn’t aFortune 500 company, you can stillmarket yourself through Facebookor Twitter. Content marketing isa great way to promote yourselfwithout looking like a self-obsessedand dry company. 22
  24. 24. Real Estate and quarterly profits.In 2009, there were several Fortune While it’s informative and much500 companies in the Real Estate can be learned about the company,industry. Two of those were CBRE its content is dry and boring. ThereGroup and Jones Lang LaSalle. are more people who simply “like”Both companies specialize in the post than who have comments orcorporate real estate. And both opinions about it.companies utilize social media tohelp market their companies. Notsurprisingly, the two big social Similarly, Jones Lang LaSalle’smedia marketing avenues are Facebook page is more informativeFacebook and Twitter. about the company and its successes than it is about contentReal Estate Facebook that encourages interest. LikeLots of companies have at least one CBRE Group, posts includeFacebook page dedicated to their quarterly earnings outlooks, postsbusiness. Jones Lang LaSalle and of interviews with the CEO andCBRE Group real estate companies President, and business partnerships.are the same. They post articles thatthey find relevant or important to Just as with CBRE Group, Jonestheir business. Lang LaSalle uses their Facebook to inform and as a news hub but theCBRE Group is good about making content is dry and does little in thesure their company Facebook page way of content marketing. Withis updated with a post about every every post pointing to the company,working day. For their company, there is little to show that they arethis helps keep things up-to-date interested in anything outside of their company.and current. However, in termsof content marketing, they are Real Estate Twitterkind of dry. The posts focus on Both real estate companies havethe company. Such posts include Twitter accounts. Similar to theirrespected individuals who’ve joined Facebook pages, they use Twitterthe higher ranks of the company, as a source of information andacquisitions the company has made, releasing bits of news. 23
  25. 25. CBRE Group tweets seem to be are strictly articles pertaining toalmost the same content that is property research articles and realavailable on their Facebook page. estate strategies.And the links on Twitter are Lessons Learnedabout property leasing, quarter There is plenty to be learned frompredictions, and businesses that both of these real estate companiesuse CBRE Group for their retail in terms of content marketing. Youpurchases. can see how and what it is they post. When you look through both theirIf you are in the commercial retail Facebook and Twitter posts you canbusiness then the articles and feeds identify what you are likely to skipmay have greater meaning, but over versus something you may stopCBRE Group doesn’t have any to consider watching or reading.feeds that inspire conversation about If you want good content marketingtheir business or go in-depth about material, you want the content thattheir business ventures. makes people stop and read. You want people to respond and shareJones Lang LaSalle’s Twitter their views on the material you’vepage does a little better than provided. It’s when people respond to your posts that you are engagingCBRE Group in terms of content in successful content Their tweet titles domore to interest a reader. Eventhough the tweets are still aboutcommercial real estate, they create abit of curiosity. Such feeds includeone of their links to a video in their Learn MoreMay 30th feed regarding “Getting @ Our BlogRetailers to Think Green.” Hubspot: ContentJones Lang LaSalle has a decent Marketing Done Rightsize following of over 12,000people. And some of their tweetsare links to videos while others 24
  26. 26. ConclusionCompanies of all sizes and shapesare involved with content market-ing. No matter what industry thatyou are in, your company can bene- “Traditionalfit from content marketing the sameway that the big Fortune 500 com- marketing talks at people.panies do.It doesn’t matter how big or smallyour company is - content market-ing is a scalable endaevor that can Contentwork no matter who you are or whatyou are are marketing. It’s always a marketinggreat idea to start working with yourcustomers on a more social level. talks withContent marketing allows you to get them.”in touch with the people that youare selling to and gives your brand amore personal angle. [Doug Kessler]Content marketing isn’t just suc-cessful for those who are at theFortune 500 level. No matter whatsize your business is, it’s possible tocreate a personalized and effectivecontent marketing program that willbenefit your company and allowyou to reach thousands of peoplethrough virtue of Facebook, Twitter,personal company blogs, and othermeans. 25
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