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  1. 1. “Photographs are a link to the eternal”from Photography, by London and Upton
  2. 2. ~Traditional Portraiture~Environmental Portraiture~Portraits using props/clothing~Portraits that rely on gesture~Portraits taken from the back~Portraits with shadows and reflections~Self-Portraits
  3. 3. Traditional Portraiture~ A straight forward approach to photographing aperson with emphasis placed on the face of thesubject.~ The object is to capture a physical likeness of thesubject, as close to reality as possible.
  4. 4. Julia Margaret Cameron,Mrs. Herbert Duckworth, 1867
  5. 5. Sandy Edwards, from the bookParadise is a Place,1997
  6. 6. Bob GruenJohn Lennon, 1999
  7. 7. Environmental Portraiture~ A portrait of a person taken in front of backgroundor setting which helps to relay somethingmeaningful about that person.
  8. 8. Arnold Newman,Piet Mondrian, 1942
  9. 9. Bernd Lohse,Bookkeeper at the MinoltaCompany, Osaka, 1951
  10. 10. Arthur Tress,Boy in a Fire-Bombed Store 1969
  11. 11. Portraits using props/clothing~Using an object or article of clothing that relates toyour subject can help to convey something uniqueabout that person.
  12. 12. Danny Lyon,Spanky and Cowboy 1965
  13. 13. Edward Steichen,Gloria Swanson, 1926
  14. 14. Arnold Newman,Igor Stravinsky, 1946
  15. 15. Portraits that rely on gesture~By capturing your subject’s body language, i.e. adistinctive hand movement or facial expression,you can provide insight into the personality orprofession of the individual you are photographing.
  16. 16. Yosef Karsh,Martha Graham, 1948
  17. 17. Roy DeCarava,Coltrane No.24, 1963
  18. 18. Alfred Stieglitz,Georgia O’Keeffe, 1920?
  19. 19. Georgia O’Keeffe,Calla Lilies, 1923
  20. 20. Portraits from the back~It is possible to create a meaningful rendering of aperson without focusing on their face.
  21. 21. Onesipe Aguado,Woman Seen From the Back,1862
  22. 22. Imogen Cunningham,Jane and Alice and Imogen,1940
  23. 23. Portraits with shadows orreflections~Using the many different qualities of light andshadow can help to add another layer of interest anddepth to a photograph.
  24. 24. Lee Friedlander,New York City, 1960
  25. 25. Imogen Cunningham,Roi Partridge, 1922
  26. 26. Self-Portraits~Alone with the camera, you can create an honestand revealing portrait of yourself.
  27. 27. Ilse Bing, Self-Portraitwith Mirrors,1957
  28. 28. Ashley Knight-Greenfield,Self-Portrait, 2001
  29. 29. Whitney Hart,Self-Portrait, 2001
  30. 30. More Student Work
  31. 31. Yume Kitasei,Portrait of her Twin, 2001
  32. 32. Susannah Ludwig,Portrait of her Twin, 2001
  33. 33. Ariana Constant,Portrait of her Sister, 2001
  34. 34. Raffi Holznyc-Pimental,Portrait of his Brother, 2001
  35. 35. The End
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