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    Portraiture Portraiture Presentation Transcript

    • “Photographs are a link to the eternal”from Photography, by London and Upton
    • ~Traditional Portraiture~Environmental Portraiture~Portraits using props/clothing~Portraits that rely on gesture~Portraits taken from the back~Portraits with shadows and reflections~Self-Portraits
    • Traditional Portraiture~ A straight forward approach to photographing aperson with emphasis placed on the face of thesubject.~ The object is to capture a physical likeness of thesubject, as close to reality as possible.
    • Julia Margaret Cameron,Mrs. Herbert Duckworth, 1867
    • Sandy Edwards, from the bookParadise is a Place,1997
    • Bob GruenJohn Lennon, 1999
    • Environmental Portraiture~ A portrait of a person taken in front of backgroundor setting which helps to relay somethingmeaningful about that person.
    • Arnold Newman,Piet Mondrian, 1942
    • Bernd Lohse,Bookkeeper at the MinoltaCompany, Osaka, 1951
    • Arthur Tress,Boy in a Fire-Bombed Store 1969
    • Portraits using props/clothing~Using an object or article of clothing that relates toyour subject can help to convey something uniqueabout that person.
    • Danny Lyon,Spanky and Cowboy 1965
    • Edward Steichen,Gloria Swanson, 1926
    • Arnold Newman,Igor Stravinsky, 1946
    • Portraits that rely on gesture~By capturing your subject’s body language, i.e. adistinctive hand movement or facial expression,you can provide insight into the personality orprofession of the individual you are photographing.
    • Yosef Karsh,Martha Graham, 1948
    • Roy DeCarava,Coltrane No.24, 1963
    • Alfred Stieglitz,Georgia O’Keeffe, 1920?
    • Georgia O’Keeffe,Calla Lilies, 1923
    • Portraits from the back~It is possible to create a meaningful rendering of aperson without focusing on their face.
    • Onesipe Aguado,Woman Seen From the Back,1862
    • Imogen Cunningham,Jane and Alice and Imogen,1940
    • Portraits with shadows orreflections~Using the many different qualities of light andshadow can help to add another layer of interest anddepth to a photograph.
    • Lee Friedlander,New York City, 1960
    • Imogen Cunningham,Roi Partridge, 1922
    • Self-Portraits~Alone with the camera, you can create an honestand revealing portrait of yourself.
    • Ilse Bing, Self-Portraitwith Mirrors,1957
    • Ashley Knight-Greenfield,Self-Portrait, 2001
    • Whitney Hart,Self-Portrait, 2001
    • More Student Work
    • Yume Kitasei,Portrait of her Twin, 2001
    • Susannah Ludwig,Portrait of her Twin, 2001
    • Ariana Constant,Portrait of her Sister, 2001
    • Raffi Holznyc-Pimental,Portrait of his Brother, 2001
    • The End
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