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Masters search crista & sam (1)

  1. 1. Master of Photography: Born: Ansel Adams Famous For: B&W or Color: April 22, 1984 developed the Zone System as a way to determine exposure and adjust the contrast of the final product. Type of Photography: Sample Image Died: February 20, 1902 Landscape Black and white Biographical Information: Adams was born in San Francisco, California. One of his earliest childhood memories was watching the remains of his city burn due to the destruction from an earthquake. He was frequently sick as a child, and had few friends, but he took to exploring nature and collecting bugs, as he had no patience for sports or games. Later, he developed an interest in photography and while his father approved and encouraged it, his mother did not. After her death, he chose the cheapest casket as he could find for her. Sample Image Description of Work: His work is mainly based around landscapes. Rivers, lakes, mountains, and fields seemed to be his main focus. Most of his photos are black and white. Sample Image
  2. 2. Master of Photography: Born: Mathew Brady Died: 1822 Famous For: Father of photojournalism Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image January 15, 1896 Portraits Black and white Biographical Information: Brady was born in Warren County, New York, and was the youngest of three children. At the age of sixteen, he moved to Saratoga, New York where he met and studied painting under William Page. Brady met Page’s teacher, Samuel F. B. Morse, and became his first photography student. Brady later opened his own studio in Washington D.C. and became the creator of the first modern advertisement. He continued on to document the Civil War. Later in life, he took out bankruptcy and died poor, his funeral paid for by the veterans of the 7th New York infantry. Sample Image Description of Work: His Civil War photography consisted heavily of pictures of the aftermath of war. Dead bodies, mostly. He also photographed the men in the army. Brady also photographed the men when they were living their lives normally while stationed wherever it is they are. Sample Image
  3. 3. Master of Photography: Born: Julia Margaret Cameron Died: 11 June 1815 Famous For: Using biblical/heroic/etc themes Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 26 January 1879 Portrait Black and white Biographical Information: Cameron was born in Calcutta, India and was considered the ugly duckling of the family when compared with her sisters. She studied in France, but later moved back to India, where she married a man twenty years her senior. They later moved to England, then decided to buy property on the Isle of Wright after visiting the island and falling in love with the area. Sample Image Description of Work: Cameron’s photography consisted of only closely cropped, soft-focused portraits. She mainly used her neighbors and friends as models, but also used famous people such as Charles Darwin. Sample Image
  4. 4. Master of Photography: Born: Alfred Stieglitz Famous For: B&W or Color: Sample Image July 13, 1946 Made photography an accepted form of art Type of Photography: Sample Image Died: January 1, 1864 Portrait Black and white Biographical Information: Stieglitz was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, and was the oldest child. For school, he studied at the best private school in New York, but found that his studies didn’t challenge him enough. His father decided that the best for young Stieglitz was to send him to a school in Germany, yet, the studies still didn’t phase him. After he finished his studies in Germany, he decided to study mechanical engineering in college. He still wasn’t satisfied with the educational discussions around town, so he enrolled in a chemistry class taught by scientist and photography researcher Hermann Wilhelm Vogel. This is when Stieglitz was introduced to the idea of making art out of nature. After pursuing his travels in search of art, he refused to sell any of his photographs. Eventually he was pushed into marrying someone, so he married a woman, Emmy, even though he didn’t love her. He did it for financial reasons. Years later, he cheated on her with Georgia O’Keeffe, eventually divorcing Emmy and marrying O’Keeffe almost instantly. Many years later, Stieglitz died of a fatal stroke. Description of Work: Stieglitz had an odd obsession with taking pictures of his wife, Georgia O’Keeffe. Many pictures of her were nude. He also enjoyed taking pictures of her hands. Sample Image
  5. 5. Master of Photography: Born: W. Eugene Smith Famous For: B&W or Color: October 15, 1978 Graphic WWII photos and refused to compromise professional standards Type of Photography: Sample Image Died: December 30, 1918 Candid documentary Black and white Biographical Information: Smith was born in Wichita, Kansas, and after graduating high school, he took employment in photojournalism with two local newspapers. He later worked for Newsweek, but was fired for refusing to use a specific camera. Smith then worked for Life Magazine, where he was injured while shooting photos at the Pacific theater of WWII. After recovering, he went out again to take photos of the war and was struck with a mortar. Again, he recovered and went out again, and this time was attacked in an attempt to stop the spread of the truth behind a certain disease that people didn’t want the world to know about. Smith later died of a massive stroke due to his prolonged use of amphetamines and alcohol. Sample Image Description of Work: Smith’s work exposed the horrors of life during WWII. Much of his work examines the aftermath of battles during WWII and often showed dead bodies and utter destruction. He did a series of photographs while in Japan that would later expose Minatama disease and the terrifying effects of the disease. Sample Image
  6. 6. Master of Photography: Born: Dorothea Lange Died: May 26, 1895 Famous For: Development of documentary photography Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image October 11, 1965 documentary Black and white Biographical Information: Lange was born in Hoboken, New Jersey and had two traumatic childhood incidents: her father abandoned her and her family, and she contracted polio, which left her with a permanent limp. When she got older, she studied photography at Cambridge University in New York. She later moved to San Francisco, California and opened her own studio, married, and had two sons. Years later she divorced him and remarried another man. She started to focus the subject of her photography on the Great Depression and those affected by it. Her photos led to employment with the Farm Security Association. Lange’s work revolving around the Great Depression brought a lot of attention to the homeless. Later in life, Lange co-founded Aperture magazine. She died in 1965 due to multiple health problems. Sample Image Description of Work: Lange’s work exposed to everyday lives of those affected by the Great Depression. Each of her photos had a story behind it. The photos are detailed and express a lot of emotion. Sample Image
  7. 7. Master of Photography: Born: Alexander Rodchenko Famous For: B&W or Color: December 3, 1956 Known as the founder of constructivism and Russian design. Type of Photography: Sample Image Died: December 5, 1891 Portrait Black and white Biographical Information: Rodchenko was born to a working class family in St. Petersburg, Russia, but moved to Kazan after his father died in 1909. Rodchenko had no experience or exposure to the art world prior to starting his career in art and in the beginning, his inspiration came mainly from art magazines he’d had. His art career started off with abstract paintings, then shifted to graphic designing and photography, and finally, filmmaking. He had multiple careers in art and design, and died in Moscow. Sample Image Description of Work: Photos are taken at odd angles. He uses diagonal composition in his work. Rodchenko also enjoyed taking pictures of parades and sports. Sample Image
  8. 8. Master of Photography: Born: Robert Frank Famous For: The Americans Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image Died: November 9, 1924 Candid Black and white Biographical Information: Frank was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Switzerland. The threat of Nazism was high, and to escape the confines of his home and the impending terror of Nazis, Frank turned to photography to keep him sane. Most of his published work were handmade books exposing the everyday lives of people in different areas. His most famous book is The Americans. Sample Image Description of Work: His works consisted heavily of candid photos of people around different cities. He took pictures of people and buildings, but mainly of people. Sample Image
  9. 9. Master of Photography: Born: Lennart Nilsson Famous For: Macro photography of conception and the developmental process of embryos in the womb. Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image Died: August 24, 1922 Macro Color Biographical Information: Nilsson was born in Sweden to a father who was a photographer. At the age of twelve, Nilsson’s father gave him a camera, and at the age of fifteen he started to become interested in microscopy. He started his photography career as a freelance photographer and even had many pictures published in a book. Eventually he started to experiment with close up photography. His most famous photography are photos of what look like live embryos, but were, in fact, aborted fetuses. Sample Image Description of Work: A lot of his photography involved microscopic images of unborn/aborted fetuses. He also took photos of blood vessels. His freelance photography revolved around famous Swedes. Sample Image
  10. 10. Master of Photography: Born: Annie Leibovitz Famous For: Portrait Photos of celebrities. Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image Died: October 2, 1949 Portraits Both Biographical Information: Leibowitz was born in Waterbury, Connecticut and at the age of 21, took a job with Rolling Stones magazine. Ten years later she started working with Vanity Fair magazine. She is known for her exceptional work with portrait photography. One photo she took was of John Lennon, hours before his death. She is also known for her work in advertising campaigns. Sample Image Description of Work: Leibowitz’s work focuses main focus is on expressive portrait photography. She uses a lot of odd poses. Another project she has done is a series of photos taken as if they were scenes from a Disney movie. Sample Image
  11. 11. Master of Photography: Born: Richard Avedon Died: May 15, 1923 Famous For: Fashion and Celebrity photography Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image October 1, 2004 Minimalist portraits Black and white Biographical Information: Avedon was born to a Jewish family in New York. His mother’s family owned a dress making factory, and this sparked his interest in fashion photography at a young age. He was part of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association Camera Club at the age of twelve. Avedon’s first subject in his photography was his sister. Sample Image Description of Work: His work is expressive and shows a lot of emotion. To get these expressions out of his models, he would often times ask them deep psychological questions or have uncomfortable conversations with them. Avedon’s works are simple, yet they show a lot. He used minimalism by sitting his subjects in front of a plain white back drop. Sample Image
  12. 12. Master of Photography: Born: Jerry Uelsmann Died: June 11, 1934 Famous For: Introduced photomontages Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image Photomontage Black and white Biographical Information: Uelsmann was born in Detroit, Michigan, and developed a strong interest in photography at the age of fourteen. He struggled in school, but still managed to get a few jobs. After college, he taught at the University of Florida. Even though with the technology there is today, Uelsmann prefers to create these beautiful photomontages with his traditional equipment. Sample Image Description of Work: Uelsmann’s work is comprised of photomontages created solely with traditional equipment and a darkroom. A lot of his work involves nature. The main focus of the work is usually centered. Sample Image