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my personal journey into personal learning environments and why I chose Protopage

my personal journey into personal learning environments and why I chose Protopage

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  • 1. Join the dots: paint your own personal learning landscape - a way to make sense of your social capital -
  • 2. My social capital
    • Activist educator
    • Veteran
    • Bridge builder
    • Mentor
    • Coach
    • Teacher
    • Mother
    • Partner
    • Daughter
    • Sister
    • Neighbour
    • Citizen
    colleague friend Is this the sum of me?
  • 3. These are the dots … What are the dots in your landscape? Family Calendars Stories, photos and podcasts Virtual Offices Blogs and Wikis ePortfolios Projects Networks My connections
  • 4. What are Personal Learning Landscapes?
    • What do they do?
    • Why do we need them?
    • How can I paint one?
    • What tools do I need?
    Blogs, wikis, podcasts, photo spaces, internet telephone, virtual classrooms, chat forums, collaboration spaces and eportfolios.
  • 5. … polling questions …
    • Do you have your own PLE?
    • Do you publish your own blog?
    • Have you created a wiki?
    • Can you use podcast tools?
  • 6. Why do I need a PLE? Chaos Theory Websites: Macro Dimensions LearnScope Digital Storytelling
    • Calendars
    • personal (Planzo)
    • Training (Trumba)
    • Email
    • Personal
    • Business
    • TAFE
    DST Network Blogger Wikispaces Wetpaint
    • Moodle sites
    • Study Zone
    • Game Talk
    Moodle forums Elgg pageflakes YouTube Bubbleshare Flickr TAFE VC WebCT Elluminate Skype Upload and store Publish and display Notify and deliver Communicate
  • 7. Bookmarks no longer efficient? … I need something more …
  • 8.  
  • 9. How do I use PLE’s?
    • Portable bookmarks
    • Shareable schedules
    • Links to published artefacts and articles
    • Links to reflective practice for projects
    • Personalised embedded website
    • Connections to everything
  • 10. Let’s create a Protopage – sending How to Protopage file
  • 11. What do Personal Learning Landscapes look like?
    • What Web 2.0 tools are available?
    • What do we put in them?
    • What links do we include?
  • 12. Let’s create a Wiki Sending a How to Wetpaint file.
  • 13. Let’s create an eportfolio
  • 14. Let’s add links to your protopage
    • Open your new protopage
    • Add a widget for bookmarks
    • Edit the widget
    • Add links to your wiki and eportfolio
    • Move the widget on page
    • Make the page visible
  • 15. Places about PLE’s you should visit
    • This is Graham Atwell’s screencast from his presentation in Wales in 2006
    • Well worth a look and listen
  • 16. References
    • Article: Personal Learning Environments June 1, 2006 by Graham Attwell.
    • Professor Ali Jafari: Diagram of the “Jafari Model” Next Generation E-Learning Environment link to article where diagram is used.
  • 17. … now I am connected … Coach Carole at: