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Toastmasters In The Web


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how to make the best of web 2.0 tools

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  • Hi Nela, you are looking for a Toastmasters club in Strasbourg ? We want to create a french german club. Please write to ! See you soon, Jan
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Toastmasters In The Web

  1. 1. Speech No. 1 Carole McCulloch
  2. 2.  Question 1: ◦ How can we increase our membership?  Question 2: ◦ How can we attract younger members?  Question 3: ◦ How can we make the best use of social networking tools?
  3. 3. Our Albury Wodonga Group on Facebook was created by Carole McCulloch in March 2009. One of the members here is currently living in Strasbourg, France. This is a great way to keep Nela networked with us.
  4. 4.  Hi AW toastmasters, here is an update from Strasbourg. I have found a local club and attended a meeting. It was very, very, very different to say the least. Their meetings are held in the restaurant over food and drinks, club is still very young and lacking structure e.g. timing is not considered as critical. But I see it as an opportunity. At the same time, I am considering also attending another club which is a bit further away, but been around for longer. I will keep you posted on my findings... Wishing you all a great meeting. Nela
  5. 5. Our Albury Wodonga Toastmasters Club wiki page was created by Catherine Jones, one of our newest club members. Catherine showed us this in her award winning speech ‘Toastmaster Wiki’ on May 5th, 2009
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