Transportation of Dangerous Goods Facts


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DG Air Freight provides professional services for packing, documentation, storage, training, consultancy and logistics of moving dangerous goods, safely and efficiently.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods Facts

  1. 1. DG Air Freight is specialized in all aspects of safe transport of dangerous goods (ICAO/IATA/IMO/ADR). Moving any hazardous materials, by any mode of transport, requires expert know-how and services to ensure that national and international rules, regulations and requirements are duly met. DG Air Freight provides professional services for packing, documentation, storage, training, consultancy and logistics of moving dangerous goods, safely and efficiently. Products related to the shipping of dangerous goods are offered for sale. Transport Security services, certified Security Training programs and an impressive range of dangerous goods software solutions complete DG Air Freight service and product pallet. Visit our site for more information on dangerous goods transport, or call 1300 302 285 for enquiries.
  2. 2. Choosing Your Freight Company Well In this modern day and time, more and more companies export their products across the world. These companies need to make sure that they are transacting their business operations with a credible freight forwarder since they are the link that makes the task a success. Dangerous goods transport must be managed by the best firm in your area so that you can ensure safety and security. Exporting hazardous materials is not easy and there are requirements to meet. You need to get the approval of the authorities before you can transfer your goods. However, your freight company can settle things for you so that you can transport domestically or internationally with ease. It is practical to hire an experienced firm since they have knowledgeable and proficient staff who can handle your products properly. You can have peace of mind knowing that accidents will never happen due to poor services. Most of them have undergone training and have experience to make them suitable for the job. It means that it is completely hassle free to hire their services. You can also see the worth of cash that you have allocated on their services since they can provide you with quality. A company that has long time experience in its industry can skip various trial and errors in their transactions. They can deliver on time without damages. How will you know which firm to choose? 1. They have vehicles that allow them to transfer via sea, road, and air. 2. All their vehicles used for transport are designed for safety and security of your products. 3. They specialise in moving goods that are similar to your products. 4. The features of their vehicles meet the requirements set by the authorities. 5. All the vehicles that they use in sea, road, and air are all licensed and maneuvered by professionals. 6. They are able to provide you with a good insurance coverage. 7. They are accurate in their processes especially when it comes to dangerous goods transport. 8. They can be flexible for your needs and charge fairly. 9. They are able to discuss and help you with your requirements as a sender. 10. They are able to pack your items with quality materials and procedures. If your company is situated in Australia, take time to research and find out which freight company suits your preferences. Know the requirements for transferring hazardous materials from the authorities so that you can be prepared as a sender and compare it with your prospective firm as well. Make sure that your business transactions liaise with the rules of your country when it comes to dangerous goods transport so that everything will go smoothly for everyone. Always go for the best firn in the county and avoid risks. Visit our site for more information on dangerous goods transport, or call 1300 302 285 for enquiries.
  3. 3. Facts About The Transportation Of Dangerous Goods In Australia Dangerous goods are materials and components that are flammable, toxic, and harmful when exposed to the public. The transportation of dangerous goods by road, sea or air requires strict processes and guidelines. Certain requirements from the authorities must be met so that the transfer will be allowed. All of these tight and careful processes must be followed accordingly to ensure the safety of the people managing the delivery, the public, and the environment. If you are a company that manufactures hazardous materials and you want to export your products locally or internationally, be responsible to opt for the most reliable freight forwarder in your area to avoid impediment and harmful errors that can put your business and the environment at stake. When you choose a freight company, know if they specialize in transferring materials which are similar to your goods. Know the number of years that they have in the industry and how successful they manage sensitive and hazardous items. Hazardous materials are classified before they are moved and the classification is outlined in ADG or Australian Code for the transportation of Dangerous Goods. Below are the classes:  Class 1 - Explosives         Class 2 - Gases Class 3 - Flammable Liquids Class 4 - Flammable Solids (Substances that when exposed to water can flammable gases.) Class 5 - Oxidizing Substances and Organic Peroxide Class 6 - Toxic and Infectious Substances Class 7 - Radioactive Material Class 8 - Corrosive Substances Class 9 - Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles After the goods are classified, they are labeled according to their class and documented. Labels serve as first alert to the people managing the transfer. The driver of the vehicle where the goods will be carried will hold a copy of the documents of the materials that he will deliver. The driver must also hold a dangerous goods driver license. There are certain rules when transferring dangerous goods by road, air, or sea and failure to follow these rules must face penalties. It could be financial or imprisonment. The freight forwarders that manage these materials must have proper training and experience. You can only find proficient ones from credible and authorised freight companies. Freight forwarders from registered and reliable companies have adequate training on packing and handling. All of their quality services are provided to ensure that your products will arrive in their destinations in one piece safely. All of the vehicles that they use to move hazardous materials are designed to secure the items and the safety of everyone. Every instruction provided to the freight forwarders must be followed to ensure safety and to meet Visit our site for more information on dangerous goods transport, or call 1300 302 285 for enquiries.
  4. 4. the expectations of the receiver, sender, and the authorities. How To Send Dangerous Goods Safely And Legally As a company that sends off dangerous goods by air in Australia, you need to make sure that every process is done legally since this is the closest way of ensuring safety. As much as possible, hazardous materials are not to be sent by air unless they are urgently needed. They are usually transported via road or sea and only an experienced and credible freight company must be trusted to do the task. Since safety is the responsibility of everybody involve in the delivery, a company must find a reliable freight company that specialises in transporting certain hazardous materials that are similar to their products. Why? They can properly pack, mark, label, handle, and document the items. They have knowledge about the content of the materials that they are managing and this makes them execute the right processes so that no lives will be put at risk. They can transact with the authorities on your behalf to make the import or export process run smooth. The people managing the dangerous goods are properly trained and suitable for the job. If you want to get away from failure of sending your items, you need the services of an authorised freight company since they can meet the requirements that are provided by the authorities. As a sender, they can also assist you comply with your own requirements. Know which freight forwarders in your area can carry dangerous goods. Sending off your hazardous products by road is the most common alternative since there is less impediment. Upon the declaration of your items, your driver will know where to store them in the vehicle and they will have a document of your items with them during the transport. Not being able to meet the requirements set by the authorities will enable you to pay financial penalties or you will be imprisoned for seven years. If you are new to sending dangerous goods and want to make sure of every step that you take, seek the advice of the right freight forwarder first. This will make you aware of the dos and don'ts in the process. There are special precautions to be followed when transferring your products, this depends on the danger level of the content of your materials. Your goods will be classified according to how dangerous they are. The regulations that everybody involved in the process must deal with is for safety and for the efficiency of the whole process. If you want your company to skip various hassles and make your import run smooth and fast, opt for a freight company that is licensed, authorized, experienced, and offers the best insurance coverage in your area. Visit our site for more information on dangerous goods transport, or call 1300 302 285 for enquiries.