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  • 1. 1) Revision - key points for the audience appeal question. 2) Exam technique for the audience appeal question. 3) Adding evidence and examples for our key points. Exactly 3 weeks till the exam.Today
  • 2. P1) Lost attracted a mainstream audience via P2) Offering the gratification of “finding models of behaviour” from Blumler and Katz model. Each character within the ensemble cast has a back story, explored by flashbacks. These back stories from a range of characters contain fairly generic problems and issues an audience can find models of behaviour to overcome. Link Cards
  • 3. P1) Lost has been constructed to appeal to……………… P2) ………. both active and passive audiences.
  • 4. P1) One particular example where Lost has been encoded to appeal to a more passive audience is…………… P2) …………….by including a dominant and regularly occurring score. This ensures the texts narrative and character emotions are easily decoded by more passive audiences.
  • 5. P1) Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men does not appeal to a wide, mainstream audience like texts such as Lost, as…………… P2) the text has been constructed with different gratifications such as historical and social information linking to the education gratification of Blumler and Katz’s model, rather than the more simplistic mainstream convention of simply providing entertainment.
  • 6. P1) Peaky Blinders appealed to active viewers from the Birmingham area, the city where the narrative is set. It did this by………………..P2) ………..representing “Brummies” in a none stereotypical way. The narrative avoided character archetypes, which see Brummies represented as unintelligent. The breaking of regional stereotypes particularly attracted viewers from the region where many viewers gained the preferred reading.
  • 7. P1) Mad Men appeals to its main targeted demographic of active, more cineliterate audiences by……… P2) ……….not including much use of non diegetic sound and narrative exposition. This makes the text more difficult to decode and therefore requires its audience to view the text actively to gain the preferred reading which thus results in gratifications such as historical and social information.
  • 8. P1) Steven Knight’s Peaky Blinders contains high level cinematography which ………….. P2) …………would appeal to a more active audience, as this audience type is more likely to question and appreciate how a text is constructed.
  • 9. P1) Lost targets a mainstream audience by providing the gratification of………. P2) ………personal identification. This is where the audience can relate to events and character situations and even gain advice and guidance of relatable issues.
  • 10. P1) Peaky Blinders has not been constructed to only appeal to active audiences, its use of…….. P2) ……well known mainstream film stars attract a more mainstream audience who trust the quality of their past work and therefore decide to view the actors more contemporary texts.
  • 11. P1) Lost successfully attract a wide audience by ensuring the genre P2) is a hybrid. This wide audience may already be fans of conventions of one or many of the genres its narrative conforms to. Sci/Fi, Adventure and Drama genre convention are all present in Lost.