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Audience research overview


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Audience research overview

  1. 1. Audience Research Overview
  2. 2. Demographics and Psychographics       Age Group 17 – 40 Mainly male but could include females. Mainly middle class (also upper class). Interests in reading, travelling, watching films, activities/ experiences such as sailing parachuting etc. Lifestyle would probably be intellectual such as students or writers etc. They would also be cultural and spend time travelling. Mainly British and American.
  3. 3. What Should Be Shown In The Trailer On-screen text to hype up the film and reveal aspects of plot.  Elements of a complex and socially relevant plot that can relate to the intellectual nature of the target audience.  Good use of technical elements to create a dark and sinister tone and style and represent the nature of the popular genre. 
  4. 4. How To Conventionally Appeal To The Target Audience The mise-en-scene will consist of low key lighting to represent the dark tone of the film. We will also use the outfits of the agents to create the impression of a faceless organisation  Sharp and sudden cutting will be used to represent the deteriorating mental state of the protagonist.  The use of high and low angle shots will represent the agency’s dominance and power over the protagonist who will be faced with increasing pressure.  The tempo of the soundtrack will increase as the trailer progresses to represent the increasing tension to a climatic point at the end of the trailer. 
  5. 5. What I Learned From My Focus Group Interviews I have learned that the marketing campaign for psychological thriller films such as Shutter Island and Fight Club are appealing to my target audience and that they should be used as inspiration in the construction of my own products.  Sometimes, unconventional traits such as teaser trailers and mysterious images that give little information away are a more effective way of appealing to the target audience in the psychological thriller genre as it makes them stand out from the more conventional marketing.  Technical elements such as low-key lighting and distorted cinematography are just as key in the promotion of a psychological thriller as plot elements consisting of dark themes e.g. death, mentality and the blurring of reality. 