Society for medicare introduction


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Society for medicare introduction

  1. 1. 2009Society for Medicare Caring to Save Every Life… An Introduction
  2. 2. Before we begin lets share a few thoughts for Common and Understanding and consensus: 1. HEALTH CARE – IS A CONTINUOUS & CHAINLINKED PROCESS Health & Wellness does not begin and end with the patient…. 2. THIS IS THE AGE OF FUSION AND SYNERGIC PARTNERSHIPSNew Mediums of Healthcare Delivery:• Print – Posters, brochures, patient information handouts & newspapers• Television, live and on demand webcasting, streaming media• Radio, podcasting• Internet, websites, portals, blogs, forums, patient support groups• Social media & Word of mouth• Mobile• Electronic formats - DVD & others Healthcare is no longer confined to the Doctors clinic or Hospital Setup….
  3. 3. 3. THESE ARE NEW WAYS OF REACHING OUT….Television, Multi-media, internet and mobile mediums have extended the reach of thehealthcare system directly into the homes of the consumers …. 4. WHAT IS THE POINT IN INJECTING MEDICINES…LATER…WHEN YOU CAN PREVENT DISEASES BY INJECTING AWARENESS…
  4. 4. ABOUT US:Society for Medicare – is an India based NGO in the field of health education, advocacy, contentdevelopment (print, audio, video and digital) as well as awareness and capacity building to savehuman lives. Health is wealth – literally for everyone from the patients to care givers and theeconomy. At the same time we believe that health once lost cannot be repaired, as nothing isbetter than the original. Even God can’t do better than He did first time…We firmly believe that Healthcare is no longer confined to the Doctor’s Clinic or the hospitalsystem and this is the age of synergic fusion between the conventional healthcare system andmodern communication tools for delivering timely and quality healthcare at affordable cost,right at the doorsteps of the needy consumers. In today’s flat world nothing, not even deathand disease are not an individual or countrys personal problems and the distinction betweenhaves and have-nots, privileged and under-privileged, rich and poor are slowly gettingdiminished. Today, a disease could originate in the slums of Calcutta but could affect people inNew Delhi or New York by the same evening and become a nightmare for Canada or China bythe weekend.Its an age where Television, Multi-media, internet and mobile mediums have extended thereach of the healthcare process directly into the homes of the consumers. So why wait for themto come over? Why wait to inject medicines & drugs later when you can actually inject diseasepreventive messages into the very heart and should of people’s lives, much before the infectionspreads?Knowledge and information are essential for people to successfully respond to theopportunities and challenges of social, economic and technological changes. But to be useful,knowledge and information must be effectively communicated to people.In this sense we see our role as bridging the gap between the Doctor’s clinic and the patient’shome…thus extending the reach of healthcare.
  5. 5. OUR BELIEF: Health is wealth – literally for everyone from the patients to care givers and the economy. No retakes – Health once lost can be repaired, but nothing is better than the original. Even God can’t do better than He did first time… People worldwide are beginning to take their Health issues very seriously Healthcare Today has taken a shift from Facility centric healthcare model to consumer centric one.. Empowered consumers are seeking information on the Internet in record numbers Dissatisfied consumers are willing to spend their own money to get the care they want More & more consumers want to manage their own care and have greater access to their physicians. Physician – Patient relationship is changing rapidly…OUR VISION- SEVEN PRIORITIESOur goal is to evolve and support innovative public healthcare strategies that are accessible andaffordable. To achive this objective our aim is to focus on: 1. Coordination with other government and non-government agencies to improve the country’s healthcare delivery machinery and improve the living conditions of the people craving for standardized and quality Medicare… and set up globally reputed medical institutions striving for excellence and imparting the Highest Quality Medicare at Affordable Cost to ease the sufferings and pain in the lives of the people- minorities, poor and underprivileged who need this care 2. To stimulate and positively contribute to strengthen a healthy, prosperous and economically strong India by channelizing medical tourism to and from India. 3. To be known for medical best practices and highest professional standards- Worldwide 4. Our Healthcare goals will be to: • Transform the Healthcare • Prevent and manage chronic diseases • Help control the rise in health care costs • Try and bridge the gap between the Have’s and the Have-nots • Expand healthcare coverage for the uninsured, underinsured and under privileged masses.
  6. 6. 5. Our ultimate objective would be to provide: • High-quality healthcare services • Available and Affordable Healthcare • On demand Health, Wellness & Medicare at reasonable costs 6. Health planning and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases 7. Health promotion, policy-advocacy, empowerment and development with emphasis on inproving overall healthcare for the underpriviledged and uninsured masses, minorities, poor peopleEFFECTIVE HEALTH COMMUNICATION: • Saves lives • Prevents the spread of diseases • Improves services • Increases social involvement • Cuts costs • Reduces the impact of povertyDEFINING PRIORITIES:
  7. 7. OUR E-HEALTHCARE MODEL:OUR TEAM:PRESIDENT : DR NARENDRA GUPTAOur President Dr Narendra Gupta is board certified as a Fellow with the Royal College ofPhysicians & Surgeons of Canada and Assistant professor withthe Medical College of Ohio. He actively participates in the latestresearch in Diabetes Hypertension, Hyper-lipidemia and Obesityand has been recognized by the American Diabetes Associationand National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) as aprovider with distinction for outstanding Diabetes carecontinuously since 1991. Dr Gupta was recently elected as oneof the 100 national physicians in USA to join the Vascular BiologyGroup at the University of Florida to research the multipleeffects of hypertension, high cholesterol and renal dialysis onthe blood vessels of the body.VICE PRESIDENT : BRIG J K CHADHA (RETD)Former Deputy Director General Military Intelligence. Retired from the Indian Army after morethan 30 years of distinguished service and prestigious command experience.
  8. 8. SECRETARY GENERAL : NEERAJ MAHAJANA 3600 media professional with over 24 years experience, proven competence and consistencyin Print, Electronic, Web or New media as well as Corporate Communications, PR, Imagebuilding and Perception Management. He has held various assignments in print and electronicmedia from staff reporter to Editor (Print) & Producer-Director (TV).He specializes in image building and has conceptualized and executed various propaganda,counter-propaganda and Perception Management and psychological operations for the IndianArmy in counterinsurgency areas in J&K and North East.Rakshak video magazine– produced and directed by him was recognized as the official mediumfor audio-visual communications for External and Internal Image Building of the Indian Army.