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Paul Mikov, MA, Vice President of Institutional Partnerships with Catholic Medical Mission Board shares how CMMB partners with a variety of organizations to deliver care and strengthen health systems, including a program involving care by Catholic nuns.

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  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. We work in partnerships. We are partnering worldwide to deliver locally sustainable, quality health solutions to women, children, and their communities. “The whole is greater that the sum of its parts” - Aristotle Our Vision A world in which every human life is valued, and health and human dignity are shared by all. We believe change starts with her. Investing in women has an impact on the greater society yet they remain disproportionally affected by illness and poverty. With health systems strengthening as the organizing principle
  3. 3. Programmatic footprint Country Offices Access to Medicines Medicines & Volunteers Volunteers
  4. 4. 1. human resources for health; 2. health finance; 3. health governance; 4. health information; 5. medical products, vaccines, and technologies; 6. and service delivery Core HSS functions –
  5. 5. • CMMB partners with leading pharmaceutical companies to deliver medicine to the most vulnerable worldwide. • In FY16, in partnership with 50 pharmaceutical companies and 120 organizations on the ground, $357M worth of medicine and medical supplies were distributed in 27 countries. Achieve universal health coverage, including access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines, and vaccines for all Core Programs Increasing access to medicines worldwide GOAL 3 Approximately 1.7 billion people worldwide lack regular access to essential medicines
  6. 6. o increasing access to antiretroviral therapy o preventing mother-to-child transmission o promoting and providing voluntary medical male circumcision o strengthening clinical capacity, testing and counselling o through DREAMS Project we are reducing HIV infections by helping adolescent girls and young women stay in school 224,649 individuals reached by CMMB HIV programming worldwide in 2016 HIV is the leading cause of death for women of reproductive age worldwide By 2030, end the epidemics of AIDS GOAL 3 Core Programs Ending the epidemics of AIDS • CMMB programs are committed to ending the epidemics of AIDS. • Partnering with CDC and PEPFAR, we are implementing HIV/AIDS programs in Haiti, Zambia, Kenya, and South Sudan:
  7. 7. We are providing solutions to strengthen the global health workforce to increase the provision of essential life-saving interventions such as childhood immunizations, safe pregnancy and childbirth services for mothers, and access to treatment for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. CMMB places professional volunteers in the medical sciences in over 20 countries to strengthen the capacity of local healthcare facilities. Last year, 629 professional volunteers placed, who served over 11,000 patients and trained 2,700 health professionals Core Programs Strengthening the health workforce The shortage in access to trained and skilled health workers has devastating and life-threatening consequences for people, who are suffering and dying needlessly
  8. 8. Core Programs Strengthening the health workforce CMMB supports a network of 3,200 healthcare workers worldwide, including community health workers and nurses, midwives, auxiliary health professionals and lab personnel: • Providing tools and financial support • Recruiting and supporting midwives • Training on HIV, malaria, leprosy, anemia, respiratory issues for newborn, health communication behavioral change, volunteer medical male circumcision provision, cervical cancer screening, PMD Pro, health management information system, family planning, integrated management childhood illnesses, emergency obstetric neonatal care, child protection, gender based violence, water, sanitation and hygiene, maternal neonatal child health, positive deviance /hearth nutrition, SMAG. GOAL 3 Substantially increase the recruitment, development, training and retention of the health workforce in developing countries
  9. 9. Core Programs Transforming communities through an integrated approach to health - CHAMPS As part of CMMB 2014-2020 Global Strategy, we launched CHAMPS, a program that refocuses our efforts to serve some of the most vulnerable communities. Through CHAMPS we: Work long-term in communities in Haiti, Peru, Kenya, South Sudan, and Zambia 1 With some good progress over the last 30 years by the global development sector, there are still too many communities suffering the tragedy of extreme poverty and health inequity. Build partnerships to collectively achieve sustainable change in their health systems and in the lives of women and children. 2 Deliver a comprehensive approach to health across the continuum of care: • Clinical care: anchoring on strengthening local healthcare facilities • Outpatient and outreach services implementing community health programs for the population in the catchment area 3 With some good progress over the last 30 years by the global development sector, there are still too many communities suffering the tragedy of extreme poverty and health inequity.
  10. 10. Core Programs 1. CHAMPS: Work long-term in communities in Haiti, Peru, Kenya, South Sudan, and Zambia 5 year GOAL Transform the lives of 1 million people living in 10 communities 8 CHAMPS 65 health facilities supported 5 countries 1 In FY16, 247,110 individuals received health and social services supported
  11. 11. Core Programs 1. CHAMPS: Build partnerships to collectively achieve sustainable change in their health systems and in the lives of women and children 2 • Following the principles of collective impact and building on our strong expertise of working in partnership, we are forming partnerships for a common vision around each of these communities. • We are joining hands local and international, funding and implementing partners, including health faith-based networks, US-based health systems, pharmaceutical companies, universities, corporations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, private donors, governments, and technical groups. • We are currently partnering with more than 100 entities across our 8 CHAMPS. CHAMPS Partnership Western Equatoria, South Sudan
  12. 12. Core Programs 1. CHAMPS: Deliver comprehensive approach to health across the continuum of care 3 CMMB is committed to strengthening the primary healthcare system from the community to the health center: • Clinical Care. We work to strengthen infrastructure and equipment and health workforce to ensure that services are available 24/7. • Outreach services. CMMB ensures that primary health services are accessible and available to remote areas by extending basic services into the community. • Community health programs. CMMB believes that a well developed community health system is essential in complementing the primary healthcare. Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Center for Health in Côtes- de-Fer, Haiti
  13. 13. Appendices Health Information Health systems across the developing world are facing challenges to cope with the high burden of diseases against the backdrop of shortage of health care professionals, and inadequacies in medicines, medical supplies, funding, equipment and infrastructure, including Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). Digital health offers possibilities for addressing several of these challenges
  14. 14. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and CMMB have decided to partner to build capacity and bring innovation in eHealth/mHealth at: 1) an institutional level to a select group of Catholic health facilities, and 2) an individual level among a select group of women religious (i.e. Catholic sisters) who operate in those health facilities and systems in various roles of the health sciences… • 5 Countries: Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, South Sudan and Zambia • 2 Phases Digital Health
  15. 15. Patient tracking + reporting with SMS, TextForms, SIM App, Collect, or Medic Mobile app on Android CHW + Patient Management with tablet or computer Program Management with tablet or computer Facilitate health information, plus align a whole domain with overall national health system