Erythritol Becomes More Popular in China Sugar Alcohol Industry


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Erythritol Becomes More Popular in China Sugar Alcohol Industry

  1. 1. Erythritol Becomes more Popular in China’s Sugar Alcohol IndustryGuangzhou China, June 16, 2011 – Erythritol is one of most popular sugar alcohols in foreigncountries nowadays. Thanks to the rising overseas market demand, the output of erythritol hasincreased greatly year by year.Some producers such as OLaughlin Industries Co., Ltd., start to produce erythritol in 2010 andachieve great success in erythritol export. For the sake of high profit and huge overseas demand,more and more producers plan to expand their erythritol production since 2010.China has great advantages in producing erythritol because of the mature production technology.Erythritol is produced by biotechnology and extracted from corn starch that is abundant in China.Rising overseas demand and mature production technology of erythritol make it popular aroundChina. It is estimated that more sugar alcohol producers will extend their erythritol production orstart erythritol business in China from now on.How far can erythritol go in China? What is the current situation of sugar alcohol supply anddemand in China nowadays? What kind of opportunities are there in China’s sugar alcoholindustry? Which sugar alcohol will dominate the Chinese market in the future? Which sugaralcohol producer has the most competitiveness in China?The report Production, Market and Manufacturing Cost of Sugar Alcohols in China showsyou an whole survey of erythritol from different aspects of production of major sugar alcoholsproducers, technology development, production cost, etc.The report contains the following aspects:No. Content Executive summary Methodology & sourceI Overview of sugar alcohol industry in ChinaI-1 Major sugar alcohols and their propertiesI-2 Sugar alcohol industry in ChinaI-3 Policies on sugar alcohol industry in recent yearsII Overview of sugar alcohol industry in the worldIII Raw material analysisIII-1 Major raw materials output, 2006-2010III-1.1 Corn starchIII-1.2 Corncob
  2. 2. III-1.3 GlucoseIII-2 Share of major raw materials in sugar alcohol industryIII-3 Planting area of corn in ChinaIII-4 Relevant policyIV TechnologyIV-1 SorbitolIV-1.1 Production technology of sorbitol in ChinaIV-1.2 Technology innovationIV-1.3 Introduction to key patentIV-2 XylitolIV-2.1 Production technology of xylitol in ChinaIV-2.2 Technology innovationIV-2.3 Introduction to key patentIV-3 MaltitolIV-3.1 Production technology of maltitol in ChinaIV-4 MannitolIV-4.1 Production technology of mannitol from kelp in ChinaIV-4.2 Production technology of mannitol by synthetic method in ChinaIV-4.3 Technology innovationIV-4.4 Introduction to key patentIV-5 ErythritolIV-5.1 Production technology of erythritol in ChinaIV-5.2 Technology innovationIV-5.3 Introduction to key patentV Manufacturing cost analysis of leading playersV-1 Shandong LIVjian Biological Technology Co., Ltd.V-1.1 Product informationV-1.2 Estimation on production cost of xylitolV-1.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-1.2.2 Estimation on management costV-1.2.3 Estimation on profitV-1.3 Estimation on production cost of crystalline maltitolV-1.3.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-1.3.2 Estimation on management costV-1.3.3 Estimation on profitV-2 OLaughlin Industries Co., Ltd.V-2.1 Product informationV-2.2 Estimation on production cost of erythritolV-2.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-2.2.2 Estimation on management costV-2.2.3 Estimation on profitV-3 Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.V-3.1 Product informationV-3.2 Estimation on production cost of xylitolV-3.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-3.2.2 Estimation on management costV-3.2.3 Estimation on profitV-3.3 Estimation on production cost of crystalline maltitolV-3.3.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-3.3.2 Estimation on management costV-3.3.3 Estimation on profitV-4 Shandong LonglIIIe Bio-technology Co., Ltd.V-4.1 Product informationV-4.2 Estimation on production cost of xylitolV-4.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-4.2.2 Estimation on management cost
  3. 3. V-4.2.3 Estimation on profitV-5 Roquette (China) Co., Ltd.V-5.1 Product informationV-5.2 Estimation on production cost of syrup sorbitolV-5.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-5.2.2 Estimation on management costV-5.2.3 Estimation on profitV-5.3 Estimation on production cost of crystalline maltitolV-5.3.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-5.3.2 Estimation on management costV-5.3.3 Estimation on profitV-6 Shandong Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.V-6.1 Product informationV-6.2 Estimation on production cost of xylitolV-6.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-6.2.2 Estimation on management costV-6.2.3 Estimation on profitV-6.3 Estimation on production cost of crystalline maltitolV-6.3.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-6.3.2 Estimation on management costV-6.3.3 Estimation on profitV-7 Shandong Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology Co., Ltd.V-7.1 Product informationV-7.2 Estimation on production cost of syrup maltitolV-7.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-7.2.2 Estimation on management costV-7.2.3 Estimation on profitV-8 Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.V-8.1 Product informationV-8.2 Estimation on production cost of syrup sorbitolV-8.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-8.2.2 Estimation on management costV-8.2.3 Estimation on profitV-9 GuangV Khalista (Liuzhou) Chemical Industries Ltd.V-9.1 Product informationV-9.2 Estimation on production cost of syrup sorbitolV-9.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-9.2.2 Estimation on management costV-9.2.3 Estimation on profitV-9.3 Estimation on production cost of syrup maltitolV-9.3.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-9.3.2 Estimation on management costV-9.3.3 Estimation on profitV-10 Shanghai Dasheng Food Co., Ltd.V-10.1 Product informationV-10.2 Estimation on production cost of crystalline maltitolV-10.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-10.2.2 Estimation on management costV-10.2.3 Estimation on profitV-11 Shandong Bailong Chuangyuan Bio-tech Co., Ltd.V-11.1 Product informationV-11.2 Estimation on production cost of crystalline maltitolV-11.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing cost
  4. 4. V-11.2.2 Estimation on management costV-11.2.3 Estimation on profitV-12 Shandong Jintian Shengwu Keji Co., Ltd.V-12.1 Product informationV-12.2 Estimation on production cost of crystalline maltitolV-12.2.1 Estimation on manufacturing costV-12.2.2 Estimation on management costV-12.2.3 Estimation on profitVI ConclusionVII ProfileVII-1 Jilin Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group Company Ltd.…VII-20 Shandong Binzhou Sanyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.The report provides you with an insightful analysis on sugar alcohol. For more information, pleasevisit the following webpage:, orcontact us at .About CCMCCM is dedicated to market research in China, Asia-Pacific Rim and global market. With a staff ofmore than 150 dedicated highly-educated professionals. CCM offers Market Data, Analysis,Reports, Newsletters, Buyer-Trader Information, Import/Export Analysis all through its newproprietary product ValoTracer.Please visit for more information or contactecontact@cnchemicals.comCCM International Ltd.Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.17th Floor, Huihua Commercial & Trade Mansion, No.80 Xianlie Zhong Road, Guangzhou510070, China