Exploring education in second life
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  • 1. Second Life Education: Exploring the potential for real learning in a virtual world Clare Atkins Sunset in Bombyx
  • 2.
    • Challenges of IT Education in the 21st century: skills of critical appraisal and creative problem solving making the system fit the students not the reverse
    • Challenges of talking about Second Life: being taken seriously avoiding the cliches how much do you know already
    • Challenges of this presentation: where to start, where to stop, too much! what to focus on where’s the research
        • who is doing the presenting here
    • Clare Atkins OR……
  • 3. Welcome to my world
    • Arwenna Stardust
    and we mustn’t forget
  • 4. NZ Education in a Virtual World eFest presentation 2007 Dr Clare Atkins and Aaron Griffiths Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Software Educational Resources Limited Arwenna Stardust Isa Goodman
  • 5. What is Second Life?
    • A 3D real-time fully interactive online digital world, imagined created and owned by its residents – a MUVE
    • Not really a ‘game’
      • No rules (only principles of behaviour), no specific purpose
      • Can create games within in it, e.g. RPGs, Chess, Slingo
    • An extremely rich virtual environment,
      • highly engaging roleplay opportunities
      • integrated eco-systems,
      • encourages/facilitates a high degree of collaborative action
      • Being taken seriously by businesses, education institutes and entertainment sources 2mins 33secs
    • Currently almost 8m people have visited, almost 1.8m visited in last 60 days and around 35,000 are online at any one time.
  • 6. The good, the bad and the ugly, …
  • 7. Real-time weather visualisation, tsunami and hurricane simulations
  • 8. Events, lectures and interactive life-size models
  • 9. Historical role playing
  • 10. Powerful experiential learning
  • 11. Ready for a visit?
    • Arwenna would like to show us around a few interesting places!
    • She is waiting for us in the NMIT Garden of Learning on EduIsland
    Arwenna and Aidan at NMIT http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eduisland/94/211/23 here
  • 12. Dipping NMIT toes into virtual water
    • End 2006 – Rented space on EduIsland for NMIT for 1 year
    • 2007 Sem 1 – Informal trial with final year IT students
    • 2007 Sem 2 – e-capability project using Moodle, Sloodle and Second Life
    • 2007 June – Decision to buy Koru Island – ready Sem 1 2008
  • 13. Why?
    • What it offers students
      • Opportunities to
        • learn through discovery,through real-time role play
        • collaborate with others
        • emotional engagement with learning
        • experience a sense of community
        • have fun and learn without recognising the learning
        • experience the impossible
        • …………… ..?
    SYD300 students in the NMIT gazebo
  • 14. Why?
    • What it offers staff as Educators
      • Ability to provide ‘engaging’ activities
      • A natural extension to existing eLearning activities
      • Aids to explain and explore difficult abstract concepts
      • Ability to bring distance learners into a class community
      • Easy route to step down from the “sage on a stage” role
    SYD300 students in the NMIT garden
  • 15. Why?
    • What it offers Staff as Academics/Researchers
      • Membership of a global community (in a very real sense!)
      • Participation in international debates and conferences
      • Opportunities to talk to/ask advice from significant others
      • Collaboration for practice and research
      • Opportunities to publish internationally
      • An international social network
    Kiwi Educators meeting June 2007
  • 16. What’s next?
    • NMIT Koru Island
    • Otago - sustainability
    • TOPNZ
    • Creation of a NZ community
    • – an archipelago of NZ Islands –
    • cooperating, collaborating, sharing resources and expertise
    • That is my vision, and Arwenna’s
  • 17. What is dawning?
    • We have no idea!
    • But we think it might re-shape our world in ways we can’t yet imagine!
  • 18. Please visit
    • Second Life Interest Group
    • www.nmit.ac.nz/research/2ndLife
    • NZ Education in a Virtual World (blog)
    • http://eduforge.org/projects/slcampusnz/
    • And you are always welcome to email Clare
    • or IM Arwenna!