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Fmp ella f storyline updated

  1. 1. Updated Story Outline: The Hollow Queen1931 Begins with Ella living with her mother Tempie, step father Joe and half-sister Franceswho was around 8 years old,Joe digs ditches to earn money, Tempie worked at a Laundromat and catered,Ella took on small jobs to contribute money as well, running gamblers bets to and froLived in a mixed neighbourhood apartment, Ella made friends easily, played sports likebaseball and danced and sungShe takes the train to Harlem with her friends to watch act at the Apollo TheatreGets in late Joe and her fight, they don’t get on1932 Tempie died from serious injuries, attained in a car accident, Tempie’s presence isthere at the funeralVirginia, Tempie’s sister takes Ella home with herShortly afterward Joe suffered a heart attack and died and Frances joined Virginia and EllaFrances cries, Tempie consoles her, Joe appears he is sorry, dispersesUnable to adjust, Ella became unhappy and unpredictable, her grades dropped dramaticallyand she frequently skipped school,Tempie is there when Ella sneaks back into the house in the middle of the night, Ella ignoresher, thinks she is imagining itafter getting in trouble with the police she was taken into a reforming school where hercaretakers beat her badly,eventually at 15 years of age she escaped the reformatory, broke and alone she strove tosurviveA predatory trickster character notices her crying alone in the street running away andfollows her, offering her glory, fame and talent. She is of course reluctant and refuses atfirst, but he convinces her. He states there is no catch but his intention is less thanhonourable.Tempie looks on.After telling one of her friends about the stranger she is told that he isn’t real, that she wasprobably imagining him that she was distressed and confusedOpen Stage amateur night at the Apollo theatre, she goes planning to dance but finds outthat the Edwards sisters from her building are dancing and in fear she would not be able tocompete with their popular skillsThe crowd is rowdy and quickly judgemental when Ella doesn’t know what she will do for asecond and stands still, but makes a quick decision to sing instead and asks the band to playThe trickster is in the crowd when she performs, everyone asks for an encore when she isfinished her set and she sings againBenny Carter the saxophonist who played in the band introduced her backstage to someimportant people who could help further her career_________________________________________________________________________(A few months later…)1935 she performed with the Tiny Bradshaw band at the Harlem Opera House for a week,which was where she met Chick Webb. Although her voice impressed him, Chick had alreadyhired male singer Charlie Linton for the band. He offered Ella the opportunity to test with hisband when they played a dance at Yale University.
  2. 2. Despite the tough crowd, Ella was a major success, and Chick hired her to travel with theband for $12.50 a week.Trickster shows up right after she receives her first pay check she is shocked thought maybehe was a dream or a hallucination, that he wasn’t real. Trickster wants part of her pay, hehas aged, showing darker twisted features that weren’t there before (starts subtle), eyesmaybe change colour a hint and his clothes become sharperShe thought there was no catch but he says she signed a contract needs to fulfil her part ofthe deal and give him his dueTempie’s presence appears again shaking her head, disappointed, it’s not what she wantedfor Ella, she knows what Trickstersare likeElla shakes it off ignores it, gives him the money and leaves, Trickster laughs burns money inhand blows embers Tempie’s direction ‘guess she’s not listening to you anymore’Sings in numerous clubs meeting new people and rising to fame, has dinner with jazz singersat a prestigious restaurant, hints of racism, white people sneer at her as she sits down, eatswith famous singers Ethel Waters, Paul Robeson (singer, actor, athlete, civil rights activist),Duke Ellington plays on stageDiscuss racism and discrimination, the music and fashion, personal lives_________________________________________________________________________June 16th1939, Ella mourns the loss of her mentor Chick Webb, in the absence of him, the bandwas renamed ‘Ella Fitzgerald and her famous band’ and she took the overwhelming task of bandleader setting up acts and organising everything-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1946, Ella is touring with Dizzy Gillespie’s band playing at the ‘Grand Key‘ jazz club inAlabama, USAShe is talking with fellow band mate Ray Brown being congratulated on another successfulshow when the Trickster stalks up, hiding his face under his hat, Ray leaves them to talkTrickster arrived for his pay check more obvious changes to his appearance, skin looser andwrinkled like he has aged, thinner and eyes are a different colourShe gives him the usual £2.50 as she always did, he burns it in handShe is angry that is what he has been doing with her well earned money, and tries to grab itback but burns herself, he cringes and asks for more, because she is earning more, that hisdebt won’t be repaid with small change, Ella gives him all of her pay angrily and proceeds tothe coach to take the band back to NY, yelling that he won’t be getting anymoreThe next day, the burn is itching, irritated, in a strange shapeHer friend stayed over, asks about burn mark, she goes to tell her but remembered that noone believed her the first time so she kept it to herselfFriend helps heal burn and bandages it, she has to go to work florist assistantShe rises to answer the door, Ray offers to take her out dancingThey go to the Savoy Ballroom in Lenox Street, Harlem, New York to danceTalks about their preparations for the next show in ‘the Soul Palace’ a jazz club inManhattan, with Ray’s friends and some of Ella’s old friends
  3. 3. Band who is playing famous swing band talk about music and the popularity of the SavoyBallroom and who visits it famous singers and peopleMeets an editor in chief of the Grappler a NY newspaper interested in writing an article onher band and their storyA few weeks later, her band is performing at the Apollo in NY, in between her show shesneaks out to the Harlem Opera House a block away where Billie Holiday was working andasked for her autographShe asks Ella to sit and gives her some advice on nerves and crowds, Explains how she gotinto singingPlays the rest of her set back at the Apollo and gets a quick drink with Ray and the bandafterwardsShe receives a call, They have a meeting with a journalist and photographer to be put in thenewspaper the next day, they celebrate by having a quick drinkSnow outside riles up the people in the club who all run out to see it, The band goes tooTrickster is there leaning against a lamppost in the street, expecting to be paid rubs fingerstogether impatientlyElla wants to avoid him, makes the band go to Coney Island to the fairground attraction onthe boardwalk in the snowEveryone has gone home already there are no workers, one of the band breaks into avending machine and starts up some of the electricsThey find a box of fireworks, light them at the end of the pierTrickster followed her, he’s climbed up onto the rigging of a rollercoaster, watching her,waiting until she is aloneFlash of lightning in the clouds, the demon he made a pact with appears from a lightningstrike, wants its’ payment,Looks mainly human, suited, skull painted face, but obviously dementedTrickster pleads and begs for more timeDemon insists she will be paid threatens trickster, it leaves with another crack of lightningElla gets home late, Trickster is waiting in the hallway for herOrders him to leave her alone, tries to get in her apartment but he blocks the door with hisarm, he is insistent on being paid, his debt grows with every due payment missedShe pushes past him into her room he lifts his hat, shows his face has degraded even more,more twisted darker features, thinner and paler skin clothes torn, more demonic eyesHe can’t move past the threshold, tries his hand burns, ‘invite me in’ she doesn’t slams thedoor closed in his face, he stands outside yelling and banging on the doorTrickster is lay back against the wall tearing at his face worrying over his debt, he beginshallucinating shadows take form and move aroundWoman walks by to get home with her dog and her husband, their faces change the dogchanges larger, voodoo skulls and fangs, scares tricksterPeople go indoors scared of Trickster whimpering, think he is insane
  4. 4. Window at the end of the hall frosts over, same symbol Ella’s hand drawn in itHe approaches the window pane, looks at it, wipes it away hurriedly, people street belowchange faces too to look like monstersdesperate bangs on Ella’s door again demanding she open it, Ella yells for him to leaveHe slumps in the hall doesn’t know what to doTempie appears, kneels down to his level threatens him to leave her alone or he’ll see worsethan monstersNext morning Ella calls Ray, Ray arrives, trickster on the floor, asks him if he is alright,Ella comes hears his voice, sees the trickster, tell him that he has been hassling her overmoney and she has already paid himRay tells him to leave, Trickster says he isn’t going anywhere without paymentRay’s face changes, demonic snarling animal he grabs his armsTrickster runs away, Ella thanks Ray for helping her, they Get in automobile, ready to go,Trickster scared of everybody, stumbles into a telephone box, closes the doorRay calls him a drunk, tells Ella to ignore him, they leaveDemon taps on plastic panes, she throws door open and grabs scruff of his collar drags himout into the street and away into an alleyAngry he is cowering and not getting herpayment, he has until noon that day__________________________________________________________________________________Trickster shows up at the Grappler, ‘journalism, newspaper printing place’ where theinterview is, grabs Ella before she goes in the room to join the others, he’s degraded evenmore, can see his true face showing through, grabs Ella’s wristShe is called for, tells them to wait a minute, she’ll be right thereFirst he threatens her tries to intimidate her into giving her soul; he feeds off fearTempie appears puts her hand on Ella’s shoulder he lets go his hands burningClock in the hall ticking, two minutes to noonHe begs for her soul, tries compromising, explains what will happen to him if she doesn’t,states he was the one who gave her the ability to perform in the first place she would havebeen nothing without him, she owes him her life, she still refusesHe casts a mirage the room around changes, and peels away,Ella looks around she is in a grand house, surreal golden hue engulfing itTempie walks in alive and well picks up Frances they laughTrickster is playing piano, tempts her with a dream world, offers her Tempie and Frances,fame and fortune, they will never die or leave, says it’s all she ever wantedAsks him what he’s done, it’s her mind, he merely pulled it into formShe asks if it’s her dream then where is her father, he laughs how do you know it’s not me,Ella glares infuriated, he clicks his fingers anxiously and the patio doors open and a manwalks in, guitar strapped to his back, runs over and picks up FrancesFor a moment she thought it was Joe, but she didn’t recognise him, her biological father
  5. 5. Offers her the deal, her soul for this world where she can be with her family and sing anddance all she wantsElla considers the offer, but can hear the faded voices of her band calling after her andremembers she may not have Tempie or her father, but she worked for her successShe realises she already possessed the ability to sing and dance and the love for soul and jazzmusic before he had even shown upThe world drains away back to normal, Tempie scowls ‘Guess she aint listening to youanymore’Clock hits twelve, lighting cracks from outsideDemon storms through the door, still hasn’t received her payment, last chance for her soulElla steps back Tempie stands in front of her daughter protectively ‘I don’t think so’she tears Tricksters soul from his body, falls limp and sets alight, ashes blow awayAs if nothing had ever happened she composes herself and tips her hat, then leavesElla Says goodbye to TempieSubmits for the interview, narrative summary