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Production log for fmp

  1. 1. FMP Production Log Graphic Novel/Comic Book, Set in medieval times focus Set of comic strips over a on a hunting story or a series of newspapers or scouting mission magazines Graphic Novel set in the early 1900’s focusing on a jazz 3D model of an FMP idea for a new singer of importance BRAINSTORM before their fame or style of jazz club set in town rising to their fame 3D model of a 1900’s jazz club Electronic comic strip released environment online over a period of weeks o months Adobe Illustration of a series of old fashioned 1900’s posters displaying jazz music and blues instruments to be shown in music stores to either attract jazz fans or increase peoples interest in jazz and blues.
  2. 2. Settling on an Idea For my Final Major Project I settled on the idea of creating a graphic novel based the iconic jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. The main reason I chose this as my final idea is because I enjoy listening to soul and jazz music and already knew a lot about the subject beforehand, so I knew I would understand the characters and the time and age. I focused on Ella Fitzgerald because she is my favourite jazz singer, and the most relatable for me. I decided to include other jazz singers who would make guest appearances or be more involved in the actual plot like Nina Simone, Ethel Waters and Nat King Cole.
  3. 3. Gathering Research For my research I went into Manchester Town and entered a few different stores that sold comics and graphic novels and merchandise like that. I took previously written up questionnaires and asked as many people as I could about their preferences to Graphic Novels genre, make and style, and their purpose of being in the store on that day. I got more than ten responses, including one from the store owner.
  4. 4. Ideas Generation, using research collected From handing out my questionnaires I have discovered that the majority of comic and graphic novel fans prefer hardback books to any other kind, and would be interested in my idea. Therefore I have decided to continue working with my black hardback sketchbook for the Graphic novel and with the general idea of Ella Fitzgerald’s rise to fame.
  5. 5. Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchForums and Polls, On carrying out my different types of research (qualitative and quantitative) I went online to look at statistics of the best sold kind of graphic novels over the past few years and the best sold genre and type. This was to get a general overlook of the preferences of the community as a whole rather than a close inquiry of specific people’s preferences. I also looked at numerous comics and graphic novel forums and polls to witness the overall outlook of the specific audience of people.
  6. 6. Carrying out visual researchVisiting Manchester Art Gallery and Dawson’s Music Store To carry out extra research I visited Manchester Art Museum and the Dawson’s music store to look at 1900’s work more closely. I found quite a few pieces from the early 1900’s time frame and photographed them including furniture and place settings. When I visited Dawson’s music store to look for brass instruments such as saxophones and trumpets that would have been played back in the 1920’s time. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything that matched what I was looking for in stock and only had lyrics and note books on jazz music so I went online instead when I returned home and collected images from their website of old fashioned types of saxophones and trumpets and uploaded them onto my blog.
  7. 7. Pre-production Planning The main materials needed to produce my project idea would be art mediums. I would most likely be using a pencil to sketch out the strips, and then once finished I would go onto the computer and use photo shop to add colour and detail to the drawing, then upload it online. To carry out the project I will have to create a storyboard for what will happen throughout the plot, which will be loosely based on Ella’s life. I’ll need to use rulers to make sure the split section are straight and Indian inks or fine liners to go over the lighter work and make it bolder.