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Bad boy


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Bad boy

  1. 1. Handsome Adam Kincaid might look like Renee Scott’s dream man, but personality-wise,he’s the complete opposite of what she’s looking for. The Hollington physics professor isserious, scholarly, uptight—and obviously looking for a serious relationship. The lastthing Renee wants is to settle down. What she wants is a bad boy, someone confident andspontaneous to cut loose with—no strings attached.Adam has known that Renee is the complete package, the perfect woman for him, from themoment he first laid eyes on the new college registrar. Can he convince her that a long-term relationship with him would be anything but boring?Chapter One"Adam Kincaid’s a hottie, but he’s definitely not my type," Renee Scott announced, coiling thephone cord around her fingers. As she leaned back in her leather swivel chair, she glancedoutside her office window. Willow trees shielded the Hollington campus from the blistering sunand students rushed around at the same frantic pace as commuters at Grand Central station."Really, Kyra, I don’t know what you were thinking setting us up. We have absolutely nothing incommon.""You can’t expect Adam to be like all those L.A. guys you dated," Kyra Dixon admonished, hervoice losing some of its cheer. "He’s nice and—""That’s the problem. I don’t want nice. I want someone wild and spontaneous.""Bad boys don’t commit, Renee.""Good, because I’m not interested in settling down." Staring at her desk calendar, she mentallyreviewed her last two dates with the esteemed college professor. They lacked spice, pizzazz,flavor, and their conversations were plagued with long, awkward silences. "I’m looking for aconfident, take–charge guy who isn’t afraid to cut loose. Not a quiet, uptight one.""Don’t be so hard on him. He was probably just nervous. Adam’s had a crush on you ever sinceyou started working at Hollington, you know.""Lucky me," she quipped, rolling her eyes."Sometimes it takes time for chemistry to develop. Give him another chance.""The bottom line is we’re ill–suited for each other and—" She heard a knock on her office door.Straightening, she spun around on her chair. The color drained from Renee’s face. Adam Kincaidwas standing in the doorway, watching her. How much had he heard? Adopting a professionaltone, she quickly ended her conversation with Kyra. "I have to go, but I’ll meet you in the facultylounge at eleven–fifteen."Without waiting for a response, she hung up the phone. Crossing her legs, Renee watched Adamadjust his thin, pin–striped tie. It was a shame that such a good–looking man was so serious.Attractive, in a scholarly way, the thirty–five–year–old physics professor reminded her of a taller,darker version of her favorite CSI actor, and Lord help her if he didn’t have the hazel eyes, too.Six feet, with fine hair and smooth skin, Adam had been blessed with chiseled features and ahard body. If he ditched the glasses, he’d be even sexier, she thought, wetting her lips.As she reflected on their first date, Renee wondered why after such a boring time at the Boys &Girls Club charity fund–raiser she’d agreed to go out with him again. Because you’re attracted tohim, that’s why. Renee concealed a smile. She’d always had a fixation with dark, broad–shouldered guys, and Adam Kincaid was the physical prototype of her dream man.
  2. 2. Deciding to remain seated, she clasped her hands around her knees. Renee wondered againhow much of her conversation Adam had heard. Should she apologize now or wait to see how hewas going to play it? Apologizing would imply that she’d done something wrong, and she hadn’t.Having a private conversation with a friend wasn’t a crime, and she refused to feel guilty.But when their eyes met, Renee knew that Adam Kincaid had heard every scandalous word she’dsaid.Chapter TwoPrint this PageBoring?Adam’s heart caved in his chest. Like a muzzle clamped over his mouth, his jaw stiffened and themuscles in his neck grew tight. Maybe he’d misheard her. The entire college was anxiouslyawaiting the return of Terrence Franklin and loud, high–pitched voices carried down the hall intothe registrar’s office. President Morrow was giving the ex–NFL running back a hero’s welcomelater that day, but Adam wanted no part of it. Not because he wasn’t a fan, but because he wasmore interested in spending time with Renee.Openly admiring Hollington’s new twenty–nine–year–old registrar, he strode confidently inside heroffice. Instantly charmed by the scent of her perfume, he inhaled deeply. She smelled likehoneysuckle and jasmine. Rich, intoxicating, fresh. Then, there was how stunning she looked inher sheer blouse and cream pants. Super fit, she followed a strict diet and exercised in the staffgym every day from five to six.That’s where he’d first seen her.He’d taken the machine next to her, introduced himself and made small talk while they jogged onthe treadmill. It was a challenge holding up his end of the conversation, but he’d asked questions,listened to her answers and managed not to make a fool of himself. Adam didn’t believe in love atfirst sight, and never imagined that he could have such strong feelings so soon, but he did.They’d only been on two dates, but it had been enough. Enough for him to realize that this beautywith the titillating voice and charming personality was the woman he’d been searching for hisentire life."Hello, Adam. What brings you by?"Her light brown eyes glowed like the sunshine flowing through the windows. As he admiredRenee’s butterscotch tone and thick, lustrous hair, he thought back to last night. Was she right?Had working long hours and marking too many homework assignments turned him into a bore? Isthat why she didn’t want to go out with him again? He’d thought their date had gone well; so wellhe felt confident enough to visit her in her office this morning. But obviously, she saw thingsdifferently. I don’t want nice. I want someone wild and spontaneous. Adam straightened to his fullheight. Starting today—no, starting right now—he was going to show the Atlanta native anotherside of him. A strong, assertive side.Before this week was over, Renee Scott would know that he meant business."Good morning." Adam retrieved the drink tray from where he’d set it on the side table. "I broughtbreakfast."Her eyebrows drew together in a suspicious slant. "Have you been talking to Kyra?"Adam laughed, unwilling to confirm or deny her inquiry. For the past month, he’d takenmeticulous notes of Renee’s likes and dislikes and knew what she ordered from the cafeteriaevery morning. Since he didn’t have a pair of high–powered binoculars he couldn’t be classifiedas a stalker, but even he had to admit that he was walking the line. "I have pastries, fruit and
  3. 3. Swiss cheese." Adam opened the bag, allowing the mouthwatering aroma to fill the air."I’m starving," Renee confessed. "I slept in again and there was no time to eat.""It’s another gorgeous September day, so let’s sit outside. And we can be the first ones to seeTerrence Franklin. President Morrow said he’d be here any minute now."Renee sprang from her seat. "What a great idea!" Helping herself to one of the coffee cups, sherushed past him, saying, "Thanks. I owe you one, Adam."Chapter ThreePrint this PageWhen Renee sat down on the wooden bench, Adam almost knocked over the groundskeeper inhis haste to sit beside her. Their arms touched, sending his pulse into overdrive. Staring down ather, he wondered if she’d felt that bolt. That charge. It was so powerful, so devastating, heneeded a moment to right his thoughts. "So, tell me more about working in the entertainmentindustry. Did you enjoy it?""I loved being a hairstylist. Once, I flew to Paris to do J–Lo’s hair. Can you believe it? And, I wasinvited to the after party, too. There was champagne, caviar and…"Adam chuckled when Renee confessed to passing out after her third cocktail. Honest andunapologetic about her past, she spoke about her crazy Hollywood days and the A–list celebritiesshe’d worked closely with."It sounds like you had a great life back in L.A.," Adam surmised, glancing over at her.Renee licked the icing off her cinnamon bun and his brain went dead. Finally, after severalseconds, he regained the use of his tongue. "If you were so happy out west, why did you return toAtlanta?""My grandmother got sick, so I came down to help take care of her. She’s doing better, but Ithought it might be a good idea to stick around for a while. I’ve known Kyra for years, and whenshe told me the college was hiring, I decided to apply," she explained, taking a sip of coffee. "I’mdefinitely going back to L.A., though. I love it there. What about you? Where are you from?""I grew up here." Moving in on her, he stretched his arm along the bench. Nice. Now he wasclose enough to smell her shampoo. "I know all of the best places to hang out, so if you everneed a tour guide, just give me a call.""I was only gone for a few years, Adam. I still know my way around the city.""This weekend’s supposed to be a scorcher," he continued, forcing himself not to stare at hercleavage. "I’m going Jet Skiing with some friends. You should come."Frown lines wrinkled her brow. "You Jet Ski? I’m surprised, you seem so…so…"He watched her grapple for the right word, and offered one of his own. "Boring?"Renee’s face crumpled like a sheet of paper. "Adam, I never said you were boring. It’s hardmaking friends around here, and I’m glad we got to know each other.""Me, too." Concealing his true intentions wasn’t easy, especially when she was sitting so close,and looking so damn good in those figure–hugging pants. Her scent aroused him, seduced him,made him want to devour her with his lips. "Being single isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. My bestfriends are all married with kids, and most nights I cruise around on my bike searching for
  4. 4. something fun to do.""You have a motorcycle?""Yes, a Suzuki V–Strom." The lie rolled off his lips with ease. "It’s a sleek, black cruiser with silverchrome and more horsepower than a Mack truck.""It sounds like a sweet bike," she said, flashing him a smile. "I’m going to have to keep my eye onyou, Professor Kincaid. You’re full of surprises and I like that!"Adam chuckled. The registrar was a witty, thrill–seeking type who was always up for a good time.That was his Renee. Pride welled up in Adam’s heart. He liked that. And by the time he was doneseducing her, that’s exactly who’d she’d be—his Renee.Chapter FourPrint this Page"Frequency Nightclub is throwing an old…school bash on Saturday night," Adam said, taking afleeting look around the campus. Hollington College had a Georgian architectural feel to it and therustic buildings gave the prestigious coed school personality. "If you’re not busy, you should comeand—""Are you implying that I’m old?" Feigning anger, Renee folded her arms rigidly across her chest. "Istill get carded when I buy wine coolers you know!"Adam lowered his mouth to her ear. "I’m not surprised. You don’t look a day over twenty…one."His voice, deep and strong, sent tingles racing down her spine. What was the matter with her?Why was she making eyes at Adam? The guy she’d called uptight not even ten minutes ago?"The truth is, I’d rather go shopping than exercise, but looking good is all that matters in L.A.""You’re perfect," he praised. "Intelligent, lively and incredibly beautiful."Unable to wipe the smile from her face, she decided there was no harm in flirting with Adam.They were friends, and now that the tension between them had lifted, he seemed more relaxed."That’s the good thing about being a guy. You can lounge around all day eating junk food andnobody says boo when you gain weight.""That’s not true. Being healthy is important to me, and I work hard to stay fit."It shows. His shoulders filled out his designer suit jacket nicely, and his chest was firm, hard,perfect for caressing, and stroking. Averting her eyes didn’t stop Renee from lusting. Adamlooked sharp in his charcoal suit. No, better than sharp. Fine. Hot. Head…turning. He’s going togive some woman the cutest babies, she thought, admiring his even skin tone."It’s almost nine o’clock. I better walk you back to your office," he said, tossing their garbage intothe blue trash bin. "It’s too bad Terrence Franklin didn’t show. I know how anxious you are tomeet him."Renee shrugged. "We were so busy talking, I forgot all about him.""That’s good to hear. It means my plan is working."Intrigued, she held his gaze. Her body felt damp, hot, flushed with heat. All eyes, she watched ashis mouth closed in on her. Panic ballooned in her stomach and surged through her body like araging wildfire. Was he going to kiss her? Here? Now? In front of the administration building?"I’m bringing breakfast tomorrow. Same time and place." His grin was deadly. "Be here, or I’ll
  5. 5. come looking for you."Renee watched as he lifted her hand to his mouth. She came apart at the seams when his lipstouched her flesh. Her face warmed and her legs shook like leaves in the wind.Adam stared at her with such longing, with such hunger, Renee felt her head throb. Pound, wasmore like it. She’d seen another side of him today, and when he smiled at her, Renee wondered ifshe’d been too quick to write him off."I’ll be here," she promised, "but don’t forget the cream for my coffee this time!"Chapter FivePrint this Page"I’d love to take you out sometime. How about it?"To keep from answering the concert promoter’s question, Renee lifted her glass to her mouth.Taking a sip, she glanced around Frequency Nightclub. Bright studio lights shimmered off thehardwood floors, elongated mirrors were suspended above the granite bar and the intimateseating areas had cozy suede couches.Sighing, Renee stared absently at Marquise Jackson. He was the type she’d usually go gaga forbut for some reason, she just wasn’t interested. Her friends were in the ladies’ room, and withoutthem running interference, she was stuck with the loquacious bachelor until someone moreinteresting came along.Someone like Adam Kincaid.Her pulse quickened at the thought of him. For the past four days, he’d brought her breakfast,and had gotten into the habit of sending her funny e–mails throughout the day. It was scary howmuch they had in common, and when she checked her watch for the third time, Renee realizedthat she was anxious for Adam to arrive at the party."I have access to all of the hottest clubs and restaurants in town."Renee faked a smile. The concert promoter was cute, but she didn’t like the way he was oglingher chest. Adam never did that. He looked at her face and nowhere else. Renee liked that. Madeher think the physics prof took her seriously."So, can I get your number or what?"Considering his offer, she stirred her straw absently around her cocktail glass. Maybe she shouldgive Marquise her number. It couldn’t hurt. And going out with someone else might stop her fromthinking about Adam 24/7. After all, she wasn’t looking for a serious relationship. When sherattled off her cell phone number the concert promoter broke into a slick smile."I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll set up something for…"The crowd broke into shrieks and whistles. Renee wheeled around, curious to see who wascausing a stir at the entrance. It must be Terrence Franklin or some other hotshot celebrity. Adamhad introduced her to the former bad boy of the NFL during yesterday’s faculty reception, andeven though he was buff, ripped and wickedly handsome, Adam was the one who had impressedher. Not only was he fun and charismatic, he was one of the most down–to–earth guys she hadever met. He’d brought her a plate of delicious appetizers and stayed by her side the entireafternoon. Then, there was the way he stared at her, as if he were reading her innermostthoughts.A group of men entered the lounge, and when Renee saw who was at the head of the pack, her
  6. 6. mouth fell open. It was Adam. Her Adam. But he looked different. No glasses, no dark stuffy suit,no loafers. His five o’clock shadow gave him a tough, rugged look. One she was instantlyattracted to.But it wasn’t just his appearance that left her feeling hot and weak–kneed. Adam had swag.Charisma. Sex appeal. He moved like a man who had the world at his feet, and as Renee slid offher bar stool, she noticed that everyone in the room was staring at him. Women drooled, menglowered, and when their eyes met through the crowd, Renee felt a deep yearning in her soul.Renee tried to look normal, unfazed, but her body was inflamed with desire. Tonight, Adam wasthe essence of cool. She loved his all–black ensemble, loved how casually he moved throughspace. These days, Renee didn’t know what to expect from the physics professor, and seeinghim again thrilled her.Breathing deeply, she drained her glass, pushed it into the concert promoter’s hands andmarched toward Adam Kincaid.Chapter SixPrint this Page"Hey, Professor. How’s it going?"Adam felt a tap on his shoulder. At the sight of Renee in a clingy, V–neck dress, his pulsehammered in his ear. "I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight.""They’ve been promoting this event like crazy on Hot 107.9, so I thought I’d come down to seewhat all the hoopla was about." Her full, glossy lips curved into a smile. "Thanks for inviting me.You were right about everyone here being real chill and laid–back.""I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself." Taking a swig of his vodka, he stepped forward until theirarms were touching. Gracefully slim and toned, with killer curves, Renee was the ultimate malefantasy. She radiated charm, sensuality and sophistication. "Would you like something to drink?""Sure, I’d love a glass of Chardonnay.""Wine’s boring. Live a little." Adam winked at her, then turned toward the bar and ordered her atequila sunrise. A minute later, he paid the bartender and handed her the shapely cocktail glass.Their fingers touched, and he saw her quick intake of breath. Eyes locked, they stood as if frozenin time. Her scent overpowered him, and for several seconds he couldn’t think. His mind wasblank, empty."This used to be my favorite song!" Renee exclaimed, swaying to the beat of the music."I’d ask you to dance, but I bet your dance card is already full.""You’ll never know unless you ask," she teased. "Who knows? I just might say yes."A grin tugged at his lips. "Are you always this saucy?""What can I say? I like giving guys a hard time."Adam put his tumbler down on the bar. Enough standing around. This was his opportunity toshow Renee that he was assertive. Spontaneous. Hip. Did people even use that word anymore?he thought, leveling a hand over his button–down shirt. "Dance with me," he said, reaching forher.Her body stiffened. "B–but the dance floor’s empty."
  7. 7. "Good, then we don’t have to worry about anyone stepping on our toes." As Adam led Reneethrough the lounge, he noticed the curious expressions on the faces of the other partygoers. Fearand excitement churned in his stomach. He was a good dancer, but he had a habit of freezing uparound Renee. What if he embarrassed himself? Or worse…what if—Adam gulped—peoplelaughed?Chapter SevenPrint this PageDumbfounded, Renee stared wide–eyed at Professor Kincaid. This wasn’t Adam. Adam was aquiet, laid–back type, not a bossy, outspoken guy who made demands. She thought of returningto her seat, but when a sultry Donna Summer groove rang out from the speakers, Renee lostherself in the music. Mouthing the words to the song, she rotated her hips, loving the way Adamrocked his body sensuously against hers. His moves impressed her, and made her wonder whatkind of lover he’d be.His mouth grazed her ear, and she quivered uncontrollably. Passion kindled, birthing a tinglysensation in her core. A moan rose in her throat, and tumbled off her lips. Thankful the sound wasconcealed by the loud, pulsing music, she dropped her hands from around his neck.A flood of people rushed the dance floor, pushing them even closer together. Five minutes ago,the dance floor was empty and now it was as crowded as a tourist beach. "I’m going to sit thisone out," she announced, fanning her face with her hands. "They’re doing the hustle and I don’twant to embarrass myself."Adam put his hands on her waist, preventing her from moving a muscle. "Just follow my lead.You’ll get the hang of it in no time."Pressed flat against his chest, Renee moved in tune to the music, imitating his fluid dance steps.Being so close inspired visions of kissing, caressing and making love in the middle of her satin–draped bed. They danced until the end of the set, and when Adam dipped her, Renee shriekedwith laughter. "What are you trying to do, turn this into an X–rated party?""Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?" His voice was level, smooth. Like a man whowas used to having his way with the opposite sex. "Renee, you’re an incredible woman who Ienjoy spending time with very much."His sensuous caress along the nape of her neck set off a series of moans. For a long momentthey stared at each other intently. There was a hunger—no, a wildness in his eyes that shook her.His gaze seized her in its powerful grip, rooting her high–heeled sandals to the floor.Rubbing her lips together, she watched him, thankful he didn’t have the power to read herthoughts. Her body was on fire. Burning. Searing. Hot enough to light a match. One kiss isn’tgoing to kill me. And when Adam smiled at her, Renee realized there was nothing she wantedmore.Closing in on her, he tilted her chin up, drawing her face to his mouth. His lips were moist, tender,evoking feelings of total pleasure. Nothing had ever felt so good, so right, so intensely divine.Shivers of excitement tore through her. His tongue possessed her, consumed her, filled her with ahunger so fierce she could hardly control herself. Nothing Renee had ever seen in movies hadprepared her for this, and she had to grip his forearm to keep from sliding to the floor.Conflicted voices whirled in Renee’s brain as his hands slid slowly down her back. This couldn’tbe happening. She was kissing Adam. Adam Kincaid. The man she’d called uptight just daysearlier.But most shocking of all, Renee didn’t want the kiss to end.
  8. 8. Chapter EightPrint this Page"What do you mean you accidentally kissed?" Kyra quit jogging. "How do you accidentally kisssomeone? The last time we spoke you were dead set against dating Adam, and now you’retelling me you—"Renee cut her off. "Keep moving." A sprinter was powering around the corner of Hollington’sindoor track and she didn’t want to get knocked over. "It just happened. You know how thesethings are sometimes.""No, I don’t. Enlighten me."Concealing a smile, she tried not to remember how good it had felt being in Adam’s arms. Thekiss had transcended her expectations and her heart raced just thinking about it. "I think all thoseold–school love songs went to our heads.""Well, don’t leave me in the dark. How was it? Is Adam a good kisser?"Is he ever. Renee closed her eyes as the memory of his kiss swept over her. It had been fiveminutes of pure ecstasy. The professor had put it on her, and she wanted—no, needed—more.Truth was, he’d made love to her mouth and now her whole body was lit with desire."Renee, you’re glowing," Kyra squealed, her eyes brighter than a casino slot machine. "So thatmust mean it was real good. Are you guys going out again?""No plans." What Renee didn’t tell Kyra was that they’d kissed three more times at the bar, andagain after he walked her to her car. Calling him had crossed her mind, but she didn’t want Adamto think she liked him. Even though she did. A lot. More than any of the guys she’d dated back inL.A. "We’re attracted to each other, but that doesn’t mean we’re exclusive. I’m not hung up onhim, the way you are on Terrence Franklin."Kyra belted out a laugh, but Renee could tell by the girlish twinkle in her eye that she had a crushon the ex–NFL running back. "Stop trying to change the subject. We’re talking about you andAdam, not my association with Terrence.""Is that what it’s called?" Renee studied her colleague’s profile. "Don’t play dumb, because I’veseen the way you check him out when you think no one’s looking."Silence fell between them as they finished their third lap around the track."Renee, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I don’t think you’re the kind of womanAdam needs. He wants to settle down and you’re still playing the field.""But you said we were perfect for each other," she reminded. "Isn’t that why you gave him myphone number in the first place?""Well, yeah, but then you said he was boring and—"Renee interrupted. "Don’t put words in my mouth. I never said he was boring.""Okay, calm down. You don’t have to rip my head off. I was just trying to make a point. You saidyou weren’t looking for a relationship. Adam’s a great guy and if you break his heart you’ll ruinhim for the next girl.""We’re both free to date whoever we want. In fact, I have a date tonight with a guy I met at old–school Saturday," she explained, wearing a mischievous smile. "And I have a feeling Marquise
  9. 9. Jackson is going to help me forget all about Professor Kincaid."Chapter NinePrint this Page"I should’ve stayed home and waxed my legs," Renee grumbled, climbing into her ToyotaHighlander. Slamming the door, she started the engine and tore out of the restaurant parking lot.What was Marquise thinking, wearing a Lakers jersey to a classy establishment like Dolce? Theman had no sense of fashion or proper etiquette, and when she saw him slip the femalebartender his business card, Renee faked a headache, excused herself from the table andpractically sprinted through the front doors.Staring at the digital clock, Renee considered what to do next. If it wasn’t for her date from hell,she’d be back at Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant, hobnobbing with all of the beautiful people.Instead, she was driving around aimlessly, looking for something to do.Renee wondered where Adam was. The college professor was a welcome change from the menshe usually dated. He had a sweet nature, a kindness, a gentleness that most guys were missingin this day and age. Adam Kincaid was hard to resist, and she was attracted to his mind and hisgorgeous body. The chemistry between them was real, profound, more intense than anythingshe’d ever experienced, and at the memory of their first kiss her body flushed with the mostdelicious heat. It was too bad he was the relationship type….At the intersection, Renee dug around in her purse for her cell phone. Locating Adam’s number,she hit Send and waited anxiously for the call to connect. He answered on the fifth ring, soundingdangerously sexy. "Hey, Renee. What’s up?"Excitement filled her stomach and rippled down her thighs. This was the first time they’d spokenon the phone, but Adam was acting like it was no big deal. Like they talked every day. Calm, andback in control, she asked, "How are you doing?""Better now that you’re on the line. Where are you, beautiful?"She heard the smile in his voice, and felt herself melt into her soft, cushy seat. "I’m, ah…" trailingoff, she decided against telling Adam about her date. He’d probably laugh at her for going outwith such a loser, and she didn’t want to be teased. "I’m heading home.""My dinner just arrived from The Tavern. Are you hungry? There’s plenty.""I couldn’t.""You can’t, or you won’t?" His tone deepened to a gruff, throaty whisper. "Come over. I’ll make itworth your while."Renee’s mouth dried. That was an offer, a challenge, one tempting invitation. Thanks to the staffdirectory tucked inside her day planner, she knew exactly where he lived and decided a visit wasdefinitely in order. "I’ll be there in ten minutes."Chapter TenPrint this Page"I never said all men are liars," Renee explained, studying Adam over the rim of her coffee mug."I said most. That’s why I prefer to keep things casual. No attachments, no heartbreak.""If that’s true, then why aren’t you off somewhere partying with a high roller?"I was, she thought, glancing at her wristwatch. Three hours ago, she’d been at Dolce, plotting herescape from a loud, obnoxious concert promoter. Now, she was in Adam’s kitchen polishing off asecond slice of key lime pie. "Love’s overrated," she announced, crossing her legs. "I’ve been liedto and cheated on so many times, I have a hard time believing anything a man says. Even Dr.
  10. 10. Phil, and I love him!""A guy would have to be crazy to mess around on you. You’re the complete package, Renee.Everything a man could ever want or desire.""I’ve heard that line before," she quipped. "If I had a penny for every time a guy said—""It’s not a line. It’s the truth."Sexual tension pulsed between them and when Adam took her hand, Renee had a hell of a timeremembering what they were talking about. His touch was divine. Exquisite. Out of this world.Now, if only he’d move his hands a little lower."If you were my girl you’d never, ever have to worry about me lying to you.""My ex professed his undying love, but he cheated on me every chance he got." Renee didn’trealize she’d spoken aloud until she saw his eyes fill with concern. Angry at herself for sayinganything, she withdrew her hand, picked up her fork and resumed eating her scrumptiousdessert."Another cup?" he asked, tilting the coffee pot toward her mug.Nodding, she watched him pour. Liking the way he fit into his Ed Hardy T–shirt and cargo pants,she wondered if he was going to try to kiss her again. They weren’t slow dancing, and the lightsweren’t dim, but the chemistry between them was as strong as ever. "Are you going to the alumnimixer at Cork reunion weekend?""I haven’t decided yet. Are you?""I will if I can wrangle up a date." Raising her eyebrows suggestively, she donned a wide,innocent smile. "Interested? I promise not to cramp your style. It’ll just be two colleaguesattending a work function together.""I’d love to be your date, but is that all we are? Colleagues?"Renee struggled for an answer. What was the matter with her? One minute she was flirting withhim, batting her eyelashes and licking her lips, and the next she was wary of him, withdrawn,intent on keeping her distance. Her mouth wouldn’t function, and when he came around thecenter island, her heart skipped a beat."I’m not going to ask what happened in your past, because it doesn’t matter," he said, tenderlycaressing her cheek. "Life’s too short to waste on regrets.""I couldn’t agree more, Adam."Then, she kissed him.Chapter ElevenPrint this PageWho was seducing who? Adam thought, stunned by the intensity of the kiss. Her mouth wasmoist, delicate and flavored with lemon. Hungry for more, he lifted her onto the counter, histongue mating fervently with her own. "You’re amazing, stunning, perfect from head to toe," hewhispered, stroking the nape of her neck. "Renee, you’ll never have to worry about me hurtingyou. I’m not going to do what those other guys did.""No promises, Adam." Inching closer, she slid a hand under his shirt and stroked his chest. "Aftertonight, we don’t have to see each other again if we don’t want to."
  11. 11. Her words didn’t compute. "A one–night stand? Is that all this is to you?""Less talking, more kissing," she teased, rubbing his shoulders.Adam steeled himself against her touch. He wanted her, but not like this. She’d opened up to himtonight, and their bond was growing, deepening. Having sex would ruin all the progress he’dmade. And making love on the kitchen counter wasn’t the romantic setting he’d envisioned fortheir first time together. Renee deserved the finest things in life, and he was determined to givethem to her.Rap music filled the air."That’s my cell." Hopping off the counter, she pulled her phone from her pocket and pressed it toher ear. "Hello?"To give her privacy, he went into the living room and flipped on the TV. Seconds later, her rich,infectious laugh captured his attention. He peered inside the kitchen and watched her for severalseconds. Had he ever met a woman so captivating? So full of life? When Renee ended her call,she came in and joined him on the couch."Talk about a mood killer." Slapping her cell phone shut, she smiled apologetically at him. "I’msorry about that, but if I don’t pick up when my grandmother calls, she panics.""And how’s granny doing?""That’s Mrs. Eunice to you," Renee warned, poking his shoulder playfully."I look forward to meeting her and the rest of your family." Encircling her in his arms, he pulledher tightly to his chest. "Any idea when that might be?""We’ll see what happens.""You can trust me, Renee. I’m not going anywhere."She lifted her mouth to his ear. "Let’s go for a ride.""We can’t. My bike’s—" Adam shuddered when her nipples grazed his forearm. "It’s…in theshop," he lied, stumbling over his words. "Maybe next time.""That’s too bad." Eying him, she slowly undid the top button on his shirt. "I had plans for you, meand your motorcycle…"Chapter TwelvePrint this PageStone Mountain Park was inundated with the scent of wildflowers, and the sky was awash withshades of deep orange, red and purple. Renee breathed in slowly, deeply, awed by the splendorof the soaring mountain peaks."Hurry up, Professor." Gripping the handlebars of her all–terrain bike, Renee shot a look over hershoulder at Adam. "You’re moving slower than my grandpa, and he’ll be seventy–nine on his nextbirthday!"His throaty chuckle echoed through the valley. Beside her now, he glanced at his Guess sportswatch. "It’s time we head back."A frown pinched her eyebrows. Renee wasn’t ready to leave. Not when they were having such a
  12. 12. good time biking through the scenic trails. "Why are you so anxious to leave? Do you haveanother date lined up or something?"Their eyes connected. His gaze pierced her, made her feel something she hadn’t felt in years.Passion. Hunger. Lust. She craved him, desired him, needed him like air, and the more time theyspent together the more she fantasized about making love to him. Adam was honest, completelyhimself and not afraid to open up to her. And that was damn sexy."I’m grading papers tonight. Come and keep me company.""I did that last night," she reminded, "and the action movie you rented was terrible."So, they’d made out again instead. His touch warmed her, aroused her, reminded her how good itfelt to be desired. Snug in his arms, she’d rested her head on his chest and sighed incontentment as he tenderly stroked her shoulders.When they reached the parking lot, Renee was surprised to find only a handful of other cars."You’re the only woman I know who looks cute in a bike helmet," Adam said, lifting it off her headand chucking it into the backseat of his SUV. Placing his hands on her hips, he leaned over,lowering his mouth for a kiss.Renee curled her arms around him, enjoying the way he moved his tongue expertly around hermouth. Before her desire was satiated, he pulled away. "You are such a tease. Just when thingsget good, you shut it down."Adam chuckled. "Sometimes, I don’t know what to do with you."Just love me. Startled by the thought, she shook her head to clear her mind. "I don’t want to gohome yet. It’s so calm and peaceful here."Opening the passenger door, he stepped aside and waited for her to enter. "I wish we had time tofinish the trail. The view on Stone Mountain is stunning, and it’s definitely the most romantic spotin the park. Next time we’re here, we’ll have to climb to the top.""Why not now?""Because it’s almost nine o’clock, and we have to work in the morning.""You’re not scared of the dark, are you, Professor?"He laughed from the pit of his stomach. "I’ve never been scared of anything in my life.""Good." Renee slammed the passenger door. "Now, let’s go check out that view!"Chapter ThirteenPrint this PageIf we don’t get there soon, I’m going to pass out, Renee thought, blowing the air out of hercheeks."Babe, are you okay? You’re panting so hard, I can’t hear myself think!"Renee didn’t have the energy to laugh. "I don’t know why I even suggested this. My legs feel stiff,and I can hardly climb up this hill."He offered his hand. "Hang in there. We’ll be there soon. I promise."Seconds later, they reached the clearing in the forest and a small log cabin came into view. Still
  13. 13. holding her, he led her around to the front of the neatly groomed property. "I hope you’re hungry,"he said, pushing open the door, "because I arranged dinner.""Sure you did, and I’m Little Red Riding…"The lights came on, and her voice faltered. Eyes big and wide, she covered her mouth with herhands. A white, thermal blanket was spread out on the living room floor, and plates, wineglassesand food containers covered the surface. "You tricked me!" she said, suddenly giddy withexcitement. "How did you pull this off without me knowing?"He winked. "That’s for me to know and for you to find out."Seated side by side on the floor, they enjoyed their meal and talked about work, their families andreunion weekend. "I can’t believe you did all of this for me.""Renee, you’re a very special woman," he said, staring at her, "and I wanted you to know howmuch I care about you."Blinking away tears, she looked down at her hands. No one had ever treated her with suchkindness. Not her family. Not her friends. And certainly none of her loser ex–boyfriends. "Thankyou for doing this, Adam. It’s a great end to another wonderful date."He touched her hand. "It’s been my pleasure."To keep from throwing herself at him, she selected one of the plump, juicy strawberries from theplastic fruit tray. "Want a taste?" Renee popped the fruit into his mouth, and he drew her fingersinside, sucking on them eagerly. It was the most erotic moment of her life, and reduced her tosilence.Renee came undone when Adam kissed her. His touch set off a series of explosions in her body.Arching her back, she raked her fingernails over his head and down his shoulders. Positioninghimself on top of her, he stretched out onto the blanket, clutching her fiercely to his chest.Breaking off the kiss, Renee shot up off the floor. Staring at the front window, she listened intentlyfor several seconds. "Did you hear that? That scratching sound?""Nope." Adam kissed the hollow of her throat. "Don’t worry, baby. Everything’s fine.""There aren’t any curtains on the windows. What if someone’s watching us?""Trust me, no one’s out there." Holding her face in his palms, he nuzzled his stubbly chin againsther smooth cheek. "Renee, stop worrying about all the things that can go wrong, and just let melove you."Chapter FourteenPrint this PageWhen Adam saw the anxiety in Renee’s eyes his confidence wavered. Isn’t this what he wanted?To experience the pleasure of being inside her? But as they kissed he realized it was more thanthat. Much more. He felt a stirring in his heart, an awakening of sorts, and Adam knewinstinctively that he’d never be the same again. This was love. This raw, acute emotion coursingthrough his veins was love. And tonight, he was going to show Renee just how much she meantto him."Someone’s out there, and I don’t want to put on a show for some sick, peeping—"He kissed her, stealing the rest of her sentence and crippling her willpower. Caressing the slopeof her neck, he eased his tongue between her full lips. For the next hour, they touched and
  14. 14. played, eagerly feasting on each other’s mouths and bodies.Lust barreled through Adam when Renee licked his ear. He stared down at her, suddenlyoverwhelmed by the strength of his feelings. He’d felt the connection the moment he’d laid eyeson her. Instantly, he knew there was something special between them, and now, all he could thinkabout was loving her in the most intimate way.Adam whipped off her tank top and flung it aside. Greedily cupping her breasts, he sucked anipple into his mouth. Renee clutched the back of his head, holding him in place. Fumbling withthe buttons on her shorts, he muttered a curse, then frantically tugged them down her hips. Nextcame her pink thong panties. Taken aback by the sight of her naked body, Adam stared,marveling at how utterly perfect she was.Kissing from her earlobe to her navel, he used his index finger to gently probe her bud. Slipping inand out of her sex, easing two, three fingers inside her, caused Renee to groan. Adam soaked upthe sound, loving the way her voice ricocheted off the cabin walls. Her eyes shut, her headthrown back, she writhed beneath him, whimpering, squirming, ready to fall apart in his arms.Adam needed her in the worst way. Had to have her. Here. Now. Before he lost it. Before reasonsunk in. "Open your eyes," he demanded. "I want to see you come."Renee obliged, the corners of her lips rising in a coy smile. She rubbed her pelvis against him, asif issuing a challenge of her own. His heart, beating thunderously loud, jumped up in his throat.Digging into his pocket, he retrieved the condom packet, then quickly shed his clothes.Driven by lust, he slid the barrier over his erection. Nudging her legs farther apart, he clutched herwaist, then entered her in one swift motion. Renee coiled her legs around his torso as his lengthfilled her. The heat, the tightness, the wetness of her sex brought Adam to the brink of delirium."I’ve dreamed of this…of being inside you…since the first time I saw you," he confessed, buryinghis hands in her hair. "You were made for me, and no one could ever make me feel the way youdo."Holding his face in her hands, Renee studied him for several seconds. Adam was the right manfor her, and she loved everything about him. His strength, his confidence, how he moved andsmelled and laughed. Kissing him, she raised her hips as he thrust deeper inside her. Adam gaveRenee what she was craving, fulfilling his own desires as their bodies moved together as one.Increasing his pace triggered her release, and as she quivered softly beneath him, he fell victimto the most explosive orgasm ever.Chapter FifteenPrint this Page"Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in days."Resting the case of beer on the patio table, Adam sat in the chair beside his brother, Julius. "It’sthe start of the fall semester and things are really crazy at school.""You missed poker night two weeks in a row, which can only mean one thing—you’re gettin’ sometail!" Chuckling, Julius broke the tab on his beer. "Who is she, what does she look like and mostimportantly, can baby girl cook?"She can cook, all right. A smile spread across Adam’s mouth as he thought about Renee.Making love had solidified their relationship and they’d been joined at the hip ever since. If hisbrother hadn’t threatened him with bodily harm, he’d still be at her place watching TV on herqueen–size canopy bed. "Remember that woman I was telling you about? The one I work with?""Five–eight, long hair and fit, right? You said she was a ’smart, captivating woman.’"
  15. 15. Shaking his head, Adam marveled at his brother’s acute memory. He’d told Julius about Reneeweeks ago, and not only did he remember every detail of their conversation, he’d memorized herphysical attributes, too. "We’re dating now.""You’re doing a lot more than dating," Julius quipped, raising his eyebrows.Adam chuckled. "I need a favor, bro. Can you ask your friend Marquise to score me some ticketsto the J–Lo concert? My girl’s a huge fan.""That’s two months away. Do you think you’ll still be together?""Definitely." Adam didn’t want anyone but Renee. She was a good soul, beautiful on the insideand outside, and he needed someone like her in his life. "Call him and ask.""There’s no need. Here he comes." Standing, Julius beckoned Marquise over. "Speak of thedevil, and in he walks!"The men nodded in greeting."Adam, how’s it going?" Marquise asked, straddling his patio chair. "I saw you at old–school theother night, but I had so many chicks on my tail I couldn’t get a moment’s peace."Images of Renee’s sultry dance moves flooded his mind. Suddenly thirsty, Adam grabbed a beerand took a gulp."I had a hell of a good time." Marquise cocked his head to the right, a mischievous glint in hiscoal–black eyes. "I met a sister so fine, I’m thinking of turning in my player card.""You said you’d rather die than commit to one woman," Julius reminded, frowning."I know, but that was before I met Renee Scott." A sneer claimed his lips. "That girl can do thingswith her tongue that could make a grown man cry!"Beer spewed out of Adam’s mouth, pelting his brother’s friend in the face.Chapter SixteenPrint this PageAdam’s tongue felt wet, grainy, as if it were coated in cement. Renee was dating MarquiseJackson? What the hell for? To loosen the knot wedged in his throat, he held the beer can to hislips and drank until it was empty. "You know Renee Scott?"Marquise finished wiping his face. "I took her out last week and she couldn’t keep her hands offme," he boasted, popping the collar of his Sean Jean shirt. "That chick’s one sexy hot tamale andI gave her exactly what she was looking for. I had her screaming my name and…"Adam gripped the arm of his chair to keep from punching Marquise in the face. Adrenaline shotthrough his veins and if he didn’t get out of there soon, his brother would be pulling him off thelewd concert promoter. Standing, he said, "Julius, there’s something I need to do. I’ll talk to youlater."In his car, he considered everything Marquise had said. It shouldn’t surprise him that Renee wasdating the slick–talking ladies’ man. He was exactly her type. A real, genuine bad boy withtattoos, motorcycles and an enormous ego to match.His cell phone vibrated, derailing his thoughts. Adam glanced down at the screen. It was Renee.For a moment, he considered not answering. He was only minutes away from her apartment, but
  16. 16. decided to take the call. "Hello.""Hey, baby," she greeted, her voice bright and cheerful. "What kind of wine do you like with yoursteak? All I have is white. I hope that’s okay."Turning into the Lexington Apartments parking lot, he pulled alongside the curb and threw hisSUV into Park. For a moment, he sat slumped in his seat, unsure of what to do. He couldn’t go upto her apartment. Not like this. He was liable to break something, or worse, punch a hole in thewall. "Something came up. I won’t be able to make it for dinner tonight.""You’re playing another round of poker, huh?" Renee’s sweet, girlish laugh floated through thephone line. "Adam, you can come by any time. I don’t mind waiting up.""Don’t bother." His tone was sharper then he intended. Clearing his throat, he stared up at herthird–floor apartment, images of their Monday–night date scrolling through his mind. They’d haddrinks on the balcony, and when she’d straddled him on the lounge chair, grinding her hipsagainst his groin, he’d seen stars. "I’m going home.""Oh, okay," she said slowly. "I’ll bring breakfast tomorrow. Same time, same place.""Forget it. I have an appointment in the morning."Adam watched Renee step out onto the balcony. He felt a twinge of pain when he saw thetroubled expression on her face. Steeling himself against his emotions, he averted his gaze.Coming here had been a bad idea, and all he wanted now was to get away from her apartmentand his memories. "I have to go.""Are you sure you don’t want to come by? You sound—""Don’t worry about me. I’m fine." Adam disconnected the call. And as he pulled out of theLexington Apartments complex he determined in his heart to forget all about Renee Scott.Chapter SeventeenPrint this PageFace screwed into a tight grimace, Renee stared down at the cordless phone in utter disbelief.What was wrong with him? Why was Adam acting cold and distant all of a sudden? They’d beeninseparable for the past two weeks, staying up late and making love all over her apartment, andnow he was giving her the brush–off.Determined to get to the bottom of things, she hit Redial. "Adam, talk to me," she said when hepicked up. "Something’s bothering you. I can hear it in your voice."The silence was long. "Marquise Jackson was at my brother’s house tonight and he had a lot ofinteresting things to say about you. Things I had no idea about."Renee’s stomach turned and flopped."You should have told me you were dating other guys.""I’m not… I…" Renee thought for a moment. She had to make Adam understand. Had to makehim see the truth. "Three years ago, I thought I met my soul mate," she began, her voice solemn."I moved to L.A. to be with Shayne, but it didn’t work out. He left me for his secretary, and marriedher last year.""So that’s why you like dating bad boys," Adam said, after a lengthy pause. "You can keep thingscasual, and there’s little chance of you ever getting hurt again."
  17. 17. The tears that burned her eyes prevented Renee from speaking."You were right all along. We’re ill–suited for each other and we’re better off as friends."Renee shook her head. "Don’t say that, Adam. It’s not true.""Yes, it is. You want a bad boy, a risk–taker, someone who likes living in the fast lane, and thetruth is I’m just not that guy." When he spoke again, there was a tinge of sadness in his tone. "Idon’t even have a motorcycle. I just said that so you’d give me a chance."Hearing the vulnerability in his voice made Renee want him even more. She enjoyed Adam’scompany and wanted to spend all her free time with him. And when they were together, feelingsof love and affection grew. Renee started to speak, but broke off when she heard his line beep."There’s another call coming in. I have to go.""Can we meet somewhere to talk?" she asked, reluctant to get off the phone. "I can be at TheTavern in fifteen minutes.""Not tonight. I’m not up to it."Refusing to give up, she tried again. "Well, can you call me back when you’re finished on theother line? You have the wrong idea about what happened between me and Marquise and I reallywant to clear the air.""I’ll try." But when Adam abruptly clicked off the phone, Renee knew that he wouldn’t.Chapter EighteenPrint this Page"Sir, can I interest you in a glass of ’99 Dolcetto?"Adam swooped the goblet off the tray and downed the drink. The alumni reception at Cork WineBar was in full swing and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. He stood off to the side,glancing around the room, trying not to ogle Renee. Her hair was in a tight bun, but in a pencilskirt, milk–white blouse and leopard–print heels, she looked like a naughty librarian.Adam had two choices. Pretend he didn’t see her, or go over and say hello. Ignoring her seemedpuerile, but he didn’t want to look desperate. Bad boys didn’t chase down women. Not evenbeautiful ones like Renee Scott. And after their argument the other night, it was important he keephis distance. Hang back. Play it cool. Hell, let her chase him for once.Decision made, he worked the room, talking and laughing with all of the esteemed guests inattendance. Adam caught Renee staring at him, and felt himself go hard. Only a few nights ago,they’d made love out on her balcony and he couldn’t shake the images from his mind. She’dclamped her legs around his neck, drawing him lower, deeper, and screamed his name as histongue pulsed deep inside her sex."Adam, I’ve been looking all over for you!"Someone called his name, but the voice didn’t belong to Renee. Concealing his disappointment,he turned and greeted his colleague. "Hi, Vivian, how are you?""We haven’t talked since the charity fund–raiser and I was hoping you could give me somefeedback." Fluttering her eyelashes, she stepped forward and snaked an arm through his. "Whatwere your impressions of the event?"Renee looked stunning in her strapless burgundy gown, he thought, remembering the black–tie
  18. 18. fund–raiser. "The program ran long, but all in all, it was a great night. I certainly had nocomplaints."Adam didn’t know how it had happened, but they’d moved in front of the small raised stage, justinches away from Kyra and Renee. Her fragrant perfume filled his nostrils and when Reneetouched his arm, the quick–fire beat of his heart drummed in his ears. "It’s good to see you both,"he said. "This is a really classy affair, Kyra. Well done."The light in Renee’s eyes faded, but he pretended not to notice. Their argument had left a bittertaste in his mouth, and the more he thought about what Marquise said, the more determined hewas to move on—without Renee."Adam, my goblet’s empty," Vivian trilled. "Let’s go to the bar and grab another."Happy to leave, he turned away, but not before seeing the malicious expression that fell acrossRenee’s face. The heat of her stare pricked his flesh, and instantly made him feel guilty for beingwith Vivian. It’s true what they say, he thought, striding off. A beautiful woman does make a singleguy more appealing.Chapter NineteenPrint this Page"That was awkward," Kyra said, glancing at Renee. "What’s going on with you two?""We’re good. At least I thought we were. We made love and then—""You slept with Adam!"Renee jabbed her in the side. "Speak louder. I don’t think President Morrow heard you."Kyra apologized, but her eyes were glowing with excitement. "How did a few accidental kisseslead to you guys making love?""I was completely wrong about him," she confessed, after describing the romantic night theyshared in the cabin. "Adam’s fun and spontaneous and he makes me laugh."Renee surveyed the scene across the room. Looking very soigné in a camel coat and dark pants,Adam stood against the bar, chatting with the curvy African dance teacher. Ripe with anger, shefixed the couple with an icy stare. Why was Adam trying to make her jealous? Surely he wasn’tstill angry about what that loser Marquise said, was he?When Renee saw him exit the room a few minutes later, she made her move. "Adam, wait up! Weneed to talk."He glanced over his shoulder, but didn’t stop walking down the corridor. As if she hadn’t spoken,he pushed open the door to the men’s room and stalked inside.Renee charged in after him. "I never imagined we’d have this conversation in the john, but ifyou’re game, so am I.""You can’t come in here.""Just watch me." After locking the door, she whipped around to face him. "I’ll leave once westraighten a few things out. Starting with why you stood me up tonight. I waited over an hour, butyou didn’t show.""I decided to come to the party solo," he said, averting his gaze. "Now, would you please leave? Ineed to use the facilities. Alone."
  19. 19. "Go on, I’m not stopping you." Head slanted to the right, she lowered her eyes with calculatedslowness. "Adam, I don’t know why you’re being so uptight. It’s not like I haven’t seen you nakedbefore.""Why are you here?" he spat, scratching his chin. "It’s over between us and as far as I’mconcerned there’s nothing more to say.""You and I weren’t a couple when I went out with—""That’s not the point. You should have been honest with me. If I knew you were messing aroundwith other guys, I never would have asked you out."Taking exception to his tone, she propped her hands on her hips. "Nothing happened betweenme and Marquise that night. Why don’t you believe me?"His hazel eyes, dark with pain and anger, narrowed dangerously. "Because he said you slepttogether."Chapter TwentyPrint this PageRenee burst out laughing. Laughed so hard her vision blurred and her mouth ached. "You’rejoking, right?"Adam shook his head. "Marquise said you were all over him. Said you practically begged him tomake love to you that night.""Well, he lied. It never happened. I left the restaurant before our appetizers arrived and I haven’tseen or talked to the creep since.""Then why would he tell me that you were lovers?"She brushed aside his concerns with a shrug. "Marquise probably saw us together at Old–SchoolSaturday, and decided to stick it to you because I refused to go out with him again. Honestly, Idon’t know what his reasons are for lying, and I don’t care—""I’m too old to play this ’he said, she said’ game," Adam announced, sticking his hands into hisjacket pocket and jostling the coins inside. "I hate to admit it, but you were right from day one. Wehave no business dating each other.""And what spurred this sudden change of heart?" Examining him, she allowed her eyes to glideover his chest and down his legs. "Just the other night, you were moaning my name in bed, andnow you want to break up?""I won’t share you, Renee."She met his gaze. "You won’t have to.""Are you sleeping with…other guys?""No." Her legs quivered as she crossed the room toward him. His cologne drifted over her,reminding her of all the times they’d kissed and touched and held each other close. "Adam, if Ican’t have you, then I don’t want anyone.""I want to spend my life with you, but if you can’t make a commitment to me, right here, right now,then we should go our separate ways."
  20. 20. Renee licked her lips. "Mmm, you’re even sexier when you take charge!" She folded her armsaround his neck. "Let’s go to my place. Now."He cracked a small smile. "This isn’t a joke, Renee. This is serious. I’m a relationship type of guyand I can’t handle you being with anyone else—"The kiss knocked the wind out of him. Had him stumbling back against the tiled wall. Holding himtight, she drew his tongue into her mouth with her own. The passion, the urgency and thespontaneity of the moment thrilled her, but more than anything, she wanted Adam’s undying love."Being with you feels like the most natural thing in the world." Confident that he wouldunderstand, she spoke truthfully, straight from the heart. "You make me feel loved and respectedand I find myself wondering what it would be like to be Mrs. Adam Kincaid."Adam raised an eyebrow. "Is that a proposal?""It is," she said, nibbling on his bottom lip, "as long as you get that Suzuki motorcycle, and a pinkhelmet for me!"THE END