FMP Pre-ProductionGraphic Novel: Cassie Coyne: The Hollow QueenDark Horse publishers have commissioned me to write and ill...
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FMP Pre Production


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FMP Pre Production

  1. 1. FMP Pre-ProductionGraphic Novel: Cassie Coyne: The Hollow QueenDark Horse publishers have commissioned me to write and illustrate a graphic novel based on an originalconcept of my choice. The genre will be fiction and story will be set in the 1900’s with a surreal, fantasticaltwist. I will include real jazz singers in the story that either make an appearance or are more involved in theplot. I have decided the main character will be a young Ella Fitzgerald ‘Queen of Jazz’, before her rise to fame,when she is struggling to be a part of the music industry. The target audience would be comic and graphicnovel fans, and jazz and blues music fans. This means that the majority of people who would be interested inmy work would probably be wide and varied in age. Once complete the project will be a readable graphicnovel of good quality. It will be hand drawn and then scanned in so the finished pages can be uploaded onlineas well.The main materials I would require to complete this project I fortunately have easy access to. These resourcesinclude a good quality pencil, and hardback sketchbook, and accompanying drawing tools such as rulers,erasers, sharpeners etc. Once the novel is sketched out, I will decide whether or not to ink it with fine linersand Indian ink to make it stand out, or leave the original work and scan it in to add black tone as well as hintsof colour. If I decided to add colour to the novel I would use Photoshop or another computer program to addhints of light colour in a mainly black and white world.I will be working freelance as aforementioned, for Dark Horse Publishers. I have included a risk assessmentfocusing on Copyright issues, public domain and protected laws, and whether or not I should contact theowner of the estate of Ella Fitzgerald before continuing. I have looked over my proposal and storylinethoroughly, checking over for decency, how race, gender, religion and sexuality will be portrayed and amsatisfied the project will reach the standard. It will not include any beliefs, opinions or values of my own, withno intent to offend and is overall a work of fiction as the supernatural twist implies. However since it is set inthe early 1900’s, and based on the story of Ella Fitzgerald, who was black, there will be a sense of realism thatwas that time, including old fashioned, ignorant behaviour and general pessimism towards black people, mixedrace people, foreign people, and perhaps very mild scenes of sexism, or homophobia.I have not worked out the exact budget completely, for this project. However I would expect to be paid quitewell considering the amount of work the book will entail. So I have settled on around £18.00 an hour. Saying Iwork four days a week, six hours a day, one week would pay me £432.00. A month therefore would pay£1728.00, annually that would be around £19,900.00 – £20,400.00.
  2. 2. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundayw/b 04.02.13 Task 1 - FMP Launch Meetingw/b 11.02.13 Half-Termw/b 18.02.13 Book meeting slot Have updated Have carried out Review Schedule with project production Log. research on jazz and Production manager. MET and blues and Ella Log Fitzgerald.w/b 25.02.13 Have sketched Have researched Have updated Have decided on Review Schedule some initial ideas different types of Production Log. the rough storyline and Production and drawings for comic art styles for the novel. Log characters and the and concepts style and layout. styles.w/b 04.03.13 Task 4: Pitch must Have checked the Have delivered Have decided on Review Schedule take place by this copyright issues initial pitch to the final and Production week. that may arise project manager storyboard idea. Log during creation of my projectw/b 11.03.13 Task 5: Pre- Have assessed Review Schedule production must how much time I and Production take place by this have to complete Log week. the project and break it down into achievable goals.w/b 18.03.13 Review Schedule and Production Log25.03.13 Easter Review Schedule and Production Log01.04.13 Easter Try to carry out Review Schedule some more and Production background Log research on jazz and blues and visit stores comic book stores and art stores, music stores and book storesw/b 08.04.13 Have started the Review Schedule project work, and Production rough sketching in Log pencil the storyboardw/b 15.04.13 Review Schedule and Production Logw/b 22.04.13 Review Schedule and Production Logw/b 29.04.13 Review Schedule and Production Logw/b 06.05.13 Have started Review Schedule inking the drawn and Production storyboard with Log fine liner and or Indian inkw/b 13.05.13 Review Schedule and Production Logw/b 20.05.13 Task 8: Evaluation DEADLINE should take place no later than the beginning of this week. : Means that the set task for this date has been complete : Means that the set task for this date has been delayed for some reason : Means that the set task for this date has yet to be completed