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Fmp schedule 20 02 2013


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Fmp schedule 20 02 2013

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionGames DesignFinal Major Project: Cassie Coyne FMP, the Hollow Queen, Graphic NovelScheduleReview date: 06.02.13Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundayw/b 04.02.13 Task 1 - FMP LaunchMeetingw/b 11.02.13 Half-Termw/b 18.02.13 Book meeting slotwith project manager.METHave updatedproduction Log.Have carried outresearch on jazz andblues and EllaFitzgerald.Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 25.02.13 Have sketched someinitial ideas anddrawings forcharacters and thestyle and layout.Have researcheddifferent types ofcomic art styles andconcepts styles.Have updatedProduction Log.Have decided on therough storyline for thenovel.Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 04.03.13 Task 4: Pitch musttake place by thisweek.Have checked thecopyright issues thatmay arise duringcreation of my projectHave delivered initialpitch to projectmanagerHave decided on thefinal storyboard idea.Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 11.03.13 Task 5: Pre-productionmust take place bythis week.Have assessed howmuch time I have tocomplete the projectand break it down intoachievable goals.Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 18.03.13 Review Schedule andProduction Log25.03.13 Easter Review Schedule andProduction Log01.04.13 Easter Try to carry out somemore backgroundresearch on jazz andblues and visit storescomic book stores andart stores, musicReview Schedule andProduction Log
  2. 2. stores and book storesw/b 08.04.13 Have started theproject work, roughsketching in pencil thestoryboardReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 15.04.13 Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 22.04.13 Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 29.04.13 Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 06.05.13 Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 13.05.13 Have almost finishedthe storyline in panels,finishing touches onpencil workHave finished themain work, started onfinal detailsReview Schedule andProduction Log. Workon finishingproduction workcompletely.w/b 20.05.13 Task 8: Evaluationshould take place nolater than thebeginning of thisweek.Be ready to scan andupload workDEADLINE: Means that the set task for this date has been complete: Means that the set task for this date has been delayed for some reason: Means that the set task for this date has yet to be completed