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Roselle Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By : Yunus T. S.
  • 2.
    • Roselle (id : rosella) a.k.a Jamaica
    • Hibiscus Sabdariffa
    • Malvaceae family
    • Grow in tropical and sub-tropical place
    • African native plant / Asian native plant
    • Popular in medical world, not familiar for many people
    • Grown in many place in indonesia,malaysia,australia,africa,china,etc
    • Can be made as herbal tea, syrup, jam, soap, skin care product, dye, food colour, ingredient to make sauce, etc
    Fast Intoduction
  • 3.
    • Containing many type of amino acid which is very important for our body (some example : arginine, cystine, histidine, tyrosine, valine, acid alanine, praline, and many more)
    • As a natural anti-oxidant (has a high percentage of phenols)‏
    • Rich of Vitamin C (essential nutrient to maintain our metabolism)
    • Help reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure (stabilizing blood pressure), diabetes ( to reduce the sugar content in blood)
    • As a medicine for cough, fever, migraine, etc
    • Help reducing body fat (good to drink after eating greasy food)
    • Help to maintain and brighten up your skin
    • Help replacing your body “electrolyte” water after sport and good to increasing your stamina
    • Help to repair your urethra or kidney
    • Help reducing the risk of osteoporosis and cancer
    • Containing many more important nutrient for our body ( protein, carbohydrate, iron, calcium, calorie, fiber, etc)
    • Smoothen monthly menstruation (for female)‏
  • 4.
    • Divided into : (depend to classes also)‏
    • 1 st hand : Farmer - Price between Rp.30k - 55k/ per kg (estimated profit 30%-50%)‏
    • 2 nd hand : Co-owner / Distributor - Price between Rp.65k-90k / per kg [ profit between ( estimated profit 60%-90% , if counted from farmer side)‏
    • 3 rd hand : Retail shop - Price between Rp.110k-125k / per kg (normally they sell per packet for an once, and they give special discount if buying in bulk) (estimated profit 50%-70%, if counted from distributor side)‏
    • [all price and profit were given by store owner (by interview and via telephone), found from the internet, and logic estimated, so it is subject to change and not 100% accurately]
    Pricing and Profit
  • 5.
    • (Wikipedia) food supplement is, typically, a nutrient added to a foodstuff which would otherwise not contain that nutrient.
    • (Vitahealth 2004) According to it, Food Supplement is, healty food, also known as dietary supplement with official name Nutraceutical, contain one or more nutrient (including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids), and if in form of medicine (capsule or tablet or syrup) known as Pharmaceutical
    • Yes / No ?
    • Roselle can be used to make or as the ingredient to make a food supplement, because inside of the Roselle itself contain many types of nutrients that useful for our health and metabolism (contain many type of amino acid, vitamin C, protein and many more useful nutrient.
    • Even in form of herbal tea, it still contain high amount of vitamin C and amino acids
    • But no if the product can not be consumed by our mouth (Roselle soap)‏
    Food Supplement Definition
  • 6.
    • Product perspective
    • Firstly we must try to introduce, explain and promote Roselle’s products, because many people do not know what is Roselle and what are the benefits if they use Roselle’s products.
    • We can Promote on radio, make leaflet and poster, put it on the newspaper, or even TV (require big budget)‏
    • talk orally to friends and family members, ask them to pass up the information to others friend.
    • Give free sample to people to try and feel the benefits by themselve
    • Cooperate and partnership with health centre or doctors (ask them to help to explain the benefits to their patients)‏
    • Make a special event to introduce and promote Roselle’s products.
    • Market Perspective
    • Roselle’s products are not familiar in our society so we must selling and promoting Roselle’s products at the place where many people come!
    • Promote and Sell in supermarket, hypermarket, even a traditional market ( normally everyday a housewife will go to a traditional market to buy daily needs)‏
    • Open a special shop to sell Roselle’s products in shopping centre (malls, plaza)‏
    • Special for Roselle’s herbal tea, you can distribute it to : medical store or kind of.
    • Even make a ready to drink refreshing Roselle’s tea.
    • If have large budget we can sponsoring some sport event
  • 7. Roselle
  • 8. Product made from Roselle
  • 9.
    • Toko Obat Surabaya Jaya, jalan jagalan – Surabaya. Telp 031-3528184
    • Toko obat Bintang Sehat, jalan jagalan – Surabaya. Telp 031-3530030
    • Pasar Wisata Juanda jalan Raya Sedati Gede – Blok B 04 Pabean – Sedati – Sidoarjo. Telp 031-70954849
    • Hot & Cool Rosella Corner – Royal Plasa Lt III – Surabaya – Telp 031-60791262
    • Sony, +62-08563039324
    • CV. Putra Manunggal Jaya , Jalan Kedung Tarukan 54 Surabaya 60132, Jawa Timur - Gerbangkertasusila Indonesia ( @85k / per kg (nego) )‏
    • UD. SANCTITAS VERITAS Griya Pabean II / E 42 Pabean Sedati – Sidoarjo Telp 03170924849 - Fax 031-8674849 [email_address]
    • Suara Konsumen 081.2324.1600
  • 10.
    • Asking, calling and short interviewing the seller from Toko obat Surabaya Jaya, Toko obat bintang sehat, hokky buah, prima buah.
    • Buying from a store the example of the Rosselle Red Tea(1 packet / 80gram for Rp.7,5k) (Surabaya Jaya)‏
  • 11. Thank You For Watching