Mozilla's Boot to Gecko (B2G)


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An overview of Mozilla's Boot to Gecko (B2G) as presented by Bob Reyes for the Mozilla Philippines Community.

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Mozilla's Boot to Gecko (B2G)

  1. 1. Boot toGecko (B2G) Robert DC. Reyes @bobreyes V1.00
  2. 2. About Me …Aviation Professional by day
  3. 3. About Me …Mozilla Representative & Firefox Contributor by night (weekends & when I’m free)
  4. 4. About Me …• Mozilla Representative since Jun 2011• Aviation Professional since Nov 1998• Educator, Pianist, Photographer, Hobby Blogger, Gadgeteer, & 101% Pinoy• Dad of Robyn Andi Xeon• Official Mozilla Wiki Page: •• Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) since 2002 
  5. 5. What is B2G?• Boot to Gecko (B2G) is a complete, standalone operating system for the open web.• Mozilla’s open source web-based operating system for mobile devices.• The framework for the Open Web Device platform was introduced at the Mobile World Congress last Feb 2012 (in Barcelona, Spain).
  6. 6. What Hardware isSupported?• As of now, B2G has been tested on Samsung Galaxy S II & the Samsung Nexus S. • Why only these devices? • Because these devices are commercially available to Mozilla employees & community members.• Mozilla is in the process of finalizing the lead OEM partner prior to commercial shipping of B2G devices.• B2G, as of now, works (tested) on Qualcomm chipset-based hardware.
  7. 7. VS the Webian Shell Project• The Webian Shell Project is focused on a “web-centric” desktop experience.• B2G is focused on extending the web to include more of what is traditionally the domain of OS-specific code.
  8. 8. VS the Chrome OS• B2G is aiming at mobile / tablet devices rather than notebooks (or even netbooks).• B2G tries to expose all device capabilities like phone dialers, that can be built with Web APIs.
  9. 9. OEM Support for B2G• Mozilla, Qualcomm, & Telefónica are working together to deliver a feature rich prototype platform. • No Philippine telco takers yet • Just recently, Adobe joined the B2G Project.• Very soon, Deutsche Telecom’s Innovation Labs will be joining the B2G Project.
  10. 10. Why B2G?• Using HTML5, developers everywhere write directly to the web• The source code is open and accessible & the project is based entirely on open standards• Enabling HTML5 devices running on the Open Web which can deliver smartphone capabilities at feature phone prices.
  11. 11. Why B2G?• According to Telefónica: “Boot to Gecko phones will be 10 times cheaper than an iPhone.”• Boot to Gecko architecture eliminates the need for apps to be built on platform-specific native API’s.
  12. 12. Boot to Gecko UI• B2G is the low-level workings of the phone• On top of that, you will be able to have any interface layer you want • Telefónica developed one already • Mozilla has Gaia
  13. 13. What is Gaia?• Mozilla’s user interface for Boot to Gecko which is an extension of that• What makes Gaia extra interesting is that it is all developed in HTML5, CSS, & JavaScript• Gaia is developed completely in the open
  14. 14. The Gaia UX
  15. 15. The Gaia UX
  16. 16. B2G Simulator